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C Nd

Fargo, North Dakota, United States
February 07, 2018

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Dwayne L . Y oung

***A * st A ve S W

Dilworth, M N 5 6529

Phone: 2-18-308-****

Alt P hone: 2-18-329-****


My g oals a re t o w ork h ard a t w hichever c ompany t hat w ill w ork f or a nd m ake i t b etter d uring m y time t her. W hile e mployed a t s aid c ompany a nd w ill b e s tudying t o b ecome a n c ertified P est Control A gent t hrough N DSU.

Ability S ummary

P revious e xperience i n w arehouse w ork, c ustodial e xperience t hrough v arious j obs t hat w ere temporary o r t he c ompany h as s ince c losed o r m oved l ocations. T hese p laces i nclude K -Mart, Toys R U s, K aybee T oy S tore, a nd H ugo's g rocery S tore a s a P orter/Warehouse C lerk. E ager to l earn a nd w ork h ard.

Employment H istory

Night C ustodian

07/2012 - 0 1/2014 Moorheead P ublic S chools Moorhead, M N light m aintenance s uch a s c hanging l ight b ulbs, s hampooing c arpets, p utting c lassroom t ables together, c hanging a ir f ilters, w axing a nd s tripping t ile f loors, a lso g eneral c leaning a nd l ight snow r emoval.


04/2011 - 1 2/2011 Mcfarland H anson I ncorporated Anoka, M N Cleaned s tores f loors, b athrooms, a nd o ffices a t H ornbachers G rocery s tore i n S . M oorehead, Mn. T ools u sed f or t his a ssignment w ere d ustmop,broom a nd d ust p an, m op, v arious i ndustrial chemicals f or c leaning, f loor s cubber a nd b uffer. Overnight S tock c lerk

11/2009 - 0 2/2011 Hugo's G rocery S tore # 3 Grand F orks, N D Overnight S tock C lerk - L oaded/ U nloaded t rucks a nd r eplenished s helves o n t he s tore f loor and m aintained a c lean w ork e nvironment. SSgt/ D eskSergeant

05/2000 - 1 0/2008 United S tates A irForce GrandForks, N D Specific d uties i ncluded p roviding s ecurity f or b illion d ollar N uclear W eapons a nd d evices a nd also p roviding L aw e nfocement f or B ase p ersonnel i n m any d ifferent l ocations w orldwide. Some o f t hese p laces i nclude G reatFalls, M t, I ncirlik T urkey, Y okota J apan, I raq, a nd G rand Forks N orth D akota. E ight y ears o f e xperience i n t his f ield a nd b elieve t hat t hese s kills w ill b e a benefit t o m y e mployer a nd t he b igger p icture o f t he c ompany. Education a nd T raining

Issuing I nstitution Location Qualification Course o f S tudy Inglewood H igh S chool ND High S chool D iploma General H igh S chool C urriculum Occupational L icenses & C ertificates

Certification T itle Issuing O rganization Completion D ate Expiration D ate Forklift Sherwin- W illiams 07/2014 12/2017

Honors & A ctivities

While i n t he a n A ir F orce A chievement m edal w as a warded t o m yself f or a nswering t he c all during a r eal w orld b omb t hreat w hile s tationed a t M almstrom A fb. Additional I nformation

Detailed R eferences

Leslie Y oung

1017 2 9th s treet N

Fargo, N D 5 8201


Personal r eference k nown f or 4 y ear(s).

Sophia D avis

100 E . H illcrest A ve A pt# 7

Inglewood, C A 9 0301


Personal r eference k nown f or 2 0 y ear(s).

S how A dditional E mployer S earchable I tems

D elete R ésumé

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