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Manager Mechanical Engineering

Brantford, Ontario, Canada
February 07, 2018

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Pierre Uzabakiliho

Phone # 1-905-***-****

Hamilton – Ontario Key Qualifications:

• Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Sherbrooke University, Quebec

• 14+ years Extensive experience in Manufacturing Environment in Automotive industry, 7+ years in Quality Control and 6 years in Supply chemicals management operations, work on Lean Processes with the plants.

• Processes Control Engineering Metal Coating and Plating Processes Quality Assurance, QS 9000/TS16949 ISO 14000 GHS TQM, Kaizen, 5S, 5Why, 8D, PPAP, MSA, DOE basis, Torque testing and gaging on fasteners Standards: ASME.

• Experienced in Optimizing Processes, Reducing Scrap, Saving Costs and Project Cost Estimate, KPI.

• Results-focused and dedicated professional with experience in manufacturing and chemical operations in aerospace and automotive industries, Environment, Health and Safety, Paints formulations, (M)SDS, TDG, CFR49, IMDG, WHMIS or OSHA, GHS

• Strong background in Mechanical Engineering, Excellent organizational and analytical skills, proficiently conducting research, and implementing systems and program/ products

• 3 years’ QA/QC in Chemicals Management operations in aerospace Industry, Participated in implementation AS9100, Audits.

• Accomplished in chemicals management operations: Cost savings, Increase tools life, improving machine performance, process efficiency, innovatively finding alternative raw materials and suppliers for plating and metal coating applications processes to resolve environmental issues.

• Expertise: Project Management: Scheduling, work with Clients, Suppliers, Contractors, pricing.

• Excellent Computer Skills: Work with Excel, word, PowerPoint, outlook and SharePoint

• English & French fluency (Read, written and verbal) and Russian intermediary Professional Experience:

Regulations / Compliance Analyst 2014 – 2017


• Interact with suppliers in US and Chine on EPA emissions: Husqvarna, MTD, Briggs & Stratton, CHONGQING Power equip.

• Products with Engine: Chainsaws, Snow blowers, Boats engines, mowers, pressure washers et

• Better Home Living and home care products: Lights, curtains, electronics items, vacuums, paints,

• Auto Maintenance Fluids and Automobiles accessories: Oils, windshields fluids, senses, tires, batteries, cars parts

• Work on Environment, Health and Safety - Review New Products Introduction (NPI), Make sure chemicals products are well documented in our system SDS and transport Dangerous Good requirements, provide needed documents to clients on Health and Safety

• Pre-emptively look for upcoming regulations in Canada, US and European Union and work on it to mitigate their impact and make sure they have a positive outcome on the company

• Ensure clients have required documents: SDS, update the storages and transport codes of the products. Hazardous Products act, TDG, DOT, IMDG, CFR49, GHS, WHMIS, OSHA, Consumers Chemicals and Containers Regulations, Health and Safety

• Working with agencies: UL, BV (Bureau Veritas),EC (Environment Canada), Health Canada, OQLF (Quebec Labelling Office for French), working with suppliers on EPA III certificates compliance, Monitored EPA phase III implementation, Environment Canada Requirements

• Working suppliers in US and China on Labeling requirements

• Work with Suppliers on EPA to make sure engine products meet certification requirements

• Exposure to CMS (Corporate Minimum Standards) to resolve issues related to products from china

• Working with clients, stores on health and safety, shipping (DOT and TDG, IMDG) Pierre Uzabakiliho Page Two

Site Operations Manager 2013 – 2014

QUAKER CHEMICALS at Chrysler Plant (Contract) - Aluminum Casting Plant Oversaw KPI (monthly spend, chemicals consumption vs production, spills, leaks, and scrap), morning production meetings, general accounting and reporting of costs and contractual targets, working with Engineers and other employees in the plant to improve processes, reducing waste, Managed procurement, audits, price control, and monthly presentations.

• Analyzed plant requirements and contributed to the planning and implementation of programs, Liaised with stakeholders,

• Worked on cost-savings projects, reducing consumption of hydraulic and die cast oils and improving casting process.

• Sourced material for new, high-efficiency water and wastewater treatment chemicals, significantly enhancing performance and eliminating transportation costs. Projected cost savings were 50%, Kaizen training, Lean process, Pricing and price negotiations

• Look for processes failure or means to run or use more efficiently the raw material, process improvement.

• Found alternative oils, lubes used in casting process; alternative NDT product for testing, saving 15% of costs

• Worked with suppliers in US and Canada on a daily basis to make sure plant had raw materials, negotiated prices and found alternative materials to improve the processes and the cost, Monitor inventory and schedule deliveries, lead time for supply

• Look for leaks to reduce waste of chemicals and reduce wastewater treatment. I worked with the plant’s engineering team on process improvement, reduced the leaks on cooling system

• KPI, P&L, Budget and balance used raw material vs. purchased material, dealt with customer’s accounting department

• Inventory and Audit consumption of raw materials, optimized the stock to reduce costs

• Experienced in working with vendors, contractors and engineering firms, called in experts to work on processes

• Participate in daily meetings and working with engineers on processes improvement

• Lean manufacturing and Cost saving: target wastes, change and use 47000 psi in Casting

• Training and make aware of employees working with high pressure bottles at 47000 psi

• Working in Casting plant: melting product, ovens, gases and construction area Technical Projects Manager (Contract-Seasonal) 2012 – 2013 MARINE CLEAN LTD

• Researched new pumps, determined capability of pumping heavy mud from ballast tank to deck, true costs and reviewing guarantees. Identified pumps that were not suitable for winter conditions, saving time and money

• Lead Project on CSL Laurentian from Canada Steamship Lines Vessel: Estimated the costs and time in the execution of a project, Launched the project, coordinated the team members, communicated with the client and updated the project progress and issues in the ballast Tanks; participated in meetings to update the project status, change the course of the project.

• Worked on Algoma Vessels preparing Maintenance in oil leaking in the tunnel; supervised operations, dealt with the team’s client on the vessels and the contractors, ensured projects were completed on time, travelled to Quebec and Ontario

• Researched projects, supplying caustic soda for new vessels systems, performing market search, cost, plant for tools cost in projects, estimate make-up and risk analysis.

• Projects schedule, Tracking cost and time, work with Contractors, Project cost estimate

• Review and Train employees on Health and Safety working on the vessels, in confined spaces, Icey vessels’ deck and heights for employees

• All sediments in mud form from the ballast tanks are shipped on ground in totes for waste treatment Process, ensure we meet Great Lakes Environment requirements

• Work with clients and Contractors- Schedule meetings and update on issues, Risks estimate

• Work with vessels teams if there are oil or fuel spills in cities ports or Welland canal Pierre Uzabakiliho Page Three QA / QC Manager - Chemicals Operations Management Program 2009 – 2012 HAAS TCM - at Pratt & Whitney Canada

Oversaw chemicals operations packaging, and shipping of chemicals:

• Participated in the launch of the Program at Pratt & Whitney aerospace in Montreal

• Implemented AS9001, ensuring all specifications and aerospace requirement standards were met.

• Controlled and updated documents, CoC, CoA, Shelf life, and Certificate of Origin, verifying compliance, raw material sources, shipment requirement as per TDG/DOT

• Resolved non-conformance issues with suppliers from US, Europe, promptly and professionally, documenting resolutions and maintaining excellent customer service.

• Promptly and professionally arranged material for testing, reviewed inventory, and prepared for audits, guaranteeing all specifications and safety requirements were met.

• Made sure that Pratt & Whitney had material for production processes

• Worked with Carrier to make sure we had transportation to resolve supply issues

• KPI, Audit on a monthly basis the usage of raw materials, Inventory and warehouse control, Health and Safety, Control spills

• Train and remind employees about Safety requirements working with HAZMT Technical Supervisor and Interim Program Manager 2004 – 2009 HAAS TCM - Dana Canada

Worked in chemical and tooling plants in Ontario and Quebec as Chemicals Operations Manager, participated in the launch of the program. Worked on projects, finding alternative raw materials for tooling, plating and coatings processes, waste coolant, and oil recycling, Cost saving, processes improvement

• Achieved cost savings: Identified alternative suppliers and implementing better coolants, improving machine performance, increasing process efficiency, resolving environmental issues by finding alternative coolants for tooling machines, PM, TDG

• Decreased oil consumption by 33% by recycling and optimizing usage of rust preventative oil, generating cost savings

• Monitored logistics for 8 plants in Ontario and Quebec: Inventory, purchase coordinate, look for process improvement – usage of less raw material, reduced the stock, travelled in 8 plants in Quebec and Ontario, Introduced New type of coolant to increase tools life

• Safety of products used on tooling machines

• Worked and launched an new powder coating process to improve production, Health and Safety

• Participated on project preparation and audit the contractors to achieve the installations

• Worked on plan to increase tools life, and reduce cost, estimate tools cost vs parts production

• Worked on plating and coating process engineering to reduce use of raw material and reduce waste with introduction of a new product in the process and Lean Manufacturing.

• Worked in engineering department in different plants to make sure that the program run smoothly

• Travel in different 8 plants in Ontario and Quebec on weekly basis

• Working with vendors, contractors and engineering firms, and travelled to Quebec and US Processes and Quality Control Engineering 1997 – 2004 ANTI-FRICTION, Division of MAGNI

Executed lab tests, sampled parts, and worked on PPAP. Worked with 8D, OEE, SPC, MSA, performing cycle time study, used critical knowledge of FMEA and worked with QS9000 / TS16949, ISO 9000, ISO 14000, PPAP.

• Troubleshot, performed and monitored calibrations for systems (Vacuum System and Membrane Kontec System), internal and external functional size gauging tests, and torque tension tests on

• bolts and nuts, ensuring specifications met client requirements, instruments and probes calibrations.

Pierre Uzabakiliho Page Four

• Set up baths for pre-coating processes and prepared paints for production processes, guaranteeing supplies for shipping to suppliers or production lines. Set up line and wastewater treatment system on the first day of the week

• Executed environmental coating processes, coating analysis, and salt spray tests, meeting customer specifications

• Make-up/formulate in house paint for clients; regularly test paints on production lines

• Test paints for VOC, physical proprieties and metal contents, Inspections of products and shipping approvals

• Troubleshot pre-coating lines and wastewater system, supporting production efficiencies.

• Training on First Aid, WHMIS Training /OSHA, (M)SDS

• Conducted chemical tests and process control, using ASME ASTM Specs, and monitored / prepared boiler-water test and oven temperature, reducing scrap and meeting customer requirements. Sampling and testing on a daily basis of: Wastewater; chemicals baths, SPC daily

> Process Control, Salt spray text weekly

• Processes Control and parts testing: Torque test on Fasteners, gaging test parts on weekly Education / Professional Development

• Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Major, Thermo-Fluids, Sherbrooke University, Sherbrooke, QC

• Performed significant research on Phase Change Materials (PCM) and successfully analyzed storage energy using PCM with high Specific Heat, work on Storage Energy using PCM

• Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Odessa Advanced Marine College, Odessa, Ukraine

• Certified, QS900/TS16949 and ISO 9000

• Certified, SPC, MSA, Lean Manufacturing, DOE, PMP, Auditing ISO 14000, OEE, Kaizen, Time studies

• Fundamentals of Fastening Technology and Bolted Joint Design

• CSM, WHMIS/OSHA, GHS, TDG, CFR49, IMDG, cGMP, cGLP and First Aid Trainings

• Excel, Word, PowerPoint, FORTRAN, Basis in SharePoint and Access

• Plaining to take more PMP modules

Professional Memberships

• SAE (Society Automotive Engineers)

• Eligible PEO (Professional Engineers of Ontario) Language Skills and other

English & French fluency (Read, written and verbal) and Russian intermediary

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