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System Engineer, power Electronics

Kokomo, Indiana, United States
February 05, 2018

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Abdul Moiz Mohammad

Mobile: (***)-***- ****



Electrical Engineering graduate with Power Electronics and Control Engineering background seeking challenges in Product development


Texas A&M University, Kingsville-Texas

May 2017

Master Science, Electrical Engineering

Osmania University, India

June 2014

Bachelor Science, Electrical Engineering


KG-MECH Pvt. Ltd, Electrical Engineer Power Electronics, Hyderabad-India

October 2014 – August 2015

Worked on bidirectional DC/AC power converter from concepts to production for energy storage and Microgrid application. Developed a fast response and high accuracy feedback/closed loop control system and implemented on controller using real time LabVIEW. Designed and implemented output high frequency LC and LCL HF PWM filters. Tested and analyzed model-based software. Developed a circuit schematics and layout design, and built PCB for interfacing board including voltage and current sensing, HF filter, ADC and DAC. Prepared product specific test planning and report tests. Conducted complete system debugging and troubleshooting. Worked alongside design team to build a bidirectional buck-boost DC/DC power converter. Supported marketing team by providing concepts, analysis and solutions. Work done on AC-DC, DC-DC (Buck, Boost, Cuk, flyback). Good understanding of Power MOSFETS, IGBTS, Machine and Inverter section criteria on different application

VERTILINK TECHNOLOGIES, System Engineer Intern, Hyderabad-India January 2014 – September 2014

Hardware in loop Testing of Embedded controller connected to speed goat mobile real-time machine Via CAN I/O cord using Simulink (Real time Simulink Simulation)

Design, Stim Test, and setup PCM (Powertrain Control Module) and ETB (Electronic Throttle Body) DSPACE, HIL. Test harnesses and connectors for the PCM and ETB before Installation. Testing, calibrating, flashing, and send CAN messages to the PCM and ETB using dSPACE, MATLAB/Simulink, Vector CAN, PCM HiL testing using MATLAB/Simulink. Debugging and Create dSPACE ControlDesk layouts and validate BCM modules. Design layouts and create ABS and Powertrain test bench

Worked Developed a system to verify electronic compatibility between sensors and actuators with the main engine electronic control module(ECM). Supported customers by resolving electronic systems related issues Prepared an EMI/EMC requirements for complete electronic systems

Worked on Automotive Access Controller Area Network and acquired training on CAN ISO/OSI model. Worked on PIC18F458 - Microcontroller, CAN electronic circuit, CAN transceiver MCP2510, Ultrasonic sensors. Trained in about In-vehicle network simulation software - CAN communication in Simulink and MATLAB and main stages to build the transmitting and receiving CAN model message and speed sensors. Worked on real time problems for driver’s poor visibility during traffic and proposed resolutions. Proficient in Vector tool CANalyzer, Vehicle Spy, Control Desk Environment. Worked on CAN-SPI Protocol in developing C-Code in Vehicle Network for exchange between PIC chips.

RESEARCH ON CURRENT STUDIES – Texas A & M Electrical Engineer, USA January 2017 – May2017

Analysis and Control Design of Transformer Less High Gain, High Efficient Buck-boost DC-DC Converters

This project dealt with the Analysis of averaged model of the switched-capacitor buck boost converter for high step-up DC-DC converter. worked on Fw and Hw rectifiers Addition of one more stage of switched capacitor significantly improved the voltage gain compared to the traditional one. MOSFET switches are controlled by pulse width modulation for Turning ON and OFF State. A simulated circuit using MATLAB.”: this circuit was used to demonstrate the whole process theoretically which ultimately gave the desired output result.


Design and Control of Electric Power Train by Using Advanced Power Electronics Interface -Oct 2016

The main proposed APEI can achieve a high-power factor correction, and can achieve a low THD for the input current during charging mode from the ac grid. As it is clear from the simulation results, the proposed APEI can reduce the current and voltage ripples, can improve the efficiency and reliability, and can provide a compact size for the BEV power train.

Tutorial on DSPACE software, the DSPACE DS1104 controller board, and their use in development and implementation of a simple temperature control system-April 2016

The objective of this project is to provide an understanding to the DSPACE software, the DSPACE DS1104 controller board, and their use in development and implementation of a simple temperature control system by using temperature sensors. Learned great understanding of Control Desk Environment. Learned Interfacing DSPACE Software to the Experiment using Simulink.

The Application of Average Voltage Estimation Models in Simulation of Permanent Magnet AC Electric Motor and Generator Drive Systems -Jan 2016

The most important results from both the motor drive and generator models indicate that the averaging model has a significant advantage in terms of simulation execution time compared with the equivalent switching model, this advantage increasing as the number of switching converters increases. The averaging model accurately predicts many key parameters as a summary of these along with the standard switching model approach

MATLAB/SIMULINK Based Modelling Photovoltaic Array Fed T-Source Inverter-March 2016

The Focus is by controlling modulation index and shoot through duty ratio, boost factor value gets varied there by the designed output voltage can be obtained. The Project proposed T-source inverter gives high voltage gain, improved transient response and reduction in Total harmonic distortion when compared to conventional z-source inverter

PWM-Switch Modeling of DC-DC Converters (Power Electronics) -April 2016

This project involved in Determining converters transfer function, controllability matrix of the original system. We designed a controller to obtain about 20% overshoot and a settling time of about 0.5 seconds. Also, determined state and output equations for phase-variable form with linear-state-variable FB. The overall procedure used the MATLAB ‘acker’ command to confirm that your result is correct. Simulated the unit step response of the original system using MATLAB

Vehicle Access CAN Based Network- Aug 2014

Worked on method where vehicle passing the transmitting unit will be received by multichannel receiver which is fixed in the vehicle, the microcontroller PIC 18 will save the state of that message and display it by constantly erasing the previous speed by new speed depending of on the speed limit of the road. Used Wireless detector for determined traffic speeds simulation by using flow code software and learned CAN Communication in Simulink and MATLAB. This project also involved Development of general C-code for data exchange between two Microcontroller Pics’.

Design and control of Wind energy conversion system based on resonant DC-DC Converter -May 2017

Designed and control of the wind energy conversion system based on a resonant dc/dc converter which is used for increasing gain at low output power, low speed and low input voltage. In this a LCC resonant converter is used in place of the hard-switched full bridge (HSFB) converter to get perfect results.


C, C++, Python, MATLAB, Simulink

Vector tool CANalyzer, CAN Tools

CAN-LIN Comm., Vehicle Spy, Control Desk Environment

Skills in Interfacing DSPACE Software using HIL Simulink, DS1104 Controller Board, Microcontroller PIC, ATmega8, ECU, Oscilloscope, Voltmeter, MS-Office, Automotive Control, inverter, good understanding on Door.


IEEE-Student Member

Chief volunteer for a two-day national conference on advance power electronic and control systems.

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