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Lab Technician

Jamestown, North Carolina, United States
February 12, 2018

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Melanie Reardon

*** ********** ****

Jamestown, N.C.


Professional Objective

Seeking to support the company with my strong organization, technical instrumentation, and customer service skills.


B.S. in Chemistry, Stockton University, Galloway, N.J. in 1992

Graduated with Highest Honors and Program Distinction


AkzoNobel, High Point, N.C.: 2017-2018

Paint / stain coatings manufacturing facility

Title: Quality Control Technician

Performed analysis testing of intermediate and finished product according to Standard Operating Procedure’s using the following techniques: Gas Chromatography, % Non Volatile Solid residue, Weight per Gallon density, Viscosity using Zahn cups and Brookfield instruments (centipoise and Krebs units), Gloss meter measurements, Dry, Film, Hide Drawdowns/sprays on Leneta cards, Cure testing using UV lamps, Stain Flow Test on wood panels, Color tinting to standard L, A, B color values on spectrophotometer, pH, Grind pigment particle size test

Verification of specification accuracy, computer data entry of batch results, release of batch lots

Created versions of standard operating procedures


Procter and Gamble, Greensboro, N.C.: 2011 – 2017

NyQuil Vicks, Pepto Bismol, and Prilosec GMP manufacturing site

Title: Analytical Chemist

Performed analysis/solution testing of intermediate and finished product by company methods, classical chemical techniques, and using computerized instrumentation: LC, X-ray fluorescence, IR, UV/Vis spectroscopy after centrifuge, optical rotation, pH, viscosity, rheology, texture analyzer, odor analysis, chloride titration, specific gravity, fluoride assay by ion chromatography.

Computer data entry and quality tracking of out of specification data.

Monthly tracking and analysis of instrument calibration reports

Multiple instrumentation installations completed

Reviewed analyst’s chromatography data and logbooks, verification of accuracy, and release of batch lots

Experience in SAP and Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, Outlook

Created standard operating procedures

Performed validation studies

Maintained monthly inventory and supplies

Trained personnel


Qualicaps Inc., Whitsett, N.C.: 2005 – 2011

Gelatin capsule GMP manufacturing site

Title: Analytical Chemist

Performed analysis of raw materials and finished product by classical chemical techniques and using computerized instrumentation: Gas chromatography, high pressure liquid chromatography, Thin Layer Chromatography, Infrared spectroscopy, UltraViolet spectroscopy, pH, Total Organic Carbon, Computrac water analyzer, Karl Fischer water titration, potentiometric titration, classical wet chemistry, specific gravity, disintegration, viscosity, refractive index, conductivity, Hunter color analyses, and procedures from the US, European, and Japanese Pharmacopoeias.

Verified accuracy and completeness of notebook data

Verified customer specifications in database

Created versions of standard operating procedures

Managed inventory

Stability studies were scheduled and monitored

Trained new personnel

Data entry for electronic storage


Elderly care, Greensboro, N.C.: 2003 – 2005

Assisted an elderly relative with Alzheimer’s disease, by providing personal and household care.

Wyeth Research, Princeton, N.J.: 1992 – 2003

Innovative prescription drug research site

Title: Analyst 2

Supported 180 organic chemists by analysis of novel prescription products using computerized instrumentation: using elemental C,H,N GC, NMR, IR, UV/Vis, LC/MS, HPLC, optical rotation, water titration, ionic halogen titration

Data entry of results in a computer database

Computer software validation

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