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Senior QA Automation Engineer

Irving, TX, 75063
February 22, 2018

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Vijaya Viharika Lagudu


Phone: 405-***-**** Email –


Senior QA Automation Engineer with 8 years of experience in all the phases of Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC). Worked in different Automation testing frameworks like Data driven, Page Object Model, Behavior driven and Hybrid. Experienced in Automation, Web Testing, BDD, API Testing, Mobile Testing and Manual testing across diversified domains like Healthcare, banking and e-commerce.


Proficient with industry standard methodologies i.e., Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC), Software Test Life Cycle(STLC) using Water Fall and Agile Model using SCRUM.

Expertise in diverse types of testing like Automation testing, Manual testing, Integration testing, System testing, Smoke testing, Regression testing, Black box testing, Functional testing, Database testing, GUI testing, Web / UI and (UAT)User Acceptance Testing.

Experienced in working with Open Source Tools such as Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment), Selenium RC (Remote Control), Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid, Java, TestNG, POM framework, Jira, Cucumber, SoapUI and Eclipse.

Identified correct GUI elements using various Selenium Locators like ID, Name, Link Text, Partial Link Text, XPath, CSS, and DOM in creating automation scripts.

Actively involved in implementing testing frameworks Keyword Driven, Data Driven, Hybrid and Page Object Model (POM) using Selenium.

Experience in Designing and Implementation of application framework by processing excel spreadsheets using Apache POI.

Hands on Experience in handling Multiple Windows, Alerts, Cookies and Pop-ups with Selenium.

Hands on experience in XPath, Firebug, Firepath, Log4j, Maven and TestNG annotations.

Developed Selenium Synchronization using Implicit and Explicit waits.

Used Selenium Grid for running the test scripts in multiple machines on various browsers in parallel through Hub and Nodes.

Performed functional testing of SOAP and REST Web Services. Validated request and response XML. Added assertions to validate the XML in Web services SOAP and RESTFUL service

Experienced in Database Testing using SQL Queries with multiple Databases SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL.

Experience in creating test script for Continuous Integration and Scheduled builds periodically using Jenkins tool.

Expert in developing test Scripts to implement the Test Cases, Scenarios, Steps, Step Definitions and Features for BDD (Behavior Driven Development), TDD (Test Driven development) and ATDD (Acceptance Test Driven Development) using Cucumber.

Experienced in developing BDD and TDD script with Cucumber and written step definitions for Gherkin based features.

Automated and scheduled Build using continuous integration tool Jenkins Server at periodic intervals

Maintained the Selenium JAVA automation code and resources in source controls like CVS, SVN, GIT over the time for improvements and new features and resolved conflicts while merging source code to trunk or with other branches in the same.

Used Maven and Ant as build tools for projects.

Experience in Mobile Apps Testing of Native apps, Web apps, Hybrid apps with Exploratory Testing on Mobile and Tablet devices with Appium automation framework.

Involved in executing SQL queries to conduct data Integrity testing and used JDBC connections.

Generated test logs using Log4j for various log levels.

Experienced working with Appium for Mobile Testingof Android Apps. Used both real and virtual devices.

Holds strong ability to handle multiple tasks, prioritize workload and work independently as well as in a team.


Test Approaches

SDLC, STLC, Bug Life Cycle, Waterfall, Agile/Scrum,

Testing Tools

Selenium WebDriver, Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium Grid, TestNG, JUnit, Cucumber, Protractor, SoapUI, QC

Test Build& Integration Tools

Maven, ANT, Jenkins


Data Driven, Keyword Driven, Hybrid, Page Object Model (POM)

Programming Tools

JAVA, JavaScript, Angular JS, VB Script, Gherkin, SQL, C, C++

Markup Languages

HTML, XML, XPath, CSSSelector


MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server,NoSQL

Operating Systems

Windows 7/8/10, Ubuntu, UNIX, LINUX

Defect Tracking Tools

HP Quality Center, JIRA

MS Office Tools

Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Access


Eclipse, GIT, SVN, Firebug, Fire Path, IntelliJ

Mobile testing tools

Perfecto Mobile, Appium


Visa –Visa Developer Portal, Foster City, CA Feb 2016 - Present

Sr. QA Automation Engineer


Visa Developer Portal is a VISA Corporation web-portal for B2B integration where I have performed API testing and web application testing. Evaluated how to connect to partners by added value-assets which are available as APIs. The tokenization program offers direct access and the Support is created for faster, secure ways to Commerce.

Roles and Responsibilities:

End to End Testing and Regression Testing was the major goal. Regression testing was performed after each build release of the application and updated the Scripts by executing the Regression suites built using Selenium and approve for regression suite.

Performed Web Service Testing and checked that the API’s are working.

During the initial STLC phase, the product manager will provide all the requirements, based on that user story grooming are done in the Sprint planning.

Used Restful Web Service URL to test the services using SoapUI and verified the response using Assertions.

Configured Jenkins build jobs for continuous Integration and for Regression Testing.

By provide registration credentials and the client can choose as many products as they want. One of the Products is the VISA checkout where several API’s are tested by evaluating that it delivers safe, simple, Speedy online shopping etc. using SoapUI (Web Service automation tool).

Tested every Links on the web page such as Sign-in page, Header Community, Mega Menu and tested if there are any Broken Links using automation tools Selenium with JAVA.

Experienced in using Accessing Forms, Keyboard Mouse Events, and Uploading Files using Selenium WebDriver.

Implemented test automation for handling Popup windows and Alerts using Web Driver and Alert interface class.

Experienced in using Selenium and working knowledge of automation frameworks like Hybrid, Data driven, Keyword Driven frameworks and PageObjectModel (POM).

Automated the test scripts in QA integration environment.

Also provided the certificates to give access to the restricted products such as CSR certificate which the client has to download.

Performed BDD Cucumber Feature validation by writing the test cases and then first version is delivered to dev team, highly interactive and shared ideas mutually and performed end to end functionality testing.

Conversant in TestNG framework and implemented DDT (Data Driven Testing) using the TestNG @DataProvider.

Implemented Apache POI to import data from external files for the DDT.

Implemented Log4j, Utility files, property files etc.

For the products worked on to provide mutual authentication by providing SSL certificate and also provided shared key secret for XPay tokens for the clients.

Implemented Batch jobs of API’s using Cyber Source payments and transfer funds seamlessly.

Implemented OOC-Object Oriented Concepts such as inheritance, polymorphism coming to base class where app validation methods are overridden.

Huge implementation of TestNG test suites and implemented selenium with java to delete the cookies to prevent the server- hangs.

Created complete solution for continuous integration tool such as Jenkins from code checkout from GitHub to regression report generation.

Analyzing the requirement document, coming up with all possible scenarios, preparing test suite, and executing them.

Involved the business and the data flow of the existing application.

Interaction with development team for clarifications and demos.

Authoring automation script using Cucumber and Basic Gherkin.

Perform functional testing for web services using automations tools like SopaUI.

XPath assertion is used for asserting the web service response value by specifying the Absolute XPath and used XPath match, sequence, random etc. to choose the mock response.

Implemented (SOA) Service-Oriented Architecture to be effective and a clear understanding of well-defined, self-contained state of other services.

Defining test strategy. Involved in Writing Maven build dependencies to automate the compilation and execution of test cases/suites.

Wrote and executed automated test cases using Selenium WebDriver to automate manual testing solutions. Involved in the complete Performance Test Cycle promoting it to the User Acceptance Testing.

Worked on Agile/SCRUM environment. Created the Execution result sheet, Execution plan, Completion report documents for Functional testing.

Presented progress of the testing process at walkthroughs and inspection. Worked with Developers, Business analysts to determine requirements.

Wrote Scenarios, Scenario outlines and step definitions using Cucumber for BDD.

Used GIT as a version control for our source code management to checkout, fetch, commit the work.

Developing the test plan for the tasks, dependencies and participants required to mitigate the risks to system quality and obtain stakeholder support for this plan.

Escalating the issues about project requirements (Software, Hardware, Resources) to Project Manager or Lead Implementing both black box and white box testing.

Defect Tracing and Management. Ensuring the timely delivery of different testing milestones.

Web Service Request and Response Validation using SoapUI tool and automating the same as well.

Writing manual test cases, reviewing test cases and preparing test data. Executing manual test cases.

Experience in Mobile Apps Testing of Native apps, Web apps, Hybrid apps with Exploratory Testing on Mobile and Tablet devices with Appium automation framework.

Working on Production Smoke testing and reporting the updated status to client within a stipulated amount of time.

Working on Production Tickets, and validating the production fixes. Worked as Offshore POC in an Onsite-Offshore model and coordinating task between onsite and offshore resources. Involved in sending status report to client, participated in Knowledge transition activities.

Environment: Selenium WebDriver, Eclipse, Oracle, HTML, JUnit, TestNG, Jenkins, SoapUI, JIRA, Maven, Cucumber, Appium, Selenium Grid, Git, Jenkins, JSON.

Coventry Health Care, Downers Grove, IL Jun2014 – Jan 2016

Sr. QA Analyst


The project is to develop and enhance existing HealthCare Provider System to handle Coventry’s Insurance policies. The application is used by physicians and staff to verify member eligibility and to view claims payment information. The project focused on improving the application for a better user experience.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Involved in Agile testing, reviewed the stories and participated in Daily Scrum and Release Planning meeting.

Developing the test plan and test cases for the positive and negative scenarios keeping in mind the Boundary Value Limitations and Equivalence Classes coordinating with the customers upon solid analysis of the user stories.

Recognized and classified overall plan for Test Scope, Test Strategy High-level Document, and Test Data within the context area of each sprint.

Writing and executing test scenarios, test cases and test scripts for both web and mobile applications using JAVA, Selenium Web Driver and TestNG with a good analysis of the element locators and web driver methods.

Working extensively in the development of Hybrid Framework design on TestNG platform and used Apache POI to read data from external sources.

Working with utilities like Firebug and Firepath for the identification of web elements using locators such as id, name, Xpath, CSS Selectors, Link Text, Partial Link Text and Tags.

Performed cross-browser testing on various browsers like IE, Chrome and Firefox and ensured compatibility on different browsers using Java, TestNG and Jenkins.

Performed feasibility Analysis on the test cases to analyze the feasibility of the test cases for automation and for the creation of the regression test suite.

Performed Smoke, Functional, Regression, Positive and Negative testing for each build of the applications and Integration Testing with other programs, hardware, operating systems and network environments.

Coordinated with the Manual and Automation QA delivery schedule with Relationship Manager, Product Development and Offshore Team for the Initial and Strategic Solutions.

Analyzed software failures and reported bugs on RTM which has been used as the defect tracking and project management tool.

Performing testing using SOAPUI on different data sources and validated the Restful web services.

Working on web services testing using assertions such as Xpath, XQuery and Contains assertions.

Involved in developing BDD features, scenarios and step definitions using Cucumber and Gherkin using Junit and automated them using Selenium Web Driver.

Working on mobile app testing using Perfecto mobile for applications on both IOS and Android.

Using MAVEN for build management, SVN as source repository and Jenkins for Continuous Integration of the builds.

Involved in the use of Cucumber Step Definition, Scenarios and Features.

Good Knowledge on Medicaid and Medicare claims enrollment and process.

Exposure towards MECT.

Reviewed and updated the test cases in review log, updated test cases based on the review comments given by Business SME’s.

Environment: JAVA, Selenium WebDriver, Jenkins, MAVEN, SVN, Apache-POI, Gherkin, Oracle DB, Eclipse, Firebug, Firepath, SOAPUI, XML, HTML.

Lowe’s, North Carolina, USA Nov 2012 –May 2014

Sr. QA Engineer

Description: is an e-commerce web application, which deals in home appliances like refrigerators, lawn mowers, washing machines etc. It provides clients a stock of approximately 40,000 products in about 20 product categories ranging from appliances to tools, to paint, lumber and nursery products. The website is setup in such a way that it simulates the transaction happening in a store. Users have an option to choose their local store by entering the zip code after which the pricing and catalog is fetched accordingly for that store. It operates more than 1,725 stores in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Involved in various SDLC Phases-Requirements Analysis, Test Case Development, System Testing, Regression and Conducted End to End and Black box testing.

Actively involved in functional, system, integration, positive, negative, GUI testing of the application.

Interacted with developers and business Users to communicate the defects and actively participated in replicating the bugs and performed regression testing using JIRA.

Created Test Data using SQL and wrote SQL queries for back-end testing.

Used /Data Driven Framework and extracted data from external Excel files using Apache POI and loaded into the variables in the scripted code.

Configured The Test Cases to receive input Test Data Sets for the corresponding test cases using TestNG Data Provider Annotation.

Prepared Test Cases for functional and UAT testing.

Used Maven Performed continuous integration of code and scripts using Jenkins. Configured and launched builds using Jenkins jobs and analyzed the Test Results from Jenkins UI.

Worked on SQL queries to verify data integrity and validate updated data for the Test cases in different modules of the application.

Attended multiple sessions with Business Analyst and Solution Architects for understanding the design of the application for new Change Requests.

Usability testing of the application and workflow involving multiple functional modules.

Worked with developers to Create and update the defects, resolve and track their status using JIRA.

Environment: Selenium Webdriver, TestNG, Eclipse, HTML, SVN, Maven, Jenkins, UAT, JIRA

Yashoda Hospital Care, Hyderabad, India Jan 2011 – Sept 2012

Sr. QA Tester


The aim of the project was the Automation of all aspects of Dental Hospital Management. The system was designed to handle Patient, Patient Appointment, Chair Status, Patient Medical History, Treatment Estimation, and Treatment Undergone in various appointments, Enquires, Billing, and has various reports for daily appointments, doctor's dairy, no of patients visited on daily, weekly, monthly basis reports.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Reviewed requirements and specifications and provided input during requirements and specification walkthroughs.

Developed UNIX shell scripts to automate business process. This includes feeding data to database and creating CSV files to send the data to different vendors.

Used SOAP UI tool to test SOA based architecture application to test SOAP services and REST API

Responsible for preparing the final deployment file for the various versions to incorporate the new development takes place in the incremental manner.

Coordinated with developers and record defects in JIRA to track until they are resolved.

Involved in the deployment and testing of all the modules in various applications for the client.

Responsible for documenting the entire project and trained business users and written product user guides.

Participated in the User Stories discussion and test scenarios preparation

Multithreaded Java Programming with the Swing UI writing Worker Thread classes.

Prepared and executed of test scripts using JMeter and SOAP UI tool to perform Web Services testing

Deploying the applications in Acceptance and Production environment.

Provided strategies for reusability of data requirements which helped in effort saving.

Environment: Selenium WebDriver, RC, SQL, Java, ANT, JUnit, SoapUI, REST, SOAP, Jira, JMeter, Agile, Windows, UNIX.

ICICI Bank, Hyderabad, India Jun 2009 –Dec 2010 Manual Tester


ICICI Bank is one of the top private banking firm in India which caters multiple banking facilities to their customers. This project was an Initiative to make its website, transactions made on it and applications offered through the bank more user friendly.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Designed and developed the application using agile methodology.

Used the iterative incremental framework Scrum with Agile Software Development.

Designed and developed UI using JSP, dynamic JSP and page validations using JavaScript.

Involved in database schema design and review meetings.

Configured application flow, controlling logic and navigation.

Designed and developed base classes, framework classes and common re-usable components.

Involved in re-factoring the existing components to meet the current application requirements.

Used various Java and J2EE APIs including JDBC, XML, Servlets, JSP, and JavaBeans, Spring Framework.

Involved in Performance tuning, debugging issues in testing and deployment phases.

Implemented RDBMS to add the additional condition for the system to support a tabular structure for the data with enforced relationships between the tables.

Utilized PL/SQL for querying the database. Coordinated on-site and offshore development teams in various phases of the project.

Environment: Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, EJB, XML, HTML, Java Script, JDBC, Oracle, PL/SQL, Eclipse, spring, Hibernate, RDBMS, Tomcat.

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