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Technical Lead

Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
February 07, 2018

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Arnab Sinha Roy

Mobile: +1-650-***-**** / +1-669-***-**** Email: Web:

Working as an Oracle - ATG eCommerce lead with more than 9.5 years of experience in implementing large scale ATG based B2B and B2C e-commerce applications.

Proven ability to lead technical teams implementing robust e-commerce systems with hands on experience on using ATG Commerce, BCC, CSC and other modules of Oracle - ATG eCommerce suite.

Key highlights of my experience include application design & development, version migration, performance tuning, architecture design and environment setup of Oracle ATG systems (both production and test environments), integration with - ESB, Stibo STEP PIM, payment systems, address validations, Identity Access Management systems, Bazaar Voice ratings & reviews, google analytics, Jenkins, Sonar, Apache Cassandra etc.

Conceptualized and created a web push notification system from scratch (web browser equivalent of mobile push notifications) which is helping a leading fashion retailer generate more than $250,000 in annual incremental sales reaching more than 100000 customers.

Extensive experience of working with client technical teams, different system integrators, business analysts, sales and marketing managers focusing on delivery of large scale robust ATG based e-commerce systems (onshore in Chile and USA and offshore in India).

Proficient with different Software Development Lifecycle Methods such as Agile, Waterfall. Have more than 6 years of experience working in Agile model with 1.5+ years in the capacity of Scrum Master.

Managed teams of 20+ Java and ATG commerce developers in India and US to deliver various projects while working in Production Support Lead, Onsite Technical Lead roles.

Experience of driving optimization and improvements for projects.

Experienced in estimation, requirement analysis, RFP preparation.

Strong communication, people management, interpersonal and presentation skills.

Technology Skills


Oracle ATG commerce modules (DAS, DPS, DCS, DSS etc.), Oracle ATG Business Control Center (BCC), Endeca Experience Manager

Development Methodologies:

Waterfall, Agile, ITIL

Operating Systems:

Linux, Solaris, Windows


Oracle, Relational Databases, Apache Cassandra NoSQL


SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, C, Java, J2EE

Software Tools:

MS Visio, MS Office, Eclipse,Tomcat,JBoss,Toad for Oracle, Oracle SQL Developer, Jenkins, SonarQube, PMD, Cassandra, Datastax Devcenter, ELK (ElasticSearch,Logstash,Kibana), Splunk, Atlassian tools (Jira,Confluence), OneOps, Google Analytics, Omniture Analytics, Tag managers (Adobe DTM)

Educational Background

Graduation : Bachelor of Techology in Computer Science and Engineering

From West Bengal University of Technology

Year of Graduation : 2008


Recognized as a highly motivated team player, highly flexible and one of the most outstanding entrant to the business unit (Nominated for award in Infosys Hyderabad).

Recognized as “LN – Knight of the Month “– An award given for excellent contribution to the Lexis Nexis account by Infosys.

Work Experience

New York & Company

Technical Analyst (26th September 2016, to current)

Wipro Technologies

Technical Lead (25th January,2013 to 21st September 2016)

TCS Limited

Systems Engineer (16th April, 2012 to 18th January,2013)

Infosys Technologies

Senior Systems Engineer (Infosys Limited - 24th November, 2008 to 2nd March, 2012)

Project Details

New York and Company – Information Technology Team (From company Brand Head Quarters in Manhattan, New York)-

Working in the Information Technology Team’s Ecommerce and Digital business area as Technical Lead. Team is responsible for modernizing, automating and enhancing the stability of the ecommerce platform running on Oracle ATG Commerce.

1.Conceptualized and developed a web push notifications platform (similar to mobile push notifications but for web browsers) which NY & Co adopted. Currently this has 100000 plus active subscribers (NY & Co customers) and has generated significant incremental sales and site visits since launch.

2.Conceptualized and implemented ELK Stack (ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana, Filebeat) based log search and analysis which has reduced production troubleshooting time drastically.

3.Perform design and code reviews to ensure the implementation aligns with architectural plans and roadmaps. Setup automated code quality checks using tools such as PMD, SonarQube etc.

4.Identify plan for code release cycles and deploy application code into development, test and production servers.

5.Perform maintenance activities on the weblogic application servers, identify performance issues and tune the configuration to have them fixed.

6.Customize, fix issues on the Oracle ATG Business Control Center (BCC) application.

7.Ensure technical and functional quality of project deliverables such as High-Level Design Document (HLD), Low Level Design Document (LLD), Prepare Code Quality review guidelines.

8.Participate in application requirements review meetings; provide solutions to functional and nonfunctional requirements (such as scalability and performance)

9.Act as primary contact person for business operational support on a need basis. Support business in preparation for holiday sales and other high sales promotional events by ensuring stability of the Oracle ATG Commerce platform.

10.Provide solutions and road maps to adopt new technologies such as Cassandra, Javascript Service Workers, Chat bots etc, prepare proof of concept work for business to evaluate possible use cases.

11.Mentor teams to adopt new software development methodologies, such as Agile, Scrum and help business to launch new features in a faster and more effective manner.

12.Create and maintain development and troubleshooting documentation for the ecommerce application platforms. Provide documentation guidelines.

13.Create and maintain automation tools using Jenkins, Linux Shell Script, ANT, Maven etc for a smoother operation of ecommerce business.

14.Create and maintain non-production test and development environments.

15.Provide Oracle database setup, tuning of databases for non-production systems.

16.Setup Akamai ION (CDN) configurations for NY & Co ecommerce sites.

17.Architected and implemented SEO and integration of and with

Walmart – Sam’s Club Migration Team (From onshore in California for Wipro as Senior Software Engineer, May 2016 – September 2016)-

This project is to move the Sam’s club site out of Oracle ATG to a new micro-service based custom platform made by Walmart Labs. My work here includes –

1.Explore different customizations done for Oracle ATG Commerce product catalog; identify the DB tables and type of data to migrate. Create ATG schedulers and expose ATG components as REST API. Expose repository as REST API.

2.Evaluate Oracle ATG out of the box promotion capabilities; create a solution to provide similar capabilities in the new eCommerce platform. Worked with Jboss drools and Java REST webservices for this proof of concept. ATG promotions export API to be used for creating the promotions and then injecting to the custom promotions engine. Working on migration of catalogue to custom built system using open source tools such as Scala, Cassandra etc.

Walmart – Sam’s Club ATG Robust Foundation Team (From onshore in California for Wipro as Senior Software Engineer, August 2015 – May 2016)-

This team was responsible for identifying existing performance related and business process related issues and fixes them. This team also fixes any errors, exceptions identified during previous sales events.

1.Coordinating with production support and DevOps team to debug exceptions on production environment.

2.Fixing issues on production and lower environment BCC (Oracle ATG merchandizing application).

3.Migrating deployment environment from Solaris to Linux on new data center.

4.Identifying and fixing existing code and configuration issues on the site. Identifying and fixing issues identified during holiday sale events.

5.Fixed preview environment issues, setup production BCC environment backup server.

Walmart – Sam’s Club ATG Devops Team (From onshore in California from Wipro as Senior Engineer, February 2015 – August 2015)-

Devops team member for Walmart’s Sam’s Club ecommerce business running on Oracle ATG Commerce platform.

My responsibilities in this project included -

1. Work as a DevOps engineer assessing issues on the SIT and UAT environments using OneOps and other tools.

1.Coordinating for defect fixes and patch releases

2.Setting up non-production environments, fixing issues on ecommerce store, Oracle ATG BCC, Oracle ATG CSC applications.

3.Maintaining tools such as SonarQube, Jenkins etc.

4.As part of platform team and holiday readiness teams, identifying and fixing recurring issues, performance issues.

Falabella ATG Enhancements (From onshore in Chile for Wipro as Team Lead, March 2014-January 2015)-

Falabella, one of the largest retailers in South America with stores in more than 4 countries (Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Peru etc) . This project was to enhance the functionalities of the Falabella, Sodimac and Tottus brand store sites running on Oracle ATG Commerce.

My responsibilities in this project included -

1.Work as onshore technical lead assessing severity of issues raised, assessing impact, estimation of time and work, dividing work among the team. This project was for implementing a PIM (Product Information Management) solution where Oracle ATG BCC has to consume feed provided by Stibo System’s STEP product.

2. Design and implement customized Code on Oracle ATG Commerce platform to sell services online through Sodimac site.

3.Working on the fix implementation at java component level, jsp level, CSS level, deploying on UAT and production environment and testing.

4. Performance tuning of the Tottus site which involved changes to customized Oracle ATG code, configuration, Oracle Database and JBoss application server.

5.Leading a team of 15 people working on various features of the ecommerce site from Wipro offshore. Co-coordinating for 2 projects, while working as a part of the Falabella internal team also.

Lexmark ATG Support Project (Wipro, Application Support Lead, January 2013 – March 2014) -

Lexmark, has Oracle ATG commerce-based web store implemented in more than 5 countries (US, UK, Canada, Spain etc). This project supports all the Oracle ATG based store sites in a 24*7 environment from onshore and offshore and resolves issues. Managed a team of 20+ developers working from Onshore (US) and India as Production Support Lead.

My responsibilities in this project included -

1.Assessing severity of issues raised, assessing impact, estimation of time and work, dividing among the team.

2.Working on the fix implementation at java component level, jsp, CSS, deploying on UAT and production environment and testing.

3.JVM (Java Virtual Machine) tuning of servers.

4.Leading a team of 20+ people working on various java / j2ee based web applications from Onshore (in USA) and Offshore (India)

Kingfisher – Application Maintenance & Support Project (TCS, System Engineer, April 2012- January 2013) -

Kingfisher PLC is Europe’s leading home improvement company. They have their store presence online with ATG 7.1 on the front end.

My responsibilities in this project include –

1.Server status monitoring, checking for problems and resolving them.

2.Monitor feeds, and application logs.

3.Changing configuration entries for Oracle ATG Commerce application, creating and maintaining ST and UAT environments.

4.Updating JSPs, and Java classes to suit the ever-changing business needs.

Vodafone - mShop Project (Infosys Technologies, Senior Systems Engineer, January 2012-March 2012)-

Vodafone mShop was a project for exposing Oracle ATG components as pure REST webservices (that supports http verbs such as GET, DELETE etc) for consumption by applications running on handheld devices for eg. Smartphones, Tablets

My responsibilities in this project included -

5.Proof of Concept work on exposing Oracle ATG components as REST services using the Spring REST services framework and Jersey REST services framework.

Kodak – Partnerplace – User Provisioning System Project (Infosys Technologies, Systems Engineer, October 2011- January 2012)-

Kodak partnerplace is a site that gives a single interface for Kodak’s partners to get access to various applications.

My responsibilities in this project included -

1.Code review, maintain Oracle ATG- coding standards and best practices, code refactoring.

2.Implement Google Analytics, which included sending data to google servers, fetching data using a scheduler, storing it in ATG repository and displaying reports through Oracle ATG.

DOM - Solutions ATG–Yantra Integration and Solution Creation Project (Infosys Technologies, Systems Engineer, September 2011 – October 2011)-

DOM Solution is a project to integrate ATG with Sterling OMS via middleware EDI tools.

My responsibilities in this project included -

1.Requirement gathering, meeting, understanding business requirements, analyzing which functionalities can be implemented through ATG commerce module and which through Oracle ATG CSC module.

2.Developing new components, extending out of box components to support new functionalities, developing jsp screens, droplets to display new information. Worked with webservices, queues, jsp, dsp tag library, css, html, javascript.

LexisNexis ATG UK Shop– Enhancement Project (Infosys Technologies, Systems Engineer, January 2011 – September 2011)-

LexisNexis, wanted their book shop for UK to have an upgrade on the UI front, specifically the home page, product details page and SEO implementation.

My responsibilities in this project included -

1.Requirement analysis, understanding business requirements, demystifying one-line requirement statements to one of the biggest enhancement projects undertaken by LexisNexis UK.

2.Developing new user interface based on Oracle ATG DSP tags from the customer supplied HTML UI, rewriting the logic at component and UI level.

3.Worked with targeters, media content creation and deployment through BCC for the targeters.

4.Implement SEO features using Oracle ATG Commerce.

LexisNexis ATG Support Project (Infosys Technologies, Systems Engineer, November 2010 – January 2011) -

LexisNexis, has Oracle ATG-commerce based web store implemented in more than 5 countries (US, UK, Asia-Pacific site, Austria, Australia, South Africa). This project supports all the ATG store sites in a 24*7 environment from onshore and offshore and resolves issues reported by business.

My responsibilities in this project included -

1.Assessing severity of issues, assessing impact, estimation of time and work, dividing among the team.

2.Working on the fix implementation at Java component level, jsp level, CSS level, deploying on UAT environment and integration testing.

LexisNexis Idex Project (Infosys Technologies, Systems Engineer, February 2010 – October 2010)-

Idex is an expert witness and case details search website, acquired by the US based law and related fields firm LexisNexis. This was an Oracle ATG Commerce 9.0 implementation.

My responsibilities in this project included –

1.Requirement gathering, preparing high and detailed level designs of the system for Profile and admin modules.

2.Worked on development of the profile module using Oracle ATG DPS module.

3.Extended the profile repository to add custom fields.

4.Worked on configuration of a 3rd party login service, which required the user to login to the 3rd party application 1st and then to Oracle ATG Commerce.

5. Worked on webservice client stubs as the profile data will be stored mainly on the centralized database and accessed for read, write and update operations via webservices.

Tesco Instore Project (Infosys Technologies, Systems Engineer, April 2009 – January 2010)-

Instore is a fully customized user interface running on top of the Oracle ATG CSC (Commerce Service Center) module. This is a kiosk-like touch screen application which will be operated by Tesco customer service representatives working in the store itself.

My Responsibilities in this project included -

1.Requirement gathering, meeting with client representatives, understanding business requirements, preparing visio wireframes which were based on ATG CSC 9.1 screens.

2.Developing the jsp based user interface of the ATG CSC based application. Worked with jsp, dsp tag library, css, html, javascript.

Work Permit

USA: H1-b (start – March 2015, current validity – September 2019)

Personal Details

Date of Birth: 04- Mar – 1987

Address – 37 Duncan Ave, APT 2A, Jersey City, New Jersey, 07304

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