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Director Warehouse Management

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
February 12, 2018

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Wael Ibrahim Mosilhy




Director, Warehouse Management with 13+ years of experience with possessed knowledge & skills in Financial Accounting, Budgeting, Costing and Stock control in big companies in Egypt and Saudi Arabia with different industries (Construction-Contracting-Trading) along with Professional use of MS office & ERP applications (Microsoft Dynamic AX2012 R3 - AS.Con).

Work Experience and Achievements.

-Director of inventory and warehouse management from 2007: to Date.

-Responsibility of product information management, arranging and verify all product’s categories and hierarchy.

-Arrange product dimension’s storage and tracking for each items and services units and catch weight unit, master of products, releasing products,

-Organize association all products (items/services) with the big mother category hierarchy beginning of smaller sup category including master products and bulk products, using category hierarchy to classify products for reporting and analysis purposes.

-Organize stuffing all products through the right configuration, size, color, style, sites, warehouses, locations, pallets, serial and batch numbers.

-Arrange stock keeping units SKU, for each product, including variant groups of vendor’s numbers, location, size, color, style… etc.

-Coordinate the alternative products with each other products for purchases and sales.

-Coordinate the supplementary items for each set products in purchase and sales or inventor.

-Associate products with vendors and customers for payments and delivery and prices with discounts, all for specialist analyses reporting.

-Determine the model group valuation for each kind of products in each kind of industry, like FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, LIFO date, Standard, weighted average and weighted average date, which is this models contains stocked item or non-stocked.

-Determine the appropriate inventory finance method, and assign all inventory transaction with general ledger accounts such as packing slip, issue, consumption, revenue, discount, commission, goods shipped all for sales orders, also the product receipt, purchase expenditure, inventory receipt, charges, discount, purchase accrual all for purchase orders, also the right accounts for inventory such as issue, receipt, transfers.

-Value and costing and closing the inventory, after comparing with the general ledger accounts for all specified accounts such as inventory account, COGS, issues, receipt, transfers.

-Determine the appropriate value inventory in ledger account if it’s periodic or perpetual.

-Determine the charges types and adding for purchase or sales orders, such as freight, insurance, transport, carriers and packing, and assigning special charges to special items, customers, and vendors.

-Control quality management and test quantity, for specified orders, such as a purchase order, production, or physical on-hand inventory, also manage quality for specified sales orders for specified customers.

-Control ship a damaged products to vendors for repair, or exchange and control Vendor item returns are handled the same as purchase orders, with or without serial and batch numbers.

-Using Quarantine warehouse, for quality purposes for purchased items into high value.

-Control Packing inventory with Bar-coding before receiving and stocking

-Review vendor’s catalogs with the actual items received, before finishing purchase order and invoicing.

-Organize Picking inventory before transportation for transferring or selling orders, based on the actual availability of items.

-Organize Transfer and receive items through transit warehouse, coordination with transportation department for shipping and delivery on the specified time.

-Supporting reservation hierarchy in warehouse management, and stuffing the transaction with this hierarchy.

-Support Forms and print-outs to all inventory and warehouse management, such as the outgoing shipping process and incoming receiving process.

-Manage inventory and warehouses for purchases order process, from purchase requisition, purchase quotation, purchase agreements, purchase orders, receipt purchase orders till invoicing purchase orders, also this process doing through internal workflow.

-Manage inventory and warehouses for sales orders process, from prospect customers, sales quotation, converting to real customers, picking, reservation, packing, shipping, delivery, invoicing, payments, also all this process doing through internal workflow.

-Manage items reservation for on-hand and ordered quantities for picking or packing of items, and print a picking list and packing slip, also change, lock and cancel reservation deleted.

-Presents analyses inventory reports for any action transactions in inventory, and special reports such as inventory turnover and perishable or anomaly inventory.

-Layout and design warehouses which represents the Main Distribution Center services, this layout organize in sites, areas, zones and locations.

-Layout warehouse’s design in bulk locations for reserve items, vendor locations, put away inbound area, staging area on floor, office area, then split locations to special aisle, then racks, then shelves, then pallets, then bins, and print the labels Bar-code, for each pieces.

-Layout and design warehouse’s location for each warehouse such as picking, reservation, bay door, outdoor, packing, quarantine, quality, returns, anomaly for scrap and perishable.

-Layout and design locations stocking limits and locations dimension such as high size, width size, depth size, maximum weight and total volume, also arrange empty location for new waves.

-Layout and design warehouses sites for group of companies, more than 15 warehouses, and more than 24 retail POS showrooms in a structure hierarchy categories.

-Layout division and split work and workers in warehouses as special templates for each area, zone, location, equipment, forklifts.

-Organize inventory count cycle for all the warehouse as a one location, also for each location one by one or for specified locations.

-Scan locations one by one for counting, and close cycle counting inventory with compare and different reports quantity and values.

-Presents analyses reports for inventory count such as count days, workers duties, inventory quantity and value, adjusts, empty locations, wrong item in locations, overstock locations, perishable items.

-Working with mobile devices for inbound purchase receives, inbound purchase put away form trucks, inbound transfer receives, outbound sales picking, outbound sales loading, outbound transfer pick, inventory movement, inventory cycle count, inventory quarantine and quality.

-Supervising the security and safety systems and follow-up receipt and deliver the goods as easy and fast, in order by ISO 18001.

Other Work Experience and Achievements.

Fixed Assets.

- In June 2011,Added my responsibility for fixed asset management( about 23000 asset ) and i succeeded at linked all this fixed assets with employees system, custody system, purchases system, systems of follow up cars and equipment and Reconcile the balance in the fixed asset subsidiary ledger, also no way for any employee can finishing his exit before receipt of any assets in his custody.

- Success on linking all trucks, cars and equipments with fixed assets and with all the company's workshops, by adding Spare parts, vehicles and car's oil directly on the workshops (about 2400 Trucks and cars & 700 heavy equipments).

Career From 2001 To Date.

*Warehouses Accountant (November 2001: January 2002) in El Sallab Co. for Trading&Distribution, Cairo, Egypt.

* Stock controller (from January 2002: January 2007) in El Sallab Co. for Trading&Distribution, Cairo, Egypt.

* Deputy Director of Warehouse Department, at ZAID ALHUSSAIN GROUP, KSA (5000+) Riyadh (from February 2007 to January 2009).

* Director of warehouse management at Zaid Al-Hussein Group, KSA (January 2009 to 2015).

* Director of fixed assets at Zaid Al-Hussein Group, KSA (from June 2011 to 2015).

*Categorized as Black Belt from my manager as a very good Problem solver & Modern thinking and development.

* Director of Warehouse Department at Al Bassami Group, KSA ( 2000+) Jeddah ( From 2015 : 2017).

* Supply Chain Manager at Al Bassami Group, KSA ( 2000+) Jeddah ( From 2015 : 2018).


Bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Commerce, Zagazig University-Benha.: The period from 1996 to 2000.

Major: Accounting.

Completed: June 2000.


CMA Under Process.

ERP ( Microsoft Dynamic AX 2012 ) & (ASCON)


ISO 9001 - 18001 certification.

Languages skills

Arabic : Mother Tongue.

English : Very Good.

Computer Skills

Possessed MS applications (Excel, Word, Access, Power point, Outlook-Internet) Highly Skilled in Excel and ERP systems.

Expert in working with Peach Tree - SQL server Programs and ERP systems, Microsoft DynamicAX2012R3-ORACLE- AS.CON.

Personal data

Date of birth: July 4, 1978

Nationality: Egyptian

Marital status: Married.

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