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Manager Project

Durban, KZN, South Africa
R25 000
February 08, 2018

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Name : Orienda Kholeka

Surname : Madikizela

Maiden name : Msizazwe

Gender : Female

Marital Status : Married

I.D. Number : 730**********

Date of Birth : 15-15 -09-09 -1973

Religion : Christianity

Citizenship : South African

Driver’slicence Driver’s licence : Code 08

: Lot 1314-1314 -No 7 Sheffield Rd, Rd, MARGATE, 4275

: P.O. Box 21924 MARGARE, 4275

Cell No : 083-***-****

Contact Person : Henry Msizazwe or Msa Madikizela

Contact No : 072-***-**** /079-***-****

Email-Email -Address :thembenihome@gmail .com


Spoken Languages : Zulu

: Xhosa

Work Experience : 18 YYYYeeeeaaaarrrrssss


Highest Standard passed : Standard 10

Year Obtained : 1991



• Name of Institution : University of Durban WWWWeeeessssttttvvvviiiilllllllleeee Name of degree : Bachelor of Arts (Social Science) MMMMoooodddduuuulllleeeessss : Sociology I, II, III Zulu I, II, III

Economics I, II,

Political Science I

History I

Year obtained : 1995



• Name of institution : University of Natal

Name of degree : B.A. (Hons) -African Languages

Year obtained : 1996


• Name of institution : Damelin College of Correspondence Name of diploma : Human Resource Management Diploma Modules :Administration : Personnel and Administration Organisational Behaviour

Industrial Relations


Year : 1998


• Name of institution : Rand Afrikaans University

Name of Diploma : Senior Primary Education Diploma Modules : Education I, II, II

English I, II, II

Zulu I, II, III

Didactics English

Didactics Mathematics

Year obtained : 2001



IIIIn n 1998 I have done a certificate in Computer in Windows and Word Perfect 6.00at Port Shepstone Computer Fanatics in Port Shepstone in 1998 .Then later in 2008 I upgraded and did the following modules at Compuzone Technology:

Microsoft word


PowerPoiiiinnnntttt PowerPo


Microsoft Publisher



Conflict Resolution Skills

Negotiation Skills

Communication Skills

Financial Management Skills


Domestic Violence and Drug Abuse -Dept. of Education.

Public Finance Management -Dept. of Education

Annual National Assessment (ANA.ANA Dept.Dept. of Education

UGU District Indaba -Department of Education


Quality Assurance Workshop Dept. Dept. Of EEEEdddduuuuccccaaaattttiiiioooonnnn

Gender Equity and Transformation Workshop -Deptttt.Dep .of EEEEdddduuuuccccaaaattttiiiioooonnnn

Conflict Conflic t Management Training -Dept.of EEEEdddduuuuccccaaaattttiiiioooonnnn

Integrated Quality Management Systems -Dept. of Education

Monitoring and Evaluation -Dept. of Education

HIV/Aids (PCTA) Workshop:-SADTU & Dept. Of EEEEdddduuuuccccaaaattttiiiioooonnnn

Strategic Planning Development Workshop Dept.Dept. of EEEEdddduuuuccccaaaattttiiiioooonnnn 7777. . LEADERSHIP: ADMINISTRATIVE, MANAGEMENT


7.1 AAAADDDDMMMMIIIINNNNIIIISSSSTTTTRRRRAAAATTTTOOOORRRR: : TTTTUUUUTTTTHHHHOOOONNNNG G TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT As from the 1sssstttt 1 ooooffff June 1995 to 31sssstttt 31 DDDDeeeecember cember 1995 I was employed by Tuuuutttthhhhong T ong Training & Development as an Administrator. After the completion of my BA Honours at Natal University I looked for a permanent job at Department of Education. IIII wwwwaaaassss tttthhhheeeennnn forced to resign. resign . As an administrator I was doing the following duties:

• Co-Co -ordinate meetings and conference schedules, venues, presentation p resentation equipment and other meeting requirements including food/refreshments.

• Arranged travel bookings, hotel, transportation.transportation .

• Facilitated cash advances and reimbursements.

• Organised llllooooccccaaaallll workshops,trainings and meetings.

• Collected compiled and organized presentation and meeting materials for the Director.


• Supported individual administrative requirements of team members.

• Performed general clerical duties to include but not limited to: photocopying, faxing, mailing and filing.

• Managed stationery station ery requirements for team members.

• Responsible for workshop arrangements: venue co-co -ordination, invites, accommodation and transport arrangements

• Post and courier: sendingmail sending and distributing of mail

• Minute taking.


OOOOnnnn the 1sssstttt 1 of JJJJaaaannnnuuuuaaaarrrryyyy 1996 I was employed by Department of Education as an Educator at Jolwayo High School in Harding Circuit under Ugu District. District . I was teaching English in Grade 9-9 -10 and Economics at Grade 10.10 .

On tttthhhheeee following year in January 1997 I was promoted as the Class Manager at the very same school. (01January 1996-1996 -01 February 2002)

On the 2nd 2 nd of February 2002 I applied for a Cross Transfer to Mshweshwe High School in Izingolweni Circuit at Ugu District. I was also teaching English in Grade 10 &11 and Economics in Grade 11&12. (02 February 2002-2002 -00003333 June 2004)

Due to my good results in English and good performance in Speech Contests and Debates Competitions within the Circuit, I was then approached by Head of Department (Communication) to offer my services at her school. On the 4444tttthhhh of June 2004 I assume my duties as a Post Level 1 Educator at Sister JJJJooooaaaannnn ssss High School in Paddock Circuit, in Ugu District. I was teaching only English Engli sh from Grade 8, 8, 9 & 10. I was elected to be the English Subject Head there. (04June 2004-2004 -31December 2004)


I am currently employed as the Deputy Principal of Duduzile Junior Secondary School at Ogwini Circuit under Ugu District. I have been there since the 1sssstttt 1 of January 2005. My school has only Grade 8 & 9 with an eeeennnnrrrroooollllmmmmeeeennnntttt of 641 learners, 22 Educators, 02 Non teaching teaching staff members and 5 general workers.

My leadership duties include: conducting meetings and workshops with relevant rele vant stakeholders, ppppllllaaaannnnnnnniiiinnnngggg,, and co-co -ordinating, facilitating and communicating with relevant authorities.

I have been a champion of team, working with relevant stakeholders in resolving conflicts and negotiating with others, using democratic and participative leadership in i n decision making. I have been an innovator of many projects, motivating educators; ABET practitioners and learners.

Draft reports briefing notes, presentations and other documents as required.

Manage all the administrative affairs within the office.

Assist the principal with the fulfilment of managerial responsibilities and quality control of all documents emanating from the department.

Disseminate all the information and circulars from the department down to staff.

Compile the budget for the school which is submitted on various departments for teaching material and equipments. Ensuring that the budget is in line with the Public Finance Management Act, which stresses unnecessary expenditure. Also assist in making sure that the money is spent according to the budget.

Ensure that all financial reporting regarding budget is timorously and satisfactory submitted to the Finance Officer.

Heading the Conflict Resolution Committee and Disciplinary Committee, where I record the proceedings of grievances lodged within the committee, also advise the committee on the conflict resolution strategies which are in line with the Constitution of SA, South African School’s Act and the school’s Conduct. 8

Secretary of the Senior Management Team (SMT) where I record and keep safe all the minutes of the meetings as well as all the minutes of the SMT morning briefings.

Co-Co -ordinate the developmental appraisal in my school which is called ‘Integrated Quality Management Systems’ (IQMS).I assist educators with their Personal Growth Plans and compile time table for IQMS, see to it that all panels are formed, collect all scores from the relevant panels and compile them and make one final report for the school, which is submitted to both the Circuit and the District office.

Guide, supervise supe rvise and offer professional advice on the work and the performance of staff in the school; this has helped staff in improving their work performance.

Check and monitor both HOD’s and educator’s files.

Compile one final report for all the departments within withi n the school.

Guide and assisting HOD’s when budgeting for their departments.

Organise staff development programmes.

Distribute duty load to the staff and determine the fair distribution of work.

Chair the Interview Process within the institution where there th ere are interviews taking place.

7.3 FOUNDER & MMMMAAAANNNNAAAAGGGGEEEERRRR--ETHEMBENI HOME -(NGO) I am the founder and manager of Ethembeni Home which was registered in June 2007 and started its services in January 2008. TTTThhhheeee oooorrrrggggaaaannnniiiissssaaaattttiiiioooonnnn looks after orphans and vulnerable children, elderly people, physically challenged as well as those who are ill with HIV /Aids related diseases.IIIItttt is also fully engaged in Home Based Care Activities. It has Board Members and Community Volunteers who are ddddoing oing voluntary work at the moment but on the process of registering the Community Volunteers to get stipend with Department of Social Development .The organisation 9

has expanded hence it is now having two more branches in tttthhhheeee Eastern Cape. I have secured partnerships pa rtnerships with local and District Municipalities,FFFFuuuunnnnddddeeeerrrrssss: : FPD

(Foundation for PPPPrrrrooooffffessional essional Development), UNAMA (United Nations African Mothers)Mothers ), and Sector Departments (DoE, DoE, DoH, DSD and Department of Home Affairs. I provide strategic planning and guidance to the project.

I facilitate the smooth and success of the project as well as effective spending of the budget.

I liaise with different stake holders including donors.

I am responsible for the developing and implementing communication strategy and action plans.

Promote the internal and external Public Relations to improve the image of the NGO.

Deal with correspondence and public enquiries.

I plan and co-co -ordinate the activities of staff.

I prepare and control budgets and expenditure for the NGO.

IIII submit annual reports to Department of Social Development and to Donors.

I administer Condition of Service including Staff Welfare

Provide leadership, direction and guidance of staff movement.

Manage training and skills development budget for the NGO.


This is an NGO which is running its services at the area where I am teaching at, at, Oshabeni. Oshabeni . I approached this NGO with an aim of asking assistance for the poor community that I am working under. By then the children were still paying school fees and there was no Nutrition Programme that is now done at schools. I wanted the organisation to fund the neighbouring schools with school uniform, soup kitchen and food parcels. The learners learne rs were underperforming in class hence the majority of parents are not working; some are from child headed families. A forum for educators was then formed at Oshabeni .It was called the Oshabeni OVC Teacher Forum. I was then elected to be the Chairperson of o f the very same Forum. I was then CCCCoooo--opted to be the Board Member of the same Organisation . As a Board Member I was:

Assistiiiinnnngggg Assist in doing strategic planning for the organisation.

CCCCoooommmmppppiiiilllliiiinnnngggg and present reports in Board Meetings and Annual general meetings of the organisation.

Leadiiiinnnngggg Lead in the OVC SSSSeeeeccccttttoooorrrr (orphans and vulnerable children) project that deals with providing orphans and vulnerable children with school uuuunnnniiiiffffoooorrrrmmmm..

Involved in decision making for Community Outreach Project: distribution of food parcels to the most deserving people.

Liaising with different stakeholders on behalf of the Organisation: like Funders, District and Local Municipality, Private and Public Sector as well as neighbouring NGO’s.

Holddddiiiinnnngggg Hol monthly meetings to obtain reports from Community Communit y Volunteers on Home Based Care.

Organising material for Home Based Care Volunteers.

Rarely viiiissssiiiittttiiiinnnngggg v communities like Ntengele, Mgolomi, Qwabe, Lokishini, Louisiana etc where committees and forums are formed like: Women, Youth, Elderly and Physically Challenged forum mostly on weekends. 11

7777..5 BOARD MEMBER FOR UGU INVESTMENT HOLDINGS-HOLDINGS -AS FROM April 2222000000004444--December 2222000000006666

Ugu Investment Holdings was a consortium mainly comprised of women companies that had bought shares from Thinta Thinta Telecoms (known as T3) which was a company that was awarded a licence from the SA government and that has signed an agreement to use the MTN network to provide telecoms services in the Ugu region in KZN.

As the Board member member for UGU Investment Holdings I was appointed to sit in board meetings for Thinta -thinta Telecoms where I was: o Instrumental in the negotiations for the licence of Thinta Thint a thinta Telecoms with the late Minister of Communications, Ms Ivy Matsepe-Matsepe -Cassaburi and ICASA Board.

o Leading in the presentation that seeks funding on behalf of Thinta thinta Telecoms with Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA).

As the UGU Board mmmmeeeemmmmbbbbeeeerrrr I have also been involved in the negotiations with the Department of Mineral and Energy for f or Eskom Shell Business Venture, where a percentage of shares from Eskom were to be sold to the women of UGU.

7.6 BOARD MEMBER UMEPHI UMEPHI BABY HHHHOOOOMMMMEEEE As from January 2011 December December 2011 I have been approached by the founder of Umephi Baby Home to join their NGO which was mainly comprised of Afrikaners Board Members. The Ngo take care of the children in need, abused, neglected and abandoned, orphaned and HIV infected inf ected and affected. I have been co-co -opted by the organisation as a fundraiser and Marketer where I: Marketiiiinnnngggg Market the organisation.


Developing good relationships with the funders.

Researching and establishing contacts with new potential donors.

Pursuing actively innovative ways of ccccooooooooppppeeeerrrraaaattttiiiioooonnnn with donors for funding opportunities

Producing fundraising plans for each assigned project and write proposals to potential donors and reports to sponsors during and after the implementation of the project.

MMMMarket arket the organisation though press, municipal governments and in sector departments.

8. OOOORRRRGGGGAAAANNNNIIIISSSSAAAATTTTIIIIOOOONNNNAAAALLLL ABILITY AND EXPERIENCE I have vast years of experience and ability a bility as an educator, Supervisor for Abet, Deputy Principal as well as the Manager of an Ngo .These portfolios have assisted me in leading the people by having the capacity to plan, coordinate and generate new idea on work to be done. I have:

8.1 LED THE ANA ( Annual Annu al National Assessment) PROJECT. IIIIn n 2012 I have been involved and led tttthhhheeee ANA ( Annual National Assessment) project which started as a pilot project 2011. 2011 . This was the government initiative aimed aim ed to improve learner performance in the basic skills of literacy and numeracy as these are the foundational skills for academic success. This project is used to give a benchmark against which we measure the future performance. 13

I have been appointed as the Chief Invigilation Officer at my school hence the principal was on long sick leave. I have rrrruuuunnnn it successfully.IIII interacted with:with :

• Parents: where I have informed them about this project before the ANA examination. Parents were also reported about the children’s performance in ANA.A report was sent to all the parents which gave their child’s individual results which also explained the areas the learners learner s have achieved and how the school plans to improve the results.

• LLLLEEEEAAAARRRRNNNNEEEERRRRSSSS::where I explained fully what ANA is all about. What is expected of themmmm the during the Assessment.Assessment .

• EDUCATORS: EDUCATORS : I conducted a workshop at school level where I introduce the concept to all educators and tttthhhhoooorrrroughly oughly work shopping them on school guidelines on how to complete and use the ANA Mark Schedule as well as on how to mark the ANA paper, Acceptable performance levels, sampling and packing of scripts to the Circuit office and Reporting.Reporting .

• SMT (Senior Management Team): I organised the management managem ent tttteeeeaaaammmm of the school to sit down and analyse the results based on mark scheduuuules sched les from class teachers. I was leading the team in drawwwwiiiinnnngggg dra up an Improvement Plan based on our evidence. The tests marks played a vital role in giving us a clear picture of our bbbbaaaasssseeeelllliiiinnnneeee performance in literacy and numeracy.



In August this year I successfully su ccessfully secured partnership with aaaan n accredited company FPD (Foundation for Professional Development. I organised a sponsorship for our workshop which was on the 13tttthhhh 13 -15tttthhhh 15 of September 2013

.They covered : training manuals,training venue and meals for the Ethembeni 14

Home Community Volunteers at a three star hotel (Kapenta Bay) in Port Shepstone.Shepstone .

I also secured a sponsorship for accommodation and transport from Mbizana Local Municipality. I worked closely with the Municipality’s HIV/AIDS Coordinator, Mr B.Mangqalaza and the Municipal Manager.

I coordinated the attendance of Community Volunteers with the Community Coordinators as well as with the Chief’s wives from KwaNtshangase and Magqabasini in Bizana, making sure that the number of participants to attend att end the workshop does not change.


In 2004 I was a member of Margate Policing Forum where we aimed at:

• Achieving more effective crime control by ensuring that the community relays the information to the police.

• Reduce fears of crime.

• Improve quality of life.

• Improve police service and policy legitimate.

• Developing good relations between the community and the police thereby working cccclllloooosssseeeellllyyyy ttttooooggggeeeetttther her to solve problems.

In 2011 I have been a member of Victim Friendly Facility in Port Shepstone Police Station. This group offers:

• Basic emotional and practical support to victims and those affected by crime i.e. domestic abuse, rape, or sexual abuse, hhhhiiiijjjjaaaacccckkkkiiiinnnngggg,, house breaking, depression. Suicide a confidential and non threatening manner.

• Debriefing sessions to trauma victims of all ages, races, religions and backgrounds.


• Training Volunteers on debriefing skills.

• Help victims to deal with victimisation which will help to prevent repeat victimisation, reduce the overall rate of victims from becoming perpetrators.

• Awareness among community on how to avoid victimisation and to make the community more aware of services available for victims to encourage the reporting of crime.

Chairperson of the Health Committee

In 2010 the Department of Health at a District level (UGU) UGU ) has been engaged with schools in a project of promoting health awareness in communities. After a series ser ies of meetings and workshops I have attended within the Department of Health and DDDDeeeeppppaaaarrrrttttmmmmeeeennnntttt of Education,our school was nominated to be one of the schools to launch the programme of Health Promoting school .The school had quite a number of tests it has to pass in order to be a regarded as a Health Promoting School .A team was selected at school level .I was leading the team which was later interviewed by a team of 15 Officials from all SSSSeeeeccccttttoooorrrr Departments (Health, Education, Agriculture and Social Development) Developm ent)

The very same committee I was leading launched the program of OVC

(Orphans and vulnerable vulne rable Children) which looks after the welfare of orphans within the school as well promoting an environment that is Drug Free. I fought this through the collaboration of SAPS(South African Police Services) and the Representatives of Council for Learners (RCL)

Also assisted OVC ssss OVC as well as the members of the community to rrrreeeelllleeeevvvvaaaannnntttt departments like Department of Home Affairs and Department of Social Developmen



1. Mrs PBT Mkhoma (Principaaaallll)Princip )

Tele/Fax : 039-039 -695 9014

Cell No : 073-***-****

2. Ms Nozipho Khanyile (Board Member: Ethembeni Home) Tel (W) : 033 -341 9300

(H) : 031-***-****

(C) : 072**-***** /082-***-****

3333..Mrs Mandisa Kubheka (Director: Tuthong Training & Development) Cell No: 000*********-*** 6665 / 000*********-*** 6731

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