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Manager Engineer

Winter Garden, FL, 34787
February 14, 2018

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Winter Garden, **787


Professional Skills:

DevOps Manager SCRUM Master Linux Admin

VMWare Virtual Cloud Director AWS P&L

Management SaaS IaaS

PaaS OpenStack Azure

RackSpace Project Management IT IS Management


CA AppLogic, OpenStack (Grizzly, Havana and Icehouse), Puppet, Nova, Ceph, Quantum, Zenoss, Ceilometer, Salt, Neutron, Nova, Glance, KanBan, Stash, Git, NAS, Confluence, Jira, JuJu, Crowbar, MasS and TFS all releases, NewRelic, DataDog, SumoLogic, ServiceNow, Virtual Cloud Director VMware



Terraform, Ansible, Java, JavaScript, .NET C#, C, C++, C#, HTML, XML, PHP, InstallScript, MS Build script, Batch, MAKE, NMake, Powershell, Puppet, Python, ANT, NANT, XML, Perl, VB Script XAML, json, yaml


All Microsoft OS’s, RHAT, CentOS, Ubuntu

VMware server, VCD, NetApp, AppLogic, OpenStack, AWS, Azure, Rackspace

Professional Experience:

MaestroHealth 10/16 to 1/18

DevOps SecOps Manager

Responsible for the budgeting for AWS and brick and mortar infrastructure.

Administration and automation of AWS

CI/CD wrecker, CircleCI and Jenkins

Started moving applications into Docker containers

Project Lead for moving brick and mortar applications to AWS Cloud

Responsible for leading DevOps team and cost savings effort.

Built automation using Terraform and Ansible

Secured all PHI in the cloud for Maestro Health

SecOps Project Manager

Supported and administered Microsoft O365 when needed.

Managed all accounts in AWS

Git, wrecker, CircleCI, TFS 2013, 2015

New Relic implementation in AWS and Brick and Mortar to better monitor our systems performance and stability.

Split account in AWS into 2 accounts, one Production and one Dev, QA

Maintained a hands on with the team to ensure the adoption of the DevOps mentality and process’s.

Hired new engineers for DevOps when funds became available

Handled access to critical systems.

In the 2 years held a 99.99% up-time for production systems.

Reviewed and put into place DataDog, Sumologic for analytics and log retention.

All logs must be archived for 10 years to comply with HIPPAA

Project Lead for HIPPA log retention solution to execution.

Once shared instances could be used for systems holding PHI, I moved all dedicated instances to shared saving more than 200,000 a quarter.

ServiceNow support for all teams.

Worked closely with the VP of Security to ensure HIPPAA compliance through the company’s cloud applications with a SecOps goal.

Orange Lake Resorts 8/15 to 10/16

Configuration Manager

Administration and SCM of SVN, TFS 2008, 2012, 2013, 2015

Project Lead for Brick and mortar move to Azure.

Automation using Jenkins, Bamboo, TFS Team Build for CI/CD

Created Configuration Management site in Confluence

Managed access to dev, QA and UAT environments

Managed TSW permissions for all no productions instances

Handled team request for environment refreshes

When I arrived, there was no automation nor documentation from previous employee’s. I had to use vSphere to build out all new environments and get OL using CI to CD to Azure.

I was able to pick up all systems Orange Lake had and make all of the developers as productive as possible.

International Gaming Technology - Las Vegas, NV 8/12 to 8/14

DevOps Manager – Cloud

Saved IGT 50.000.000 for moving from AppLogic to OpenStack.

Managed the Team for the IGT Cloud offering on CA AppLogic.

Project Lead for moving 52 Cloud customs from AppLogic to openStack

Lead each team within IGT in the costing cutting Cloud initiative to transfer brick and mortar software to the cloud.

Lead of Agile team in creation of blueprint SaaS, IaaS, PaaS production process and created training documentation for DevOps Cloud Team Members.

Lead the R&D team working on the next production release of Cloud offering.

During the POC of OpenStack I used many tools to find the best fit for what we needed. I used Crowbar, Salt, Puppet, Python, MaaS, Juju, Bash to find what at the time was best for deploying OpenStack.

Created a Python script to migrate all systems from one OpenStack cluster to another to ease migration efforts. This was also used during disaster recovery exercises.

Used Salt to deploy VM’s to clusters and automate the setup of Microsoft Active directory, Certificate Authority and domain creation in the OpenStack Cluster.

Tested MaaS to use for the setup of the Ubuntu servers to deploy OpenStack. This is just one of the tools I evaluated and choose not to use as at the time it was not mature enough to use in production.

Lead support team using TFS 2013 including, managing Build Agents, Controllers, Proxies, ESX Farm.

Managed Juvander system to sync TFS to QC server.

OpenStack (Grizzly, Havana and Icehouse), Puppet, Nova, Ceph, Quantum, Zenoss, Ceilometer, Salt, Neutron, Nova, Glance, KanBan, Stash, Git, NAS, Confluence, Jira, ServiceNow for releases.

JuJu, Crowbar, MasS,

SCRUM Master Certification Platinum Edge

VMWare Virtual Cloud Director Training

CA AppLogic, Linux Administration

Canonical Ubuntu Server Administration training

International Gaming Technology - Las Vegas, NV 5/08 to 8/12


Senior SCM responsible for source code management, migration, release management.

Deployed and maintained 158 build servers companywide using VMware and Altiris NS7.

Project Lead each team we upgraded TFS to a new version.

Used MS Build and C# to automate the Team Build 2005 system, Team Build 2013 system and Team Build 2015.

Responsible for migration of VSS and Subversion source systems into TFS 2005.

Created an automated TFS 2005, 2008, 2010 Team Build system using MS Build and C#.

Designed and coded build automation scripts utilizing .NET 4.0 and MS Build 4.0.

Upgraded build infrastructure from TFS 2005>TFS 2008>2010>2013>2015.

Upgraded the TFS 2008 build system to support TFS 2015.

Mentored Engineers in Install Shield 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Responsible for training of Build Engineers and Release Engineers of the TFS automated processes in US and China.

Invited by Microsoft to join a private meeting of their Senior TFS architects to discuss the next version of TFS. IGT has the largest deployment of TFS outside of Microsoft.

Comprehensive Software Systems, Inc - Golden, Col 10/07 to 3/08


Created new automated build system using C# with the Microsoft Build Framework.

Designed the build to support all company software including VB6, C++6 and all .Net versions.

The build needed to support the companies Enterprise builds containing more the 3,000 solutions and modules.

Helped update 1.1 projects that had been marked as obsolete in the newer Visual Studio versions.

Configured TFS, Share point, MSSQL and VSTSSC to support new build options.

RWJ Scans Inc. - Orlando, FL 7/06 to 10/07

Linux Systems Administrator

Managed Site Content and employees.

Company web servers Centos Linux 4.1, MySQL, PHP, Apache and FLASH.

Applications Edius3 & 4, Photoshop, Dreamweaver 8, Fireworks, PUTTY, Perl, ProCoder, Free BSD 4, Pro Cleaner and Title Motion Pro.

Nova Vision - Boca Raton, FL 10/05 to 6/06

Sr. Release Engineer

Training Release Engineers in proper release processes.

Mentoring in the creation of their new install for 4 company products.

Training engineers in InstallShield 11.

Created test documents for QA in multiply languages testing.

AV Books, INC - Lighthouse Point, Fl. 10/03 to 10/05

Sr. Release Engineer/IS Manager

Managed QA and Release Engineering for all releases.

Developed installs for the AV Books Reader Application and demo applications.

Used VB, C++, XML, HTML, Install Shield Developer 7, and Installshield Dev Studio 9 to create installs.

Created QA testing scheme to ensure proper testing.

Trained QA on proper testing of the AV Books Reader Application and installation.

Created web updates for released applications.

Supported w98, 98se, w2k, w2k server, XP Home, XP Pro, XP Media Center, Mac OS 10 and ME.

Provided 3rd level support for company applications.

Supported company LAN/WAN including w2k servers, XP home, XP Pro, w98, 98se, ME, w2k and all other office equipment.

OutStart Inc. – Lake Mary, Fl 6/01 to 10/04

Sr. Release Engineer

Managed all releases of Evolution, Studio, TrainerSoft and SoftSim.

Used C++, VB, JAVA, ANT, Source Safe, Apache, CVS, XML, HTML, Oracle 8 and 9, MSSQL 2k, ASA, My SQL, Linux, Wise Install Master 8.01, Install Shield Pro. 6.31, Developer 7, DevStudio 9 and Rational in these releases.

Trained QA in proper machine configurations.

Provided support to IT for corporate network software delivery problems.

Created documents for support to improve customer satisfaction.

Releases included service packs, EBF’s, upgrades and full installations.

Supported w98, 98se, ME, w2k, w2k server, XP Home, XP Pro, XP Media Center, w2k advanced server, w2003 server and Linux advanced server.

Provided 3rd level support to Professional Services, Customer Support, QA, EPDG, IT, Engineering and Sales.

EMC Corp. - Cambridge, Ma 2/01-5/01

Release Manager

Hired to fix current installation packages and train personal.

Managed development of package, implementation of package, building of package, and release of Power Path 2.1.

Managed QA and Release Engineers to insure release deadlines were met.

The updates were binary patches

Developed installs for Power Path 2.1

Install Shield for windows installer was used.

Installed to NT4.0, W2k, W2k server and Data Center.

Created upgrade packages for future upgrades.

Cisco Systems Inc. - Chelmsford, Ma 2/00-2/01

Sr. Release Engineer

Install included ODBC, MDAC, DAO, MSDE, TAPI, and 3 32-bit services

Upgrading all software from Install Shield 3.1 to 6.1

Prepare installations with Install Shield for international distribution

Develop and maintain build procedures for C++ source code through Visual Source Safe and CVS.

IPAM,CNR,ANMP,TIGER and umbrella install

Creating automated build process

Using CVS, PVCS, Clear Case, Source Safe, XML, light C++ and VB

Experience with both IIS and Apache web servers

All work was done VPN

Hyperion Solutions - Orlando, Fl 10/00 2/01

IS manager for local office

Project lead for remodeling of office

Rewired LAN, WAN, Phones, and workstations to their new locations

Wrote scripts for automation of business applications.

Hired, trained, reviewed new staff on administration of build procedures, source control, backup procedures, and release management of Hyperion Analyzer.

IronBridge Networks - Boston, Ma 2/00 12/00

Release Engineer

Created installs for Swift Sight software

Borland J builder 3.5 and Install Shield Java Installer was used.

Designed installations using Java, JavaScript, XML

Installed to Solaris 2.5, 7.0, Windows NT and Windows 2000.

Source Safe and CVS was used to store the software.

Work was completed VPN.

Northern Computers Inc - Milwaukee, WI 9/99-1/00

Domain Administrator/Release Engineer

Develop and maintain build procedures for C++ and Visual Basic source code through Visual Source Safe

Prepare installations with InstallShield for international distribution (13 Languages including double byte Japanese)

Install included ODBC, SQL, MDAC, DAO, MSDE, TAPI, 7 32-bit services, and Microsoft Access

Debugged resource files for international languages

Managed and maintained 12 applications including demos

VPN was also used.

Caterpillar Inc. Admin Bld. - Peoria, IL 5/97-9/99

Level 3 support

3rd level support for 50,000 + clients fortune 100 company

Developed and maintained procedures for intranet software delivery system

Wrote several configuration scripts for updating workstations and servers

SMS was used for remote package delivery

Provided 3rd level support for NT Server network administration

Team lead InstallShield, Wise Installer, Win Install and Front Page 97 & 98 projects

Developed several silent installs with InstallShield 5.5x, 6.x, and Wise Installer for distribution via SMS / intranet

Team lead for corporate tax and auditing migration from Novell 3.1 to NT 4.0

Used a RAS connection for remote work.

NACD of Caterpillar Inc - Peoria, IL 1/96-5/97

Domain Admin

Lead analyst for NT40 workstations and servers

Packaged software for NACD Common Operating Environment

Developed Ghost images for Windows 9x & NT 4.0 workstations and laptops

Provided telephone and local support for 1,650 users (450 off site users)

Delivered software to end users through SMS & intranet solutions

Built InstallShield installations for software developed internally

Managed 45 remote offices WAN hook up.


1991-1992 Illinois Central College East Peoria, IL

Major: Law and Criminal Justice


SCRUM Master Certification

VMWare Virtual Cloud Director

CA AppLogic, Linux Administration

Canonical Ubuntu Server Administration training

Managing Software Requirements

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