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Brunswick, Maryland, United States
February 05, 2018

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Milbourne Foster Hull



Information Technology Professional with proven success in applications programming and systems analysis addressing processes in healthcare, banking(financial and credit) systems, manufacturing, insurance, State Medicare and State-to-state government, and major utilities. My expertise is in software component level management using Endevor from development, unit and systems testing, quality assurance to implementation to production. Methodologies include Agile and Waterfall approaches. My communication skills allow me to interface with and translate lay requirements into technical specifications for coding and documentation. I am known as a creative problem solver with multi-tasking capabilities and the ability to deliver projects on time and under budget.


●IBM Mainframe z/OS


●COBOL - 370

●DB2 and SQL

●IMS - db / dc







●MQ - Series


●Xpediter and Intertest

●Java Script, css, html

●JCL / Procs




●MVS Utilities

●Stored procedures



●Upgrade / maintain Vendor software

●SOX compliance

●CASE Entity Management

●NDM and FTP

●Production scheduling




Optimal Solutions and Technology 10/2016 - Present

Senior Applications Analyst / Programmer

●Analyze FEMA requirements for required updates to Insurance claims processing system

●Create specifications for implementation of required changes

●Modify 18 copy members, 6 programs to effect changes

●Complete unit testing of programs impacted using modifications

●Supported implementation of modified programs to production

●Utilized File-aid, Jcl, TSO/ISPF along with COBOL for development of software.

Vision Technology – Social Security Administration 09/2015 – 10/2016

Senior Applications Analyst / Programmer - Contract

●Convert several IDMS programs to use DB2 during a system update and modernization project

●Assisted in implementation of new DB2 tables

●Performed duties as team Endevor and SPF subject matter Sr. consultant

●Supported implementation, testing, of new converted programs to production

●Utilized File-aid, Jcl, Endevor, CICS, QMF along with COBOL for development of software.

MFHcorp – State of Maryland- DMV 07/2015 – 02/2016

Senior Applications Analyst / Programmer - Contract

●Modified and created several new CICS programs to support CDL driver tracking project.

●Implemented 8 new DB2 tables on central DMV database supporting all vehicle and identification products issued by the State

●Manage “casual”, structured and User acceptance test for changes required to implement CDL driver inclusion in Nationwide tracking system controlled by AAMVA

●Completed production support and user documentation for software changes to CICS and Batch programs

●Utilized File-aid, Jcl, Endevor, ETI, QMF along with COBOL for development of software.

MFHcorp – Highmark Solutions – Camp Hill, Pa 11/2014 – 6/2015

Senior Applications Analyst / Programmer – Contract

●Modified code in programs to customizing claims processing for other potential Blue Cross Blue Shield affiliates

● Analyze Amerihealth New Jersey (BCBS) claims and benefits IT processing for integration into Highmark base level system using "blue devl" (in house sub programs) to perform editing, formatting, I/O, and validation functions

●Access specialized “blue devl” processing sub-programs for DB2 table I/O functions

●Write documentation for supporting custom software changes

●Build test data and create processing scenarios such as: Blue on Blue, Medicare with Blue, etc.

●Utilized File-aid, Jcl, Trace Master, Trivoli, Endevor, along with COBOL for development of processing modules.

MFHcorp – State of Maryland - Baltimore, Md. 02/2014 – 09/2014

Senior Applications Analyst / Programmer - Contract

●Analyze State Department of Public Safety programs that interface with FBI systems

●Code COBOL batch and CICS programs accessing DB2 tables with update, delete and read functions

●Access IMS files for required CICS displays .

●Determine necessary changes to maintain Justice Department compatibility with State systems

●Write specifications for required coding changes to update communications between systems

●Test and Implement program revisions for Criminal record compatibility

●Unit Test with Xpeditor

MFHcorp – State of Maryland Baltimore, Md. 06/ 2013 – 9/2013

Senior Applications Analyst / Programmer - Contract

●Evaluate several current issues in production AFDC modules and determine solutions.

●Maintain CICS programs with DB2 tables and IMS files per user requirements

●Responsible for evaluating testing scenario’s for bundling products and test scheduling

●Updated SNAP products to comply with Legislative requirements

●Designed and wrote several testing procedures for user required changes.

●Performed comprehensive system Performance tuning and Storage Capacity evaluation

●Environment : COBOL-II;CICS;Endevor,DB2;VSAM,JCL;File-aid;TSO, stored procedures, Abend-Aid, Syncsort, Java Script

●Provided CICS and Batch software changes for upgrade to AFDC system

●Replacing internal sorts with utility syncsort step when required.and used Control-M for proc execution

Freddiemac, MFHcorp – Tysons Corner, Va. 11/2012 – 03/2013

Senior Applications Programmer

●Provided CICS and Batch software changes for upgrade to Securities purchasing system.

●Responsible for evaluating testing scenario’s for bundling products.

●Designed and wrote several testing procedures for user required changes.

●Environment : COBOL-II;CICS;DB2;VSAM,JCL;File-aid;QMF, Control-M,.TSO, changeman and MVS

●Recommended scheduling changes for optimum production processing with DB2 tables

●Upgrade and install patches to OTS vendor software packages

●Component management was through CHANGEMAN

DP Professionals, State Department of Employment & Workforce, Columbia, SC -Contract 07/2012 - 09/2012

Senior Applications Programmer

●Provided CICS programming for Unemployment Insurance project designed to facilitate recovery of benefit overpayments through payment plans or federal income tax capture.

●Responsible for designing and writing 9 CICS programs to assist call center support operations.

●Designed and wrote on-line and hard copy reports for management use.

●Developed 5 VSAM “database” files to support benefit overpayment fund within Capacity Planning constraints

●Utilized COBOL,JCL,VSAM,DB2,stored procedures,QMF, IMS; File-aid, TSO on an IBM Z/OS platform

MFH Corp, Frederick, MD 05/2011 – 03/2012

Senior Applications Programmer

●Provided programming support and analysis of master file used to update tables associated with home, property and funding characteristics for Fannie Mae records.

●Integrated over 4000 Entity Name/Attribute Name/Definitions in Master EMR extract table for accuracy and completeness.

●Wrote and maintained programs to insure correct processing of in-house data collection.

●Developed cross referencing procedure to facilitate manual specification checks.

●Provided analytical and programming support for clients and developed programs in CICS with Maps to satisfy government regulations on the Mortgage industry.

●Developed 4 CICS programs and Screen maps to interface with VSAM files for mortgage pricing on loan terms.

●Developed 6 CICS programs and Screen maps using VSAM files for mortgage classification per Federal guidelines.

●Platform – IBM Mainframe, MVS, CICS,VSAM, SQL coding, with use of changes to REXX programs, Abend-Aid, Endevor, TSO/ISPF,Changeman, File-aid multiple region testing, JCL, Batch, QMF.

CITIFINANCIAL, INC., Baltimore, MD 11/2006 – 02/2011

Senior Applications Programmer for Loan Processing

●Provided technical and analytical support for “Bureau Link” credit reporting system, backbone of all loan application processing with COBOL API, JAVA front end and over 200 CICS programs. Led Master customer number database and mortgage release projects. Designed and coded JAVA object model changes usually applets to satisfy the front end data capture needs of the user requirement in web applications.

●Led applications team during Disaster Recovery drills required twice yearly.

●Maintained 150 CICS modules with VSAM, DB2,MVS, IMS-db, REXX, QMF and Flat file structures.

●SOX compliance requirement implementation (systems design and coding)

●Prepaid transaction processing – High volume

●Development tools included TSO/ISPF, File-Aid, Abend-Aid and Xpediter.

●Responsible for overseeing upgrades, installing patches, maintaining the credit authorization system – Bureau Link Vendor OTS software by CGI / AMS – processing 62,000+ applications daily on CICS system middleware and Maestro system front end. Maintained system availability of 99.8%. Supplied modifications to JAVA based front end for customer representative to capture loan application data. Responsibility was to design, test and implement (46) COBOL and JAVA changes for project maintenance.

●Background in Object-Oriented analysis and design. Very good at various Design Patterns, exposure to XML and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI).

●Enabled several loan conversion application systems and accounts. Supported client request throughout loan processing and risk analysis.

●Utilized Use Case in JAVA front end application and Waterfall design techniques in COBOL middleware by CGI.

●Wrote and maintained several Easytrieve Plus programs for ad hoc and production usage.

●Authored specifications for upgrade to Master Customer Number database resulting in faster and more efficient file access.

●Led project team maintaining national voice recognition database system and allowing customers to review balances, modify payment term options, and request credit line increases.

●Supported mortgage deed release system enabling clients to receive ownership paper work.

●Designed and wrote specification for software changes to implement Symphony interface system.

●Utilized MVS utilities to maintain data files efficiency and build sub-systems

AFLAC, Columbus, GA 05/2005 – 06/2006

Senior Applications Programmer (contract)

●Collaborated in maintenance of modules that supported policy automation.

●Converted several application modules from Natural to Cobol

●Maintained and wrote specifications for 10 DB2 Batch and CICS programs for agents’ accounting system using TSO/ISPF and File-aid as support/development tools.

●Utilized Easytrieve Plus and QMF for specialized applications.

●Joint Application Development

●Created 8 new modules for claims processing involving interface with Mercado QUE and using MQ series interface for mainframe backend.

●Created programming changes to affect policy insurance claims processing followed by testing and insulation.

●Implemented performance tuning optimization procedures for DB2 databases

●Components were stored, compiled and controlled through CHANGEMAN

●Designed system modifications for resolving multiple Medicare claims entered from 6 third party billing providers (WEBMD, Mutual of Omaha, OmniPlus etc.).

EDS, Dulles, VA 10/2004 – 02/2005

Senior Systems Analyst (contract)

●Analyzed and identified methods by which property managers can be reimbursed for expenses and eliminate program exposure to fraud. Created automated programmable solutions.

●Evaluated current Housing and Urban Development property rehabilitation programs; managed and maintained contract payment system, monitoring for potential fraud.

●Created automated methods for tracking payments and identifying systematic abuse.

●Built specifications and modules to enhance accountability, identify parties involved in abuse, and facilitate legal compliance.

STATE OF ARKANSAS, Little Rock, AR 05/2003 – 01/2004

Senior Systems Analyst (contract)

●Led analysis, design, and development of automated systems to support state judges and police retirement compensation computation.

●Developed 12 programs and 8 specifications in COBOL and CICS to report and track judicial salaries on DB2 file. Participated in requirements analysis and definition; wrote design specifications.

●Produced and maintained collection system for state judges and state police retirement contributions which enabled payroll department to operate more efficiently.

●Maintained interstate driver’s license data exchange using MQ series, allowing for critical data transfers between other states.

●Development tools include File-aid, Abend-Aid, Intertest, QMF

CTG / NISSAN MOTOR MANUFACTURING, Smyrna, TN 07/2002 – 12/2002

Senior Systems Analyst (contract)

●Participated and contributed to analysis, design, development, and testing of 30 programs to upgrade vehicle manufacturing inventory system.

●Analyzed complex IMS-DC programs for conversion to CICS using DB2.

●Developed conversion methodologies and data transfer modules.

●Maintained COBOL modules built using Telon, component management using changeman

●Converted and tested 20+ CICS programs and 10 batch COBOL modules including JCL.

Washington, D.C. Municipal Government, Washington, D.C. 04/2001 – 01/2002

Senior Systems Analyst (contract)

●Contributed to design and analysis of current payroll system changes; maintained 5 on-line production systems.

●Performed monitoring for check writing and fund distribution system.

●Implemented HR and Payroll department enhancements.

●Modified screen views and function capabilities for on-line programs.

Wal-Mart, Bentonville, AR 05/2000 – 12/2001

Senior Systems Analyst (contract)

●Participated, consulted and wrote design/program components in a major upgrade to the food distribution tracking and ordering systems

●Coded and tested 10 major COBOL CICS and Batch modules for inventory tracking.

●Maintained IMS and DB2 input/output sub-modules for security related system support.

●Used SAS for adhoc programs to satisfy user 1 time application requests.

Programmer Analyst (multiple contract positions ) 1995 - 2000

AIG – contract Programmer Wilmington, DE 1999 – 2000

Nations Bank - contract Programmer Charlotte, NC 1998 – 1999

Ely Lilly – contract Programmer Phoenix, AZ 1996 – 1997

Wells Fargo Bank – contract Programmer Phoenix, AZ 1996

American Express – contract Programmer Phoenix, AZ 1995 – 1996


University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ, MBA, Business Administration

University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ, BS, Information Technology

Montgomery County Community College, Blue Bell, PA, AS, Computer Science

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