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Information Technology Management

Orlando, Florida, United States
February 14, 2018

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Richard J. Villamizar

Orlando FL, *****

*****6 - 2834


My main objective is to obtain a position in which I can contribute to the company with my knowledge, experience and skills in an environment of permanent search of excellence. I am a Graduate in Computer Engineering with 16 years of experience in the Information Technology group. Skills in project management, good interpersonal skills, knowledge of work rates in the financial and oil industry, ability to work under pressure and achieve goals. Quick to learn and take own initiative demonstrating immediate results. Excellent communication skills in the areas of Systems Implementation and Maintenance (Exploration & Production Systems, Bank Deposits and Operating Systems).

My professional experience is based on System Development and Maintenance in Exploration and Production of PDVSA (E&P), especially in the following tools:

Data Base Administration: ORACLE and SQL Server, AS/400, S3090, HelpSystems

Network Administration: UNIX-Solaris, Windows and communications in general (routers)

Languages: Visual Basic, Basic, Turbo Pascal, RPG, ACL


2010 – 2014

Bank Occidental de Descuento - Vice-presidency of IT Production.


Manager Production Planning IT


Manage and implement the validation passes into production and operational processes of equipment AS / 400 - O3090 - Intel, control over changes to make in the Computer Center operations automation IT (Robot Tools) maintenance service channels that operate the ATM -POS- IVR -IB -IBS and operational business continuity in the financial industry.

2005 – 2010

Bank Occidental de Descuento - Vice-presidency of General Audit.


Senior auditor IT


To review the plans or tracks of audit of the different applications from the Bank. To validate the behavior of the processes according to the requirements of the users. To raise information on the possible weaknesses methodology COBI, ITIL and to make recommendations as far as the security and quality of the data of the systems. Pursuit to contracts of services of the projects, verifying that their possible clauses are fulfilled all and to indicate recommendation on the improvements of the service.

2004 – 2005

Bank Occidental de Descuento- Management of Quality and Test.


Analyst of Tests IT


To certify and to do the control of quality of the systems that are developed as much in the banking organization commit like external. To detect errors or flaws that can have the developed systems, designing and executing the respective cases and scripts of test.

2003 – 2003

BP Venezuela Holding Limited - Management of Information & Transition.


Analysis Design


Perform analysis, design and construction of a system for updating and managing data files Corporate pit the West Division, Central and East oil company.

1995 – 2002

PDVSA – INTesa, Applications Maintenance Management.



Senior Programming Analyst

Perform analysis, design and development to improve the quality of data for the production system.

Development of the interface between Infoplus21 and Production System to process the measurements and update operational data field.

Support and Maintenance System Image Scanning and update folders well. Support and Maintenance for Production System; PVCS system management, version control tool.

CMM system management tool for updating applications on production servers. ARS system management tool to keep track of requests for user support.

Control and monitoring SCADA Interface Module Production.

Management, monitoring and evaluation of the different interfaces Production System through Autosys tool.

Design and construction of reports in Oracle Report Design project Production System (Gas, Steam, Water, Oil and Pozo).

Installing monthly reports to the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) Batch Form Netware and Unix.

Analysis, design, construction and installation of drivers Database (ODBC) with Microsoft Query for corporate reports in Excel macros with external databases ORACLE.

System upgrades and maintenance (SIDOP) Deposits Operational System Natural Environment DB2

Analista Programación Senior.


2014 – 2014

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

International Education Consulting (INTEDCO)

Revalidation process of higher studies in the United States of America

1994 – 1999

Ingeniero en Computación

Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacín (URBE)

Management tools engineering, mathematics, development and application management on information technology.


Workshop HPG- Module Human Resources Module Workshop HPG- Economic Environment Workshop Module HPG- Legal Environment, Workshop HPG- Module Integration Social Policy, III Seminar on Information Technology Security; SQL programming. (AS / 400 ) programming concepts and facilities (AS / 400); Asset Security Workshop Information and Notification of Occupational Hazards; Security, Technology and System Audit: Let's Practice; ITIL Change Management; Audit and Computer Security System; Prevention of Money Laundering and Organized Crime; Talk Security Information Asset; Life Skills and Preventive Tool; Talk Money Laundering Prevention and Code of Ethics and BOD; Concepts and Techniques for using ACL; Management Consultations on the AS- 400; Fundamentals of Functional Test; Information Management .


Known languages

Visual Basic, Basic, GWBasic, Qbasic, Turbo Pascal, RM Cobol, Fortran.

Database managers

RPG, Oracle, Clipper, Dbase III plus, Foxbase Plus, Foxpro Ln.


Windows, PVCS, ARS, CMM, Excel (Tables Dinámic), ODBC (Controlers), SQL-PLUS.

Operating systems

AS/400, DOS 6.0, UNIX 4.0, MVS

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