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Engineer Engineering

Boulder, Colorado, United States
February 13, 2018

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**** ****** **, ***-***, Boulder, Colorado 720-***-**** SUMMARY

A confident and motivated embedded systems engineer with an internship experience at Bose Corporation and over one year of intensive coursework. With major group project experiences and willingness to learn more, looking forward to serving a company with full dedication and hard work.


Master of Science: Embedded Systems Engineering Bachelor of Engineering: Electronics Engineering University of Colorado Boulder (Aug 2016 – June 2018) Mumbai University (2012- 2016) Current GPA- 3.6/4 CGPA – 8.22/10

Coursework- Embedded software essentials, Programmable system on chip, Real time embedded systems, Embedded sensors and actuators, Computer Architecture, Network systems, Low Power Embedded Design, ASIP Designing RELEVANT EXPERIENCE

• Embedded Systems Engineering Intern (Bose Corporation, Framingham, Massachusetts ) (May 2017 – Aug 2017) – o Successfully completed two projects with Wireless speakers and headphone team (Software systems Group) o Developed a Raspberry Pi based Product Updater using Python modules and utilizing the HID over USB protocol to communicate.

o Developed a Peripheral I2C Database Debugger based on ARM Cortex M4 board with a Windows MFC application to form an entire debugging application.

• Junior Embedded Processor Designer (Aug 2017 - Present) – Working under Professor Keith Graham as a Junior Embedded Processor Designer for building an Application Specific Instruction Set RISC-V Processor (ASIP) based on Codasip tools. TECHNICAL PROFICIENCIES

• Programming Languages - C, Embedded C,C++, Python, VHDL, Verilog, CUDA

• Protocols, Architectures, and Platforms – UART, SPI, I2C, ARM Cortex M0 & M4, ARM Cortex A8, FPGA, 8051, Programmable SoC (PSoC 4, PSoC5), NVIDIA GPU, ATMEGA2560, ATMEGA328, Altera MAX10, Cyclone 5

• Skills - Linux, Version Control, GCC, Windows MFC, Object Oriented Programming, Data structures, Bluetooth, Make, Real time systems, Threading, Algorithms, Operating systems, Socket Programming, Computer Architecture

• IDE and Debugging – Kinetis Design Studio, PSoC Creator, Visual Studios, ARM mbed, Simatic STEP 7, Altium, LTspice, Quartus Prime, Libero, Atmel Studios, GDB, Oscilloscope, ModelSim, Logic Analyzer, OpenSDA MAJOR PROJECTS

• Embedded Software Design (GIT - 2016 - Dec 2016): o Project involved designing a robust, portable, reliable software design for various functionalities of ARM based FRDM KL25Z and Beaglebone Black.

o Learned about various functionalities including UART communication, messaging interface, time profiling, PWM control, memory transfers, SPI communication with Nordic chip, Data buffers etc.

• Real time user follower luggage BOT (Mar 2017 - May 2017): o BOT based on NVIDIA jetson TK1 was developed which could follow the user in real time. The system was based on 3 services which were scheduled using rate monotonic theory and feasibility tests assuring a reliable performance. o Services required knowledge of image processing using OpenCV, reading an ultrasonic sensor by writing a serial driver and actuating the motors using GPIO. Other skills acquired were using pthread, semaphores, mutexs etc.

• Energy efficient remote water quality monitoring system (GIT- Quality-Monitoring_System.git) (Aug 2017 – Dec 2017): o A wireless (based on GSM/GPRS module(SIM808)) solar energy based self-sustained water quality monitoring system based on EMF32(ARM-based low power processor) and energy efficient PCB design around it using Altium.

• Medicine delivery robot (E-yantra plus competition 2015, conducted by IIT- Bombay Sponsored by MHRD, Government of India ) (Dec 2014 – Mar 2015):

o Worked on ATMEGA2560 based robot to implement a medicine delivery system for hospitals. Wireless communication established on Zigbee helped transmit data gathered by Image processing using OpenCV in python.

• Web-server and proxy-server on a UNIX based system (Oct 2017 - Dec 2017): o Hosted web and proxy servers which could support web-pages using socket APIs and TCP connection. It had a conf file to modify the server configuration on-the-go. It supported error handling, multi-threaded keep-alive feature, caching of web-pages and hostnames with a configurable timeout..

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