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Admin Assistant

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
February 13, 2018

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* ******* **** – Giza - Egypt

Amr Magdy Ahmed

Customer Service In Mobinil

From 01/01/2008 To 01/01/2009

Tasks assigned

1- Receiving all incoming calls from customers

2- Solving customer problems in coordination with the direct manager 3. Make a daily report of all incoming calls and indicate the status of the request 4. Work follow-up with customers who have an unresolved problem CAREER SYNOPSIS

Sales Responsible In Ahmed Motors For Car Trading

From 01/06/2006 To: 18/12/2007

Tasks assigned

1- Receiving customers and explaining all kinds of existing cars 2 - Full explanation about the car required from the client 3 - Negotiate with the customer with the receipt of the receipt and the value of the car 4 - Termination of procedures for receipt of the value of the car amount from the client and follow up with the financial management

5 - Follow up with the shipping company to determine the arrival date of the car and its registration papers

6 - follow up and set an appointment with the customer to receive the car 7 - delivery of the client car and the completion of licensing procedures in coordination with the logistics department employee

8- Working a file for the client for periodic follow-up 9. Make a monthly report on the status of sales

10 - A semi-annual report on the status of sales in the branch and compared to previous years

11. Conduct an annual report on the sales of the branch


+002 – 38322165

6 October City – Giza - Egypt

Amr Magdy Ahmed

Public relations in Power Generation Supplies Co. PGSCO From 01/02/2009 To: 01/01/2010

Tasks assigned

1- To take care of the company's media policy and organization. 2- Developing the system of communication with different entities inside and outside the company.

3- Identify important and different means of communication. 4- Control of communication tools such as company brochure, newsletters, press releases, and even social networking pages.

5- Organization of the company's activities.

6- Manage online communication.

7- Follow-up sources of information in various media 8- Follow up the tenders consistently with the companies that are dealing with them 9- Attending tenders and expressing opinions in the offers submitted by other companies 10- Provide a periodic report on the status of tenders and draw up a strategic plan to reduce the mistakes made in tenders

Sales Representative in HAMZA for Trade and Industry From 01/02/2010 To 29/07/2010

Tasks assigned

1. The Sales Officer will display all types of products produced by the company to customers 2. Provide customers with information on the types of products available 3. Receiving the applications, concluding the agreements and organizing the delivery of the required quantities

4. Check the prices and quantities required in the agreements 5. Grant a discount on sales according to the powers granted to him and contained in the manual of powers to carry out the sale.

6. Prepare a specific sales schedule with the names of the customers, the numbers of the agreements, the type of goods, the agreed quantity and the place of delivery. 7. Study the required facilities and study the status of customers by inquiring about the volume of activity carried out by clients and the monetary situation in the market and proposing a ceiling for facilities.

8. Preparation of requests to modify the production plan to service the requests of customers not scheduled in the production plan in coordination with the Director of production and sales


+002 – 38322165

6 October City – Giza - Egypt

Amr Magdy Ahmed

Official electronic archiving in HAIMI GROUP IN KSA From 30/07/2010 To 20/08/2012

Tasks assigned

1- To develop a plan for electronic supervision systems according to the requirements of the administration

2 - The work of sorting and splitting of files after the agreement with the client 3 - Make a photocopy of the documents

4 - Save files and review the program

5 - Make a special code for each file

6 - Link files to the names of people for easy searching and reporting their own 7 - To make a general report on the state of management before and after the work of electronic archiving


+002 – 38322165

6 October City – Giza - Egypt

Amr Magdy Ahmed

After Sales Dep. Admin Consukorra CO.

From 01/09/2012 To Date

1- Receiving all incoming calls from customers

2- Solving customer problems in coordination with the direct manager 3. Make a daily report of all incoming calls and indicate the status of the request 4. Work follow-up with customers who have an unresolved problem 5 - Formulation of bids for customers and send and follow up with them 6. Preparing periodic reports on the sites

7. Formulation, classification and review of customer contracts with the Department of Legal Affairs

8. Send contracts and follow up their activation

9 - work limited to employees and follow the performance of workers sites 10- Receiving the documents of appointment for the new employees and reviewing them and handing them over to the competent department to take a look at them 11 - Follow-up work of new employees and determine the extent of continuity or rejection 12 - Follow-up employees' vacations, monitoring and sending them to the Personnel Affairs Department

13. Reviewing financial settlements and supervising their settlement with the accounts management

14 - Formulating sales orders with companies inside and outside Egypt 15 - Follow-up stock movement for spare parts for the administration 16. Make a monthly report on the condition of spare parts and give an opinion on the purchase process

17 - Search for new suppliers to achieve maximum gains for the company 18 - The establishment of a system of archiving all the documents of the administration for easy access

19 - The work of bank transfers for customers and follow-up access of spare parts in coordination with the Logistics Department


+002 – 38322165

6 October City – Giza - Egypt

Amr Magdy Ahmed

B.Sc. information technology from institute al abasseya for computer science and commercial From 2003 To 2007

Grade Good

the Egyptian-German project (Mubarak-Kohl) Division of industrial management Holds the certification of experience from the Arab Group for the Development experience 3 years

Personal Information


- E-Maintenance computer

- MOS (Microsoft office)

- Network

- Photoshop CS-6

- electronic archiving

Name: Amr Magdy Houssine Ahmed

Birth Date: 20/01/1986

Nationality: Egyptian

ID No: 286***********

Passport: A07872500

I Own a car

I have a driver's license


+002 – 38322165

6 October City – Giza - Egypt

Amr Magdy Ahmed



Language SKILLS

1- Full of enthusiasm, active, organized & patient in my work. 2- Excellent presentation, negotiation & communication skills. 3- Excellent maintenance's computer skills.

4- A good basis from Public relations.

5- A ability to deal with customers from various nationality. 6- Fast learner – hard worker – enjoy teamwork – self Motivated 7- Dynamic – Independent - Dependable


9- Flexibility is important in many jobs

1- Microsoft Office Skills

2- Quick Book Skills

3- Information Technology Skills

4- All operation System

5- Internet Skills

6- CS – Photoshop

1- Arabic - Mother Language

2- English _ Very Good Spook & Writer

Good Speak

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