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Mechanical Engineering Design

Los Angeles, California, United States
February 14, 2018

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Los Angeles, CA 90007

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To work for an organization that would help me learn and develop my skills as an engineer and give me the opportunity to contribute to its success.


University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA Jan 2016 - Dec 2017 Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering

SRM University, Chennai, India July 2011 – May 2015 Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering


Computer Aided Design Turbine Design and Analysis Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Internal Combustion Engines Advanced Problems in Heat Conduction SKILLS

Solidworks, AutoCAD, MATLAB, MS Office.


Design and Analysis of a highly repeatable Centrifugal Governor (Team of 4)

• Selected the best possible method to run the analysis by creating a 3D model in Solidworks.

• Generated a set of suitable dimensions using MATLAB.

• Ran linear static and frequency analysis for all suitable values.

• Achieved optimum dimensions to satisfy all the design intents required. Design and Configuration of a turbo-pump in a Fuel turbine (Team of 2)

• Aimed to generate suitable airfoil geometries for stator and rotor.

• Airfoil tool designed through MATLAB was used to generate stator and rotor airfoils.

• Performed CFD analysis and compared to theoretically calculated results

• Achieved an efficiency of 82.5%.

Thermal project on Dropwise Condensation

• A single droplet modeled as an overall hemisphere.

• Heat is transported only through drops while the dry regions are adiabatic.

• Used Legendre Polynomial Recurrence Relationships and MATLAB to calculate temperatures and overall heat flow. Performance improvement in a Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage System (Team of 3)

• This system utilizes a material’s phase change to store or release energy.

• Performance improvement is achieved by reducing the freezing time of the phase change material.

• The reduction in freezing time was achieved by changing the geometry of storage medium through experimental results.

Spring back estimation in ‘U’ bending of tubes (Team of 3) -Nuclear Fuel Complex, Government of India

• Spring back is change in bending angle resulting from elastic strain recovery during unloading of the tube.

• Analytic model was used for estimation considering characteristics of material and bending moment.

• Results obtained were at 97% match to standard values. INTERNSHIPS

Bevcon Wayors Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad, India Dec 2012

Internship on Bulk Material Handling and Processing- Training in the field of bulk material handling and processing. Was exposed to the design and working of various machinery and transportation equipment like conveyors, crushers, screens etc.

Cubic Transmission Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad, India June 2014 Internship on Manufacturing of Couplings- Exposure towards the design and manufacturing of various types of couplings used for connecting shafts which transmit power.

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