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United States
February 06, 2018

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Ebony McPherson

Aircraft Composite Technician/Mechanic

Charleston, SC


Willing to relocate: Anywhere

Authorized to work in the US for any employer

Work Experience

Advanced Aircraft Composite Technician

Gulfstream Aerospace Savannah - Savannah, GA

February 2017 to Present

Computing : Catia, Solumina, and Smarteam.

Locate and register composite part in computer system. Match route card to GAMPS blueprint. Check CAD and CAM 3D prints for outline of parts, instructions for trim, discrepancies, and tooling. Measure, connect, cut, saw, route, drill, sand, shape, composite materials according to blueprint drawing by hand. Not CNC, Craftsman.

Locate and apply tooling.

Standard Routing Jig (SRJ)

Drill Tool (DT)

Index- lay out composite

Clamp- connect to tool

Drill- still all holes according to print

Route- route periphery

Saw- straight edges

Seal- use scale to measure and mix Resin and Catalyst to create sealant Apply sealant to all edges of composite.

Use measuring tools to ensure that composite meets FAA and company guidelines. Complete travel paperwork and forward to inspection. Machinist/Assembler

Torqtek Design and Manufacturing (GETRAG) - North Charleston, SC September 2016 to January 2017

Assemble transmissions and for BMW, Harley Davidson, Caterpillar, Daimler, Thyssen Krupp, etc... Operate CNC machinery

CAD/CAM machining

Calibrate tools and machines

Preassemble parts for assembly line.

Use gages to ensure tolerance, torque depth, and accuracy. Add gears to shafts

Remove base gears and add reverse gear and covers. Torque Limiter Machine

EOL Static and Leak Tests Machines for Quality Assurance 5 Individual Gear Tests

Operate 12 assembly machine stations for transmission completion. Tools - torque guns and wrenches, drills, bolts, tap screws, Calipers, height gages, go- no- go, micrometers, chamfer gage CNC Machine Operator/Manufacturing Technician

Advanced Composite Structures - Charleston, SC

March 2015 to September 2016


Set up and adjust tools.

Prepare machines for parts production.

Produce first parts for Quality Inspections Dept.

Use Vacuum to carry steel base sheets to cutting machine. Use Komo CNC Steel Cutting Machine to prepare product rails and bases. HAAS Tool Mill Machine to put holes in bumpers, cleats, and brackets Use Houck and Riveting machines to seal holes and apply metal rivet collars and fasteners. Assemble base of Unit Loading Device.

Use Sonic Welder to attach frames to parts.

Use Blanking Machine to cut multiple parts for composite assembly. Use EFM Thermal Press Machine PLC to shape and mold parts. Load parts in Thermwood CNC Mill and Saw Router to drill holes and apply final trim. Use various gauges and measuring equipment to ensure that parts are deburred,aligned,thoroughly measured, and calibrated to meet the Federal Aviation Administration tolerance, guidelines, and regulations. Record, and Inspect parts for cosmetic, hole to edge, thematic and identification discrepancies. Sand and Seal product.

Moves and Positions loads.

Record data on Manufacturing Traveler.

Process components within established operator cycle times. Preventative Maintenance- Lubricates, adds coolants, and cleans equipment and tooling. Accomplishments

6 Machine Operation Certifications

Assembler Certification

CPR Certification

Skills Used

CNC Machine Operations (4 axis, 10 carousel systems) PLC Machine Operations

Fanuc Control Systems

Manufacturing and Logistics,Production

Tools - hand drill, Huck Gun, Riveter,

Manual Gages - Calipers, Go-no-go Gauges, Micrometers, and Chamfer Gauge Blueprints and Drawings for fixtures

Labeling Machine

Milling Machine and

Lathe Machine familiar

Aircraft Manufacturing of Unit Loading Devices ULDs Material Handling

Vacuum tables and pumps

Automatic Tool Change Systems

Coolant mist systems

Familiar with G and M Codes

Pallet Building

Manufacturing Technician

Hubner Manufacturing Corporation - Mount Pleasant, SC August 2014 to March 2015


Prepare bellows for sewing. Arrange and assemble bellow parts. Run materials through glue machine.Use of sealants and solvents for tread. Stack bellow and assisting pieces according to blueprint in order to erect structure. Prepare for metal frame welding and mounting.


While at Hubner I won a contest for rewriting the company's safety slogan which is shown on products and posted throughout the plant.

Skills Used

Manufacturing, Production, and Assembly. Blueprints. Glue machine operations. Ubox Customer Care Representative

Uhaul - North Charleston, SC

April 2012 to August 2014


Deliver portable storage units to customers at facility by forklift. Ship and receive Uboxes nationwide. Bill of Lading tracking. Administer level 1 and 2 inspections on vehicles and towing equipment. Receive, and dispatch, trucks. Connect and disconnect trailer to hitch. Distribute propane. Accomplishments

Forklift Certification

Propane Certification

Trailer Connection Certification

Trailer Hitch Wiring

Skills Used


Customer Service

Trailer Wiring

Problem Solving

Vehicle Inspection

Office Assistant

Charleston County School District - Charleston, SC March 2005 to October 2012


Arrange transfers and transportation for students. Mailings for supportive and supplemental services. Collect data and convert into spreadsheets for archive.


Ensured that CCSD schools had the opportunity to obtain annual yearly progress. Skills Used

Computer skills

Communication skills

Office machinery and supply skills

Problem solving

Microsoft Suite and PowerPoint, Archives

Freight Receiver/Dispatcher

Wando Terminal - Mount Pleasant, SC

February 2005 to April 2006


Receive and dispatch goods. Ensure that products are received, and in good condition. Load,unload,and transport freight from receiving to dispatching docks.


Helped to meet shipping goals.

Skills Used




Dispatching and Receiving with Uscanners



Morris College - Sumter County, SC

2002 to 2006


Burke High School - Charleston, SC

1998 to 2002


Catia, Solumina, and Smarteam Aircraft Programs (Less than 1 year) Certifications/Licenses

Composite Minor Repair

March 2017 to Present

Sealants, Resins, Catalysts

April 2017 to Present


April 2017 to Present

Catia, Solumina, and Smarteam Aircraft Computer Programs February 2017 to Present

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