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Data Scientist

Seattle, Washington, United States
February 10, 2018

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Huijae Kim

801-***-**** **** Dexter Ave N #*** Seattle, WA 98109 blog: j EXPERIENCE

Data Scientist a t M etis S eattle, WA 08/2017 - Present ACCET-accredited Data Science Bootcamp

• 60+ hours of prework and 12-week of intense training on machine learning technique.

• Regression modeling for used car price - Analyzed the market prices for used cars from web-scraped data and predicted my car value with only 3.4% error (OLS, Ridge, Lasso, p-values, Python)

• Hand gesture prediction - Classification modeling to predict hand gestures based on the coordinates of both hands captured by a camera (LR, SVM, RF, KNN, GBT, XGBT, DT, EDT, Confusion matrix, F1 score, SQL, postgres, Python)

• NLP and recommendation system for Yelp reviews - Topic modeling and recommendation system for the businesses on the Strip in Las Vegas (Gensim, CountVectorizer, NLTK, TF-IDF, NMF, LDA, Word2vec, PCA, SQL, mongoDB, Python)

• Housing price prediction with deep learning - Regression modeling with metadata, NLP, and image processing on AWS EC2 (Ridge, Lasso, GBT, RF, NLTK, Keras, VGG16, PCA, AWS EC2, Python, Tableau) Algorithm Development Engineer a t M P rovo, UT 01/2015- 07/2017

• Implemented machine learning algorithm on investigation and development of innovative medical device products

• Managed and led data analysis and algorithm development - Interpreted and analyzed Near-infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy data, and designed statistical model for Urinalysis

• Direct management responsibility for cultivating and leading a team of medical lab scientist and technicians

• Worked with vendors in U.S., Egypt, and China for sourcing and quality improvements for product development

• Paper publication as first author: Kim H, Allen DG (2016). “Using Digital Filters to Obtain Accurate Trended Urine Glucose Levels from Toilet-Deployable Near-Infrared Spectrometers”, J Anal Bioanal Tech 7:338.

• Patent WO2015168669A1 - Human health property monitoring system Teaching Assistant/Grader at the University of Utah Salt Lake city, UT 2013-2014

• Taught the Dynamics class once a week.

• Graded homework assignments of the 115 enrolled students in the Dynamics Course at the University of Utah

• Answered questions and concerns by stepping students through the proper problem solving steps required to solve homework problems

Research Assistant at the University of Utah Salt Lake city, UT 2012-2014

• Conducted computational data analysis (FEA) focused on cerebral vascular injury due to traumatic brain injury

• Described stress and strain on blood vessels in the cortex using finite element method

• Set and attained self-directed research goals associated with project. Met weekly with advisor to report progress of research and discuss future directions

Air Traffic Management Operations Officer at Republic of Korea, Air Force Korea 2003-2005

• Managed flight schedules and checked the flight status

• Worked with cross functional teams such as control tower, radio tower, and pilots as the central operations team

• Served VIPs including national president, prime minister, and general officers

• Led military personnel and instructed new recruits EDUCATION

MS, Mechanical Engineering a t T he University of Utah Salt Lake City, UT Dec 2014 Emphasized in BioMechanics. Master’s Thesis on:

• Computational data analysis on brain tissue structure under traumatic brain injury

• Analyzed stress and strain on blood vessels with material point method and finite element analysis

• Predictive modeling for deformation and strain on the brain tissues BS, Mechanical Engineering a t Hong-ik University Seoul, Korea Aug 2011

• Academic excellence scholarship

• Computational data analysis on design of electrical tricycle frame Aachen University A achen, G ermany 2010 - 2011

E xchange student program in Mechanical Engineering PROGRAMMING & SOFTWARE

- Python - Matlab - SQL - Tableau - Unscrambler - LS-Dyna - HyperMesh - Creo MACHINE LEARNING

- Regression - Classification - Clustering - NLP - Deep Learning - Image Processing - matplotlib

- keras - scikit-learn - Feature Engineering - Signal Processing - Digital Filtering - Predictive Modeling

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