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Mechanical Safety

Muscat, Muscat Governorate, Oman
February 13, 2018

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Curriculum Vitae

Daayaj Khalifa Hmdan AL Qartoubi

Oman AL Khaboura – Qasbiat albusaeed

P.O.Box: 260, Postal Code: 619

Phone: (968-******** & 92242212


Career Objective

A position in a Company’s or an organization that deals with Mechanical operation, where I could integrate my Mechanical education, work experience and use my communication skills to deal with variety of group work members or with clients. I like a job where I could face new challenges and added me with new habits and knowledge.

Areas of interest

Mechanical operations (PDO Turbine Mechanical).

Additional courses

1-Avalid Oman and PDO driving License(Light)

2-H2S safety card .

3-I F R -E

4-H T S - E

5-C .M .C A-E

6-S. L. S.S-E

7-B .L .S .F-A

8- LXA 40

Work experience


Contractors Company

Job title: Mechanical

●Solving all Mechanical troubles.

●Using different types of cutting and welding operations that used in rig areas.

●Servicing and checking different engine .

●Following all security and safety when doing operations & pointing all the precautionary application for safety and security. Thomassen Services&

Contracting Company

LLC From Ogus2001

Currently now

Job title: Gas Turbine Mechanical Technician

●Checking & servicing all different Gas Turbine

●Working as a Gas Turbine Mechanic since 2001

● Plant, generating 310MW open cycle gas turbine type The plant consists of 5gas turbines in total (3 nos. Frame 6B and 2nos. Frame 9E

I was involved in two major inspections of frame 9E & and two combustion inspection of frame 6B, frame 6fa & frame 5 .

. Job Responsibilities:

Following all security and safety when doing operations & pointing all the precautionary application for safety and security


In The Major Inspection of Frame 9E,6B,6FA & frame 5 1- IGV (Axial, Bush and Backlash) readings.

2- Conducting Dye Penetration tests.

3- Removal and installation of 1st stage (nozzle, shroud), 2n d stage (nozzle, shroud),3r d stage (nozzle, shroud), Fuel gas lines, fuel oil lines, atomizing air lines, purge lines, Fuel nozzles, flow sleeves, cross fire tubes, liners, transition pieces, combustion cans. Bolts opening and tightening of compressor casings, turbine casing, exhaust casing, changing of lube oil filters, Hydraulic filters, air inlet filters, Cleaning & filling of new lube oil in lube oil tank etc, In The Combustion Inspection of Frame 9E, 6B, 6FA & frame 5 1- Removal and installation of Fuel gas lines, fuel oil lines, atomizing air lines, purge air lines, Combustion cans, Fuel nozzles, cross fire tubes, Transition pieces, flows sleeves, liners.

2- Conducting dye penetration tests etc.

: For Plant Equipments

1- Maintain plant auxiliaries such as fire water systems, compressed air systems, overhauling of valves, cooling water heat exchangersetc


● Solar Air Drier

Personal Skills

Communication skills

During my work as a Mechanical at T homassen Services Company and by attending meetings, I gave effective ideas and suggestions to improve our work.

Inter-personal skills Dealing with different problems in the workplace gained us strong relationships with many different peoples like workers, engineers and managers.

Leadership I represented the group leader when we were in external projects where I give my partners orders to do particular Mechanical jobs. Teamwork As Mechanical, we work in a team especially when we in the Company where teamwork is required.

Work under pressure Working for long period in hard and tough weather in the desert, following safety instruction & work order in the workshop.

Problem-solving With five years of work experience where I faced lots of Mechanical problems gave me ability to find out the right solutions for each particular problem.

IT and other skills

Office Automation Package: M s-Office ( Word, Excel, PowerPoint). 2

Internet skills: w ide use in surfing, searching E-mail service. Languages:

Arabic: mother tongue.

English: good in reading, writing and speaking.

Hobbies and Interests

Reading information related to Mechanical technologies, traveling, movies and browsing Internet. Personal Details

Nationality: Omani

Place of birth: Saham

Date of Birth:

12 / 12 / 1979

Marital Status: mared

Best regarded : Daayaj Khalifa Mahdan AL Qartoubi . 3

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