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Data Manager

Plano, Texas, United States
50.00 per hr.
February 08, 2018

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Sharon Moore – 214-***-****


Microsoft Excel/Access guru with a team oriented mindset, seeking a support position that will utilize my

advanced data analysis, business analysis, tracking and reporting skills.


High level of expertise in the use of:

15+ years MS Excel and Access version 2000 – 2016

-Pivot tables, VB Macros and Reporting.

-Access Databases, relationship tables, append tables, queries

-Functions – Vlookup, Concatenate, Trim, SumIF, CountIF, Match, Search, Left, Right, AVG, Filter, Conditional Formatting, Paste Special, Paste Link

15+ years of SAP which includes 5+ yrs of 1SAP, PM, MM, MDM, FICO,

15+ years of Data Analysis/Business Analysis - Reporting

15+ years of Powerpoint Presentation Skills.

15+ Accounting Principles

15+Data Profiling

15+Data Conversions/Data Migrations

15+VBA Excel Macros


7 + years of Oil Industry Experience onsite at Chevron, BP, Shell, Eni Petroleum

7+ years of Sharepoint

5+ years of Business Analysis – Requirements Gathering

5+ years of Data Cleansing, 1 year of Remedy, 1+ year of ICTS Trade Capture.

5+ years of Project Schedule - Tracking Projects from Inception to Completion.

2 + years of Vendor Management - contact with various vendors that service the oil industry.

2 + years of Ariba - Catalogue Creation to facilitate Requisitions and Purchase Orders.

2 + Supplier Procurement - Ariba

1 year Supplier Procurement - Hubwoo

1 year of P2P as a Lead P2P Analyst responsible for converting over 300 contracts to P2P tool to enable electronic vendor payments.

1 year of Data Governance

Experience with, DMS, OpenWells, Dodson, SkillsXP, Catalogue Creation, Visio & PCard.

Supplier Procurement - Hubwoo


KFORCE - (DFW Materials - Remote)

Plano, TX

Oct 2017- Current

Access Developer

Updating Microsoft Access Database 2013.

Updating Microsoft Access Queries, Forms, Reports, and Data Links to external data.

Utilizing SQL statements to update database.

Utilizing SaaS to import Excel Invoice data to QuickBooks.

Utilizing QuickBooks to link Microsoft Access Invoice data.

Short Term Remote position.

Themesoft - (Onsite at PepsiCo)

Plano, TX

Mar 2017 - Sept 2017

SAP Data Analyst - SAP Solution Delivery Team

Verifies Data Governance.

Updates Data Governance Position Papers.

Checks Data Governance in over 40 SAP landscapes for ESSA, LATAM, E-AMENA & W-AMENA.

Runs ALE in SAP Global Landscapes for Class Classification/Characteristics.

Runs IDOC transaction in SAP to transfer/update data.

Updates Task 30 and Task 35 in HP Service Manager for Hierarchy add/change and COPA.

Profiles Data for Task 30 to ensure Data quality.

Responsible for running transactions in SAP to extract data to Excel.

Analyzes up to 2.5 million lines of SAP extracted data in Excel.

Uploads Data to Microsoft Teams/Sharepoint.

Utilizes Vlookups, Pivot tables, VB Macros and Formulas to cleanse data extracted from SAP.

Updates PowerPoint presentations as needed. Uploads documents to PEPNET as requested.

Oxford Resources - (Onsite at Givaudan)

Cincinnati, OH

Sept 2016 – Jan 2017

SAP Data Analyst

Works with functional analysts across multiple functional groups to verify data governance and prepare SAP object data templates and understand data requirements for Legacy data migration to SAP.

Profiles master data to cleanse and complete data needed to load into SAP.

Follows up on data collection by the business users and issues resolution on their data.

Utilizes Excel to create/update business objects.

Creates VB macros to expedite cleansing process.

Creates vlookups, if statements & various data specific formulas to format data.

Infotree - (Onsite at Pepsico/FLNA)

Plano, TX

Jul 2016 - Sept 2016


Updates & Distributes Weekly Recap Reporting for FLNA - Signature Service GTM.

Responsible for updating & Distributing Period FLNA Tracking Reports as well as Dollar General Reports.

Updates FLNA Signature Service Webpage as requested.

Updates Weekly Quality Recap via PowerPoint for FNLA-GTM and distributes to Team.

Updates charts via PowerPoint as required.

Utilizes Business Objects to schedule & retrieve Reports that are exported to Excel.

Implemented Process Requirements for Reporting Training purposes.

Implemented VB macros to expedite repetitive Reporting requirements.

KForce - (Fresenius Medical Group - Remote Position)

Jun 2015 - Feb 2016

SAP Data Analyst

Verifies Data Governance.

Analyzes SAP Vendor Master data information for data Cleansing to be utilized in Tungsten E-invoicing system implementation.

Profiles Data for data standardization as requested.

Retrieves text files from Sharepoint. Converts to Microsoft Excel to Analyze.

Utilizes VB Macros, Vlookups, Concatenate, Left, Trim & Pivot tables daily.

Suggested Microsoft Excel VB Macro creation to expedite process to analyze 150,000 vendors. VB Macro process approved by Manager.

VB Macros created expedited process from 4 hrs. per file to 30-45 min.

Maintains Vendor Master file in Microsoft Excel. Updates/distributes as needed.

Provides daily completed analyzed files to Manager.

Responsible for analyzing 2000 lines of data per week. Creates reports utilized in weekly meeting.

Created Microsoft Access Database to streamline reporting process.

Attends weekly status meeting via conference call. Handles ad-hoc request to analyze data.

Collabera - (Onsite at JP Morgan Chase Bank - Short Term Project)

Fort Worth, TX

Feb 2015 - Apr 2015

Data Conversion Analyst

Converts RCM data to RCCD format utilizing an Excel template for conversion upload.

Uses these various Excel functions: vlookup, sumifs, countifs, if statements, logical statements, filters, array formulas and parsing data using left/right/find/len. Formats data using text functions and Pivot tables for summarizing data.

Profiles data for standardization.

Created VB Macros to automate data cleansing.

Builds reports. Creates Excel templates to automate complex analysis or processes that are intended for use by other staff.

Feeds results and issues to COE Contacts. Funnels questions on the documentation to the internal Chase COE coordinator and receives answers back to complete the conversion.

Uses SharePoint to update, track and upload new RCCD's.

Uses Visio, Igrafx, Phoenix Downloads and Top Down Heat Map data as needed.

Fircroft - (Onsite at ENI Petroleum)

Houston, TX

Feb 2014 - Jul 2014

P2P Lead Data Analyst - Hubwoo

Returned to previously held position at ENI.

Was first Lead Analyst hired on this project in Mar 2013. Worked closely with Managers to implement conversion of contracts to Hubwoo environment.

Reviews P2P Monitor report in SAP to check status of vendor invoice submissions. Checks status to see if payments have been rejected or financially approved.

Provides P2P Hubwoo training for vendors via phone or video conferencing.

Provides Vendor assistance with creating/submitting Service Entry Sheets to match Purchase Orders.

Tracks status/approval of Service Entry Sheets/Purchase Orders in SAP.

Utilizes SAP to verify/validate contract validity dates and contract amount.

Retrieves Vendor Price Sheets from SAP to create vendor templates for Hubwoo uploads.

Assist with Help Desk for Hubwoo vendor related issues.

Utilizes DMS to research/download vendor contracts.

Creates/Uploads vendor catalogs into Hubwoo utilizing Excel.

Utilizes VB Macro to assist with template upload into Hubwoo. Updates Macro as required.

Updates pricing in vendor catalogs for amended contracts.

Works closely with vendors to resolve Hubwoo related pricing issues.

As a Hubwoo Administrator updates vendor catalogs in Hubwoo.

Works closely with Contract Managers/Contract Handlers to resolve discrepancies related to Hubwoo templates/pricing issues.

Works closely with Buyers to resolve pricing discrepancies/create vendor templates.

Troubleshoots Hubwoo upload discrepancies. Works with Hubwoo Technical support to resolve vendor pricing/catalog issues.

Works closely with Vendors to resolve invoice payment resolutions.

Checks Vendor Invoice Payment Status in SAP using P2P transaction code.

Cenergy - (Onsite at BP)

Houston, TX

Aug 2013 - Feb 2014

Technical Assistant

Maintenance of Performance Indicator data.

Provides S&OR staff with analysis (tabular and graphical) from GWEA spread-sheets using VB macros and pivot tables.

Creates Pivot Tables, VB Macros, Formulas to enhance Excel Reporting.

Obtains data from the line under the direction SETAs and EA in support of Assurance activity.

Uploads/Updates documents on Sharepoint.

Enters Assurance scheduling into the Assurance Database that I created. Exports tables from the Assurance Database to Excel to create Reports.

Enters GOM Plea Agreement “stop the operation” activity into the Excel based Register.

Tracks activities and work plan completions to ensure we are meeting schedule in accordance with the Assurance Plan.

Assist in the planning and coordinating of assurance activities for both current and follow on year.

Tracks Peer-to-Peer Review Assurance scheduling and completion of assurance and incorporation in the database.

Establishes and maintains a register documenting any major new and/or updated safety related requirements.

Schedules and coordinates the monthly review board for the “Stop the Operation” Register submissions.

Prepares examples from the exercising of the authority to stop the job for communication.

Compiles both the safety related requirements register and the “Stop the Operation” register.

Strategic Staffing Solutions - (Onsite at ENI Petroleum)

Houston, TX

Mar 2013 - Aug 2013

P2P Lead Data Analyst - Hubwoo

Lead For Data Analysis and Contract uploads for P2P Hubwoo Project.

Guides/Instructs P2P Specialist on daily objectives.

Worked with IT Manager to obtain software essential for contract conversion.

First point of contact with Vendors to introduce Hubwoo implementation.

Updates Excel file with contract upload status from inception to completion.

Implemented efficient ways to track/house data by creating one central contract repository. Also implemented file share to simplify updating process between various users.

Utilizes SAP to Validate Contract data for upload analysis. Extracts data as needed.

Utilizes DMS to review/retrieve contracts.

Communicates with Contract Managers/Buyers to obtain contract detail.

Utilizes Microsoft Excel to prepare upload template for Hubwoo.

Utilizes Vlookups, concatenate, date formulas and VB macros to expedite data cleansing for upload process.

Completes weekly vendor contract validity end date Analysis. Determines timeline and provides status to Management.

Weekly Reporting provided to Management.

Adhoc Analysis/Reporting created as requested.

Swift Worldwide Resources – (Onsite at Chevron)

Houston, TX

Mar 2012 - Oct 2012

Technical Assistant

Responsible for the creation/generation of spend reporting per projects as requested.

Responsible for Updating the Sharepoint Tracker with Financial data, Chevron Engineering Standard document updates and project completion status.

Created document sites in Sharepoint as needed.

Extracted SAP WBS data for cost codes and project costs to be utilized for monthly reporting purposes.

Extracted various Reporting in SAP-BO for Manager.

Utilized SAP PCH and PC3 6.0 to enter/extract data.

Created/updated charts, formulas and spreadsheets utilizing Microsoft Excel for monthly reporting.

Utilized PCard for departmental purchases.

Supplier Procurement - Ariba

Tracked Invoice Status in Ariba. Submitted invoices for payment.

Ran SAP Transaction codes to track Ariba Invoice status.

Tracked CES project status and cost associated and was responsible for flagging over budget documents.

Assisted with special projects as needed.

Experis (Onsite at Noble Drilling)

Houston, TX

Nov 2011 - Mar 2012

Business Analyst/SAP Data Analyst (Maintenance)

Gather requirements to facilitate process change in data capture to update/cleanse Maintenance Plans in SAP

Responsible for updating Excel spreadsheets associated with Equipment Task List and Maintenance Plans related to SAP PM.

Updated/Created/Deleted Equipment in SAP utilizing SAP PM transaction codes for various Rigs.

Created/Deleted Maintenance Plans associated with Equipment.

Ran various transactions codes in SAP for retrieving Maintenance Data.

Exported data from SAP to Excel as needed.

Cleansed Maintenance/Equipment Data for various Noble Rigs utilizing Microsoft Excel.

Created Pivot Tables as needed in Microsoft Excel.

Utilized Vlookups to populate data from one spreadsheet to another.

Manipulated extreme volumes of Maintenance data utilizing Microsoft Excel.

Fircroft (Onsite at Chevron)

Houston, TX

May 2011 – Jul 2011

Well P&A Coordinator

Responsible for updating Microsoft Access 2007 database with all well plug & abandonment permitting submittal, approval and expiration dates. Updates well status as needed.

Created Access databases, relationship tables, update/append tables, linked excel files, import/export from and to excel as required.

Created Access queries, forms, and reports. Reports exported to Excel as required.

Updated approved dates in database for Sundry Notices, W3, W-3A, and 3160 Notices received to P&A Wells in Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming and New Mexico.

Added new wells to the database to be plugged & abandoned. Updates database with new well reps and vendors as needed.

Ran transaction codes in SAP to obtain WBS financial information to update in database.

Imported Excel files into database to track daily work activity associated with wells.

Exported various reports from Microsoft Access to Excel 2007 to distribute to Project Managers.

Utilized Microsoft Excel to create spreadsheets that tracks well information not found in Access database.

Created Vlookups and Pivot Table in Microsoft Excel to analyze database in comparison to Client Spreadsheets. Automated process utilizing Microsoft Excel to verify data.

Researched well data on various websites to verify API number and well name.

Corresponded with Well Reps and Project Managers to convey well status change, permitting issues and WBS information.

Tracked Microsoft Project Schedules from inception to completion.

Assisted with Month End Financial Reporting. Assisted with Lean Sigma Projects.

Chevron – Covington (Work at home position) - Upstream

Houston, TX

May 2011 – Aug 2011

FE-Business Planning Technologist

Responsible for monthly spend reporting.

Utilized Microsoft Excel to update monthly reports as requested.

Search Svs (Onsite at Pride International)

Houston, TX

Feb 2011 – Apr 2011

SkillsXP Administrator

Responsible for linking all Certificates/Assessments for Mendocino and Molokai Rigs.

Submitted weekly KPI Report to Manager. Extracted data from SkillsXP as a Microsoft Excel Document and formats as needed to create report.

Responsible for updating New Employee Roles in SkillsXP.

Proactively created Excel Spreadsheet to track daily certificates/assessments linked to send to Management to show daily Accountability.

Nov 2010 – Jan 2011

KPI Reporting Analyst (Technical Training and Competency)

Responsible for KPI Reporting utilizing Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint.

Linked employee certificates and enters assessments into SkillsXP.

Extracted personnel and assessment data from SkillsXP.

Updated documents as needed.

Swift Worldwide Resources (Onsite at BP)

Houston, TX

May 2010 – Nov 2010

Analyst (Oil Spill Response Equipment Team)

Created/Updated Spend Report sent to Finance Daily.

Updated CPP Tracker and 213 Tracker on Sharepoint as needed.

IBM CAP Team Point of Contact for all documentation and reporting for Equipment Team.

Responsible for placing Scanned documents on Ariba.

Created Catalogues utilizing Ariba to initiate Purchase Requisitions.

Published Ariba catalogues for Customer Purchase Order creation to facilitate invoicing.

Supplier Procurement - Ariba

Tracked Ariba Invoicing status in SAP form inception to completion.

Sourced Critical Equipment needed to respond to the Gulf Spill Crisis totaling over $1MM.

Responsible for Planning, Sourcing and Negotiating pricing as requested.

Managed Supplier Sourcing list and distributed daily. Updated as needed.

Contacted Suppliers as needed to convey purchasing needs and follow up on shipments.

Responsible for tracking all equipment purchased by the Buyers on the Oil Spill Response Team utilizing Microsoft Access and Excel.

Updates Daily as needed. Created Pivot Tables to show Equipment purchased per Vendor, By Buyer, capturing total amount purchased per Buyer.

Created Pivot Table to show Equipment Delivered by Location capturing Actual Date and ETA Delivery Date, as well as total expenditure.

Created Access Database to track Purchase Orders, Equipment, Vendors and Cost for departmental Buyer activity.

Creates Access databases, relationship tables, update/append tables, linked excel files, import/export from and to excel as required.

Creates Access queries, forms, and reports. Reports exported to Excel as required.

Disbursed Excel Reports to Management and Critical Resources Equipment Team.

Updated Equipment Delivery Report daily.

Assisted Equipment Team with Microsoft Excel as requested.

Utilized advanced functions in Microsoft Excel to expedite Reporting.

Updated Sharepoint with Daily Reporting.

Cenergy (Onsite at Shell) Short term contract with Shell

Houston, TX

Mar 2010-Apr 2010

Business Analyst/Drilling/Engineering - Upstream

Responsible for Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reporting.

Updated Trouble Time, Completion Measures and Quartile Curve Reports.

Input New Wells into SWPM for Drilling and Completion Phase.

Utilized Openwells to view Daily Operations, AFE and Completion Reports.

Utilized Data Analyzer to run various Drilling Reports.

Utilized Open Wells, also tracked well cost, mud weight, hole size, spud date, rig release date, mobilization and demobilization cost.

Tracked Trouble Time.

Utilized Summary Sheets to track well status from Drilling to Completion Phase.

Utilizing advanced Excel Skills was able to complete reports in 2 hrs that had previously taken all day to produce.

Logix Guru (Onsite at BP)

Houston, TX

Feb 2009 – Dec 2009

Data Conversion Analyst

Verifies Data Governance.

Updates Master Data.

Profiles data for standardization.

Verified/Updated Vendor Management list in Microsoft Access 2007.

Creates Access databases, relationship tables, update/append tables, linked excel files, import/export from and to excel as required.

Creates Access queries, forms, and reports. Reports exported to Excel as required.

Utilized Microsoft Excel 2007 to create Pivot tables, VB Macros and Vlookups as needed for Reporting purposes.

Analyzed Data for Cleansing.

Contacted Vendors to discuss Data Integrity. Updates as needed.

Updated Price Books during preparation of “Go Live”.

Utilized Sharepoint.

Analysts International (Onsite at Chevron)

Houston, TX

Aug 2008 – Jan 2009

Tester/Analyst - Upstream

Updated/Created XMLs to run test scripts in ICTS utilizing Microsoft Excel 2003 and Notepad.

Edited parameters as needed to update Feeds with Unprocessed, Errors or Failed Status to Complete Status in ICTS.

Tested Trade Creation, Updates, Allocations, Schedules and Imbalances on Exchange Plan, Refinery Production and Term Trades.

Utilized Mercury Quality Center to log tests pass/fail status.

Updated Defects as needed in Mercury Quality Center.

Analysts International (Onsite at Chevron)

Houston, TX

Sept 2007 – Aug 2008

Data Conversion Analyst - Upstream

Profiles Data for standardization as requested.

Obtained Data from multiple sources to enter trades and allocations into ICTS.

Created templates for trade entry utilizing Microsoft Excel 2003 and SAP 5.0 Extracts.

Created instructional documentation for creation of Excel Templates utilized for Trade entry.

Created Commodities as needed into ICTS. Ran verification/quality checks on data entry/and or detect abnormalities.

Communicated data quality to internal audience on a routine basis.

Supported other team members in the resolution/testing associated with system bugs or process changes.

Utilized Concatenate, Trim, Text to Column as needed.

Utilized Microsoft Excel and Access 2003, ERoom, ICTS and PowerPoint 2003.

Creates Access databases, relationship tables, update/append tables, linked excel files, import/export from and to excel as required.

Creates Access queries, forms, and reports. Reports exported to Excel as required.

Created Vlookups, VB Macros, Pivot Tables and If-Statements as needed.

Kelly IT Services - (Onsite at BCBS)

Richardson, TX

June 2007 - Sept 2007

Senior Reporting Analyst

Analyzed Employee Requisitions and Workforce Data.

Produced weekly reports in Microsoft Excel to support the departments within the PMO.

Provided Business Analysis support in a continuous effort to improve the

Information Analysis and Reporting Deliverables.

Also provided project coordination as the CM Focal for the team.

Created a Microsoft Access Database to assist with reporting deliverables.

Worked on Special Projects as Requested.

Softcase Inc, (Onsite at PepsiCo)

Plano, TX

Jan 2007 – Mar 2007

Business Analyst

Gathered requirements to facilitate/document process for updating employee records.

Utilized WEBCAT to update Employee records. Utilized Org Plus and Power Point 2003 to update Org Charts.

Powerpoint Presentations presented to Executive level Management.

Audited Employee Records utilizing Microsoft Access 2003 and WEBCAT extracts.

Utilized SAP 4.0 Transactions to run Reports.

Created Vlookups and If Statements to verify Audit accuracy utilizing Microsoft Excel 2003.

Created VB Macros in Microsoft Access 2003 to export Reports to Microsoft Excel.

Creates Access databases, relationship tables, update/append tables, linked excel files, import/export from and to excel as required.

Creates Access queries, forms, and reports. Reports exported to Excel as required.

Created Project Timeline using Microsoft Project Schedule.

Updated Resources, Task, Critical Paths as needed.

Worked on Special Projects/Reports as requested.


1990–1991 Southern Technical College Shreveport, LA

CERTIFICATION: Computerized Office Technology – GPA 3.5

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