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Computer Science

Riverside, California, United States
February 11, 2018

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Riverside, CA

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Riverside, CA University of California, Riverside Expected March 2018

• Master of Science in Computer Science, GPA: 3.77

• Relevant Coursework: Design and analysis of Algorithms; Database Management Systems; Artificial Intelligence; Information Retrieval and Web Search; Advanced Operating Systems; Data Mining Techniques; Computer Security; Introduction to Machine Learning and Big-Data Management. Punjab, India Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar July 2011 - May 2015

• Bachelor of Technology, May 2015. GPA: 3.7


• Programming : Java, Lucene, Ruby, JRuby, Elastic-Search, Matlab, Html, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, J2EE, SQL, C, C++, AJAX, Android, Spark, hadoop.

• Software/IDE: Netbeans, IntelliJ, Android Studio, MySQL Workbench, Apache Tomcat, PyCharm. RELEVANT EXPERIENCE

Work Experience

Amazon, Seattle, WA August 2017 - November 2017

SDE Intern, Amazon Web Services

Part of the AWS Builder Tools Code Search team. Developed the code search engine to enable semantic search for Java files in Amazon’s code-base. New features added allowed users to explicitly search for classes, methods, method_call, interfaces, packages and imports using a very simple query syntax. Technologies: Linux, Java, JRuby, Rails, ElasticSearch, Java-Parser 2.x, JSON, YAML, AWS SQS, AWS S3 Computer Science and Engineering Department, University of California, Riverside January2018 - present Teaching Assistant for the course CS012 : Introduction: CS for Sci, Math& Engr 2. Projects

Implementation of Neural Networks (2017)

• Implemented Artificial Neural Networks using Matlab. The algorithm used the Stochastic Gradient Descent approach to reach at the most optimal set of weight vectors for a given Training Data set. Movie Search Engine (2016)

• Built a search engine for the course Information Retrieval and Web Search, that allows users to search for various movies and T.V series across the world.

• The User Interface was developed using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript and JSP. The Data was crawled using a Parser created in Python.

• Both Lucene and Hadoop were used to Index the crawled data and search for results to user queries and differentiate between the performances obtained by Lucene and Hadoop indexing. Ridge Regression and Logistic Regression Implementation (2017)

• Housing Prices Predictor : Implemented Ridge Regression in MATLAB to predict house prices, the training data set used to train was the House DataSet available on UCI machine learning archive.

• Phishing Website Detector: Implemented Logistic Regression for classifying websites into phishing websites and non-phishing ones using the Dataset on Phishing websites available on UCI machine learning archive. Lottery and Stride Scheduler, Locks and Threads (2017)

• Implemented Lottery and Stride scheduler, Locks : Spin, Array, Sequential and MCS, and Threads by building a thread library.

• The project was done for xv6 Operating System(linux like) that uses C language. K-Nearest Neighbor Classifier and Feature Selection (2016)

• The machine learning classifier built using K- nearest neighbor classification on a data set, used to identify the class of new instances of data.

• The program also selects the best set of features that should be used for classification.

• The classification algorithm was written in both Java and Matlab. Decision Tree Classification Algorithm Implementation (2016)

• For the course Artificial Intelligence, I implemented the Decision Tree Classification Algorithm in Matlab and used it to solve the classification problem on various datasets obtained from UCI Machine Learning Archive. Solar Site Management app (2015)

• Developed an Android application to help a solar energy alternatives providing firm(Oorja On Move) to manage their remote sites.

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