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Chemical Technician

Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States
February 12, 2018

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Jared M Daugherty

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Lake Charles, LA **601

Phone: 337-***-****



My objective is to begin a career path utilizing my personal skills and experiences in a successful industry that provides a valuable service to society while operating with minimal or even positive environmental impact. Currently, I am bankrupt and being forced into indentured servitude by the whims of my less than perfect family. Gainful employment is desperately needed to accomplish every goal in my life: 1. To use a personal investment in myself to become an outstanding member of society with the power to better the lives of my family, friends, pets, and community. 2. Take control of my diet and lifestyle to support my mental and physical health and longevity. 3. Pay my debts accumulated over 12 years of participating in horse racing industry. 4. Return to school and earn an advanced degree in Chemistry. 5. Grow personally; I hope to eventually land a career with coworkers that may share my work ethic and abilities. My work and home environment since leaving the sciences has been crowded with persons that are poorly motivated, licentious, and unintelligent.

Ability Summary

Management, a skill that is forged by dealing with yourself first. Knowing when it's time to be perfunctory and when it's time to really focus, then to instill this in others. Focused on the big picture, absolutely goal oriented. Practice continual self evaluation, and possess both accurate and precise evaluation of others. Well developed character that balances the forces of business, personal beliefs, and ethics. Superior deductive reasoning, under all conditions, and with the patience to deal with problems that don’t readily have solutions.

Perseverance, not just in your imagination, but when it turns your stomach, and against all odds, when it hurts, torture.

Leadership by example, exhibiting selflessness amid selfishness, while capable of great humility and intelligence. Understanding the great value of being a team player, being consistently reliable by conducting myself in an appropriate way and effectively communicating with others. Honors & Activities


I. Chemistry Excellence Award (2003)

In recognition of academic excellence in the Department of Chemistry. Presented to me by Dr. Ron Darbeau. II. Research Grant Local ACS (2004)

Received $1000 through local ACS to do summer research. I did my studies in Physical Organic Chemistry by performing reactions involving thermal decomposition of a molecule that yielded inert gas separated ion pairs which created an unknown solvent derived product. I rotated solvents and separated the products to deduce the physical properties and structure of the original unknown compound, which was only known by its elemental analysis. I requested funding to study this compound because I thought that it would show a unique structure that has never been described.

III. President- Student Chapter American Chemical Society (2004-2005) Revived Student Chapter of the American Chemical Society and bolstered support by coordinating highly capable future professionals in an environment that is in service of other students and the community. I motivated group as a whole by putting aside personal problems at the moment to offer services to members, like emotional support, providing vision, and sound ideology. Some changes still exist today, such as cooperation with other pre- professional organizations.

IV. Outstanding Service SCACS (2004)

Award presented for two semesters of work as President in the Student Affiliates Chapter of the American Chemical Society. We revived the chapter and in two semesters became an award winning chapter. I was fortunate to be a part of a super team of motivated people from many departments that now have careers in chemistry, medicine, pharmacy, and academia.

V. Founded "Knowledge is for Everyone" program with BBBS (2005) Knowledge is for Everyone is a program I created to teach inner city middle school kids how chemistry participates in everyday life. Projects included soap making and creation of nylon polymer. This proposal was voted in the top four by an ACS granting committee for all proposals and continuing projects being granted nationally for 2005. Activities

I. Burton Coliseum Animal Shelter (2008)

Managed Large and Small Animal shelter at the Burton Coliseum during Hurricane Ike 2008 with the help of County Agent Tommy Shields, Burton Coliseum personnel, and sponsored by Entergy. Boarded, fed, medicated, handled, and returned to owners over 30 horses, with additional cattle, goats, and chickens for hurricane evacuation of flood prone areas during Ike and Gustav. II. Animal Shelter Hurricane Rita (2005)

Immediately after Hurricane Rita, I offered fresh water at my farm to cattle and horses and other farm animals that were displaced, as much as ten miles, by the storm surge. This was the first time in my life that I got to work closely with large animals. The experience created by catastrophe, animals, and their owners, has been the basis for all of my animal experiences. I also helped natural animals survive the effects of the five foot flood by offering food and water, and bolstered support from state and local officials. III. Member of PPG Community Assessment Panel (2004-2005) The CAP provided framework for communication between industry executives and the residents of the community. During this time, I attended meetings and reported PPG executive’s actions towards zero environmental pollution in daily operations and remediation of past pollution. PPG executives were able to spend $1x10"8 to bring membrane technology to the local industry to replace using Mercury to capture sodium, which would at times leave the plant in waste water and enter the environment. I also worked with scientist to strengthen company and community wetland restoration projects, such as nature lab. IV. Big Brother Big Sister (2003-2004)

I was a volunteer for the after school program and brought other volunteers from Mcneese that specialized in fixing computers, teaching, and modifying facilities. This program was involved with my grant received by the ACS for teaching chemistry to the community. The program was for middle school children from disadvantaged homes. V. Good Will (1998-1999)

Take donated items and sort. Some clothes are compressed and sent all over world, while others are sold in the store.

Employment History


Saba Interests LLC 703 6th ST, Lake Charles, LA

Employer Name: Saba Interests LLC

Job Title: Manager

Start Date: 03/2016

End Date:

Reason for leaving: Still Employed -

Salary: $0.00

Salary Based upon:

Job Duties: Managing broodmares, foals, weanlings, stallions, and horses of racing age at Paradise Horse Farm located in South Lake Charles. Months and years of insanely hard labor 7 days a week, in all weather conditions, at all hours of day and night. Managing racehorses in Vinton. Driving an average of 6 hours a day or 1000miles/week between both operations while hauling resources such as horses, bedding, food/hay, and equipment.


Cal-Cam Horse Boarding (Paradise Horse Farm) Lake Charles, LA Employer Name: Cal-Cam Horse Boarding (Paradise Horse Farm) Job Title: Owner

Start Date: 03/2006

End Date:

Reason for leaving: Still Employed -

Salary: $0.00

Salary Based upon:

Job Duties: Manage, maintain, and provide veterinarian directed health care at my farm for thirty horses a year, including stallions, mares, foals, and rescue horses of many different shapes, sizes, and ages; breed ten to fifteen thoroughbred mares a year, live-cover; handle foals, weanlings, yearlings, and adult horses; board horses for clients, pleasure and performance horsemen; board horses for veterinarian directed post-injury treatments and rehabilitation; work as owner, builder, manager, laborer, veterinarian assistant, and farrier.


J & R Carriage Company Lake Charles, LA



J & R Carriage Company

Job Title: Driver

Start Date: 01/2009

End Date: 01/2016

Reason for


Retired - Very long hours, very mentally and physically demanding, had to retire to raise crop of racehorses for Saba Interests.

Salary: $0.00

Salary Based


Job Duties: Manage employees, animals, and equipment for J and R Carriage Company; provide assistance for veterinary and farrier services; drive carriages and guide tours; keep peace; lobby local government; train drivers and Belgian and Percheron mules.

Assistant Trainer

Leonard Griffiths Racing Stable Vinton, LA

Employer Name: Leonard Griffiths Racing Stable

Job Title: Assistant Trainer

Start Date: 04/2014

End Date: 08/2015

Reason for leaving: Better Job Opportunity - Hard labor, little pay. Salary: $0.00

Salary Based upon:

Job Duties: Train racehorses and deal with employees. Around the clock problem-solving and procurement of resources.

Palpate Cows

Miller Livestock Market Dequincy, LA

Employer Name: Miller Livestock Market

Job Title: Palpate Cows

Start Date: 11/2011

End Date: 07/2013

Reason for leaving: Resigned / Quit - Poor work environment Salary: $0.00

Salary Based upon:

Job Duties: Provide, once a week, on Saturdays, palpation services on cows being sold in order to recommend a state of pregnancy to sale barn owners; assist department of Ag and Forestry personnel with data collection, age determination, and id tag placement.


Mainstreet Throughbredgroup Farm Lake Charles, LA

Employer Name: Mainstreet Throughbredgroup Farm

Job Title: Helper

Start Date: 08/2009

End Date: 07/2013

Reason for leaving: Better Job Opportunity - Differences of opinions. Salary: $0.00

Salary Based upon:

Job Duties: Managed and coordinated farm activities for an average of forty thoroughbred broodmares a year. Duties included: managing and handling three stallions during breeding season; providing farrier services and assistance to attending veterinarians; administering veterinarian directed medications and treatments; feeding horses and running errands; handling foals, weanlings, yearlings, and horses of racing age; reinforcing goals and motivating owners, employees, and animals.


James Guillory Racing Stables Lake Charles, LA

Employer Name: James Guillory Racing Stables

Job Title: Groom

Start Date: 04/2013

End Date: 07/2013

Reason for leaving: Resigned / Quit - Much work, little pay. Salary: $0.00

Salary Based upon:

Job Duties: Assisted racehorse trainer by handling, feeding, watering, and bedding and mucking stalls for fifteen professional race horses; managed and coordinated training activities under direction of head trainer; transported horses and equipment between racetrack and training center for horses making starts. Lab Manager

Dept. of Chemistry Physical Organic Lab Lake Charles, LA Employer Name: Dept. of Chemistry Physical Organic Lab Job Title: Lab Manager

Start Date: 08/2003

End Date: 05/2005

Reason for leaving: Wanted to become a Veterinarian. Salary: $0.00

Salary Based upon:

Job Duties: Motivated and coordinated future professional undergraduate and graduate students in research projects; assisted with data collection and dissemination; available 24 hours a day/7 days a week for emergencies and problem solving; responsible for keeping a professional environment in both equipment and personnel; ordered chemicals, equipment, and materials while operating under budget constraints; mediated cultural differences between foreign students, local students, and professors; instructed labs and offered tutoring; acquired funding in the form of donations and grants from local, state, and national sources.


McNeese State University Dept. of Chemistry Lake Charles, LA Employer Name: McNeese State University Dept. of Chemistry Job Title: Labor

Start Date: 01/2003

End Date: 05/2004

Reason for leaving: Job Ended -

Salary: $0.00

Salary Based upon:

Job Duties: The Chemistry department, at this time, was going through the beginning of a new era. Many rooms had accumulated 40 years of equipment and chemicals. My job was to

systematically record and properly dispose of thousands of objects. During this time, I was fortunate to have this rare opportunity to privately witness elements of history, and to study the change of the department, students, professors, and technology over time. I worked for Dr. Ron Darbeau. Contract Labor

Flavin Realty Lake Charles, LA

Employer Name: Flavin Realty

Job Title: Contract Labor

Start Date: 06/2001

End Date: 05/2002

Reason for leaving: Job Ended -

Salary: $0.00

Salary Based upon:

Job Duties: Worked for many months on demolition and remodeling of a project house. My duties included: removing the millions of leaves and debris on roof and in yard; removal of old fence and brush so a new fence could be built; participating as laborer and painter during every phase of the remodeling process. Food Cooking Machine Operators and Tenders

Abe's Cajun Mart Lake Charles, LA

Employer Name: Abe's Cajun Mart

Job Title: Food Cooking Machine Operators and Tenders Start Date: 03/2001

End Date: 08/2001

Reason for leaving: Better Job Opportunity -

Salary: $0.00

Salary Based upon:

Job Duties: My duties were: delivery boy; food preparation and storage; and in the adjoining restaurant, I worked in the kitchen and served customers. I would spend time off the clock helping the butchers who were some of the most skilled in their profession. Maintenance Man

Emerald Point Apartments Lake Charles, LA

Employer Name: Emerald Point Apartments

Job Title: Maintenance Man

Start Date: 08/2000

End Date: 05/2001

Reason for leaving: Resigned / Quit - Moved to enter college. Salary: $0.00

Salary Based upon:

Job Duties: Remodeled apartments; ordered materials and met with contractors; prepared budgets for jobs; maintained premises lights, sewer, and electrical work; on call for service calls, included plumbing, electrical, and building repair. Food Preparation Worker

Wendy's Lake Charles, LA

Employer Name: Wendy's

Job Title: Food Preparation Worker

Start Date: 08/1997

End Date: 02/1999

Reason for leaving: Better Job Opportunity -

Salary: $0.00

Salary Based upon:

Job Duties: Interacting routinely with the public; opening and closing a place of business; multi-tasking for many hours while taking orders, preparing food, and cleaning.

Education and Training

Completion Date Issuing Institution Location Degree Received Course of Study


McNeese State


Lake Charles, LA Bachelor's Degree



Science (Pre-


I began my college career during the Fall1999 semester at McNeese State University with the intention of completing a pre-medicine curriculum. My personality and interests soon introduced me to Chemistry. For three years, I spent every last waking moment in the Department of Chemistry laboratories. During my senior year I was still young in my mind and body, so I quit school and began working with horses. I completed a pre-veterinary program and was not able to gain entry into veterinary school. The distance between the veterinary school and my horses made attendance impossible. Currently, I am mentally and physically ready to begin a path towards a new career.

09/2013 GRE LA Bachelor's Degree



GRE general revised test(taken 9/26/2013) 319 total score out of 340 (Verbal- 161 out of 170) (Quantitative-158 out of 170)

Additional Information

The chemistry department gave me the most unique opportunity to learn science. I emerged myself in all the historical remnants of the science that had been done in the building since its creation 50 years ago. I loved my time in the chemistry department; no other place could provide this experience for somebody like me that is born to my class and location. However, my time there came to an end during the Spring 2005 semester, unfortunately before I graduated. While I had grades of A or B in most of my senior classes, I felt compelled to have a multiple shoulder surgeries and planned on retaking my classes for the Fall 2005 semester. At the end of the summer, my rehabilitation was not where it needed to be, and I did not return to school. Soon after, Hurricane Rita hit my area and I began having animal experiences while running an animal shelter at my farm. I remained living and working at farm with some animals that were sheltered after floods. In the chemistry department, I spent long hours in a laboratory setting meticulously handling very expensive chemicals. I was available 24 hours a day for emergencies and problem solving. I gained skills at using equipment and proper data collecting, analyzing, and disseminating. I was involved in ordering supplies and procuring resources through grants and private donations from ACS members for graduate and undergraduate projects. A leadership position was offered to me for two consecutive semesters as president of the SCACS. Outreach to students and to professionals in the community was a top priority. This was the first time in my life I had the opportunity to interact with the whole community as an aspiring professional through programs like the CAP,CHEM EXPO, and events such as educational seminars for science teachers in rural high schools. My educational experiences concluded when I graduated with an Animal Science degree, a degree that combined all of my educational and life experiences in the most desirable way. Chemistry also gave me the chance to collaborate on research projects with students from around the world. I had the most fantastic time developing relationships with students from India and Brazil. To really know a culture, you must understand what a person in that culture finds beautiful. I believe strongly in the preservation and study of history and culture. But, I look forward to being a part of an advancing world. In my private life I find pets and classic trains, planes, and automobiles beautiful. I am a major fan of all competitive sports and outdoor activities. My goal in life is to never plateau as a person.

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