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Engineer Mechanical

Farmington, Michigan, United States
67,000/ year
February 05, 2018

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Stephen Wright- Mechanical Engineer */*

***** ********* ******

Farmington Hills, Michigan 48331-3174

Phone 248-***-**** or 248-***-****

Education: Iowa State University, Ames Iowa, 4 year BSME degree in Mechanical Engineering, 1971.

Other Schools: Indian Hills Community College- Mig and Tig welding and machine shop Lincoln Arc Welding School for one week taught by Omar Blodget

Value Analysis at FMC, program by Alamo Consultants

Value Analysis and process analysis at Emerson ElectricSDRC Ideas cad at Intier Closure Systems

Computervision at Emerson Electric and Petrolite

Autocad 2007 at SAS GLOBAL

Catia 4 beginning class at Oakland Community college, Featherstone campus

High School: Ottumwa High School 1967 graduate

Typing class at OHS in summer school 1963

My Objective at this time is to find a 40 hour per week job or within a 25 mile radius of the corner or Halstead and 12 Mile Road located in Farmington Hills, Michigan. I know my way around Excel, Word and Power Point. I have Tier 1 experience with Ford. I have studied some solid works and Catia5 on U tube

February 24, 2016 to February 26, 2016 INTELECOSTING 980 Chicago Road Troy Mi. I interviewed this 8 man company on MondayFeb.22. I filled out the Gtech paperwork and passed the drug test Tuesday Feb.23. Intelecosting had a Polaris shock and accumulator to photograph, measure and weigh and their regular guy was moving to Florida and the big snow started that Wednesday. John Chrisekos owns the company. He was my boss at the General Motors Benchmarking Dept. and hired me for this 3 day job. I completed the job in three days which irritated slower members of this 7 man company. I completed the one emergency job and that is all the work they had. Friday was my third and last day.April 7, 2008 to July 31,2009 SAS GLOBAL CORPORATION, 21601 Mullins Street, Warren Michigan

Position: Design Engineer

I designed compact oscillating mig welding heads so three of them could be running on the same steel plate to produce a Silicon carbide wear layer at once, cutting manufacturing time by 66%. I also designed a model computer operated Self-clearing Grisly bar coal sorter that used three Festo air cylinders and a Festo electronic computer and air valve system. I also Designed numerous chutes and coal mill modifications.

October 12, 2005 to March 31, 2006 VOLT PROFESSIONAL STAFFING at TRW AUTOMOTIVE BRAKE Customer Service and Applications group 12000 Tech Drive, Livonia Mi., manufacturer of Antilock Braking Systems eIVD steer braking to steer and RSC braking.

Position: Liaison Engineer - temporary for 5 months to cover TRW projects done for Ford -Ford Motor Co. demanded it. I wrote Ford meeting summaries and was the liaison engineer to Ford EESE representative (Anita Malhotra). I set up a standard Ford evidence book for TRW’s Ford Projects. I helped project systems engineers get through the four Ford design reviews required per project. I also helped reverse engineer a TEVIS antilock braking system on a Ford F150.

Sept. 16, 2003 to Oct. 11, 2004 G-Tech professional staffing 17101 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn, Michigan at GENERAL MOTORS BENCHMARKING AND TEARDOWN 1860 TECHNOLOGY Drive Building D, Troy Michigan

I benchmarked seats, parking brake systems, mirrors, brake boosters, door switches, brake master cylinders and carpets on GM cars and Ford, Audi, Fiat, Volkswagen Commodore from Australia and other brands of vehicles. I weighed the assembly, took pictures of the assembly, took assemblies apart, weighed the parts, took pictures of the parts, and wrote a bill of material for the assembly. This entire GM purchasing office was terminated when the company went bankrupt.

June 10, 1996 to Feb 11, 2002 INTIER CLOSURE SYSTEMS (now MAGNA) 39600 Lewis Drive, Novi, Michigan


I was responsible for Ford Windstar front door latches, Power sliding door latches, and fuel filler interlock for 1999-2001 Ford Windstar. I also invented the Chrysler Power Sliding Door and gave Magna the invention per the contract I signed upon being hired.


July 1994 to July 1995 KYSOR MEDALLION Spring Lake Michigan

Position: PROJECT ENGINEER designed heat dissipating electronics box for field effect Transistors used as school bus power switches. I designed vibration isolation mounts for Melroe Bobcat Electronics Box .I designed a plastic case, buttons and LED display for truck clock. Product manufactured and sold to truck OEMs .I engineered fuel senders for new truck and boat fuel tank applications.


Position: Project Engineer

I was responsible for the hydraulic track tensioning system on the Armored System Mobility (ASM) prototype. I completed the design and the prototype was built. The project was cancelled by Dick Rumsfeldt, Sec. of Defense.

March 1988 to Jan 1991PETROLITE COMPANY, Webster Groves, Missouri (Now Hughes Tool Company).

Position: Mechanical Engineer

I was responsible for design of a 7 GPM commercial mixing machine to produce Smart Beat Margarine Spread. ($ 30,000,000/year gross sales 1990-2001.) In three months I designed and documented and specified 150 tubes, pumps, mixing blades to make this machine. In three more months it was assembled. I personally wood crated it for shipment to Woolsey Foods in California ( the place is to food machinery as a marina is to boats) A total of five of the machines were built.

Sept. 1985 to Feb 1988 CRANE DEFENSE SYSTEMS (UNIDYNAMICS), St. Louis Missouri

Position: Mechanical Engineer

I value analyzed a towed array sonar winch that Unidynamics was going to build 120 of for the U.S. Navy and I saved $3000 per unit. I invented a 25000 byte program to bend any tube on a Clark and Lewis tube bender, starting from either end and including 3 dimensional bending, how much to cut off both ends after bending, and how long the tube had to be before bending, and including bend spring back and tube stretch. I gave this company the business of bending tubes for the Petrolite Margarine machine.


Position: Mechanical Engineer/ Lead Mechanical Engineer

I was responsible for mechanical and hydraulic components to restore 330 U.S. Air Force Plane Loading Trucks (25000 lb capacity flatbed elevating trucks). I also lead 11 mechanical engineers on a 3 month, 3 million dollar M1 tank improvement testing program.

Nov. 1981 to Sept 1982 P&H HYDRAULIC TRUCK CRANE DIVISION, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Position: Project Engineer

I was responsible for the design of the upper revolving frame of a 115 ton capacity rough terrain hydraulic crane.


Sept 1973 to Oct. 1981 FMC CRANE AND EXCAVATOR DIVISION (LINK BELT) manufacturer of cranes and excavators.

I designed a two speed planetary gear to increase the speed of the main winch drum on and LS518 by 70% and still provide 500,000 inch lbs of torque to the winch drum. I was also the person who showed manufacturing how to install 200 hydraulic tubes with the platform turned upside down, then turn it right side up and install it on the crane, saving 50% on the crane assembly time. I also designed hydraulics for the LS 7400, a 50 foot reach excavator with 3 cubic yard bucket.

June 1972 to July 1973 LOUDEN DIVISION OF AMERICAN CHAIN AND CABLE Fairfield Iowa site now closed

Position: Mechanical Design Engineer

I was responsible for design of custom overhead cranes and monorail systems for industrial buildings at GM, Ford, John Deere, Bell Helicopter bakeries and steel foundries

June 1971 to May 1972 FRENCH AND HECHT Div. of Kelsey Hayes (now TRW) Davenport Iowa site closed Position: Wheel Engineer and later Safety Engineer to satisfy the 1972 Occupational Safety and Health Act

I designed barrier press guards and automatic press loading equipment to meet OSHA. I invented a magnetic lever to remove crescent shaped scrap at the end of a wheel disc blanking sheet just before the new wheel sheet stock was fed into the blanking press, complying with the no hands in the dies rule.

1969 to Sept.1969 FORD MOTOR COMPANY, Dearborn Michigan

Position: Coop Student in the brake department. I invented the floating magnet in the plastic brake fluid reservoir that activates a magnetic reed switch that lights the dashboard brake light when you are too low on brake fluid BEFORE your foot tells you that you have no brakes. This is standard on all vehicles and all brake systems today. I helped Ford brake engineer Joe Sparks solve the “o ring nipping” problem with the pressure differential valve under the master cylinder. He reduced the cross passage diameter so the o ring would not get sucked into the cross passage and nipped.

December 1969 to March 1970 FORD MOTOR COMPANY, Dearborn Michigan

Position: Coop Student in the Ford Rough road Durability department I worked at the Dearborn Rough Road Durability Test area and followed 1971 Mustang prototype Z118-2, which Developed vertical cracks through the unibody bolt holes attaching the upper suspension arms. I reported the cracks and body people promptly designed gussets to stop the problem. I also wrote up the weekly durability report from rough road durability and the Romeo Proving ground. I worked with D.T Doman, Jerry Biedock, and Vince Kolpacki.

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