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Java Developer Web Services

Miami, Florida, United States
February 09, 2018

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Sr. Java Developer Contact: 240-***-****

Professional Summary:

Programming experience of 8+ years in the software development life cycle (SDLC) process including requirements gathering and analysis, design, system/technical specifications, development of interface and implementation of Distributed, Client/Server E-Commerce application using Java/J2EE and RDBMS.

Experience using Agile and Waterfall methodologies.

Proficient in Java technologies like JSP, Java Servlets, Java Beans, Models, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, XML, JMS, JNDI, Web service.

Expertise in several J2EE Technologies like Servlets, JSP, Web Services

Experience working on MVC (Model View Controller) architecture, using Struts, Hibernate for Persistence, AJAX and Spring Framework with various Java/J2EE design patterns.

Proficient in developing GUI using CSS, HTML, Java Script, JSF/Prime Faces, JQuery, Bootstrap JS and Angular JS.

Expertise in JSP Custom Tags, EJB (Session Beans (Stateless and Stateful)) and MBD (Message Driven Beans).

Competence in database design and data analysis using SQL Server Management Studio, SQL, Oracle.

Experience in modeling and OOAD architecture and designing artifacts using Rational Rose.

Competence in designing Data Flow Models, Conceptual Data Models, Class Diagrams, State Diagrams and Use Case Diagrams.

Extensively worked with Eclipse debugger on debugging.

Experience working with eCommerce applications.

Worked with Log4J to handle runtime exceptions.

Expertise in application and web servers such as Apache Tomcat, IBM WebSphere, JBOSS and Oracle Web logic.

Experience in writing DAO using Hibernate mapping and Hibernate.

Involved in Junit testing, software testing, regression testing, management and defect tracking using Clear Quest and HP Quality Center(QC).

Experience developing Service Oriented Architecture SOA.

Worked with REST, SOAP Web Services.

Proficient in XML technologies like XML, DTD, XSD, XSLT, JAXB and JAXP (DOM & SAX).

Worked with messaging system like JMS.

Experience working with Databases like MySQL, Oracle.

Expertise at programming in different IDE’s like Eclipse and Net Beans.

Developed Ant, Maven scripts to build and deploy J2EE applications.

Knowledge on pulling dependencies from different repositories.

Good in communicating with clients, customers, managers and other teams in the enterprise at all levels.

Ability to meet project deadlines, handle multiple tasks.

Technical Skills:

Programming Languages

C, C++, Java, UML, SQL

Design Methodologies

Agile, Waterfall

Java/J2EE Technologies

Servlets, JDBC, JSP (EL, JSTL, Custom Tags), Spring

Hibernate, Junit, Apache Struts, Java Beans, JMS, EJB, Java Security, JNDI.

Web Technologies

JavaScript, HTML, XML, CSS, XHTML, Angular JS, GUI, XSL, XSLT, JQuery, JBoss SEAM, SAX/DOM

Tools & Framework

Hibernate, Spring, Struts, Junit and Apache Camel.

Web Services


Web/Application Servers

Web Logic, IBM Web Sphere, JBoss, Apache Tomcat.

Database/Database Tools

MySQL, Oracle, DB2.


Eclipse, Spring Tool Suite(STS), Net Beans, Dreamweaver.

Modeling/CASE Tools

Star UML, Rational Rose, MS Visual Professional.

Build Tools

Ant, Maven.

Configuration Management Tools


OS & Environment

Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/NT, UNIX, Linux


Load UI, Beyond Compare, RTC, Putty, Notepad++, WinSCP, JNA, Star Team, Jenkins, Rational Clear Quest, HP Quality Center(QC).

Certifications: Oracle certified professional, Java SE 6 Programmer.

Professional Experience

Client : TracFone Wireless, Inc. Sep 2017 – Till Date

Location : Miami, FL

Role : Senior Java/J2EE Developer


Involved in the application development using Java platform. Model View Control (MVC) structure implementation.

Responsible for providing the client side JavaScript validations and usage of HTML, JavaScript, XML, JSP, CSS as per the requirements to enhance the Portal UI.

Used Spring Core for Dependency Injection.

Mapping of ORM objects to tables using the Hibernate as the persistence framework.

Involved in different service classes, used across the framework.

Implementation of Web Services using Axis for the integration of different systems

Developed applications using J2EE technologies like Spring Boot, Spring MVC on the business layer and the persistent layer using Hibernate as ORM tool.

Testing of Web Services using the Postman.

Used HTML, CSS, Spring MVC, JSP, and JQuery, JavaScript, Angular.js in the development and the designing the UI.

Gradient effects through the development of the CSS style sheets. Developed navigation, icons and layouts.

Code review and configuration build management for the application using Maven.

Implementation of business logic, validation Frame Work using Spring Web flow and Spring MVC.

Implemented Web tier of the application through the usage of Spring MVC framework.

Implementation of clean separation of layers through the usage of different design patterns like Factory pattern, Singleton and DAO pattern.

Serialization in the flattening of the objects.

Used core java concepts like Collections while developing server-side services.

Data storage using DB2 and used PL/SQL for queries.

Worked with IBM Web Sphere Application Server Developer Tools for Eclipse by using lightweight set of tools to assemble, develop and deploy Java EE, Web 2.0, and mobile applications.

Involved with GUI using JSP, Java Script and HTML.

Involved in using continuous integration tool (CI/CD) Jenkins. Created builds using Maven and pulled the project code from GitHub repositories.

Experience with Garbage collection and multithreading.

Experience with Concurrency, Exception Handling, File handling.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Java Script, JSP, HTML, CSS, XML, SOAP, Hibernate, MySql DB, Spring Boot, PL/SQL, Log4j, JQuery, Angular JS, Eclipse, IBM Web Sphere Application server.

Client : GE Digital Oct 2015 – Aug 2017

Location : Chicago, IL.

Role : Senior Developer


Developed UML diagrams object diagrams, class diagrams, sequence diagrams and case diagrams.

System application architecture is based up on the J2EE specifications and Spring MVC (Model View Controller).

Used Generics, Enums, enhanced for loop and java Annotations in the development.

Used Web Services frameworks like Hibernate, Spring and JMS.

Used JMS during the implementation of Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) for sending and receiving the messages while creating web services.

Used Spring Security for application security and using Spring AOP created the logging aspects for logging and auditing purposes.

Application authentication through Spring Security.

Designed web services, created libraries, worked on GUI and XSLT reports.

Transaction management services handled through the usage of Spring AOP module for objects in any Spring based application.

Used Spring Security for the security of form-based application implementation.

Development of discount generation services using Dependency Injection (IOC) and Spring AOP.

Developed applications using J2EE technologies like Spring Boot, Spring MVC on the business layer and the persistent layer using Hibernate as ORM tool.

Implemented ORM, IOC and AOP for backend tiers using Hibernate and Spring.

Implemented Hibernate Template to great extent making use of HQL, Named Parameters, Named Queries and interfaces such as Expression, Query and Criteria.

Built RESTful Micro services and service- oriented solutions.

Developed the whole business logic in a microservices architecture using Spring Boot technology.

Developed Java App using GUI procedures and guidelines for installation.

Worked with APIs such as JDO (Java Data Objects) and Hibernate and JPA (Java Persistence API) frameworks.

Used design patterns such as Singleton, Service Locator, Data Access object and Session Façade during the implementation of an application.

Used CSS, HTML, Bootstrap and JQuery with NodeJS interaction during the upgradation of UI.

Association of HTML elements to models using AngularJS and NodeJS framework and Bootstrap library to build project UI’s quickly.

WebSphere Application Server in the deployment of application.

Involved in Scala Framework for web based application.

UI has been developed using Angular JS.

Asynchronous exchange of information such as payment Status reports using Java Messaging Services (JMS) as well reliable.

Applications that need to execute as part of a scheduling mechanisms used PL/SQL stored procedures.

Worked with AngularJS and JQuery in the creation of interface to Bulk update of Attributes and manage user menu.

Involved in the development of the UI using HTML, Java Script and JSP.

Involved in the development of Web Service components using SOAP and REST and integrated to the application.

Used Junit while creating test cases following Test Driven Development.

Transfer of XML data in large blocks over HTTP using SOA Web Services using SOAP with JAX-WS.

Automation of Build and deploy process using Maven and Jenkins.

Worked on issue Tracking using Clear Quest. Source Control using Clear Case in core project.

Used log4j for logging errors in the application.

Requirements gathering from end Clients involving in the JAD sessions.

Environment: Java, Spring, Hibernate, Spring Quartz JPA, RESTful Microservices, Java Scripts, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, JQuery, JMS, JAXP (SAX & DOM), JSON, Oracle, WebSphere Application Server, Eclipse, Unix/Linux, Oracle, SOAP, Maven, log4j, Junit, XML.

Client : CVS Health Oct 2013 – Sep 2015

Location : Phoenix, AZ

Role : Java Developer


Involved at different phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of the application alike Design, Requirements gathering, Analysis and Code development

Developed the application based on MVC architecture using the J2EE design patterns and technologies

Development is done using J2EE design patterns like Business Delegate, Session façade, Object Pattern and service locator, DAO, Factory and Singleton.

Development of user interfaces using AJAX and JSPs.

Experience in developing architecture and designing artifacts.

Worked on all GUI related work, alignment, designing and coding.

DevelopedSQLstored procedures and prepared statements for accessing and updating data from database.

Implementation of Spring Framework for a common look in all the presentation views.

Implementation of access privileged security for different front end views.

Development and creation of Web Services using REST with JSON response type.

Usage of RAD IDE based on Eclipse in the code development of Action Classes, Spring Beans and JSP.

Used Hibernate with POJOs in the implementation of persistence layer to represent the persistence database.

Integrated spring MVC with Spring Hibernate DAO and Spring DI.

Used Hibernate DAO Support in writing DAO, DTO’s

Implementation of the version control by using SVN.

Involved in the development of Java Web Services to get customer data from various application systems.

Deployed the application in to the server using JBoss Application Server.

Developed JUnit Test cases for DAO and Service Layer methods to accomplish TDD approach.

Usage of Log4J to capture the log that include runtime exceptions.

Preparation of WAR files along with the supportive ANT scripts development to deploy J2EE components into the server.

Environment: Core Java, JSP, HTML, XML, J2EE, Spring, Design Patterns, OOAD, MySql, ANT, JBoss Application Server, SVN, Hibernate, REST, Log4J, TOAD, JUNIT.

Client : Santander November 2010 - Sep 2013

Location : Boston, Massachusetts

Role : Java Developer


Involved in the requirements gathering, analysis, design, system/technical specifications, development of the project.

Client side validations using JavaScript.

Development of UI using JavaScript, CSS, JQuery, JSP and JSON.

Usage of Struts validator framework for server side and client side validation.

FAS system enhancement using Struts and iBatis.

Involved in the development of web services using Apache, integrated with action mappings.

Developed velocity templates that triggers email to alias for various user interactive forms. Such forms were highly appreciated due to the manual work load redundancy.

Used Localization’s, Title, Internalization and tag libraries to accommodate different locations.

Used JAXB for binding and JAXP for parsing.

Involved in the development of the business process core logic services.

Developed stored procedures, database queries, functions etc.,

Deployed EJB Components on WebLogic, Interaction with Oracle DB using JDBC API.

Involved in XSLT transformations to prepare HTML pages from XML files.

Application deployment and building through enhanced ANT Scripts.

Involved in Code review, Unit Testing for various enhancements.

End to end application implementation.

Environment: Java 1.4, J2EE (EJB, JSP/Servlets, JDBC, XML), My Eclipse, WebLogic, Struts, iBatis, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, Apache, EJB, XML, XSD, XSLT, JAXB, JAXP, ANT, SVN.

Client : GGK Technologies August 2009 – Oct 2010

Location : Hyderabad, India.

Role : Java Developer


Created UML diagrams (class, sequence, usecase and collaboration) based on the business requirements.

Involved in designing and developing dynamic web pages using JSP with Struts tag libraries and HTML.

Designed JSP layout using Struts Tiles Framework.

Form validations using Struts Validator Framework and client-side validations using Java Script.

Used built-in functions to retrieve and update data from the databases.

Used Oracle stored procedures and PL/SQL queries implementation.

Used development environment Eclipse.

Involved in testing the functionality of each method in DAO layer using Junit test cases.

Version control using CVS.

Used WebLogic Application Server to deploy and configure the web application.

Environment: JSP, Servlets, Struts Framework, Struts Tiles Framework, Struts Validator Framework, JavaScript, XML, JDBC, Oracle, PL/SQL, WebLogic, Eclipse, JUnit, CVS.

Education: Bachelor of Technology in IT.

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