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Test Cases

Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
February 13, 2018

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Jersey City, NJ 07307

Cell phone: 917-***-****


Extensive and diversified experience as a QA/QC Test Lead/ Senior QA Analyst with BA and UAT execution and support, with experience in creating and implementing Test Plans and performing analysis, creating and executing manual/automated Test-Scripts supported by existing QA environments, client/server based systems related to Y2K, EURO, WEB based, e-commerce/e-banking apps and ad-serve environments and overall experience in QA/Software manual, functional and UAT testing.

Utilized different QA tools such as Empirix/E-Test automation tools and Test Director/ALM-QC as a reporting, test-case planning and creation, requirement gathering, creation/mgmt. and defect tracking/reporting tool.

Experience leading daily meetings for defect remediation and reporting, either onshore or offshore.

Conducted weekly/biweekly meetings for off-shore training, as needed.

As a QA team-lead, experienced with initiating requirement reviews and creating documentation for software Web testing process and web-ad-client deployments to best fit client’s process and ROI expectations. Performed, supported and documented software and hardware maintenance in client server and web hosting e-banking, Ad-Server, e-Commerce and Web-Test environments. Working with SDLC/STLC processes and Waterfall, Agile, Iterative methodologies as well as working with BA as BA support for requirement gathering and updates to new and existing projects under test.

Ongoing project support for HR, SAP-specific projects, Managed-markets, Sales and IS departments

Put together troubleshooting procedures to meet audit requirements and for Help-Desk support purposes.

Experience defining web accessibility and build test conditions and test scenarios for relevant sign-on and security projects.

Performed evaluation of utilities prior to client review/decision on acquisition.

Provided support to network and Help-Desk teams as a QA -Lead/rep. for software post implementation and hardware verification.

Also supported UAT sign-offs to assist with implementation and overall system verification.


Geneva Consulting / CBS-IT (New York, NY) 02/17 – 05/17

Senior QA Test Lead

-Assist PM with requirements gathering and provided guidance to the QA Team with test-plan creation/review, QA and Test Process Documents that adhere to Sarbanes Oxley certification (required for Auditing purposes).

-Provide overall QA test scripting and assistance with review of existing test-scripts to support Media related functionality with Business to Business support with the Media based application upgrade under test.

-Reporting daily and weekly updates based on reporting schedules identified in the PM and the overall Project Plan.

-Assisting Team resources to meet project deadlines utilizing the official documentation that the technical-writer and CBS-IT was putting together to meet client expectations and also for the Sarbanes Oxley certification requirements.

-Participated in the scheduled Vendor/Client meetings identifying week points of delivery and implementation processes and making suggestions to improve. Adjustments made for future deliveries accordingly.

Insight Global / Accenture Duck Creek (Baskin Ridge, NJ) 12/15-11/16

Senior QA Analyst

•As a Senior Tester for the company's SaaS (Software as a Service) team; tested processes, executed test-cases through the proprietary Automation tool and provided Client release-version support utilizing the Selenium-based in-house tool (TAC).

•While supporting SaaS initiatives, worked with the Dev/Support team for requirement/code/fix analysis in a daily scrum meeting for version review and resolution updates.

•Provided client support for issue resolution while in Test/Prod/Release phase and assisted in the daily QA activities.

•By identifying the appropriate script library (manual/automated) to execute based on the requirements/fixes tested by claim-maintenance

•Creating new test-case(s) as deemed necessary utilizing TFS, to be tested with the supporting client test environment(s).

• Using MTM to handle the test script library and updated test status.

•Provide UIT as needed retesting Defects and verifying release requirements prior to UAT deployment.

•Provided functional support for Business to Consumer Policy creation and also verified the Business to Business functionality based on user sign-on security access utilizing AWS.

•Moved into the Claims-Maintenance department supporting releases/updates and fixes for the BASE version of CLAIMS software (all module inclusive, not client specific like SaaS was focused on).

•This included defect remediation and retest based in a VM-Cloud setup supporting integration testing as well as functional, depending on requirement updates/defect-fixes from either QA-testing or Client based defects.

N-Tier / AIG (Jersey City, NJ) 10/12 – 02/15

Senior QA Lead

•Assist BAs and PMs with requirements gathering and provided the QA Team with test-plan and test-case design.

•Assist BAs with requirement changes and updates as well as oversee QA team members with scripting Functional and Integration test-cases utilizing SQA guidelines. Used Quality Center 10.0 as test-case / defect creation, remediation and reporting tool.

•Responsible for testing ‘Forms and Endorsements’ during the development effort of Property-Casualty, Commercial and Financial Lines for National coverage.

•Supported UAT releases and at times executing UAT tests with Security verification based on SSO with 256-bit security.

•Performed UIT in selected releases covering versioning and specific requirements for scrum testing coverage.

•Performed functional and regression for iSuite as a subordinate system of the online Complex Commercial Underwriting System.

•Worked together with BAs and Developers to clarify existing/new requirements for P&C functionality that had updated Policy and/or Claim functionality in order to update the required test-cases/scenarios.

•Worked with off-shore for timely delivery of the above and to update the group with any changes/additions to the requirements.

•Tested requirements to verify use through business collaboration.

•Lead, overlooked and reported on testing of GUI, eFile, eDelivery and Issue-Policy business rules and functionality.

•Utilized QC-10 as a Test-Case and defect remediation and reporting tool for above.

•Verified sign-on results/access in the back-end systems prior to finalizing the policy in the new front-end system.

•Tested above functionality utilizing IOS 9 on I-Pad and Android OS test images.

•Verified reports created in the back-end and data entered through new GUI after policy creation.

•Performed compatibility testing in Win-7 environment utilizing AWS, as the application was already tested in Win-XP which was the image-OS prior to Win-7 upgrade plans.

MetLife (South-West Jersey, NJ) 04/12 – 07/12

Security QA engineer

•Review the Security requirements/protocols/policies already setup and in effect and created scripts with expected results for the Web-Sense to Bluecoat Security-tool conversion.

•Worked with the BA department to clearly identify, prioritize and provide the changes requested with Bluecoat implementation for requirement update.

•Tested and verified existing policies utilizing IE7 and IE8 under the official windows-XP OS future Win-7 images under test and selected Android and tablet devices to verify compatibility.

•Created test cases to be utilized in-house for Network security related Functional tests, Integration and cross-browser compatibility testing as well as detailed scripts to verify Blacklisted and Whitelisted sites utilizing existing and updated policies.

•Testing Desktop and Laptop Image setup based on XP-OS, compatibility and build process utilizing the official Desktop image and the three most used laptop models in MetLife., (New York City, NY) 10/11 – 01/12

QA Analyst

•Responsible for performing functional e-commerce testing, integration (e-commerce functionality verification in a B2C (business to consumer) environment) and UAT coverage (post QA sign-off) of web-testing and ad-serving for the ever-changing site.

•Performed above on a windows based OS, as well as iOS and Android phone/tablet verification of released to production images.

•Utilized the latest Selenium installation to run existing regression tests on Web-Page Header and Footer menu items and formatting.

•Was part of a team of 6 QA specialists supporting a team of 8 programmers, 10 Market analysts supporting their Marketing Teams and more than 10 product specialists, testing different assets testing; verifying 3 different cookie serving action builds weekly.

•Worked within an Agile testing environment with SCRUM sessions daily.

•Tested utilizing Apple and android devices to verify access to the test sites.

Tested sign-on access and account utilization via multiple IDs with different access privileges.

Real Soft, Inc. - Client: Daiichi Sankyo, (Parsippany, NJ) 08/08 – 02/11

Senior QA Lead

•As QA Lead for the OS upgrade project (from XP to VISTA), delivered QA analysis and content verification, creating audit scripts written for the MS-XP to VISTA upgrade initiative.

•Performed integration, functionality and compatibility testing regarding existing applications, either PC-based, Web-based or legacy based (with GUI front-end) soon to be converted. Testing was carried out utilizing scripts put together from requirement research utilizing BA resources.

•Participated in CITRIX testing and compatibility verification under MS-VISTA, between local and overseas (UK) connectivity. Interacting with multiple business units to assist in the roll-out of Vista and verify their applications meet the OS/business requirements under the new OS based on a no-issue tolerance regarding SSO and Internet/Intranet access and security with the identified laptop image distributed.

•Cross Browser Compatibility Testing, IE6/IE7, Mozilla Firefox

•IOs testing, setup and troubleshooting for select devices supporting doctors in private practice as well as supporting and overseeing external Medical Facilities and competencies.

•Utilized JIRA to document and track defects for all the projects I was responsible for.

•Testing and verification of functionality on Apple iOS utilizing i-Pad and i-Phone devices.

•Created/updated test-cases/scripts for functional and compatibility steps as well as updated results after testing was completed.

•Assisted BAs responsible for the assigned projects with QA requirements gathering and overview.

•Working with identified Marketing Teams to verify compatibility and requirements-gap with upgraded OS.

•As QA Lead assisted HR with the deployment of a vendor application (Taleo/Vurv) that is supported and used by HR for their day-to-day inter-departmental activities

•Ongoing project support for HR, SAP, Managed-markets, Sales and IS departments.

•Provided SAP verification testing (functional) support for Windows Server 2008 R2 upgrade after the OS upgrade.

•Delivered UAT testing support after QA sign-off prior to release of the upgrade to production servers.

•Performed as QA lead for the Intranet and Internet update conversion and transfer of existing data onto the new platform to be released in production by end-of-year 2010 with SSO functionality and directional security verification.

•QA lead-assist for the deployment of new Contract Management app (iMANY) for Marketing and Legal Departments, streamlining the everyday DSI responsibilities with various vendors, medical facilities and government agencies.

•Provided test, support and updated test-scripts for IOS coverage for I-Phone and I-Pad requirements for internal and field coverage.

•Provide assistance with tech support and UAT verification/sign-off procedures for the successful setup, testing and delivery to production of a collaboration-tool based on Liferay, introduced to streamline the PMO process to handle existing and newly introduced projects in-house, from inception to deployment

Keane, Inc. / Client: Fidelity Labs, (Boston, MA) 10/07 – 04/08

Senior Audit Test Lead

•Performing QA analysis writing detailed QA-Test scripts and Test Cases utilizing Test Director/QC for in-house applications having real-time reporting and transaction capabilities for the stock market regarding domestic and foreign stock/bond trading through a 128-bit secure environment. Utilized SSO/firewall protection/verification based on the XP/Vista platform, utilizing XML, Java and proprietary Fidelity secure verification/identification Technology meeting business requirements and proprietary Fidelity secure policy procedures.

•Assisted BA responsible for my projects with requirement gathering and setting priorities for QA testing sessions.

•Assisted the testing on multiple platforms and devices:, iOS, Windows and Android mobile devices

•Participated in SCRUM meeting and made the call during the daily meetings as to if an item is in a 'done' status and mark them closed or ‘failed’ and seek alternate ways of resolution.

Keane, Inc. / Client: UBS AG, NY-NJ, (Jersey City, NJ) 01/07 – 09/07

Senior QA/Team Lead

•QA-lead on Money-Market project that performed QA analysis and wrote detailed QA-test plans and Test Cases utilizing Test-Director for the in-house application performing foreign and domestic bond trading through a 128-bit secure environment with SSO / firewall protection / verification based on the XP platform, utilizing XML and Java.

•Participated in SCRUM meetings with PM and development teams to access the delivery progress of fixes and or required functionality.

•Using SQL2005 and Sybase for required queries in the different application systems for test data gathering, verification and availability which were a pre-requisite for the test cases under construction/test.

•Creating test procedures for manual testing of User requirements and assist Automation of the existing Test-Cases utilizing Load-Runner for recording purposes.

•Test and verify the conversion of Test-Director to Test Director/QC for the projects I am responsible for, verify the information remains in the correct database upon reassignment to Test Director/QC and train 2 people on the use of the projects requirement gathering creation and mgmt. in QC.

Keane, Inc. / Client: TIAA-CREF Teachers Ins. (Mid-Town NY, NY) 11/05 – 12/06

Senior QA Analyst

•Team-lead responsible for QA analysis and writing detailed QA-test plans, test cases and scripts for back-end and windows-based OMNI suite applications performing Payout/Disbursements and Tax accounting as well as WEB-based applications for participant account update and administration; through a 128-bit secure environment with firewall protection/verification based on the NetWare/XP Professional OS platform build. Managing a team of 6 business users (SME), for the purpose of assisting in QA process and creating actual results for pre and post testing verification/comparison with the existing results me and my team created and gathered in an Excel matrix.

•Transferred responsibilities into the WEB-testing group. Working with 5 business users allocated to the projects, providing Test-Plans, Test-Scripts and data information to be used in the testing and verification of the application version under test.

•Assign test cases/modules to allocated marketing reps for Marketing Team assistance and assist with testing and verification work delegated between the users and the Business Analyst regarding the projects mentioned above.

•Provided assistance to the UAT group to synchronize environments with the correct code migrations and run Test Cases in the pre-production test environment in support of the fixes/updates delivered by Dev. and verified by QA.

Older consulting opportunities:

Direct Revenue LLC, NY, (Downtown - SOHO - New York, NY) 02/05 - 09/05


TSR Consulting

Client: QA-Lead Analyst (NY, NY) 09/04 - 02/05

Princeton Information

Client: JPMorgan Chase, NY, Senior QA Analyst/Team Lead (Water St., NY) 10/00 - 07/04


Client: Bankers Trust/Deutsche Bank, (Downtown NY)

Senior QA Analyst/Engineer/Support 06/99 - 09/00

Enterprise Engineering, Inc (Downtown NY)

InHouse: Senior QA Analyst/Engineer, Enterprise Engineering, Inc. 01/99 - 05/99

Client: Prudential Assets, NJ, QA Analyst 04/98 - 12/98

Software Guidance

Client: Bankers Trust Co., NY, QA Analyst (Downtown NY) 10/97 - 04/98

Client: QA Analyst, SIAC-NY (Metrotech - Brooklyn, NY) 09/96 - 10/97


Client: NYNEX, NY, QA Analyst (Downtown NY) 03/95 - 09/96

Client: NYNEX, NY, QA Systems Analyst (Downtown NY) 09/94 - 12/94

Microbank Software Inc., Customer Service QA Support (NY, NY) 03/94 - 08/94

Goldman Sachs Trust Co, QA Communications Analyst (NY, NY) 08/93 - 03/94

PC/Network Administrator, Unisoft Microsystems (Queens, NY) 08/90 - 07/93

QA engineering Specialist, IBM Corporation (Brooklyn NY) 08/89 - 08/90


Mechanical Engineering, Drexel University, PA

Major in Mechanical Engineering

Transfer to Deere College, Athens Greece

CIS Deere College, Athens Greece

oParticipated in the CIS dept. lab as Computer lab assistant and mentor for junior students.

Transfer to New York City Technical College, Brooklyn, NY

oPart of the CIS dept. lab team, acted as Computer lab assistant and assist junior students.

oPerformed part time trainer duties on MS products, PC-communications, Software setup and troubleshooting.


Rational University

Segue 4-Test scripting tool training

QAI methodologies

Quality Management Association (QMA – affiliated with QAI) New York member

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