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Saint Charles, Missouri, United States
February 12, 2018

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Janardhanarao Vejandla 636-***-****

Sr. SAP BI Architect/ HANA Modeler


Fifteen Years of IT Experience of Managing, creating, and supporting of Complex Applications using traditional Data Warehousing and ERP solutions such as SAP Business Objects, SAP BODS, Information Steward, Actuate, Tableau with Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Teradata, BW, HANA and PeopleSoft.

Worked with SAP implementations for their SAP BOBI, DS, IS in 4.X upgrades, migrations and new environments in single and multiple deployments across Windows, Linux and Unix platforms.

Involved in Full life cycle (Solution Blueprint, Project planning, Requirements Gathering, Architecture, Installation, Integration, Analysis, Design, Development, Cutover, Deployment, Support) of Business Objects reporting & analytical Applications with SAP and Non-SAP backgrounds.

Worked 10 years as a Sr. developer & system Admin, 5 years as a BI Lead & Architect for SAP BI implementations.

Worked 4 years in SAP Analytics area by using SAP Xcelsius, Dashboard Designer, SAP Design Studio, SAP Lumira 1.x/ 2.0 Designer & Discovery, SAP Predictive Analysis, Analysis suite for Office / OLAP and SAP BO Explorer.

Worked 5 years as a Subject Matter Expert role in SAP BOBI 4.X/XI 3.X/ XI R2.

Worked 6 years in SAP Business Objects Data Services (BODS) and Information steward (IS) for data migrations and metadata management.

Three years (3) of experience with SAP HANA data modeling by using Native HANA, BW Powered by HANA and HANA LIVE.

Two and half years’ experience in EPIC Hospital Billing, PQRS, Ambulatory related BO Reports and universes.

Programming knowledge in Teradata 4.0/5.0, ORACLE 8i/8.x/7.x/6.x, SQL Server 6.5/7.0/ 2000, MS-Access, DB2 and Sybase.

Strong in SQL, DB2, Teradata, PL/SQL, SQL*LOADER, SQL*PLUS, DTS, MS-SQL & VB

Experience in Erwin 3.5.2/4.0, Cognos and Informatica

Experience in Sales, Marketing, Banking, Oil & Gas, Financial and Insurance Industry.

Expert in Business Requirements Gathering, Gap analysis, Functional Documentation, Technical documentation, Mentoring and Training for Business & Technical people in BI area.


Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications from APEL & Hotline Computers (4/94 to 3/95)

B.Sc (Maths, Physics and Electronics) from Nagarjuna University (Aug 1991 – April 1994)

Diploma in Computer Applications from Shramik Vidyapeeth (1991 to 1992)


Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Rochester, NY 7/2017 to till date

Sr. SAP HANA Modeler /Developer

Worked with business on APO module to get the snapshots dashboard.

Created Technical Design document, Mappings document and dashboard template for the business reviews

Created Bex queries and HANA views for supporting Lumira & Design Studio dashboards

Created multiple tables and worked with Informatica team for data loads.

Worked with Business Owners & subject matter experts in FIT, JDE & DW for technical requirements document and mappings document.

Created multiple HANA tables to support 5 different source systems (SAP FIT, JD Edwards, SQL Server DW, APO & flat files)

Created complex graphical & scripted HANA views to support all the above (FIT, JDE, DW, APO, Flat files) sources

Created Lumira dashboards using Lumira 1.31 & Lumira 2.0 Discovery for PSI and Snapshot reports. Also created Lumira 2.0 Designer Dashboard

Environment: SAP Business Objects 4.2 SP3/SP4, BODS 4.2, HANA SPS12, HANA Studio 2.3.19, Lumira 1.31 / Lumira 2.0 Discovery & Designer, SAP BO Design Studio 1.6, Web Intelligence, SAP BW 7.3, Bex Query Designer, BO Analytics for office, SAP ECC, TOAD, SQL Server 2012, MS Access, MS Excel

Daimler Trucks, Portland, OR 3/2017 to 7/2017

Sr. SAP HANA Modeler /Developer

Worked in Aftermarkets dashboard KPI’s & Metric requirements with Business Users and Project team

Created % of Active & Non-Active Stocks, Parts Financials, sales order line items, Shipping receive stocks, Positive and Negative Stocks, Inventory Density views

Created both graphical and script based views in HANA Studio 2.3.19

Involved in data verification process for all the views from source as well as in Views.

Worked with ETL team (Data services) for the data verification process and rectified lots of issues

Worked with Business & ETL team to identify the source to target column mapping document with respect to requirements

Created WebI Report Documents, Lumira 1.31 Storybooks and Design Studio dashboards for rich CSS styled dashboards.

Environment: SAP Business Objects 4.2 SP2/SP3, BODS 4.2, HANA SPS12, HANA Studio 2.3.19, Lumira 1.31, SAP BO Design Studio 1.6, Web Intelligence, SAP BW 7.3, Bex Query Designer, BO Analytics for office, SAP ECC, TOAD, SQL Server 2012, MS Access, MS Excel

Boeing, St Louis, MO 8/2016 to 2/2017

Sr. SAP BI/BOBJ Architect & HANA Developer

Installed and configured SAP BOBI 4.1 SP3/SP2 in Distributed environment and upgraded to SP5 & 6 with different patches.

Installed & configured BODS 4.1 SP5 and BO IS 4.2 SP 3/SP5in different servers and integrated with BO 4.1

Migrated BO 3.x to 4.1 SP2 and then SP6 with latest patches.

Created Technical specifications and standard modeling documents for HANA.

Involved in business and blueprint gathering discussions.

Performed data modeling and developed Analytical views for the transactional data, Attribute views for the master data, and the calculation views as final model in HANA Studio.

Developed complex calculation views by using SQL and CE-Function.

Developed data models for the operations, PP, MM, Quality management tables in HANA.

Created advanced modeling using Hierarchies, derived views, restricted calculated column, variable, input parameter.

Developed the security model, Naming conventions, folder structure for HANA 1.0 and BOBJ 4.0 and established the recommended SAP best practices for developing Universes, reports and dashboards from HANA, SQL Server, Oracle for a multisource universe.

Created Dashboard by using Xcelsius dashboard designer and Design studio 1.5 & 1.6 with Java script and CSS.

Created various dashboards by using Design Studio with Java script, global functions and CSS.

Created Webi, Crystal Reports, and Workbooks by using analysis suite and storybook reports from SPA Lumira.

Created Universes on top of HANA calculation views and developed the Webi reports and dashboards using IDT Information design tool.

Used SAP BODS and SLT data provisioning methods for real time and batch processing of the jobs.

Develop SQL scripts and functions for complex reusable scenarios in HANA.

Extensively done data profiling, column profiling, Uniqueness profiling using for KNA1, ADRC, LFA1, MARA tables using Information Steward.

Environment: SAP BOBI 4.2 SP2/SP3, SAP BODS 3.1/4.1, SAP Information Steward 4.1, Lumira 1.28/1.29, SAP Predictive Analysis2.0, Tableau 9.0, Dashboard Designer tool, Design Studio 1.5/1.3, Analysis Suite for Office/ OLAP, COPA HANA, HANA Studio, HANA Live, BEx Analyzer, BEx Query Designer, SAP BW 7.3, SQL Server 2010, MS Access, MS Excel, Oracle 10g.

AETNA, NEW York City, NY 9/2015 to 8/2016

Sr. SAP BI/BOBJ Architect & HANA Developer

Prepared BI Security model for the new SAP Business objects environment for 5000 users.

Prepared and given demo in SAP BO reporting & Analytical applications (WebI, Crystal, analysis suite, Lumira, Design Studio and Predictive Analysis) for senior executives & managers.

Prepared blue print for SAP Production landscape for 5000 users, 700 WebI reports, 25 dashboards, 100's of ad-hoc users for Analysis suite & Lumira.

Developed data flows and work flow using BODS. Worked on RDS to implement ETL Replication. Used Rapid Marts for SAP Road Map. Developed ETL transformation.

Setup Table Replication SLT for ECC and 3rd party table's real time into Hana. Data replication enhancements created for custom fields when required during replication.

SAP HANA Data Provisioning and using SAP LT Replication Server (SLT)

Developing SAP HANA data modeling using Attribute View, Analytic View, and Calculation View.

Implementation experience and knowledge of SAP Hana reporting for different functional area Finance.

Consuming SAP Hana views on IDT to deliver business layer using web intelligence and have proven experience with reporting specially handling complex scenario's using joins and sql.

Using data provisioning methods like SAP SLT for real time data and Business Object Data Services BODS non sap data Flat file upload and direct extraction connection DXC to acquire the data into SAP HANA Data Mart

Environment: SAP BOBI 4.2 SP2/SP3, SAP BODS 3.1/4.1, SAP Information Steward 4.1, Lumira 1.28/1.29, SAP Predictive Analysis2.0, Tableau 9.0, Dashboard Designer tool, Design Studio 1.5/1.3, Analysis Suite for Office/ OLAP, COPA HANA, HANA Studio, HANA Live, BEx Analyzer, BEx Query Designer, SAP BW 7.3, SQL Server 2010, MS Access, MS Excel, Oracle 10g.

Foresight Energy, St Louis, MO 7/2014 to 9/2015

Sr. SAP BI Architect& HANA Analyst

Migrated MS SQL Database into SAP HANA

Created Users, Roles, Privileges, Packages, Schemas as part of HANA Security and Development

Designed and implemented SAP HANA data modeling using Attribute View, Analytic View, and Calculation View

Developed complex SQL scripts in Calculation views

Executed Data Extraction Transfer Loading (ETL) using SAP Data Services 4.0 to import csv files into SAP HANA tables to reflect exchange live rates application

Involved in SAP HANA Security including User Management, Roles, and Privileges

Reporting, Accessing Analytical and Calculation views from EXCEL, AO office & OLAP, Lumira

Involved in Information Design Tool Creation of Data Foundation, Universe for HANA reporting

Developed Web Services for SAP HANA database and deliver to ASP.NET developers to consume data in .net based applications

Environment: SAP BOBI 4.2 SP2/SP3, SAP BODS 3.1/4.1, SAP Information Steward 4.1, Lumira 1.28/1.29, SAP Predictive Analysis2.0, Tableau 9.0, Dashboard Designer tool, Design Studio 1.5/1.3, Analysis Suite for Office/ OLAP, COPA HANA, HANA Studio, HANA Live, BEx Analyzer, BEx Query Designer, SAP BW 7.3, SQL Server 2010, MS Access, MS Excel, Oracle 10g.

Peabody Energy, St Louis, MO 6/2012 to 7/2014

Sr. SAP BO /BODS/HANA consultant

Working as a Developer, Admin and Architect for both SAP & Non-SAP based BO solutions.

Installed, migrated, upgraded from SAP BO BI 3.x to 4.0 SP2 to FP3 and then recently upgraded to 4.0 SP4 /SP6 with latest patches.

Solved lots of server performance issues and redesigned production lay out.

Designed and developed distributed SAP BO Architecture for better performance and global needs.

Designed and developed Multisource Universes with SAPBW, SQL Server, Oracle databases.

Created SAP HANA data models using SAP HANA Studio for Sales, FICO, and procurement modules.

Created Webi reports and Xcelsius dashboards in FICO, HR, SCM, SD, MM modules by using BEX queries.

Mentored and trained full time resources for the ongoing support.

Created relational universes on top of SAP BW Multi cubes and combined with existing SQL Server & Oracle databases for multiple sources.

Created BICS based WebI reports, crystal reports by using SAP and Non-SAP data sources

Created Xcelsius dashboards and Design Studio dashboards in 1.1 & 1.2 by using Java scripts and CSS style sheets.

Used SAP Info Steward Data Insight to analyze data quality, data profiling and to define validation rules for data migration in Data services.

Expertise in Meta data, profiling, performed address, dependency and redundancy using information steward

Created Very Complex Universes by using RDBMS database and HANA Models with single and multi source universes

Involved in Data Quality (address validation), Match, De-dup, Data cleansing, Data Profiling using SAP BODS for Customer master and material master and vendor master data.

Involved in Information Steward administration by creating project work space, import, export from one land scape to another landscape.

Involved in Views and derived views creation, Address Profiling, Column profiling, Dependency profiling, Uniqueness Profiling using Information Steward.

Involved in integration of Information Steward rules in DS jobs as part of the reusability.

Used IDOC’s (Debmas, Cremas) to load the Customer and Supplier data into the target SAP system by SAP Business Objects Data Services.

Involved in Customer/Vendor Rules review with Data stewards and updated them as per IS/DS standards.

Installed, Configured BODS with BO as well as and separate IPS.

Created Transformations on top of flat files to load data in SQL Server 2010 by using SAP BO Data Services 4.1

Created BODS Transformations for Legacy systems to SQL Server & Oracle databases.

Installed and configured SAP Data Services and Information Steward.

Configured repositories in DB2 environment for Information Steward & Data Services.

Worked on DS workbench in designing the jobs based on business needs.

Created several stage jobs for importing the source data into staging environment for further processing.

Worked on creating user roles in Information Steward and assign this in connection to BO 4.1 & Data Services.

Worked in HR, SCM, MM, and FI/CO for the master data cleaning in information steward & Data Services.

Created HANA Views and HANA models in 1.0 SP8 for ECC Data & EDW.

Created multiple attribute views, Analytical views and calculation views in HANA SP8 on top of ECC & EDW data sources for BOBJ reporting needs.

USED HANA SLT replication for data loading from ECC to HANA and also used Data Services for EDW data loads in HANA.

Environment: SAP BOBI 4.1 SP2, 4.X, SAP BO Data Services, SAP Information Steward, SBOP Explorer 4.0 SP02, Business Object XI 3.1 SP2, Data Federation 3.0 SP2 pack 1, CMS, Designer, IDT, Dashboard Design tool, LCM, BO Advanced Analytics 1.0, SAP Design Studio 1.1, 1.3, 1.5 & SAP Lumira, SAP HANA 1.x SP8, BEx Analyzer, SAP Netweaver 7.0, SAP BI 7.0, Desktop Intelligence, WebI Rich Client, Xcelsius 2008, SAP BI 7.0, MS Access, MS Excel, Oracle 10g.

Tech Intelli - Houston, TX 3/2010 to 06/2012

Multiple Clients/Roles

Penguin Random House, NY Sr. SAP BOBI Architect / Admin (7/11 to 6/12)

Southern California of Edison, Irwindale, CA Sr. SAP BOBI Architect/ Admin (4/11 to 7/11)

MasterCard Worldwide, St Louis, MO Business Objects Team Lead (7/10 to 4/11)

Vought Aircrafts, Dallas & St Louis BI Team Lead/Business Objects Admin (3/10 to 7/10)

Cumulative experience of all mentioned clients includes but not limited to the following;

Downloaded and installed BOBI 4 SP 2 patch 7.

Downloaded and installed BOBI 4 SP 2 Patch 7 Client tools.

Installed BOBI Crystal, Business Explorer, Dashboard Designer SP2, Patch 7

Installed Data Services SP1 Patch 4.

Configured all the above applications each other.

Configured SSO using LDAP and SAP

Sync SSO and LDAP

Data SSO using SAP.

Installed and configured Data Services 4.0 with SAP and Oracle.

Installed and configured SharePoint Integration with SBOP BI.

Created project plan for SAP BOBI 4.0 upgrade.

Worked with SAP Basis team to get the full picture of current architecture and process.

Installed SAP BOBI 4.0 SP2 patch 5 in Sandbox and DEV.

Migrated 3.1 SP2 content into 4.1.

Fixed most of the migration issues and identified remaining as Bugs after confirm with SAP.

Installed and configured SharePoint integration option for BI Launchpad

Configured WebParts on Sharepoint deployment and documented.

Installed Mobile platform for SAP BOBI 4.0

Created POC universe for Data Federator using IDT.

Created POC dashboard for Dashboard Designer.

Configured BEX Web Application, SAP Authentication, Portal Integration, SNC Setup and LDAP Configuration.

Migrated 3.1 Sp2 content into 4.0 using Upgrade management tool using BIAR to LIVE and LIVE to LIVE modes with Full and Incremental backups.

Identified migration problems and sorted out by priority.

Worked with BI team to identify what’ the bugs and features in 4.0 since it is not yet GA and there is no proper documentation from SAP.

Documented all the process from planning to deliver the BOBI 4.0.

Created MS Excel based security structure (Folder, groups, application, LOV, Connection, universe folder) security and synch them with LDAP users.

Installed SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence 4.0 SP1 in Sandbox, Dev and QA environments.

Integrated SAP BOBI with SAP BW with SNC SSO. Configured LDAP (Sun Directory) with SAP BOBI.

Managed a team of three BO developers, one Crystal and two Xcelsius developers and also involved in the development phase of the project.

Installed Data Services, Lifecycle manager, Metadata Manager separately and configured with existing BO deployment.

Created multiple universes (OLAP & Rational) from BW Querries and DB2 ODS data sources.

Created scorecards and dashboards from data services as well as Universe as a data source.

Worked as a Data Analyst for CAMS databases, XP database and PM databases.

Created and helped MV’s at database level to support requirements.

Involved in full life cycle of Dashboard development (KPI’s discussion, design and implementation).

Created POC Dashboards and presented client for more understanding and finalization of front end of the dashboard (like colors, fonts, functionality etc).

Utilized all advanced concepts of Xcelsius including dynamic visibility, What if ratios, interactive charts with drill capabilities, hierarchies.

Used more than 40 components in each Xcelsius dashboards.

Corrected the existing seven universes and 20 WebI reports and improved performance a lot.

Created prototypes of WebI reports and presented to the client.

Created WebI reports top of SAP BW OLAP universes using WebI rich client and WebI.

Mentored a group of Business Users on how to use WebI and do more Adhoc type of reports.

Created Lifecycle Manger instructions/standard document to maintain smooth promotions across different environment.

Created new WEBi reports by using 3.1 WebI SDK and universe SDK.

Designed and developed ad-hoc reporting tool by using 3.1 Universe SDK in java environment.

Used advanced options and including multiple tabs, charts, and drill down reports in WebI reports.

Mentored non technical users in Ad hoc reporting and info view functionality

Configured & Exported dashboards into SAP Netweaver portal.

Created Dashboard Prototypes (using Xcelcius 2008) and given a demo to the client.

Used Live office, QAAWS and Xcelcius together for the creation of some Xcelsius dashboards.

Created four advanced dashboards with different functionalities and used lot of components.

Mentored Business Users on how to use Xcelsius dashboards using their browser and created documentation on that.

Used Data Federator 3.2 and created multiple projects and connections using SAP, SQL Server and some flat files.

Involved in full life cycle of Data Federation project from planning to deployment.

Scheduled Data Federator objects from one environment to other environment.

Created Universes using SAP BW queries and Oracle EWD.

Worked closely with SAP BW architect and developers for the cube design as well as queries developing.

Created large universes, webI reports as well as Xcelcius dashboards.

Created Financial, Supply chain and Operational databases using SAP BW Querries and SAP BPC data.

Created Web I reports from different source systems including SAP BW and Oracle databases.

Created and worked on WebI standard document procedure.

Worked in Lifecycle manager and import wizard to move contents from one environment to other environment.

Mentored users in WebI rich client and its functionalities.

Integrated with JDE 8.12 for Business objects SSO authentication & authorization.

Created JDE data sources for Universes & Report creation.

Environment: Business Object XI 3.1 SP2, CMS, Designer, Web Intelligence XI,Desktop Intelligence, Lifecycle Manager, WebI Rich Client, Xcelsius 2008, SAP Net weaver portal, SAP BW/BI 7.0, SAP Data Services, BO Advanced Analytics 1.0,JD Edwards 8.12, BEx Analyzer, SAP BPC, MS Access, MS Excel, Oracle 10g, Crystal Reports XI/2008, SQL, PL/SQL,, BO Auditor, Toad, Data stage, Windows XP Professional.

Sisters of Mercy, St Louis, MO 1/2008 - 2/2010

SAP BI Analyst / Senior Report Writer

Installed BO XI R2 SP2 on DEV, TST, Sandbox and PRD environments.

Installed Crystal Reports, Xcelcius 4.8 & 2008 and Live Office on User systems.

Created Monitoring Events for all the Tomcat & BO servers using Fog light.

Successfully migrated repository from MDWDEV to BOREP (PRD) and other environments prior to PRD.

Involved in the creation of Operational Team with the help of Fog light and other Monitoring scripts and also created detailed document for the Tier1/Tier2/ Tier3 level support.

Installed Fix packs and SP’s until SP4 & FP 4.2

Successfully tested Load & Stress test using Load Runner at the time of installation, migration.

Created Excel files using BO & Web I SDK for the Recurring Schedules, User Groups and list of Users, Instances Status, All Reports by type and some other scripts those are useful for Admin point of view.

Recreated Activity universe and included lot of custom objects that fits to our needs.

Created Security universe that has all the Folders, Folder Access, User rights and documents (Created SDK that extracts info from repository and stores in MDB. Scheduled daily)

Created highest daily Utilization report, User Activity by SSU, User Activity by Reporting Activity, Monthly user counts, and Canary report Activity reports from the Activity universe and scheduled to go daily to the list of users.

Created Dashboards using Dashboard manager and Xcelcius 2008 with Live office & QAAWS.

Created some Crystal reports for the administrative tasks and scheduled to run daily with email alerts based on the results.

Super Admin for the SAP Support central

Clarity Reporting Experience

Built Universes for WebI reporting purposes. Built several WebI reports across PB applied credits, PB transactions, Chronic diseases, etc.

Used Derived tables to create the universe for best performance, and use context and alias tables to solve the loops in Universe

Developed Universe objects and report mappings for Reports, Modified the universe, created classes and objects by retrieving the data from various data sources

Created predefined conditions, prompts and custom hierarchies in the process of building the universes

Created Tableau worksheet which involves Schema Import, Implementing the business logic by customization.

Built complex formulas in Tableau for various business calculations.

Involved with the creation and development of several Inpatient reports on Clarity & Chronicles database like LDA_Days_by_Department_Census, MAR, Report Ordering Provider, PACU_Mins_Flowsheet_ADT, Nature for Medication Orders, Encounter_Visit_Type, Top_10_Referral_Encounter

Involved with the creation and development of several Optime reports around Surgical Resources, Surgical Procedures, Surgical Cases, Case Tracking, Surgical Logs, Questionnaires, ORM Tables, Procedures, Supplies, etc.

Involved with the creation and development of several Ambulatory reports around Medication Orders, Procedure Orders, Smart Forms, Chief Complaints, AVS’s, Abnormal Results, LOS by Provider, Order Turnarounds. Etc.

Involved with the creation and development of Professional Billing reports for Ambulatory Accounts which includes Transactions (Matched, Reversed, Voided, etc), UCL, UCS, FDF’s, CDF’s, Claim Prints, Claim Edit WQ’s, Claim Runs, Financial Summary, Denial Trend, Follow-up WQ’s, Insurance & Self-pay balances, etc.

Environment: Business Object XI 3.1/ R1/R2/ SP2/ SP4/ FP 2.4/ 4.2, CMS, Designer, Web Intelligence XI/6.5,Desktop Intelligence, MS Access, MS Excel, Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2005, Snag IT, Crystal Reports XI, SQL, PL/SQL, XCelsius 4.5/2008, BO Auditor, Toad, Data stage, Fog light Monitoring tool, Windows 2003 standard and Enterprise Editions.

IGATE Mastech 01/2000 to 1/2008

Multiple Clients/Roles

US Bank, St Louis, MO 4/2007 to 1/2008

Business Objects Admin & Developer

Metavante, Milwaukee, WI 6/2004 to 4/2007

Business Objects Admin & Developer

Brown & Williamson Tobacco, Louisville, KY 6/2003 to 6/2004

Business Objects Developer

EAEM 2.0, Pfizer, Inc. NY 12/2002 to 6/2003

Business Objects developer

ConAgra Foods, Houston, TX 1/2002 to 12/2002

Business Objects Developer

EOG Resources, Houston, TX 07/2001 to 12/2001

VB / Crystal / Business Objects Developer

Network Oil, Houston, TX 1/2000 to 07/2001

BO Developer

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