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Hotel General Manager

February 06, 2018

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** ***** *** *******

General Manager Red Sea Hotels

Siva Sharm Resort and Spa 550 rooms

Sharm El Sheikh Egypt



**** - **06 Assistant FOM

Swissotel B y k Efes, Izmir (5 stars)

City Hotel 55 deluxe + 347 rooms + 19 meeting hall

Position Upgrade

2006 - 2008 FOM

Dedeman Gayrettepe, Istanbul (5 stars)

City Hotel 50 deluxe + 275 rooms + 16 meeting hall

Transfer to another country

2008 - 2011 Executive Administrative Manager

Hyatt Regency, Dubai (5 stars)

City Hotel 16 regency suit + 405 elegance rooms

Ballroom + 17 meeting suites

Position Upgrade

2011 - 2014 General Manager

Ramada Downtown, Dubai (5 stars)

City Hotel 181 suites + 3 meeting hall

Transfer to another hotel

2014 - 2016 General Manager (Opening Hotel)

La Sangria Grand Excelsior, Dubai (5 stars)

Resort Hotel 92 suites + 758 rooms + 18 meeting hall

Backing to motherland for marriage

2016 2016 General Manager

am Thermal Resort Spa and Convention Center (5 stars) Ankara, Turkey

Resort Hotel 22 suites +234 rooms + 8 meeting hall

Transfer to another city

2017 - 2017 General Manager (former Assistant)

The GreenPark Pendik Hotel and Convention Center (5 stars) İstanbul, Turkey

City Hotel 118 suites + 430 rooms + 55 meeting hall

Transfer to another country

2017 - General Manager

Red Sea Hotels Siva Sharm Resort & Spa (5 stars)

Resort Hotel 50 suites + 500 rooms + 2meeting hall


Dear Human Resources Manager,

First of all thanks for your kind interest to my resume.

My name is Selahattin NAYMAN (40 years, Turkish citizen, married without child) and working as General Manager in Siva Sharm Resort & Spa Hotel in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

I was graduated from university with the degree BA in Tourism and Hotel Management in 2003 and I was worked for 8 years in major international chains like,

 FRHI Hotels & Resorts (Swissotel B y k Efes, İzmir) as Assistant FOM

 Hyatt Hotels Corporation (Hyatt Regency Dubai) as EAM

 Wyndham Worlwide (Ramada Downtown Dubai) as GM

I also worked for 6 years in nationwide hotel chains in Turkey and Dubai.

 Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International (Dedeman Istanbul) as FOM

 Oğulturk Holding Group ( am Thermal Resort Spa and Convention Center Ankara) as GM

 Mohammad Omar Bin Haider Holding Group and Hotels and Resorts (Grand Excelsior La Sangria Dubai) as GM

 The Greenpark Hotels & Resorts (Pendik Greenpark Hotel and Convention Center Istanbul) as GM

As total I have experienced as GM for 6 years in total and continue to work as GM in Siva Sharm Resort and Spa Hotel since June 2017. (

Briefly, since I graduated from university I was worked for city and resort hotels and have lots of experiences in all systems like Buffet Origin and/or All Inclusive one.

Front office is my first stop at my career, however after all my training programs during the university years and continue on-site-trainings in hotels, during the years I have get several experiences in F&B, HK, HRM, Banquet Management, Revenue Management, Event Management, Yield Management, Budgeting and Forecasting. I also attended many TV programs, mass media interviews, digital media news, my writings take place in major sectoral journals and 2 season I was worked as lecturer in Anadolu University in Turkey. For the last example of my speech on journals you can visit (

I always liked to work with Guest Relation and Sales Departments. Each case add me something and day by day experienced in how to create satisfaction and loyalty for guests and today I can use any CRM programs or managing operations for increasing the numbers of repeated guests.

For Food and Beverage department, I am experienced with the buffets, events, banquets, meetings. I have organized many cases including concerts, festivals, congress, wedding ceremonies, celebrations etc. I always accept F&B should be major revenue centers and I am always tries to make something for increasing sales in department and increasing revenues. You can read more about success stories of me and my team in F&B department, in my attached resume.

For sales department, I would like to describe my experiences in two different subjects. One of them is classical way, which is directly related with rooms and facilities on off-site sales and marketing campaigns. B2B and B2C sales operations, direct and online sales, managing the guest satisfaction on, and Expedia etc. studies would be the examples for those. We can also add some travel agencies as reference, which I worked with them as major guest supplier to my hotels like Mondial, Istant, Bedir, JoinUp, TezTour, Ophelia, Anex, ETI and some more. But room and facility sales is never enough that s why you have to sell something extra with using your outlets, when your guest is staying at your hotel. With this aim I have already opened several outlets for increasing revenues and operate them. You can read about all of them and more on my attached resume.

I am experienced in budgeting and forecasting also. During the time I made several periodic budgets on departmental basis and managed them properly.

If we talk about HR facilities, I believe the happiness of workers increased their loyalty. That s why I always love to communicate with each level staff and set up good negotiations between me and them. Until now, I have worked with different nationalities; this situation helps me to develop my interpersonal communication level. I also set up many individual and group on-job based training programs for my staffs from all departments.

One another great experience which I had is about all types of audits. Like E-Crystal, Thomas Cook, Green Star or direct audit from Ministry of Health, Ministry of Tourism etc. and I always increased my hotel s grades during the time. As a last case, I can give the example for E-Crystal grades for my existing hotel; we increased the grade from 72 to 88 just in 2 months.

As a final, I would like to thank you for your interest to my resume. Please don t hesitate to contact with me for any reason and I wish to add lots of thing from my past experiences when we create the feature together as manager of your honorable hotel.

I hope to get reply from you soon.

With my all respect.

Selahattin NAYMAN

General Manager

Siva Sharm Resort Spa

Al Sheikh Zayed Street

Sharks Bay

Sharm El Sheikh EGYPT


LAST EXPERIENCE (and it continues)

General Manager, Siva Sharm Resort Spa Hotel, Sharm El Sheikh, EGYPT June 2017 - .

It is a resort hotel which is operated by Red Sea Hotel Group. Have 550 rooms and 8 outlets, 2 fine dining restaurant, 1 main restaurant and 2 meeting room and 2000sqm spa. Total actual staff is 366; most of them are Egyptian, some Ukrainian and Belarusian. Working and serving with All Inclusive system.

 Hotels revenues increased from daily 3800LE to 8500LE within 2 months and continue to increase day by day with extra sales services.

 Main restaurant menu changed and started to serve world cuisine added to Egyptian one.

 Italian fine dining restaurant menu and decoration changed. Daily revenue tripled.

 Chinese fine dining restaurant menu and decoration changed. Daily revenue doubled.

 New outlets opened and start to make money. Those are Indian restaurant, Greenland, Coffee Corner, Barbeque corner, Beach Cinema.

 New animation and entertainment programs started like dance courses, some special competitions etc.

 Hotels main areas are renovated.

 Room service menu changed and daily revenue doubled.

 New sports activities added, especially in water sports.

 Personnel loyalty has increased with special events and promotions.

 Turnover rates for personnel decreased from 65% to 42%

 Repeated guest numbers increased from 16% to 37%

 Thomas Cook audit grade increased from 82 to 94, out of 100.

 E-Crystal audit grade increased from 70 to 84, out of 100.

 Guest complaints have decreased and good comments started on web portals.

 Spa revenues increased 45%.


General Manager, GreenPark Hotel and Convention Center, İstanbul January 2017 July 2017

Started as Assistant GM but on late April continued as Gm till transferring to Egypt.

Directed operations and business functions for the property with 550 rooms, 100.000 square feet of meeting space for 55 meeting room. $8 million in annual room revenues and 5.8 million in Food & Beverage and 348 employees.

 Personally and successfully handled all arrangements for high profile guests that earned publicity for the club.

 Increased Room and Food & Beverage revenues by 30% over the previous year through the development of new strategies and effective management of programs.

 Secured new business and expanded the client base by planning and executing dynamic marketing and advertising campaigns with trade papers, local newspapers, and the Chamber of Commerce.

 Maximized revenues by increasing the average daily rate (ADR) through Internet based third-party wholesalers.

 Developed, implemented and sustained aggressive solicitation program focusing on increasing business.

 Evaluated and re-negotiated all vendor services contracts, resulting in a 20% annual savings while maintaining quality.

 Improved employee retention through implementation of departmental training, employee recognition and incentive programs that resulted in a turnover rate of 3.5

% just within six months.

 Responsible for Human Resources: benefits, hiring, terminating and orientations

 Analyzed monthly P&L with detailed critique

 Forecasted daily, weekly and monthly to accomplish budgeted revenues

 Directed and coordinated the food & beverage operations for 48000 sq. ft. banquet space and eighteen outlets including Dining room, bar lounge, bistro restaurant, Chinese one and Sarajevo Restaurant

 Implemented guest satisfaction program, allowing hotel to improve standards with scores over five years at 94%

 Increased total rooms revenue by $2.7M, and food & beverage revenue by $1.1M.

 Leadership of Executive Team: F&B, Human Resources, Engineering, Finance, Operations and Sales Directors. Management of over 300 line level employees

General Manager, am Thermal Hotel, Ankara March 2016 December 2016

Directed operations and business functions for the property with 256 rooms, 38.000 square feet of meeting space and 58,000 square feet of spa. $4 million in annual room revenues and 2 million in Food & Beverage and 185 employees.

 Managed the different marketing campaigns through MENA, MICE, GCC, CIS, Balcanic Peninsula and North Europe specially.

 Increased the hotel weekday occupancy rate from 32% to76%.

 Increased the hotel weekend occupancy rate from 82% to97%.

 Managed the cost targets in buying process and stocksanalysis.

 Managed in efficiency 2016 annual budget within thetargets.

 Prepared 2017 annual budget and set the targets andlimits.

 Designed and established customer relations department with the target of realizing guest satisfaction at maximum.

 Set up and develop department s educational targets and adopt the business


 Identified technical needs of hotel building and facilities, develop strategies for CAPA, maintenance and repairprogram.

 Identified the needs of HR department. Redesign staff evaluation forms and follow each staff individually, set up award penaltyregulations.

 Set up quality management system. Set up regulations for all procedures, documentations, process following standards which is standardized in ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 14001, ISO22000.

 Reconstructed the hotel SPA center and increased daily revenue of SPA from

$4k to $9k.

 Identified and operated new hotel revenue centers for the hotel. (ie. Beauty center, oriental corner, develop fitness center membership system, operating new caf and a la carte restaurant, operating new Kid sClub)

 Decreased the HK s room cleaning period from 2 staff 18 minutes to 1 staff 12 minutes.

 Decreased the F&B service material loss/breaking rate from 16% up to3%

General Manager, La Sangria,Dubai, UAE September 2014 January2016

 I have worked in MICE and MENAmarkets.

 Attended to conventions and fairs in Germany, Italy, Russia and Turkey.

 Operated Far Eastern cuisine restaurant in thehotel.

 Opened new a la carte restaurant which is served Mediterranean, Balcanic and Russian cuisine s.

 Developed renovation project for opening new convention center in the hotel.

 Opened and operated new vitamin bar center which is called as OCEANIC AQUA .

 Identified the needs, open and operate new revenue centers like SPA, indoor pool facility and Turkishbath.

 Increased daily use rate from 28% to 57%. By the way, the number of new comers to hotel for daily usage in bar, restaurant or spa increased also.

 Developed the existing quality management system. Revised regulations for all procedures, documentations, process following standards which is standardized in ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 14001, ISO22000.

 Designed a competitive environment between departmentsandstaffs.

 Encouraged all staff to work in coordination with the others either in same department or different.

 Achieved the hotel recommendation score of 9,5 in international online reservations like in, Trip Advisor, Expedia, ORS.

 Prepared the annual budget and set up the targets. Realized the budgets within the standardized limits andtargets.

 Got touch within the press members and behave as the face of the hotel.

 Supported the marketing and sales departments for reaching newguests.

 Identified the costs of the hotel and decreased the level of it.

 Standardized the occupancy rate between minimum 78% to maximum 92%.

 GPOR is 42%

 ADR is 250.

General Manager, Ramada Downtown Hotel,Dubai, UAE August 2011 August2014

 Managed the operation for reaching 95% occupancyrate

 GPOR is 48%

 ADR is 180

 Set F&B expense cost at level less than 21% in general expense budget and sale with 30% profit margin.

 Helping to revise quality management system including procedures, documentations, process following standards which is standardized in ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 14001, ISO22000.

 Supported marketing department while they are developing new campaigns for GCC and MICE.

 Identified new revenue centers and develop renovate projects within the hotel mainbuilding.

 Identified the expense items and worked on decreasing the costs. (ie utility expenses, cleaning expenses, F&B costs, technical expenses).

 Supported marketing department in digitalmarketing.

 Organized, adapted and promoted social responsibilityprojects.

Assistant GM, Hyatt Regency,Dubai, UAE August 2008 July 2011

 Developed new strategies for increasingrevenues.

 Developed new revenue centers forhotel.

 Developed new revenue items for increasingrevenues.

 Managed sales and marketingdepartment.

 Prepared sales and marketing annual budgets.

 Developed marketing campaigns within MENA, GCC,MICE.

 Increased hotel revenues up to 78% within total working period.

FOM, Dedeman, İstanbul, TURKEY May 2006 June2008

 Responsible for reservations, concierge and guestrelations.

 Worked directly with the GM and present reports tohim.

 Supported HK, Banquet and Laundryoperations.

 Prepared daily, weekly, monthly and periodic strategies for fulfilling and operating hotelrooms.

 Helped to whole departmental managers for setting strategies for the future operations.

 Set up strategies for realizing departmental budgettargets.

 Developed guest loyalty program.

 Developed education strategies and give lectures to my departmental staff.

Assistant FOM, Swissotel B y k Efes,İzmir, TURKEY June 2004 April2006

 Was responsible for the development and implementation of new strategies to realize the specified targets which is about the front office department included front desk, concierge and guestrelations.

 Helped the manager of front office and the other managers to realize the targets.

 Worked on the development of the business within the determined strategies and the passion of the goals that have been settled for the specifiedperiods.

 Contributed to the improvement of the personnel performance by giving the trainings for the front office staff to work in accordance with hotel standards.

 Follow up the payments of companies, agents andoperators.


FOM TRAINEE, zmenHotel, İstanbul, TURKEY SUMMER 2002

ROD TRAINEE, Bilkent Otel,Ankara, TURKEY WINTER 2002

F&B TRAINEE, La Stella Hotel,Aydın, TURKEY SUMMER 2001

F&B TRAINEE, Bilkent Otel,Ankara, TURKEY WINTER 2001

FOM TRAINEE, Sheraton Hotel,İzmir, TURKEY SUMMER2000

ROD TRAINEE, Bilkent Hotel,Ankara, TURKEY WINTER 2000

F&B TRAINEE, Altın Yunus Hotel,İzmir, TURKEY SUMMER 1999

FOM TRAINEE, Bilkent Otel,Ankara, TURKEY WINTER 1999

HK TRAINEE, Swan Hotel,Aydın, TURKEY SUMMER 1998

Professional experiences, awards and achievements

 Turkish, MENA, MICE, GCC market jobexperience

 Has already worked on each department of the anyhotel.

 Job experience in different size hotels from 250 rooms to 1154 rooms.

 Spa & Thermal Center operatingexperience

 Convention and Banquetteexperience

 Opening hotel, opening seasonexperience

 Staff selection, training and managementexperience

 Complex renovation projects renovationexperience

 Working experience with different nationalitiesstaff

 Rooms Division, Front Office, Sales and Marketing, Revenue Management, F&B Department, Cuisine and kitchen operations, pricingexperiences

 Marketing experience in digitalmarketing

 GDS experience in Galileo, Worldspan, Pegasus, Amadeus, Sabre

 Gain up to 42% on operatingexpenses

 Procurement and contract management experience in buying operations.

 Experience in organizing and managing rooms division and guest relation services operations.

 Experience in developing loyaltyprograms

 Developing marketing strategies experience in specified targeted regions

 Established and performed well-performance strategies for staffs

 Identified job descriptions for each department and staff

 Established interdepartmental connections between hotel working department and staff

 Established connection between hotel owners, unions, agents, operators, NGO s

 Profit-loss management experience, budget and financial management experience, technical buyingmanagement

 Experience in MITT Moscow, ATM Dubai, FITUR Madrid, ITB Berlin, EMITT Istanbul, TTI Izmir, Hospitality Doha, Hospitality Jeddah as exhibitor

 Experience in hosting VIPguests

 Project Managementexperience

 IT Technologies, Buying, Spa, Social Media Advertising managementexperience

Vocational and Personal Development Trainings

Customer Habits and Possible Special Claims of Guests, Bilkent Hotel

F&B Management, E-Cornell

Customer Focused Sales, La Sangria Occupational Health and Safety, Bilkent Hotel Presales and Marketing Management, E-Cornell Art of Thought, Live Academy

Coaching Approach, La Sangria

Team and Performance Management, Live Academy

Sales Management, ANL Consultancy Advance Sales Techniques, KSP Consultancy Holistic Communication, KSP Consultancy

Communication Skills, Bilkent University Alumni Center

Social Communication, Adam Consultancy

Negotiation Management, Mavi Consultancy

Problem Solving and Decision Making Techniques, Mavi Consultancy

Effective Time Management, Mavi Consultancy

Price and Market Analysis Techniques, Mavi Consultancy

Management Techniques, Akademia

Emotional Management, RM Consultancy

Priority Determination and Situation Assessment Techniques, RM Consultancy

Project Management, RM Consultancy

Success Methods in Competitive Strategies and Markets, RM Consultancy

Swot Analysis, RM Consultancy

Computer Knowledge

Operating System Software, Windows NT, Windows 2007, Windows 2008, Windows 10, Ubuntu, Linux

Computer Based Graphic Software, AcdSee, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, MS Paint

Hardware and Office Software, Adobe Acrobat Series, Open Office, MS Office, Incredimail, Mozilla

Database Software, Firebird, Fox Pro, MS Access

Commercial Software, SAP, Logo Classic, Tiger, Netsis, CRM, Plantum

Sectoral Software, Opera, AmonRa, Amadeus, Galileo, Elektra, Fidelio

Spoken Language

Turkish, Mother Language

English, Advanced Level


Meeting new people and different cultures, travelling, shopping, tasting new cuisines, cooking, playing volleyball, riding, water sports, yachting, photography

Association which I am already member

Bilkent Alumni Center, Turkish Hoteliers Association, Ankara Tourism Investors Association, Istanbul Hoteliers Association, Aegean Youth Hoteliers Association, Bursa Tourism Staff Association, SKAL and TUROYD

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