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Test Cases Project

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
February 14, 2018

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Syed Raza

Phone: 954-***-****. (Res)

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To continue a career oriented QA Testing position in Information Technology to help in producing a high quality systems utilizing professional experience and technical skill.

Professional Background:

More than 16 Years of experience as a QA Engineer/Tester/Analyst with both Automated and Manual testing. Worked with the IT industries developing testing methodologies having a long experience in all types of QA testing, like Black box, Regression, Positive / Negative, Beta, end to end Data driven, Integration and system testing with Real Time Data Extract. Good experience in UAT Testing. Good testing hand on Front end web based ecommerce application and Back end testing with Database SQL, having good knowledge of SQL server. Worked as QA Lead role in many projects supervising the overall projects with assigning task to other QA members in the project. Good experience hands on JIRA. 5 Years Experience on Team Foundation Server.. working with Agile process creating stories and Task for each Sprint on TFS. Enter defects on TFS. All Test Plan and Test cases are uploaded on Sharepoint, TFS, ALM. HP Quality Center, Rally. Have experience in for entering Test plan,Test case and different testing data & parameters. Validation data on SQL platform, Front end, user interface parameter. Cycle analysis, measuring metrics, designing test case scenarios and validating application software in a time critical web and client-server applications environment. Fully familiar with all the aspects and methodologies of software Development life cycle. Manually tested application functionality on Xml platform. Created client profile on Xml by using utility services app. Worked on different automated testing tools currently in used, along with locally in house developed Automation tools. Completed Projects under WaterFall Management process. Got Training from Microsoft on Agile Project management process. Worked with different Agile scrum teams using SDLC methodologies. Worked on different project of the Agile Sprint process along with Kanban small, medium & large process under Agile management. Starting from planning to the end. Having good knowledge of designing Test Plan and Test Acceptance & Strategy documents, creation of Test case, and QA designed document. Upload documents on project Sharepoint. Managed Coordination offshore QA team involved in all testing cycle.

Proven effective communication skills.

Professional Experience:

QA Analyst at Managed Maintenance, Inc. (MMI) Headquartered in Boca Raton FL: From July 2016 to Till Date.

MMI designed solutions enable technology manufacturers like IBM, Lenovo, Cisco, HP, and end user organizations ensure uninterrupted maintenance and support coverage, warranty and service contract information to facilitate the contract management process. As QA responsible for following:

Developing test plans and test cases for features and functionalities. Working with business analysts to clarify requirements. Working as a QA Lead, and assigning task to OFF Shore QA Team members.

Testing functional, Integration on MMI designed web ecommerce application on SLA, OLA. Supporting production release, Post Implementation Review and create reports. Working with developers for code review and test case review and debug and troubleshoot on Front end Ecoomerce web based (One View app). UAT Testing with Client.

Validating SQL script queries on software written in PHP, Java, .NET and on MySQL.

Executing Test case for cross browser testing. Working in a fast-paced Agile environment. API, RESTful web services testing using SoapUI.

Working on Hp Quality Center and using Rally for creating task & defects under Agile/scrum & update daily defects, attending daily update meeting with clients & Offshore Team.

QA Analyst at Fidelity Information Services (FIS): (Total 9 Years)

From August 2007 To May 20016.

FIS is the world's largest global provider dedicated to banking and payments technologies. FIS empowers the financial world with payment processing and banking solutions, including software, services and technology outsourcing. FIS’ more than 55,000 worldwide employees are passionate about moving our clients’ business forward.. Worked almost 9 years in Prepaid division and few months under Credit division.

Got tremendous Testing Experience Including UAT Testing of many Front end & Backend on board developed application based on ecommerce Banks web sites. Learnt Agile Management Process with Team Foundation Server. Got Training on Team Foundation Server, & all project run through TFS.

Worked in Prepaid Card Solution : Completed many small and big projects under Prepaid division. Worked as QA Lead and assigning task in current sprint of User Story. Created Test case, as per Business Requirement document, created Test Plan, Evaluate testing process and environment, Testing new & old all bank websites based on .Net, Java selling and maintaining Prepaid Card, based on Waterfall management process. Performed Testing through all phases of SDLC, including business requirements, functional specifications, integration and regression testing. Worked on batch processing, embossing file to create new pre paid cards, Travel cards for Visa & Master clients. More than 7 years experience of Functional Testing, System Testing, Integration testing and end to end Testing on Prepaid card selling ecommerce clients websites, along with UAT Testing of different Bank website based on .NET .Validation of Data base in SQL using different queries. Every Testing carried out in QA, UAT environment. Associated with final implementation of code deployment and carried out Post Implementation Testing. Having good hands on testing Data fixes script resolving Production issues.

Completed Manual testing on XML, Created client profile, clientid, programid, subprogrramid and other parameters through Utility services application. Carried out Webservices verification on xml in many projects.Worked on United Heath Group projects and completed all Xml testing for Insurance card.

Completed many project for Front End, Testing new Web services and new Application To Application web calls. Testing based on API and SOAP UI data Transfer. Starting from planning to the end product delivery. Testing applications on middleware servers through WEBSERVICES. Carried out Functional Testing from Card Creation, Card Enrollment, Registration, Card Activation, Card Funding, Authorization, and Settlement. Worked on Testing for Charge back, Fraud & Risk Management. Validation of each Functionality with SQL database. Developing SQL queries and used them on specific tables to get the required results. Worked very closely with SME, coordinated with off shore team involved in all cycle of testing. Created Automation script on QTP /selenium used for regression testing for all Banks website.

Projects completed under Agile project management process. In conjunction to Team Foundation Server. Created Story and estimated Time frame to complete each task. All stories of the each sprint entered in Team Foundation Server. Used Sharepoint for uploading Test plan, Test case and QA Progress Report, Matrics. Worked on security Projects. Created Test design documents for Federal Financial Institutional corporation, banks and other companies. Created Test plan. Test Acceptance Document, and Test Case. Testing of all Encryption functionality for Social security Numbers, CVV Numbers, and Passwords for Customer login Accounts to the website like MY Account site for prepaid Cards. Performed demo for each test scenarios to team members & clients.

Testing on Report, Statement functionality, creation and configuration of daily monthly and quarterly reports on locally developed application like C4. Handled project as QA Team Lead and supervise daily QA activities under the task assigned. Used JIRA case application for entering Requirement, Test case and entering Defects and its tracking. Also when introduced Team Foundation Server, extensively used to track Business Requirement, Test case and defects tracking. Adopting Agile process keep daily progress activity under each sprint, attending daily team progress call and giving demo to all Team members for completed task.

Worked on project under Credit Division. Got working experience on Main Frame Platform, maintaining all customer accounts, accounts enquiry on Base 2000 and TBS Environments. Completed Account Balance Testing on Real Time Data Xtract Application (RTDX). Used Application lifecycle Management (ALM) Tool for entering and tracking Requirement, created Test cases, Test plan, execution of Test case and reports for pass / fail Test case measuring Metrics. Worked on Mobile phone applications. Created Test Case for testing application on Mobile phone, I phones, Galaxy, Android and other functional phone. FIS has developed many mobile phone Applications used for customer services, like May Account site for many Banks and financial institutions. Performed functional testing for account enquiry of prepaid Cards/Credit cards for all those applications on Mobile phone using Web services, API.

QA Tester /Analyst at Motorola Florida From Sept. 2001-To- July 2007

Motorola is a global leader in providing integrated communications solutions. Beside other products, It also develops Software-enhanced wireless telephone and messaging, two-way radios. While staying with Motorola around 6 years, I have been working on different iDEN projects in ebusiness /eCommerce under waterfall SDLC methodology. Completed many Mobile Devices Phone project from initial start till the end product shipment. Worked under Teamwork based on the project.

1- Mobile Devices: Linux based Mobile phone.

Worked on the project for 16months.

Completed the Project with delivery to the client. Performed Full Testing of each functions for every built of software. This is a prototype phone based on Linux for more stability and efficiency of phone functionality.

Joined the project from very initial stage as a senior member of integration test team.

Assigned different task as QA Lead to other interns joining in Motorola.

Helped in setting up Test lab with 6 station of Linux machine for integration testing.

Setup of EVB (Electronic valuation Board), having all phone features and functionality connected with each Linux machine.

Designed test strategy, Test case and test plan in Linux environment.

Tested every new build for Nor Boot and MBM Boot on EVB for reboot functionality of the phone operation before the phone shaped into hardware, using all Linux commands.

Started integration testing on hardware phone unit. Carried out Functional Testing, System Testing, Integration Testing and end to end Testing along with unit testing of each components, application used inside the phones.

Ran automated Test script using for Berbug command on Hyper terminal

Created daily test stability metric after getting results of stress test on multiple phones.

Created daily status report based on results of overnight run of SALT (Software Application of Life Time) on multiple phones for all concerned developers, Program Managers.

Report and Log the defects in Rational Clear Quest logging system used in Motorola.

Helped Developer in debugging the issues by discussions during meeting Hrs.

2-Mobile Phone project “Gemini”

The project was a big success in the market. Worked more than 2years as Integration/system Test team member in the project. It was a special Mobile phone project. Phone has a unique feature of Window Mobile, based on WinCe Microsoft technology. Having multiple GSM system for international use. Joined the project from the initial MRD stage till the end product shipment. Worked more than 2 and half years in the project

Created Test cases for different phone functions as mentioned in Technical specification documents. Stored All Test cases in AP Test Manager.

Used MTTY in house tools for Flashing the phones with AP & BP software/Modem.

Performed Integration, functional testing, recorded results in AP Test Manager for each built of software. Completed UAT Testing with Nextel client at their Location.

Created automated script for stress testing to run on locally developed Automation tool TSR for interconnect and dispatch call and many other functions.

Carried out Overall stress testing on phones by using Microsoft “Hopper” application for stability of every new built.

Created daily status Report of Hopper run Test log. Update Stability Metric based on daily integrating testing results of Hopper run on multiple phones. Enter the defects record in Clear Quest for phone failing stress test. Created Daily Radio reports for each phone.

Associated with iRemote laboratory. The laboratory is a source of access to all phones connected to different servers through Computers to operate from a different remote stations outside USA. The remote Stations have ability to carry out functional testing on these connected iDEN phones through web cam camera. The job includes to update the phones with latest firmware and configure phones with iRemote, iRemote Plus application to enable to operate from remote locations.

3. VAD. E Business projects. Successfully completed a Web based project “Value Added Distribution (VAD1.1&.1.2). It is a Web order application management and life cycle tracking system of purchase & delivery of items on Web Site. Performed the following task.

Designed all the required test cases after study of Technical Required Documents, and flow charts.

Created detailed Test plan based on the Web testing methodology in different test environments.

Carried out System Testing on all the test cases. Completed Regression testing for each cycle of every new built of application

Used DDTS for logging the defects and track the defects till verification in the new test cycle.

Attended all projects update meetings, discussed the issues logged in DTTS.

Created Test matrix to run the test cases. Created, Charts and graphs showing defects found in each test cycle and final Roll up report for SQA acceptance.

4. iDEN projects in Motorola.

Worked on Nextel iDEN Update ebusiness Projects. Designed new test cases based on MRD, TRD. Carried out inspection of each test document in compliance to Motorola documents Process level, Completed System Testing of iDEN Update, JSP Migration Nextel eCommerce Website, Southernlinc, Boost eCommerce.Web Site applications based on UI Architecture, Purchasing Digital Items, Firmware/Features, Java Applications, MIDI Ringtones, Wallpapers of different clients, developed in Motorola. Used DDTS for defect tracking. Created test matrix for each test cycle showing graphic analysis of defects found in each test cycle.

5 iDEN Update Application.

Completed system testing for iDENupdate software application. This includes the app interaction with iDEN Plus-series phones / Condor-derivative phones/Falcon/Legacy phones. Fully involved in Mobile phone technology, upgrading Soft ware, Codeplug, CSD, and other features. Tested each Soft ware built for every phone before it releases, by using iDEN tolls PC client. Carried out System Testing, Integration testing along with unit testing of each components, and Regression testing on each cycle. End to end data driven back end testing with data validation for every software item, Java based j2ME applications purchased on different venders website. Verification of all entries in data base of each item at back end using TOAD with OTC Purch, DWOTC by query statement. Used Oracle11i for purchase order verification.

Oracle11i: The project is a successful migration of the iDEN Subscriber Group OMP and OTC system from Oracle Application version 10.7 to Oracle Application version 11i. Completed order validation testing to verify the successful migration.

Having good working knowledge of using Motorola Radio Service tools RSS and Xflash, Cpedit, iRemote, iRemote plus. All these tools are used in the development and Testing of mobile Phone Technology.

Developed Automation script using Rational Test Studio (SQABasic) for automated usage of Motorola iDEN Subscriber update tools, Radio Service Software (RSS) XFlash (in-house flashing utility. Automated script provide the ability to configure upgrade iDEN test phones, Firmware, Codeplug, CSD (Carrier Specific Data) using Self created Radio library function and Data pool.

Consultant Training -- Intellisoft Technologies -Irving, TX. --5/2001-To 9/2001.

Worked as a Consultant Training. Taught a prescribed syllabus on Software Testing Technique and Methodology, use of Automated Testing tools WinRunner and Test Director (Mercury Tools). Successfully completed full-length courses for 9 to 15 trainees.

Consultant QA Test Engineer - Verizon, Dallas, TX.--1/2000- T0- 5/2001

Successfully completed the assigned job as QA Team member in a project, called “Retail COFEE” (Convectional Front End Engine). It was a web front end, Business to Consumer application for telephone ordering & billing system.

Designed test plan for QA testing using a well-defined testing methodology.

Performed checking and modification of application scripts based on VB, COM, DCOM and CORBA in Windows NT 4.0 environment

Carried out Manual Testing to all approved test cases. For each build carried our Unit Testing, Integration, and Regression Testing. Designed script for automated testing tool WinRunner. Run these script for Regression testing

Created defect reports and maintained defect tracking log using, DDTS software system.

QA Test Engineer - Converter Concept, Quincy IL 10/1998 -To- 1/2000

Converter concept is a leading electronic power supply manufacturer. Testing of power supply units was conducted using various software programs. Worked with Project Management team

Tested software applications for different types of power supply units

Designed and developed the test plans for Black box testing process

Carried out Manual testing on the designed test cases. Run the automated test script using Silk Web testing tool in Windows NT 4.0 environment

Tested the application for various web browsers.

Re-tested the application after deployment of each new build of the application. Used Visual basic codes during White Box testing.

Carried out the final hardware testing of each power supply units through locally developed testing machines, based on the final out put voltages of the unit. Updated the daily state defect log books with the defect found in each unit.

Technical Skills and Certification

Certifications: Certified Brain bench WinRunner 6.0. MCP, MCSE

Operating Systems: MS Dos, Windows 7,10- Professional, Windows NT, XP Professional, Unix, Linux

Databases: MS SQL 2005, 2008. Oracle 8.0, Oracle 11i, MS Access, Oracle DBA (UNIX and NT platform)

GUI: PL / SQL, Developer 2000, Visual basic.

Languages: C, C++, SQA basic, TSL

Software Testing Tools: Win Runner, Silk 5.0, Rational Robot, Rational suits.

Network Protocols: NetWare IPX/SPX, TCP, RTP, DHCP, DNS, SIP, CDMA.

Education: BS Electrical Engineering

Personal: A US Citizen,


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