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Management Human Resource

Johannesburg, GP, South Africa
February 08, 2018

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One of most important attribute is that I work carefully and sufficiently and can follow complex procedures. I am able to use my education, experience and my skills to the best of my ability to make a valuable contribution to an enterprise. I am capable of working under immense pressure and able to complete all tasks within a given period of time by prioritizing my work and communicating.


Date of Birth: 31 August 1988

Home Language: IsiZulu

Other Language: English, SiSwati, Sotho, Ndebele and Xhosa

Health: Excellent

Nationality: South African

License: Code 8


Last School attended: Sikhulile Secondary School

Highest Qualification obtained: Metric Senior Certificate (Grade 12)

Year obtained: 2007

Subjects: English, IsiZulu, Afrikaans, Biology, Mathematics

And Physical Science


Tertiary Institution Vaal University of Technology

Qualification: ND Sport Management

Year completed: 2011

Major Subjects: Marketing, Consumer behavior, Personal Selling, Public Relations, End User Computer, Communication Recreation and Sport Management

Tertiary Institution Vaal University of Technology

Degree Obtained: B-Tech degree Business Administration

Year completed: 2016

Majors Finance Management, Logistics, Marketing, Project Management, Research, Human Resource Management, Labour Relations, Logistics and Management Information System.


Company: Department of Sport, Art, Culture and Recreation

Diepsloot hub

Position: Marketing Officer and Administration (VOLUNTEERING)

Duration: 2011 to 2012

Reporting to: Luwi Baloyi


Administration work and allocating tasks making sure that all resources for the programmes are in place and making sure that all activities for the day take place in time as will allocate a leader for that

Company: Department of Sport, Art, Culture and Recreation

Position: Marketing Officer and Administration (INTERNSHIP)

Duration: 2012 to 2014

Reporting to: Clive Hlongwane, Luwi Baloyi and Philasande Muvevi

Duties: Administration: filling, typing, faxing, send and receiving emails, printing, communicating, writing minutes, giving out relevant clothes for the event doing and submitting relevant documents for PO’s, doing all the logistics of our Director for all the claims but was helping his P.A.

Advertising events for Recreation Directorate and updating them accordingly: By liaising with communication Gymnastrada, Community Games, 16 Days of Activism, Olympics, Aerobics, Youth Camp, etc. And creating posts for all hub as they were 49 though they were cutting it into 27 of which it was still in the process during my time all in Central, North, East, West and South Clusters.

Helping the Dora lady with finance: checking all the purchase orders (PO) and making copies of them, if they are not there then I liaise with the people responsible for PO’s to get the outstanding once, counting and putting all the purchases in the system. This includes how much the money was used by whom for what and when and whether the people were paid and who is left and who were the providers and how much is left and how many things that still are outstanding. Also I was checking if we have enough funding and if it’s short where we can get funding, if it’s more than enough who can we assist and make sure that all out standings documents are put into order by prioritizing and consolidating accordingly.

Helping other directorates with projects like FIFA world cup which was writing minutes, allocating task during the event, giving out t-shirts, conducting all catering, counting and arranging food for everyone from the Marshalls to the staff, attending meetings, helping the disadvantage with communication and writing skills, liaising with communication making sure that there are posters, banners and flags for our department as sometimes they will delay or not even make it to the event so follow ups were really working.

Helping the lady for EPWP: I was assisting with administration because the people for EPWP were reporting to her she was a person with disability that is where I learned to admire and acknowledge and able to work with people having disabilities and also to befriend them.


1. Name: Clive Hlongwane

Position: Deputy Director

Cell Number: 011-***-****

Company: Department of Sport, Art, Culture and Recreation

2. Name: Philasande Muvevi

Position: Deputy Director

Office Phone: 011-***-****

Company: Department of Sport, Art, Culture and Recreation

3. Name: Patience Dikgale

Position: Assistance Director

Office Phone: 011-***-****

Company: Department of Sport, Art, Culture and Recreation

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