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Test Cases

Phoenix, Arizona, United States
February 09, 2018

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Praveen Kumar

Mobile: 979-***-****

IVR/CTI/Genesys QA consultant with 7 years of professional experience in manual and automation for Software testing, writing and executing test scripts, interacting with the business, documenting and production support of VXML, CTI, Genesys, ETL and Call Center specific applications.


Extensive experience in writing IVR/CTI Test Scenarios, Test Cases and Execution.

Progressive experience various methodologies: Waterfall, Agile and Hybrid

Responsible for testing CTI Routing and Transfer to different LOB (Line of Business).

Strong testing experience in Automation (Cyara, Selenium and SOAPUI) and Manual.

Experience in working with Genesys Framework: CC Pulse, CME, Skilled based routing, IVR, call recording and Quick to call back applications

Experienced in testing VRU/CTI, Web systems and Client/Server applications.

Experience in Real Time Reporting: CC pulse, Wallboard, Ticker and Fusion.

Experienced in using tools such as HP ALM, Quick Test Pro(QTP), TOAD.

Experience in using various Genesys tools such as GA (Genesys Administration), IWD, Salesforce, Genesys work space and Remote Desktop.

Strong knowledge of Extraction Transformation and Loading (ETL) processes using UNIX shell scripting, SQL Loader.

Very good understanding of Data Warehousing concepts, Data Analysis, Data Warehouse Architecture and Designing.

Experience in testing Call Routing through Genesys, ACT for hard (Avaya) & soft phones

Experience in testing on various Reporting tools (Microstrategy, Hyperion and IEX).

Experience in reviewing Transaction & IVR call Logs, AR Logs and Pop-up Gateway logs.

Experience in using Microsoft Test Management tools such as TFS, MTM and Visual Studio.

Self-motivated, pro-active, innovative and approaches challenges with a positive attitude.





Word, Excel, Power point, Visio, TFS, MTM



Java/J2EE Environment

Java, Servlets, SoapUI

Speech Technologies

VXML, VUI design experience,


Oracle 9i / 8.i, MySQL,

Client-Side Technologies

HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, and CSS

Operating Systems

Sun Solaris 2.X, AIX 5L, UNIX, Windows 2000/ NT/98

Automation Tools

Cyara, Selenium

Application Servers


Functional Tools

Win Runner, Load Runner

Data Warehouse tools

Informatica, Data Stage

Genesys/3rd Party

Avaya PBX, VCS, Genesys CTI, Tserver, TXML, Nuance (Scansoft) ASR/OSR, URS, STAT SERVER, CME, Iserver, TXML, CCPulse, IEX, Ticker, Fusion


Client: Apollo Education Group, Phoenix, AZ Apr 2017 – Till Today

Title: Genesys QA Test Analyst

Project Name: ERQC Onboarding

ERQC Onboarding project use salesforce CRM solution and Genesys communication platforms for Student Relationship Management and provide staff the ability to manage students in an efficient and effective manner. In ERQC onboarding project current legacy Enrollment systems (IS3, IS3-E) student services, Finance, TAC and customer service have been onboarded to salesforce and Genesys.


Create and Execute the test cases for various leads (Re-Inquiry, Re-enroll, Bypass and Alumni Leads) in LMS.

Create different leads for various source and campaign using Web Lead Form and Soup UI.

Validated IRN, User Assignments, Opportunity, Interest, stage and Level of Engagement (LOE) of created new leads in Salesforce.

Validated created work Items in Genesys IWD (Intelligent Workload Distribution) for opportunity ID and work distribution.

Create and validate OCS (Outbound Call Service) records in GA (Genesys Administration).

Create Outbound calls to Genesys work Space (Desktop Application) by rescheduling Campaigns in Genesys Administration.

Validate different media types Voice, Email, Fax and Chat.

Validate predictive and preview calls to qualifying agents and Enrollment Representatives.

Validated Inbound Marketing and Inbound Callback, Inbound Direct, Internal Direct, Re-direct and Internal Transfer calls in Genesys work space.

Create Leads using different Area of Interest, Different Programs at Degree, Non-degree, certificate and Associate level and in various campuses and validate in SRM and Genesys work space.

Select Different Dispositions in Genesys UCP scripting and validate in Salesforce.

Validated different call types and call routing to various agents (Qualifying Agent, Enrollment Representatives, Academic Advisors, Finance Advisors, Student Services and TAC’S) based routing scenarios.

Validated Genesys Scripting updates.

Validated contact strategy for various created leads (0 to 365 Days).

Validated different call Transfers (Qualification Transfer, Inbound Direct, Internal Direct, Internal Transfer).

Design and implementing manual and automated test validations of the system software.

Client: Nationwide Insurance, Des Moines, IA Mar 2015 – April 2017

Title: IVR QA Analyst

Program Name: GSO (Growth Service Optimization)

Project Name: GSO IVR Efficiency

The Project GSO IVR Efficiency will introduce and enhance new self-service navigation and features that will further mitigate calls in to the call centers. The project is expected to increase contained calls within the IVR. New self-service features provided customer with convenient access, solutions for their questions and easier to business with and creating a more streamlines, effortless experience.

GSO IVR Efficiency 2015

GSO IVR efficiency 2016

GSO IVR Efficiency 2017

Release 3 (Apr) – BCF IVR

Release 1 (Feb) – PLPS IVR

Release 1(Feb) – PLPS IVR

Release 4 (May) – TITAN IVR

Release 2 (Mar) – BCF IVR

Release 2(Mar) – Sales IVR

Release 5 (Jun) – PLPS IVR

Release 3 (Apr) – PLPS IVR

Release 3(Apr) – BCF IVR

Release 6 (July) – PLPS IVR

Release 4 (May) – TITAN IVR

Release 7 (Sep) – Claims IVR

Release 5 (Jun) – BCF IVR

Release 8 (Oct) – PLPS IVR

Release 6 (July) – PLPS IVR

Release 9 (Nov) – BCF IVR

Release 7 (Aug) – TITAN IVR

Release 10 (Dec) – PLPS IVR

Release 8 (Sep) – PLPS IVR

Release 9 (Oct) – BCF IVR

Release 10 (Nov) – PLPS IVR

Release 11 (Dec) – BCF IVR


Progressive experience/responsibilities in the area of IVR QA process, methodologies (Agile, Waterfall and Hybrid).

Create and Execute the test cases for IVR/CTI applications by referring to the SRD’s (Solution Requirement Documents).

Identify test data conditions and request the test data to TDM (Test Data Management) team and validate test data.

Experience with multi year build IVR projects implementations.

Automation: Block writing, test script writing and executing test scripts in Cyara automation tool for various IVR/CTI applications.

Involved in functional, non-functional and regression testing using SOAPUI for web-service testing for various applications.

Softphone: Test Agent Login, GVP Port Status, Place Group Status, Agent Group Status, Basic Agent Status and DN Group Status.

Tested with Front-end functionality for various IVR Applications (PLPS IVR, Commercials IVR, sales IVR, claims IVR and TITAN IVR).

Experience in validating CTM (Contact Management) Comments and Flex Remarks.

Working with cross-functional teams (SOA, Mobius, Flex, Billing and Commercial) for end-end testing of new functionality.

Data Validation: Tested IVR Web URLS to validate Member and Provider Information.

Reports: Validating the IVR & Routing Microstrategy reports (Transaction report, Last State report, self-service reports, CSR Report, Call type report, Call Tier Report and Agent reports).

Validate real time reporting for new call types using CC Pulse, Ticker and wallboard.

Database(Oracle): Validating IVR Call logs, Transaction Logs, Event logs, Advanced routing (AR) logs and Data logs.

Performed IVR testing to validate Dialog States, Branch Conditions, Database Dips and Play prompts developed.

Validating Vox files using GoldWave software.

Escalated the IVR design and backend issues to the respective teams during the reviews.

User both DTMF and Speech methods during the IVR testing.

Tested CTI Connectivity, Virtual Routing Point, CTI Transfer, Transfer Call control, Conference Call Control, CTI routing functionalities through CTI controlled soft phone.

Experience in documenting IVR test execution results, preparing test reports, and gathering and evaluating test metrics for reporting.

Responsible for weekly status meetings showing progress and future testing efforts.

Logged and Traced defects using HPQC and communicated with developers.

Executed software test plans including functional testing (Block Box), non-functional (white box), integration testing, systems testing, regression testing, performance testing and DIT (Developer Integration testing).

Involved in testing the Production Issues based on the CONNIDs provided by the Developers and the business.

Involved in User Acceptance Test (UAT) and coordinated with users and business during the User Acceptance Tests.

Client: CMS Energy, Detroit, MI Aug 2014 – Mar 2015

Title: CTI/IVR QA Analyst


Was involved in designing and creating test plans with respect to the functional specs.

Review and updated the test cases to new versions according to the updated VUI document.

Used Microsoft Visio for IVR Call flows to build test scenarios and for better understanding of the functionality.

Validate and Route the call to different soft phones based on call type skills, Tiers, state skills and language skills.

Experience in creating and validating Unstaffed and afterhours calls.

Validated the system output results with respect to the input values given by the callers to ensure the test results match the functional specs.

Automation: Writing and executing test scripts in Selenium for various applications.

Tested NO SPEECH and NO MATCH functionality of the Call Flows.

Extracted data to test various IVR call flows such as Member Menu, Provider Menu in the VRU system.

Mentored the business users and CSRs of how to use the IVR system effectively.

Reported project status with the Project Managers and Development Managers.

Prepared documentation for some of the recurring defects and resolutions and business comments for those defects.

Assist QA Team with defining and implementing a defect resolution process including defect priority, severity, next steps, and assigned owner.

Worked with Business and validated the actual results with the expected results and ensured that test results indeed meet the functional specs.

Participated in recording the Audio files in the VOX format (Ulaw), using the Audacity tools and then tested those audio files in the IVR application.

Involved with the Telecom team to make sure Screen Pops have the caller’s data attached

Conducted IVR Speech Recognition to validate callers’ inputs.

Utilized Web services in testing the patients and provider’s information.

Using Quality Center for storing, maintaining the test repository, bug tracking and reporting.

Supported On call for the production system and worked flexibly after hours and weekends.

Client: Commercial Bank (Detroit, MI) Jan 2012 – Aug 2013

Title: IVR QA Analyst


Worked closely with Development team to discuss the design aspects of the applications to ensure IVR application will fulfill business needs (VUI).

Acted as a liaison between Development, QA, Business, UAT.

Writing Test scripts for manual testing.

Participated in recording the Audio files in the VOX format (Ulaw), using the Audacity tools and then tested those audio files in the IVR application.

Worked with VUI designers and Business to make sure all the requirements are captured and built into.

Ran IVR test scripts outside of the normal hours in support of the critical production problems found and helped to make sure the bug in deed is fixed.

Involved with the Telecom team to make sure Screen Pops have the caller’s data attached.

Test Strategies include verification of XML to check if the call is routed to the appropriate skill.

Helped QA team in writing the special test cases by requesting the developers to change the confidence levels to sometimes Low, Medium and High for different dialogue states and tested the application to see if the IVR application provides Explicit Confirmation as well Implicit confirmation to the callers.

Logged and Traced defects using Test Director

Involved in the DIT (Developer Integration Testing) and performed test cases and reported against test directory.

Involved in defining the performance scenarios based on the client provided QA use cases and inputs.

Used parameterization to emulate a real-time environment by populating the scenarios with multiple sets of data.

Participated in the DRM (Defect Resolution Meetings) and discussed certain defects and how to handle them with Business, Developers and other QA associates.

Reviewed the Genesys – Tserver logs to see the Attached Key Value Pairs and then validated them against Siebel Screen Pop up.

Experience in documenting IVR test execution results, preparing test reports, and gathering and evaluating test metrics for reporting.

Company: WIPRO, Hyderabad, India. May 2010 – Jan 2012

Title: QA Analyst


Prepared Test Plan, Test Cases using Business requirements document and Functional requirements document of the system.

Actively involved in specifications, requirements meetings and development of Test Plan and Test scripts using the functional specs.

Tested the ETL Informatica mappings and other ETL Processes (Data Warehouse Testing)

Involved in performing Functionality testing, Validation testing, Negative and Positive testing, testing manually on the first release of the application.

Used Query Browser and Schema Brower of TOAD interface to write the SQL Scripts and to check the constraints of the tables.

Modified and maintained test cases with changes in application interface and navigation flow.

Prioritized and reported defects using Test director, to present documents and reports in weekly team meetings.

Actively participated in all phases of testing life cycle.

Performed End-to-End testing after bug fixes and modifications.

Wrote SQL queries to validate source data versus data in the data warehouse including identification of duplicate records.

Worked with Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL).

Involved in testing data mapping and conversion in a server based data warehouse.

Used Informatica Power Center for Extraction, Loading and Transformation (ETL) of data into the Data Warehouse.

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