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C Nd

Almte. Brown, Buenos Aires, Argentina
February 09, 2018

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C arlos I smael T erreno

System A nalyst

Marital s tatus: S ingle.

Age: 3 3

Cellphone : 1 1-26397219

E-mail : c


I a m f rom A rgentina a nd f rom m y p art i c an s ay t hat i h ave t he f ortune t o be w orking a ll t he t ime i n w hat i l ove. I t hink t hat t his b elief d rives m e t o make m uch m ore e ffort t hat m ost p eople t hat j ust w orking t o g ain m oney. I r ead b ooks, m ake c ode f or f un o n m y f ree t ime a nd h ave s ome p rojects working o n. W hat I c an s ay I j ust l ove w hat i d o. I a lways t ry t o g et t he b est r esults w ith t eam w orking o r a lone i f i t's required a nd w ith t he m ind r esolve f irst a sk p ermission l ater. Thank f or t ake y our t ime a nd i nterest f or r ead t his . Experience

Front E nd D eveloper R emote - N ovember 2 017 - P resent ( 2 m onths) React J s d eveloper, R edux, R edux F orms, S agas, S ASS, I mmutable.js, G it, S PA a pplication with P HP R EST A PI B ackend, P ostgresql, R edis, E lasticsearch, D ocker, J ira f or i ssues, S lack, GitLab, S wagger f or A PI. D aily p rogress r eport m eetings i n E nglish. Sr P rogrammer A nalyst a t B anco H ipotecario D ecember 2 015 - J une 2 017 ( 1 y ear 7 m onths) Development o f n ew m odules f or b anking c ompanies, J ava E E, E JB, J SF, J Boss, S pring B atch, Spring I ntegration, S pring S ecurity, J Unit, S QL S erver s tored p rocedures, X ML, P rime F aces, UML t o d esign d ocumentation t ool A stah, C SS a nd B ootstrap. C lear C ase f or v ersioning. Sr P rogrammer A nalyst a t C apgemini M ay 2 015 - N ovember 2 015 ( 7 m onths) Programming f ront-end j Query, C SS, A JAX, J avascript t echnology V elocity, X SL v iew. S truts 1, S pring M VC, T eam F oundation S erver r epository, i ssue t racker J ira t o I vy f or d ependencies and J enkins f or c ontinuous i ntegration. C ustomer T homson R euters. S crum m ethodology f or teamwork a nd m anagement. M eetings i n f luent E nglish. Sr P rogrammer A nalyst a t M onsanto J une 2 014 - M arch 2 015 ( 10 m onths) Programming w ith S pring, J SF 2, C SS, J avascript, H ibernate, J PA, A JAX, I DE I ntelliJ, T DD, SCRUM, J ira f or T racking I ssues, E nglish f luid m eetings. B asic t ests w ith S elenium t ests recorded f or u tility. J unit w ith M ockito. E xtjs f ront-end d evelopment f or U I a nd c lient-side application. R ESTFUL w eb s ervices.Weblogic S erver. F luid d aily m eetings w ith n ative E nglish professionals f rom t he U nited S tates.

Sr P rogrammer A nalyst a t F KTECH S eptember 2 013 - M ay 2 014 ( 9 m onths) Web p rogramming p rojects J AVA J EE, S pring M VC, S ervlets & J SP, N etBeans I DE, D atabase Sql s erver 2 008, H TML5, C SS, J avaScript, A JAX, L og4j, X ML, D atabase d esign i n m ysql workbench, i mplementations G oF d esign p atterns ( Strategy, A bstract F actory, S ingleton, F acade, Builder, e tc) . Encriptación R SA s hipping d ata h ttp, t emplate e ngine h andlebars. W orking o n projects u nder A gile ( SCRUM).

Sr P rogrammer A nalyst a t P iramide T echnologies J anuary 2 011 - J anuary 2 013 ( 2 y ears 1 month)

Web d evelopment f ramework s ystem C akephp 1 .3, H TML5, C SS A dvanced, P HP p rogramming. JQuery, j Query M obile, J Query U I f or p resentation a nd m anagement o f A jax, M ySQL, R EST APIs, J SON, J AVA J EE w eb, j avascript, t emplate e ngine h andlebars. r equirements m anagement and a nalysis Q A t esting. D A PI f or E -commerce b illing. GIT R epositories a nd H G ( Mercurial) f or d evelopment r epositories v ersions. T raininee i n Anadroid S DK f or m obile a pplications.

Web p rogrammer a t A tos S eptember 2 008 - J anuary 2 011 ( 2 y ears 5 m onths) Developer S sr w eb a nd c lient a pplications i n L otus N otes a nd d evelopment i n J AVA J EE, HTML5, C SS A dvanced, h ibernate.

SVN a nd C VS r epositories.

Ssr P rogrammer A nalyst a t S isdam T echnology M ay 2 005 - O ctober 2 007 ( 2 y ears 6 months)

Programming a nd d ocumentation t asks i n p rojects J AVA J 2EE, S PRING M VC, J PA / H ibernate, MySQL, S ervlets & J SP, E clipse I DE, w ith s crum m ethodology, w here I u se a C ASE t ool f or modeling c lasses w ith U ML 2 .1 n otation w ith C ase a ppropriate u se, w hich r equirements a re captured w ith t he T eam L eader a nd a rea m anagers f or d ocumentation t hereof. P roject L oyal F ile Organizer, L oyal Q MS a nd D MS. T esting w eb a pplications, p rogramming a nd d ocumentation tasks i n l otus n otes 6 .0, p rogramming h tml, x ml, j avascript a nd j ava W eb S ervices. P rogram Record S heet a nd n otifications o f T V p rograms a nd c ontract A dvertisers p roject. P hysical location o f M anagement a nd A dministration 1 3 C ANAL w ork. Junior P rogrammer a t C lub A tlético B anfield A pril 2 005 - F ebruary 2 006 ( 11 m onths) Development o f " Sys. O f A mateur F ootball M anagement" p roject, t his i ncludes D etermination requirements, D FD, D D, D ER, D TE. V B6, S QL S erver. Junior P rogrammer a t A dmifarm S A J anuary 2 005 - F ebruary 2 005 ( 2 m onths) Application D evelopment i n V B 6, B ase M aintenance w ith S QL S erver s erver, S tore P rocedures in S QL, C rystal R eports a nd R eport o n C are f or u sers. Projects

Senior P rogrammer a t C omparto A lquiler - J anuary 2 011 - P resent It i s a s ocial n etwork o f s hared r entals h elps y ou c onnect a nd s hare. Technologies u sed:

HG ( Mercurial) f or d evelopment r epositories v ersions. Cakephp w ith M VC p attern, H TML5, C SS A dvanced, p rogramming P HP, J Query U I f or presentation a nd m anagement o f A jax, M ySQL, J Query, M oney M ail a pis. Currently I m anage m y p rivate s erver:

CENTOS 6 s erver P HP, J AVA V M, A pache T omcat, S SL, i ptables f or f irewall, B IND ( for D NS server), F TP s erver ( ssh), e mail s erver D ovecot / P ostfix, R kHunter, i ncluding m ost s erver management t asks .

Node.js, M ongoDB, E xpressJs, S, J ade f or n otifications a nd m essaging. Java 8, R EST A PI, A ndroid, R eactJs,Redux, S agas, S ass, S pring I ntegration, S pring B atch, Spring D ata, S pring T est, H ibernate, A ngular 2, T ypescript, n pm, w ebpack s erver. Android a nd I OS d evelopment f or c lient a pplications f or c hat m essages a nd n otifications t o t he people u sing R EST A PI t o c onnect t he c lients m obile a pps. Languages

Spanish ( Native) E nglish ( advanced) F rench ( Basic) Skills a nd K nowledge

JavaScript, C ompany, E nglish, j Query, A JAX, P HP, C SS, H TML, W eb S ervices, J SON, H ibernate, Google M aps, S pring F ramework, J ava, J IRA, T esting, V isual B asic, M ySQL, J ava E E, D esign Patterns, X ML, C akePHP, M icrosoft S QL S erver, G it, H g, n ode.js, E xtjs, M ongoDB, i OS, A ndroid, IntelliJ I DEA, N etBeans, E clipse, H TML5, M aven, G runtJS, S crum, J Unit, W ebSphere, R ESTful WebServices, S OAP, A gile M ethodologies, T eam L eadership, E lasticSearch, A ngular 2, D ocker, React.js, K ubernetes, G rade, M icro s ervices, C ontinuous I ntegration, C ontinuous D elivery. Education

Instituto S uperior S an A gustin A nalista e n S istemas, S istemas, 2 002 - 2 006 Escuela M edia N o 3 B achieller e n E conomia y G estion d e l as O rg, S ecundario, 1 999 - 2 001 Carlos I smael T erreno P rogrammer A nalyst

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