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C Data Entry

Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey, United States
February 05, 2018

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c 3379 U S H ighway 4 6, C : 9-73-2-80-7-793 Parsippany N J, 0 7054 H : 9-73-3-73-4-558

“Chuka was one of the most enthusiastic employees I have ever worked with. It is refreshing that he shows up to work always and acts like he wants to be here. He works fast and efficient, and never complained when it i s c runch t ime O bika M gbemena A dminstrator F TLW.

“C huka is an individual you want to have on your team, very dependable, makes sure things are done accurately and in a timely manner. He's very dedicated to his work, and makes everyone around him better. Thanks for all efforts and dedication P astor V ictor A njorin, A ssistant M anager E den I I p rograms Objective: My personal goal is to work with a company where it is possible to build a career in Clinical Program Management, to grow and improve on both my health administration and Project management skills, and fit into an environment where I can contribute to the company goals of delivering quality service to i ts c ustomers.

C ORE S KILLS & C OMPETENCIES People/Communication S kills M arketing/Technical S kills M anagement/Leadership S kills Team c ollaboration M anipulation o f D ata P roject s cope Updating p roject s tatus P hone e xperience P roject/idea p resentation Customer s ervice W rangling D ata U pdate i mplementation Mediation P roduct d escriptions P roject a ssessment Product d irections E xplanation o f s ervices D eveloping t imelines

T ECHNICAL P ROFICIENCY Operating-Systems: M ac O S, W indows 7

S oftware: M icrosoft W ord, E xcel a nd P owerPoint; A dobe C S, S PSS, S AS p rogramming,

W ORK E XPERIENCE Essex C ounty C ollege S ept 2 012-Present Adjunct P rofessor ( Business D epartment)

● Prepare c ourses t o t each s tudents, a nd d evelop l ectures f ollowing s tate a pproved c ourse c urriculum

● In c harge o f e valuating s tudent h omework a nd p apers

● Support s tudent l earning b y f amiliarizing t hemselves m aterials, a s w ell a s w ith c ampus a nd i ts resources

● Monitor a nd r ecords s tudent a ttendance a nd g rades Essex C ounty C ollege S ept 2 012-Present Lab S pecialist

● Communicate w ith p rofessors a nd t eaching a ssistants t o e nsure t eaching p rograms r un s moothly.

● Prepare m aterials a nd c hemicals t o b e u sed d uring t he t eaching p rogram.

● Document a nd u pdate l aboratory p reparation p rocedure p rotocols.

● Catalog i nventory o f n ecessary m aterials a nd o rder n ew m aterials p er s emester.

● Perform r outine m aintenance o f l aboratory e quipment.

● Dispose o f a ccumulated p reserved w astes a nd c hemicals a ccording t o s afety p rotocols Aflac A pril 2 011-April 2 013 Benefits C onsultant

● Generate n ew b usiness o pportunities t hrough r eferrals, a nd m arketing c alls

● Conduct m eetings w ith e mployers t o c ustomize a n A FLAC p rogram t o m eet t heir e mployees' n eeds

● Cross s ell a nd e nroll p articipating e mployees s ervice a ccounts

● Qualify a nd n ominate b rokers

● Recruiting N ew a gents

Data R eduction S ystem/Merck O ct 2 009-Sept2010 Clinical I ndexer

● Process c ase r eports a nd r egulatory d ocuments

● Handle F DA p rotocol a nd e xperimentation d ocumentation UMDNJ D epartment o f P ediatrics M ay 2 008-Nov 2 009 Abstractor/Data E ntry

● Review c harts a nd e valuations a t s ource l ocations t o i nput i nto t he A RCHE d atabase s ystem

● Scan a nd s ave f iles a s e lectronic d ocuments o nto l aptops f or f urther a bstracting p rocess

● Data entry into the clinician review system (Microsoft Access) from the reviewer summary coding formation

Paul R obeson C ampus C enter, R utgers U niversity, N ewark, N J Building M anager S ept2005– D ec2007

● Assist C lients w ith n ecessary r esource i n s upport o f p rogramming

● Provide e xcellent c ustomer s ervice t o a ll p atrons

● Provide s upport a nd t echnical a ssistance w ith a ll a udio / v isual e quipment

E DUCATION Rutgers, T he S tate U niversity o f N ew J ersey, Project M anagement w ith M icrosoft P roject C ertificate o f C ompletion, J une 2 012 UMDNJ-School P ublic H ealth

Major: M asters i n U rban h ealth A dminstration M ay 2 011 Rutgers U niversity, N ewark, N J

Double m ajor: B .A. B iology a nd M athematics M ay 2 007 Essex C ounty C ollege, N ewark, N J

Associate o f S cience D egree i n B iology M ay 2 003

A WARDS A ND A CHIEVEMENTS Dean’s L ist f or f ive s emesters S eptember 2 001 - M ay 2 003 Robert F . K ennedy A ward M ay 2 005

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