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Oracle DBA

New York, New York, United States
February 10, 2018

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Paul G. Matuszyk * of *

Paul G. Matuszyk

Address : * ********** ****** ******* ***

New York, NY 10012


Mobile : 347-***-****

E-mail :

Linked-In profile (with recommendations) : here

Availability : immediate


Oracle Certified Professional with 17+ years of experience as a database administrator. Over-average operating system qualifications – (RedHat administrator / Solaris Certified Professional / SAN Designer). Frequent speaker on many Oracle conferences:

Hotsos Symposium - the best conference in the Americas devoted to Oracle system performance, topics about Oracle 11g & Oracle 12c – 8 times speaker (Dallas, USA)

Independent Oracle Users Group – topics: Oracle Encryption and Security (Las Vegas, USA)

German Oracle User Group – topic: Extended Statistics (Nuremberg, Germany)

Polish Oracle User Group – topics: Oracle Compression, Oracle Security (Zakopane, Poland) Trainer for numerous Oracle Trainings (i.e. upgrades, tuning) Certifications:

Oracle8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c Database Administrator Certified Professional Oracle Database SQL Certified Expert

Oracle Certified Expert, Oracle Database 12c: Data Guard Administrator Oracle Database 12c Maximum Availability Certified Expert Oracle Certified Expert, Oracle Database 12c: RAC and Grid Infrastructure Administrator Oracle Certified Expert, Oracle Real Application Clusters 11g and Grid Infrastructure Administrator Oracle Database 11g Performance Tuning Certified Expert Oracle Database 11g Certified Implementation Specialist Oracle Certified Expert, Oracle Exadata X3 and X4 Administrator Oracle WebLogic 12c Certified Professional

Oracle WebLogic 10g, 11g, 12c Certified Associate

Oracle VM 3.0 for x86 Certified Implementation Specialist Solaris 8, 9, 10 Certified System Administrator

Solaris 8, 9, 10 Certified Network Administrator

Brocade Certified SAN Designer

Technical Skills:



Oracle versions from 7 to the latest 12cR2

Informix SE / IDS 2000

MS SQL Server


Oracle Enterprise Manager, SQL*Loader, SQL*Plus, Oracle Export / Import / Data Pump Oracle10g/11g/12c Real Application Cluster (RAC)

Oracle10g/11g/12c Data Guard (logical standby, physical standby) Oracle10g/11g/12c/13c Grid Control, Oracle10g Database Control RMAN (Recovery Manager – from version 8i to 12g)

Sun Cluster 3.1

Veritas Cluster Server (VCS), v. 4, 5

ZFS on Solaris and Linux

Veritas Volume Manager



Sun Solaris 2.5.1 - 10,

RedHat Linux, CentOS Linux,


Languages: ANSI C, C++, Pascal, Perl, Python, PL/SQL, Intel / SPARC assembler, shell scripting Paul G. Matuszyk 2 of 5

General Education:

2000 – 2005 Warsaw School of Economics (Finance and Banking) Graduate studies. Master's thesis written in English and Polish

(title: “Electronic Banking in the USA")

1994 - 2001 Warsaw University of Technology, (Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology), Graduate studies. Master’s thesis written in English

(title: “Simulation of Algorithms of the GSM EFR speech coder”) 1990-1994 American English School


Polish Native

English Fluent - both Master’s Thesis’ written in English. Passed London Chamber of Commerce and Industry – LCCI EFB Level 3 German Basic

Professional Experience:

March 2012 –

Sept. 2017

National Police Headquarters – CONTRACT (POLAND)

Lead Oracle DBA – support of critical police infrastructure.


o Virtualization of existing infrastructure (Oracle VM, VMware) o Migrations / upgrades / regular patching

o Database / application performance tuning to maintain SLA-guaranteed response times o Encryption / compression / migration of data / online table partitioning o Security audits

o Extended Clusters deployment and replication (RAC + Data Guard) o Very demanding contract due to high down-time penalties o Troubleshoot performance problems

o SQL performance management

o Change management & Incident Management

Systems: (some covered with NDA are not mentioned below) o Polish component of Schengen Information System (pan-European national security, border control and law enforcement)

o Polish components of Interpol / Europol systems

o Sirene 2 (cross-Europe rapid alert system for among others weapons / people / vehicles / counterfeit bills)

o Eurodac (European Union fingerprint database for identifying asylum seekers and irregular border-crossers)

o Real-time tracking system for all Polish police patrols Jan. 2010 –

Dec. 2017

ONT Solutions Sp. z o.o. – co-founder & owner

Multiple contracts (project and production):

- production Oracle DBA for one of the largest German-owned power supply company. Many database optimizations and troubleshooting due to staff shortages onsite and not-so-good skills. Very demanding contract but also very rewarding.

- Exadata optimization for Polish Central Geodetic and Cartographic Documentation Centre Confirmed problems with Exadata configuration, tuned all database instances and suggested (and implemented) changes so overall system performance was increased by 1500%. I was offered the production support of the system after the initial performance troubleshooting.

- billing system upgrade for Play GSM (Polish telecom provider). While billing system was upgraded after many months of thorough preparation. Short downtime was critical

==> I've prepared the whole environment (database side) and within 2h the upgrade and migration to a new hardware was performed flawlessly.

Jan. 2011 –

Nov. 2011

J.P. Morgan Chase (Banking) – CONTRACT (United Kingdom) Oracle DBA


o Deployment of the new SWIFT platform with a scalable and super-resilient platform, o Deployment of 14 Oracle clusters (RAC) in 4 regions - 2 in US, 2 in UK, o Configuration of Data Guard standby databases across these clusters, o Database / application performance tuning (new way of statistics collection, SQL statement perftuning, partitioning),

o SQL performance management

Paul G. Matuszyk 3 of 5

o Change management

o Production support (24x7).

Nov. 2009 –

Jan. 2011

London Clearing House (Banking) – CONTRACT (United Kingdom) Oracle DBA –new derivatives clearing platform implementation project


o Maintenance of Oracle farm consisting of 17 environments (Oracle RAC clusters on top of Veritas Cluster Servers),

o Oracle 10gR1 & 10gR2, troubleshooting,

o Oracle patching (CPU patches, one-off patches, patchsets), o Oracle backup configuration, tuning and troubleshooting (RMAN + Veritas Netbackup), o Application performance tuning,

o Data migration tune up (to meet go-live outage window), o Change management & Incident Management,

o production support (24x7).

Feb. 2008 –

Oct. 2009

J.P. Morgan Chase (Banking) – CONTRACT (United Kingdom) Oracle DBA & Solaris Administrator

Oracle DBA responsibilities:

o Installation & configuration of numerous (10+) Oracle10gR2 RAC running on Veritas Cluster Server,

o Project work: Oracle11g template for new database deployments and upgrades (RedHat Linux & Solaris platforms),

o Oracle 9i, 10gR1 & 10gR2, troubleshooting (application tuning, instance tuning), o Oracle patching (CPU patches, one-off patches, patchsets), o Oracle backup configuration, tuning and troubleshooting (RMAN + Veritas Netbackup), o Configuration of Oracle Streams replication between databases in US and UK, o Project resource for the most critical project in the bank (IACH, IDDA, Polaris), o Change management,

o production support (24x7).

Unix/Solaris OS Administrator responsibilities:

o Veritas Cluster Server – installation, configuration, tuning & production support o Solaris 8, 9, 10 installation, configuration and troubleshooting, o Solaris10 Containers (zones),

o Virtualization of the servers using Hardware Domains and LDOMs. o Monitoring, maintenance and production administration of systems running on a wide variety of Sun and Fujitsu hardware (from T2000 and M5000 to enterprise F15Ks) with HDS & EMC SAN.

Jan. 2007 –

Jan. 2008

Schlumberger (Oil Industry) – CONTRACT (United Kingdom) Disaster Recovery (DR) project - Datacenter migration and creation of DR site. Oracle DBA


o Oracle 8i,9i, 10gR1 & 10gR2 troubleshooting,

o Oracle 8i, 9i, 10gR2 Data Guard installation and troubleshooting, o Oracle patching,

o Oracle backup and backup tuning (RMAN + EMC Networker), o Change management,

o SQL Performance Management

o NetApp FAS series 3xxx and 6xxx, NetApp SnapManager for Oracle, limited exposure on NetApp DATA ONTAP

Jan. 2007 Investec Bank UK (Banking) – CONTRACT (United Kingdom) Short-term contract for the upgrade of NetBackup servers from Solaris 9 to 10 in the production environment and in Disaster Recovery (DR) environment. Jun. 2006 –

Dec. 2006

LogicaCMG (Telecommunications) – CONTRACT (United Kingdom / JAPAN) Oracle DBA & Solaris Administrator

Oracle DBA responsibilities:

o Oracle10gR1 & 10gR2 troubleshooting in different clients’ locations - Vodafone Japan, Vodafone Ireland, Tukcell (Turkey),

o Oracle10gR1 and 10gR2 Real Application Cluster (RAC) installation and troubleshooting

o Oracle10gR2 Data Guard installation and troubleshooting, o Oracle patching,

o Oracle backup and backup tuning (RMAN + EMC Networker),

Unix/Solaris OS Administrator responsibilities:

o File system tuning (Solaris UFS), Solaris Volume Manager (SVM, SDS), o Oracle and Solaris Security auditing,

Paul G. Matuszyk 4 of 5

o Solaris 9, 10 installation, configuration and troubleshooting, o Solaris10 Containers (zones),

o Solaris patching,

o Sun Management Center installation, configuration and troubleshooting May 2006 –

May 2006

Company-i (Consulting) – CONTRACT (United Kingdom) Oracle Consultancy

I was working as a member of a technical team to deliver consultancy for enterprise-wide Oracle Grid Control installation for BSkyB. Among others I was in charge of:

Checking patching automation in Oracle Grid Control framework,

Managing Oracle instances working on different hardware platforms. Aug. 2005 –

Apr. 2006

BSkyB - British Sky Broadcasting (TV) – Environment & Development, - CONTRACT (United Kingdom)

Oracle / Informix Database Administrator,

Oracle 8i / 9i / 10gR1, 10gR2 – CRM & Production Support Team (over 100 databases),

Responsible for Oracle backups (RMAN + Veritas NetBackup)

Oracle database upgrades from version 8i, 9i to 10gR1 & 10gR2,

Informix 7 / 9 in remote locations in UK and overseas,

Managing OLTP and DSS systems,

Systems and capacity planning,

Performance monitoring and tuning (shell scripts),

Responsible for preparation of environment for tests and developments (restores, database synchronization, database maintenance – data purge, unloads etc.),

Implementation Security Enhancements: Transparent Data Encryption, Virtual Private Database

(policies), Oracle Advanced Security.

Some work done along with Unix Administrators:

Veritas Volume Manager administration – capacity planning, volume creation

Server migration to more powerful (Solaris reinstallation, creation of new disk volumes, Oracle migration to a new server)

Veritas NetBackup (especially a connectivity with Oracle and Informix databases)

Apache Web Server configuration & maintenance

Jun. 2002 –

Aug. 2005

Orange Poland (telecommunication) - Radio Planning and Optimization Department, - PERM.


Oracle DBA, Solaris OS Administrator

Oracle DBA responsibilities:

o Several Oracle 7 / 8 / 8i / 9i / 10g databases (up to 2 TB, total size of all of them 4 TB), o Implemented Oracle Names, Oracle Internet Directory, Connection Manager, o Oracle Partitioning, Recovery Manager,

o Oracle Enterprise Manager,

o Managing OLTP and DSS systems,

o Systems and capacity planning,

o Performance monitoring and tuning,

o Responsible for backups (RMAN + EMC Networker)

Solaris OS Administrator / SAN Administrator responsibilities o over 70 Sun servers in five remote locations (Solaris 2.6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10), o Sun Cluster 3 (widespread cluster in four locations), o DNS, NFS, RAID systems, Shell Scripting,

o Veritas Volume Manager,

o Solaris Volume Manager (formerly Solaris Disksuite - SDS), o Solaris Containers - Solaris 10 zones

o Apache Web server – installation in Sun Cluster, configuration & maintenance, o SAN Administrator - Brocade switches (3200 / 3800), ISLs with Brocade 12000 o Responsible for backups.

1999 – 2002 ING Barings Bank - Electronic Data Processing Department - PERM. (POLAND) Database Administrator, Solaris OS Administrator

Reuters Kondor+ system administration (for the Treasury Dept.)

80 Sun servers,

Oracle 7 / 8 / 8i / 9i,

Sybase 11.9 / 12,

Informix IDS 2000,

4 Linux servers (Intranet, Internet Access),

Oracle Enterprise Manager,

Paul G. Matuszyk 5 of 5

DNS, NFS, RAID systems, Shell Scripting, Solaris Volume Manager (formerly Solaris Disksuite - SDS),

Apache Web server – installation, configuration & maintenance,

Tomcat Application server – installation, configuration & maintenance,

Oracle Applications Administrator (General Ledger),

Responsible for backups (Solaris and databases backups – RMAN + Legato Networker). 1996 – 1999 CitiBank - Information Technology and Telecommunication Department - PERM. (POLAND) Database Administrator, Solaris OS Administrator

40 Sun Servers,

Sybase 11.5 / 11.9,

Informix SE 7,

Oracle 7,

MS SQL Server 7,

Reuters Kondor+ system administration (for the Treasury Dept.),

DNS, NFS, RAID systems, Shell Scripting, Solaris Disksuite,

Responsible for backups.

1994 – 1996 Warsaw University of Technology - Students` Centre of Computer Science,

Solaris, Linux and Novell systems & network administration and maintenance,

Responsible for backups.

Professional Training:


Oracle More than 10 Oracle trainings (among others: RMAN, partitioning, performance tuning, network administration, PL/SQL )

Other System and Database Administration for Sybase ASE 11.9.2 Server Administration for Informix IDS 2000

System Administration for MS SQL Server v. 7.0

OS Solaris Sun Cluster 3.1 Advanced Administration (Atlanta, USA) Sun Cluster 3.1 Administration

Storage Management With Backup (San Jose, USA)

Upgrade Solaris 8 to 9

Server administration for SUN Solaris 7

Network administration for SUN Solaris 7

Veritas Veritas Volume Manager

Veritas Enterprise Storage Solutions for UNIX

Veritas Cluster Server

Storage HDS 9900V Overview & Configuration (San Diego, USA) Brocade Certified SAN Designer Fast Track Training Other Cisco "Securing Cisco IOS Network"

SWIFT Overview

Other Skills:

Driving license (motorcycles / cars), glider pilot Books and publications:

09.2006 “Instruments of the electronic banking” – a book 12.2004 “Electronic Banking in Poland” published in post-conference book 06.2004 “Credit Policy of the Company” published in post-conference book Interests:

Photography, general aviation enthusiast

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