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Project Microsoft Office

Al Khobar, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
February 08, 2018

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Name: Omar Tanete Asmad

Nationality: Filipino

Date of Birth: October 28, 1978


Complete Contact Details:

Email Address:

Mobile No.: +63-916-***-**** / Tel No. 046-424-


Country Point of Origin: Philippines

Current Location: Philippines

Availability Date: As soon as possible


Educational Attainment: Bachelor Science of

Business Administration

Name of School: Polytechnic University of the


Years of Graduation: 2002


In-depth knowledge of project procurement, material expediting, logistics and recognized standards and practices. Project Level & Senior site management

skills development coherent team to achieve strong presence and recognition within the project members, consultants, subcontractors and client. Able to manage, implement and control the project procurement process within set time frame and within a multicultural

environment, to ensure and assist the smooth work flow. Excellent command of the English language,

through, and meticulous on contract specification

and to work under pressure.


Total years of work experience:


Total years of work experience in KSA:


Total years of work experience with Other Countries: 1

Total years of work experience with Saudi Aramco

Projects: 2 years & 2 months


Employer Name: Multiplex RNC Philippines

Incorporation (URATEX)

From: January 2016 to Present

Location: Km. 23 East Service Road, SSH, Cupang,

Muntinlupa 1771

Position Held & Duties: Senior Purchasing Supervisor

• Undertaking mini competition using existing


• Conducting low valued tenders and request for

Quotation taking into account whole life costing

sustainability and ethical purchasing.

• Category Management

• Promote good procurement practice supporting

requesters in allocated budget areas.

• Identify & delivery efficiency savings and improved contractual arrangements.

• Check validity of request to purchase obtaining any additional necessary paperwork and manage any non

compliance request.

• Act as liaison between the procurement team and the operational team.

• Provide status report to the Operational Procurement Manager on an agreed basis.

Employer Name: Mets Logistics Incorporation

From: July 8, 2015 to December 14, 2015

Location: Bancal Carmona Cavite

Position Held & Duties: Purchasing Supervisor

• Design and implement all material plans and ensures compliance to all purchasing policies and manage all communication for all engineering activities and assist to buy all supplies and equipment and maintain quality of it.

• Evaluate all quotes and coordinate with vendors to provide required component bids and analyze all

vendor performance to improve all purchasing process.

• Develop and maintain professional relationships with all suppliers and prepare reports for all purchasing

departments and provide support to all managers to plan and execute all purchasing processes and provide an effective interface with all departments.

• Administer everyday activities of all purchasing staff and provide training to staff to ensure compliance to GMP and monitor all purchasing activities and design various cost effective methods according to demands.

• Evaluate and maintain all reports for inventory re order and coordinate with internal departments and maintain an efficient purchase order system levels.

• Design and implement various purchasing strategies and procurement policies and participate in all supplier reduction programs in coordination with global supply chain team and determine appropriate programs for all purchase requirements and assist to reduce supply chain cost.

• Manage all supplier contracts and assist to administer best pricing strategies for all purchase materials and suppliers and analyze all new issue sin materials and recommend strategies to improve quality and manage inventory levels for all products.

• Oversee all programs and assist to purchase all materials and non capitalequipments and participate in various purchasing processes and prepare appropriate budget and implement all optimal contract negotiation.

• Analyze all existing procedures for purchasing agents and approve all non capital requisitions and evaluate all competitive bids and requests for proposals and prepare all competitive agreements and design al system and procedures to minimize cost for all customers.

• Supervise all audit activities and evaluate all purchase orders and payment perform and assist to eliminate any discrepancy in same and prepare all contract terms and conditions.

Employer Name: Fluor Arabia Ltd.

From: December 20, 2012

To: March 03, 2015

Location: Al-Khobar, KSA

Position Held & Duties: Lead Material Expeditor

Projects Handled at Fluor Arabia Ltd.

Sadara Project: Under this project I was handling 4 envelopes namely Port, Pipeline,

Building &Saudi Aramco Metering.

Saudi Chevron Project: Expansion of the Boiler,

Ethane & Catalyst Pumps.

KNPC Project

• Responsible for expediting multiple projects with little or no supervision.

• Reviews purchase order delivery requirements to

assure quality and project requirements are met.

• Maintains a complete mastery of vocational skills required to perform effective expediting. Identifies the need to make shop visits to ensure suppliers are on schedule.

• Includes accurate and timely expediting of Purchase Orders, updating the expediting reports, and distributing the reports to the Project Team.

• Provides timely delivery of all items on Purchase Orders to maintain Project schedule.

• Includes working with procurement management to

identify performance gaps and delays including

engineering drawing delays, fabrication problems,

delivery delays, sub-supplier management and people resources.

• Provides leadership, training, and instruction to other Expeditors.

• Ensures expediting issues are being coordinated

between the other departments, offices, fabrication and construction to meet project requirements.

• Maintains and promotes a focus on CB&I’s end

product whether procurement, engineering, fabrication or construction related.

• Ensures effective communications among procurement disciplines, client, project team, and suppliers.

• Ensures effective management of expediting

procedures as established in company policies/CMS. Responsible for developing expediting strategy for various projects.

Employer Name: Sigma Paints SA Ltd.

From: June 20, 2002

To: November 19, 2012

Location: Dammam, KSA

Position Held & Duties: Purchasing Coordinator

• Perform research activities to determine a list of possible vendors

• Contact each vendor and take information regarding price, availability and quality of problems

• Arrange meetings with vendors and confer with them in order to provide them with requirements

• Communicate with production managers to determine purchasing needs

• Make purchase orders and have them signed from

production managers

• Assist in preparation of bidding documents and ensure that other documentation is in order

• Initiate contact with vendors to check availability of needed documents

• Ensure that the right amount of materials are delivered to the production pallet at the right time

• Check shipments to ensure quality and quantity of purchased items

• Monitor all purchase requisitions and handle adjustments with vendors

• Process proof of delivery requests

• Handle limited inventory management activities

• Liaison with the accounting department to reconcile invoices and purchase orders

• Create reseller agreements and maintain ETAs for open orders

• Study and evaluate formal bids and make

recommendations for awarding contracts

• Research pricing information and compare prices and quotations


• Goodcommandof




• Abilityto work


• Flexibility,organizationabilityandself-


• GoodMaterialManagerSkills(MatMan;




• PerfectKnowledgeof MS Office.

• Basic Knowledge of SAP system.

• Internet Basic Microsoft Office Applications

(Word, Excel, power point, outlook)




• May2007




• FieldMaterialManagement

• ExportControl

• Expediting

• MaterialManagementBootCamp

• MaterialManagementFunctionalOrientation

• DefiningGlobalWorkforceDiversity/Inclusion

• BaselineCentricExecution

• ChangeManagement



• VendorDataManagement

• Projectinitiation

• MaterialManagement

• FieldAssignmentSafetyGuidelines

• Energy&ChemicalsOperatingSystem


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