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Engineer Software

Austin, Texas, United States
February 14, 2018

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Apurva K.G.


Phone: +1-512-***-****

Skype: apurvakg

Software Engineer in Test with over 10 years of software test automation framework development, design verification and embedded system testing seeking better opportunities in serving organization where performance is demanded and I am able add value for overall growth of the organization.


Programming : Python, JAVA Core, JavaScript, Node JS, HTML5, CSS, XAML, C#, R

Testing Framework : Appium, Selenium, TestNG, Jasmine, PyTest, JUnit, Protractor, RSpec,

Rest Assured API Testing.

Platforms : Linux (Slackware, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Goobuntu), Windows.

Mobile OS : Android SDK, xCode, Xamarin.

Database : SQL, MongoDB

Version Control : Git, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes (KubeCtl, MiniKube), Jenkins, Pipeline, Bamboo

Defect Tracking : Bugzilla, JIRA, Microsoft TFS, Buganizer.

Networking Tools : Ixchariot, Qualcomm QPST/ QXDM, Wireshark

Networking Protocols : TCP/IP, OSI, SIP (RFC3261), SDP, RTP, RTCP, DNS

Wireless Protocols : GSM, CDMA, GPRS, 802.11b/g (Wi-Fi/WLan), OMA PTT/PoC V2.1, MPEG-2,

XMPP, WebRTC, GPPTS23.402 V9.7.0

Work Experience

Google Austin TX (on contract) April 2016 – Nov 2017

Senior Automation Engineer Client: Google Mobile Core

Project: Testing and Automation framework development in Google Mobile Service Core Lab.

Tools and Environment: Python, Android Devices, JavaScript, Node JS, RSpec, Kubernetes.

Description: Google Mobile service lab has multiple services which are used by several internal clients.

●Developed Automation Framework scripts to test Rest API using Python Flask for GMS core.

●Maintain and extend automation for Android Memory Usage and Android Binary size analysis using Python (PyTest).

●Configure Android mobile devices in Google Mobile Service test lab (phones, tablets, wearable-watch, and car-module) with test specific operating system.

●Setup and maintain proprietary power measuring hardware devices for Android devices, interfacing power measuring device with the Linux server and perform troubleshooting.

●Benchmarking Android application packages for system parameters such as memory, battery consumption, and kernel and other operating system benchmarks.

Kodiak PTT, Plano TX (now Motorola Solutions) Sep 2014 - Feb 2016

Senior Software Engineer (R&D) Clients: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint

Project: Kodiak R&D Team developed Node Js application using webRTC API for desktop users which add voice and presence capabilities in the Chrome browser.

Tools and Environment: Automation Test Framework Development in NodeJS, Jasmine, Cucumber, Python, YAML, RSpec, Jenkins, Docker Swarm, Git

Description: Test Framework Development in NodeJS, Jasmine, Cucumber, YAML, RSpec and Jenkins.

●Developed Test framework to test WebRTC JavaScript API’s and WebRTC Node JS application.

●Enhanced test framework for Dispatcher console using Cucumber (Gherkin) and RSpec.

●Developed Appium test framework (element locators, UIAutomator, element inspector, assertions) both Android and iOS Platform.

●Enhanced Junit and Selenium test code in data driven selenium framework.

●Tested the KPI for the mobile Android OS with AT&T ARO tool.

●Perform Deep packet inspection of logs error code analysis of HTTP, SIP, RTP, RTCP protocol (Talk Burst Control Protocol) for Jitter Stats, Periodic and On-Demand Call Stats and UI Stats, Location Update.

●Performed Interoperability testing of PoC client application and Land Mobile Radios (LMR) using Raytheon gateway ACU-M.

●Manage test team, and interface to customer for product demonstration review product wire diagram.

Dell International Services, Round Rock (now NTT Data Devices) July 2011 - Sep 2014

Senior Software Engineer Client: Dell Inc.

Project: Developing automation Test framework in Appium, RSpec for Dell BYOD team.

Tools and Environment: Appium, Python (API Testing), RSpec, Cucumber, Groovy.

Description: BYOD test team delivers testing solutions for its clients.

●Developed Appium test framework (element locators, UIAutomator, element inspector, assertions) both Android and iOS Platform.

●Developed Rest API testing framework for BYOD API using Python.

●Performed Functional Testing of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Android and iOS mobile application across various device and simulators using Android SDK, ADB toolkit, ADB shell etc.

●Experienced in leading offshore team of testers, requirement analysis, test planning, test effort estimation, test designing, test execution, defect management and test reporting.

Saber Holdings, Bangalore June 2010 - March 2011

Senior Software Automation Engineer Client: Saber Airlines, USA

Project: Automating Travel domain website.

Tools and Environment: Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Maven.

Description: GetThere is a corporate web travel application and test cases for sanity were automated.

●Implemented Hybrid Test Automation Framework using Selenium WebDriver, TestNG and Maven using OOPS design patterns and approaches.

●Functional Testing and Customer Validation for Saber Airline Solution (AS) testing back-end systems (reservations, ticketing, departure control, inventory, etc.).

Savvysoft Technologies, Italy June 2009 - Jan 2010

Test Automation Engineer Client: Motorola Mobile Devices, Italy

Project: Automate test cases for Motorola Multimedia Engine.

Tools and Environment: Symbian and P2K Handsets, Java, WCSL (Motorola Proprietary tool), Test Runner, PTF (Phone Test Framework)

Description: This project involves automating test cases in Motorola Multimedia engines for capture, navigation, consumption & audio manager modules on P2K and Symbian handheld devices.

●Automate test cases in WSCL on JRC simulator for UE to UE scenarios for the Video Telephony Multimedia Engine Layer for GSM/3G phones on platform P2K.

●Lab Setup for execution of automated scripts, and developing the test cases based on the requirements, maintain scripts & execution results, and making the report for monthly review.

●Collect the execution Logs and Dump, and identify the root cause.

IT People India, Bangalore Jan 2008 - June 2009

Test Engineer Client: Motorola Mobile Devices, Torino

Project: Asterisk SIP Server, SIPp tool, XML, Auto Expect, VoIP

Tools and Environment: Shell, Wireshark (Ethereal), SIP agent

Description: Tested SIP functionality of VoIP Phone and tested RTP, RTCP, Jitter Buffer and codec - G.711 a u and G.729ab on the WLAN side.

●Used SIPp tool scenarios for sanity and acceptance test plan.

●Automated setup and system configuration for sanity testing using Auto-Expect in bash CLI.

●Configured various SIP agents (UAC, UAS, Proxies, SIP phones) for interoperability testing of SIP stacks with Asterix and Bridgeport server and perform deep packet inspection.

Azingo, Inc. Hyderabad (now Motorola Devices) Oct 2006 - Jan 2008

Test Engineer Client: In House product development

Project: Testing of Azingo’s LiMO (Linux Open Mobile) based handheld embedded devices.

Tools and Environment: Ubuntu, Flashing Tools, NFS server, LiMO SDK, ScratchBox cross compiler, Bugzilla.

Description: The clients PCMCIA (Type II) wireless card was tested for Interoperability, functional, and wireless performance in RF Shield room chamber.

●Perform basic board bring up, SDK flashing, recompile Ubuntu Linux kernel for experimental hardware and enabling support for non-supported features for supported mobile chipsets.

●Tested x86 /ARM rootstraps on Scratch box cross compiler and QEMU (open source machine emulator).

●Tested Azingo Mobile Open webkit Browser, Jabber protocol (early XMPP) based Instant Messaging Chat application for calls, presence and test VoIP calls features for OMAP TI 2430 and JADE Arm11 touch boards.

●Performed defect verification, defect triage and bug tracking of problems/defects throughout the test and SDLC.

Global Edge Software, Bangalore Feb 2005 - Oct 2006

Test Engineer Client: Marvell Semiconductor, India

Project: Performance Testing of 802.11 b/g based products.

Tools and Environment: 802.11 b/g, Linux Slackware, NetIQ Chariot, AeroPeekNX, Wireshark (Ethereal)

Description: The clients PCMCIA (Type II) wireless card was tested for Interoperability, functional, and wireless performance in RF Shield room chamber.

●Tested device driver firmware of Linux based Compact flash card barebone card for its Linux wireless commands functionality, throughput and performance testing of 802.11b/g performance using NetIQ Chariot on Linux, Aero Peek NX (sniffer for Wi-Fi) in RF shield room environment on Slackware 2.4.21 and Windows XP platforms.

●Tested Linux CF cards for 802.11b/g infrastructure/Ad-hoc Network Configuration Utility and Active / Passive Scan Test, Infrastructure Security feature (WEP 64/128 bit).

●Performed Infrastructure 802.11b/g Mode Interoperability Test (with selected 802.11b/g chipsets), regression testing, verified the fixed bugs/defects, raised throughout SDLC.

Education Details and Awards

●Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management 2004.

●Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) Nagpur University, 2002.

●Key Performance Index of mobile applications in Motorola - Paper in Motorola University.

●ISTQB Certification 2005,Dell Silver Award 2011,Motorola BRAVO 2010.

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