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Software Developer Data

Maple Grove, Minnesota, United States
February 05, 2018

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Daisy Poehler

Email: Phone: 612-***-****

LinkedIn: Technical Skills

● Java

● C#

● Xamarin

● Javascript

● Jquery

● Cassandra

● Maven

● RabbitMQ


● Gradle

● Tomcat

● Agile

● Spring

● JUnit


● Git


● Docker

● Bootstrap


● Jenkins

● Bitbucket

● Jira

● Fish Eye + Crucible

Professional Experience

Best Buy, R ichfield MN November 2017-February 2018 Junior Software Developer

Primary role was as a developer for data ingestion methods from external sources. The data consisted of videos, reviews or a sponsorship on the various products for the Best Buy website. The data was then distributed to other internal teams programs to display on their own features.

● Developed Java programs, using a Spring framework, to take in data from external sources and convert the data to save in the Cassandra tables

● Written A/B tests in JUnit for a proof-of-concept project. Tests would write to Excel files for business users to better understand the output of data from the program or a JSON file for further testing.

● Programmed in pairs for learning purposes and for collaboration on new solutions.

● Configured RabbitMQ to queue data to keep the database up-to-date using routing keys from another team’s design from their documentation on Confluence.

● Set up admin tools on a server to configure testing environments. The tools can be used by developers or QA or for demonstrations to business users

● Used Jenkins to deploy code into different environments and to monitor builds in case of failures to respond promptly to correct the issue

● Created a new process for the team on how to indicate blocked tickets on Jira for better and easier communication during Agile events such as sprint planning or daily scrum.

● Implemented additional fields of data according to requests of the other teams, new sources, or new team requirements for new functions

PeopleNet, Minnetonka MN October 2016-September 2017 Mobile Software Developer

Primary role was as a developer on one PeopleNet’s core products, PMobile. PMobile is a user facing mobile application that records important aspects of the driver’s workday, send messages and inspection reports, and plan routes from destination to destination. Helped the team to help deliver new features and client customizations.

● Developed mobile applications using C# code and Xamarin for deployment on Windows Tablet, Windows CE, and Android platforms

● Delivered mobile applications for the IoT Fleet Management market. Apps were used by over the road operators to track their progress. Users are able to calculate their routes considering regulations and weather, log their time and report them with ease, and have training videos available to them on the job.

● Designed front-end UX to display data received from the device and other hardware in an intuitive and user-friendly manner

● Collaborated with external customers to define new features and customizations to the core product

● Worked in an Agile environment to deliver software products. This included assisting with sprint planning, participating in daily scrums and reviews and retrospectives.

● Familiar with common Agile toolsets such as Jira, Crucible and Confluence. Jira tickets were used to track sprint progress. Crucible was used to review teammates’ code and create reviews. Confluence was the central storage location for all documentation.

● Participated in the integration of the core product with other communication solutions to enhance the capabilities of the core product. Java and C# were used to integrate with the public API’s of the communication packages.

● Helped maintain the core product by refactoring older code to run on newer platforms and fixing bugs identified by the QA team

● Assisted the QA team to complete testing of major releases. Acted as a liaison between the QA team and the development team to clarify test cases. Also helped the QA team by more thoroughly inspection of the code.

● Was a member of an internal group that helped refine the internal development processes. All aspects of the development process were reviewed and changes were suggested to enhance the quality of the final software product

Software Guild, Minneapolis MN June 2016-August 2016 Java Apprentice

● Collaborated with other apprentices on projects as well as individual projects

● Created full stack object oriented programs from simple calculators to library of information where one could add, subtract and edit information in the data

● Restructured basic Java programs into websites using Spring, JSON and Tomcat

● Maintained SQL databases for Java and Javascript programs to reference

● Upgraded older Java projects using Spring and SQL to integrate them into more efficient web programs

● Designed front end programs using Jquery, Javascript, Bootstrap and CSS to work with the user for easier use

● Worked in Agile environments, with daily stand ups

● Completed over 750 hours of hands on coding in Java Boston Scientific, Plymouth MN 2014-2016

Product Builder

● Improved working conditions by observing issues and suggesting a solution

- Recognized and awarded for suggestions to improve employment safety

● Observed situations and allocate myself as needed

● Inspected products via a microscope for defects ensuring the quality of the product that passes on Operated machinery and software to polish and inspect the product Education

North Hennepin Community College, Brooklyn Park MN 2014-2016 Associate's Degree: Computer Science


Girls Develop It 2015-Present

● Network with other programmers around the Twin Cities area

● Discuss programming experiences with others

● Share news articles or helpful websites with the others about learning languages or job opportunities

● Brainstorm solutions to or explaining problems with others’ code Maple Grove Marching Band 2011-2012

Honor Guard

● Designed and created a show banner for parades with a $75 budget

● Assisted in preparations before a parade and practices for the band Math Team 2010-2012

● Entered in math competitions at the state level

● Studied advanced mathematics in preparation for competitions TaeKwonDo 2002-2011

● Achieved First Degree Black Belt

● Earned 1st place on small competitions on technique and form

● Represented school’s core beliefs to the younger students and community

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