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Information Technology Computer Operator

Milford Mill, Maryland, 21244, United States
February 13, 2018

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Resume of: William Drafts


Mayor Office of Information Technology

*** * ******* **. ********* Md.21202 11/2011-06/2015

Computer Operator 111

Operates console typewriters to enter commands into computer; instructs computer to operate printer.

Observes computer operations; receives instructions from computers and enters requested Prepares computers and peripheral equipment for operation; reads job instructions; mounts tapes and disk packs on drives; loads forms into printer and aligns forms.

information into computers.

Investigates errors and problems, such as inappropriate job instructions and program sequential relationships, incorrect tape drive assignments and source data, damaged tapes, overloaded storage capacity and software and equipment malfunctions; corrects errors and resolves problems when possible and assists analysts, programmers and data technicians with systems, programming and operational problems and errors.

Monitors computers for major machine malfunctions, such as systems and power failures; enters commands to discontinue computer operations; determines nature of malfunctions or assists others in analyzing malfunctions and enters commands to restore computer operations, when malfunctions are corrected.

Records work activities and machine operations in daily logs and fills in report forms.

Operates computers to prepare copies of tapes for storage in order to maintain and secure daily, weekly and monthly work production.

Cleans tape drives, vacuums printers and services and maintains equipment.

Performs related work as required with the Help Desk

SSA National Computer Center 11/2004 04/2010

Woodlawn, Maryland

Data Entry Operator 3/Computer Production Support Specialist:

CALL INTAKE ANALYST-(CIA) /Help Desk Coordinator 3 name used by the

Contractor for this position

• Midnight Shift Contractor in the Tape Library and Lead Operator/Supervisor in Print Mail Facility at the National Computer Center Building monitoring and operating the mainframe, computer hardware and peripheral equipment.

• Responsible for using mainframe terminal; ordenng in and altering IBM JCL and submitting jobs, mount magnetic media on tape/cartridge handling equipment (stand alone cartridge drives or round tape drives).

• Analyzes on-screen system output to assure normal end-of-job condition results Investigates and takes corrective action for abnormal end-of-job conditions.

• Determine the appropriate action to take in non-routine situations.

• Open problem management ticket for every abnormal end-of-job encountered.

• Updates automated tracking systems using the problem management control number assigned, responsible for preparing media for shipment to users via FedEx.

• Process incoming tape media, operates degaussing machine to demagnetize data from tape media, re-initializes media for reuse, update the Tape Management database as requested by users.

• Remove expired magnetic media from the library, diagnose LAN/WAN network problems, support Workstation Desktop, Server and Client/Server applications, define, investigate, analyze, and offer timely solutions to system problems reported by network end users.

Maryland Dept. Transportation 10/2006 - 4/2007

Baltimore, Maryland

Computer Operator

• Run daily backups, operate impact printers, Unysis High Speed Console laser printer, make changes in JCL Parm table with JOBTRAC-TSO application, separate all printed backs ups for distribution, preventive maintenance on printers, inactivate CICS regions and bring them backup, monitor mainframe

DPSCS Information Technology & Communications Division

Pikesville MD 2/1989 - 2/2002


• Operation and control of high speed electronic computers, such as monitoring IBM OS-390 computers in a mainframe environment, using MVS, CICS, DB2, NEIVIEW, TSO, ISPF, TMONE, VTAM, MQSERIES, PARADIGM, and . Responsible for maintaining computers associated with peripheral equipment such as resetting Cisco Routers, Swftchnets, 3725 NCP, Modems, and Servers. Assist on line users with software and hardware problems in a Windows NT environment.


• Maintain a busy help desk environment for users which supports communication lines and peripheral equipment assigned to agencies known as the Criminal Justice Information Systems, responsible for job scheduling, running backups, backing up servers, printing and distribution of printouts, contacting technical support and vendors for

hardware and software problems.

Equipment used:

Compaq DeskPro EN with 3270 similator, Storage Tech 9310, HDS

skyliner series, StorageTec 4490, HP Laser Printer, Telex 387 Printer, IBM

4224 Printer, HD6000 Bulk Degausser, 911 Bulk Degausser, LaserFax 3550

Software: Using MVS/ESA-05/390, Jes3 V4,ISPF,INFOSYSTEMS,SMA,


Netview, ESM tools and data transfer products, Window 2000 NT and XP

Control M, TSO, Microsoft Office


AA Degree Bay College of Md., Baltimore, MD

Major: Data Processing/Computer Operations Minor: Business Administration

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