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Software Engineer Management

Lake Forest, California, 92610, United States
February 14, 2018

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Irvine, California




A highly skilled, motivated and experienced IT/Software professional with strong academic background and excellent writing and learning technical ability with 5+ years of development experience.


MSc in Information Systems: Greenwich University London From (September 2008) – To (May 2010)

BS in Software Engineering: Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology From (Dec 1999) – To (Dec 2003)



Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 Server, Windows Vista.


Personal Web Server (PWS), Internet Information Server (IIS 6 and 7)


Visual Source Safe, Vault


ADO, Html, Dhtml, Css, Javascript, Json,Angular 2.0,Ionice Framework, Jquery, Ajax,Asp, Xml, Mvc 3,Mvc 5,, VB),Entity Framework 6, JQuery Mobile, Bootstrap Understanding


MS SQL Server 7.0, MS SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 R 2, MS Access, MySQL.


Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia Dream Weaver, CMS, Dynamic CRM 2011


HTML, DHTML, CSS, and JavaScript


ASP.NET (C#, VB), Classic ASP, PWS, IIS, Visual Basic 6 and ADO


Telerik Controls, Telerik Sitefinity CMS and Instaorder for e-commerce and Umbraco CMS.


GroupTree CMS, Sitefinity CMS 8.1,Sitefinity 10.1


Web Service, Web API, AWS, Scene7, MailChimp, SendGrid


Dynamic CRM 2011


Spectrum Brands, California(Lake Forest) - USA Senior Software Engineer (Jun 2017 – Present)

(Contract Position)

Role and Responsibilities

Maintain, development and rectify existing website issues (

New development of by using Asp.Net MVC, Sitefinity 10.1, AWS, Scene7, SendGrid, MailChimp, Jquery, Angular2.

Egumball, California(Irvine) - USA Senior Software Engineer (Apr 2016 – Jun 2017)

(Contract Position)

Role and Responsibilities

Maintain, debug and deploy old legacy code Content Management System.

Maintaining Sitefinity 10 Content Management System (Maintenance and Development).

Implement Entity Framework 6 with MVC 5, NLog and MYSQL for the Template Management project.

Implement Ionic 2 and Angular 2 and Web API for Template Management Project(Mobile Platform).

Implement Google Analytics Traffic Simulation project along with Google My Business API and Google Analytics using MVC5 and MYSQL.

ETAP, California (Irvine) - USA Senior Software Engineer (Apr 2014 – Apr 2016)

(Operational Technology Services)

Role and Responsibilities

Migration of current portal to new content management system know as Sitefinity CMS 8.1.


Design, Develop, Debug and Deploy new and existing module in Company own developed CMS (

Design, Develop, Debug and Deploy new and existing module in Company Help Desk System (

Design, Modify and debug existing or new reports in Dynamic CRM 2011.

Create Web Service which connect web portal to Dynamic CRM 2011.

Implementing pilot project in SalesForce. Working on SalesForce administration side.

Projects Management System)

ASP.NET 3.5, CRM Web Service, Google Translation Web Service, JQuery, Mobile JQuery, Ajax, Xml, Generate Excel Files, Json, Telerik Controls, MSSql Server 2008 R2, YouTube API.

This CMS maintain company’s content along with data protection and publish necessary information to the visitors and synchronize the data with the dynamic CRM 2011 so that company’s internal staff can see the new Leads and do further activities and necessary steps to make them as a qualify contact.

Sitefinity Content Management System 8.1(

Mobile Development using Angular 2.0 and Ionic Framework 2.0.

ASP.NET 3.5, CRM Web Service, Perl, JQuery, Ajax, MSSql Server 2008 R2

This System allow users to create tickets.

Dynamic CRM 2011(CRM Web Service)

This web service synchronize the CMS Portal with the CRM for Leads.


Card Flex, California(COSTA MESA) - USA Software Engineer (Nov 2012 –March 2014)

(Financial Service Company)

Role and Responsibilities

SWADA(Secure web application development awareness) Certified by SCIPP.

Modify and develop new and existing modules based on MVC 3.

Design and develop MVC base Web API for the services running daily for data validation and updation.

Analyze and develop new System from scratch which Issue new prepaid card to students deal their financial matters, setup account information for their grants.

Deal with financial gateways like I2C and FIS and ACH for checking background information and transfer money to and from one account to other.

Follow PCI Compliance guideline to make sure all the code satisfy their requirements.


Campus Central

MVC 3, ASP.NET 3.5, Jquery, Ajax, Xml, Excel, MSSql Server 2008 R2

It has 4 interfaces for the following stake holders 1) super user 2) company admin 3)University admin and 4) Student admin.

Each interface has its different dimensions and functional roles which is assign by its parent admin.

This system is fully capable of dealing with transfer money to different accounts and prepaid cards.

This system is using I2C, FIS and ACH gateways for issuing a new card and money transfer methods.

It checks the background information of the user and issue a prepaid card by using the gateway processors set by admin.

Having a web services running daily which check all the pending transaction and update the status as per needed basis.

Ask-re, UK WebMaster2 (September 2011 – August 2012)

(Design and development agency) (Contract Role)

Role and Responsibilities

Design and development of company's fashion portal and company's official website.

Liaise with the staff to deal with different IT issues on day to day basis.

Liaise with the team members to highlight different trends to promote company's portal.

Data migration from Sitefinity 3.7 to Sitefinity 5.0 by my own utility.

Integration of YouTube API.

Integration of Face Book API.

Social networks integration for fashion portal and company's website.

Additional Responsibility

Users Management at active directory level

Users Management at MS Exchange level.

IT Administration.

Hardware Maintenance.

Network trouble shooting.

Active Directory and Exchange Management.



Sitefinity 3.7 SP4, ASP.NET 3.5, jquery, Telerik Controls, Xml based portal.

Ask-RE -

Sitefinity 3.7 SP4, ASP.NET 3.5, jquery, Telerik Controls, Xml based portal.

JANNUZZI SMITH, UK Software Engineer (November 2010 – September 2011)

(Cross media design and software development) (Contract Role)

Role and Responsibilities

Integration of new e-commerce application (InstaOrder) into Sitefinity CMS.

Worked on Public web interface and CMS development with, C#, Telerik Web Controls, Sql 2005, Microsoft Search Server. (

Maintain and develop Fireco application which is using with C# programming language. Asp.Net Ajax Extension 1.0. Accessibility level and XHtml 1.0 valid Web sites. XML, XSLT, XSL. caching methodologies. JavaScript, CSS (Cascading Style Sheet).

Worked on Sitefinity 3.7 CMS.



Official website of royal college.

Has own admin panel which is base on Dot.Net.

It is using Dot.Net cache technology.


E-commerce base website based on Sitefinity CMS along with InstaOrder for E-commerce.

SKYRON Limited, UK Software Engineer (June 2010 – October 2010)

(IT Infrastructure and Software Development Services) (Contract Role)

Role and Responsibilities

Role was based on dealing with client technical queries and provides an efficient solution to them regarding different applications.

Design, develop and deploy web base applications.

Research upon different areas of web application domains.


AVIS (Umbraco CMS)

GROUPTREE Limited, UK Software Engineer (February 2009 – May 2010)

(Content management Services to clients) (Contract Role)

(Grouptree Content Management System)

Role and Responsibilities

Sometime add changes into CMS core layer and release different version of CMS core layer.

Responsible for various enhancements in Enterprise using VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET, XML, and Microsoft SQL Server technologies.



Investor relation website

Live xml share price feed being used..


Investor relations website.

XML career feeds being used.

Implement complex navigation system for different categories and pages.


Product catalogue website

Flash data capture from XML.


Company website.

XML feed share price being used.

Store Finder api being used.


Awarded 3 scholarships during undergraduate programme.

Received employ of the year award in Grouptree.

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