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Engineer Project

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
February 06, 2018

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Daniel Ma, P. Eng.

*** ***** ***** ******* **

Calgary, AB Canada T3G5P2 Canada

Phone: 403-***-****(H), 403-***-****(C)



Registered APEGA P. Eng. with 15+ years in reservoir engineering and simulation on conventional/ unconventional oil (bitumen, heavy oil, tight sand and shale oil) and gas (shale gas and CBM), IOR/EOR projections.

Expertise at reservoir characterization, reservoir 3D modeling (with stochastic analysis) and simulation, history match and model calibrate, production integrated optimization, forecast and EUR, reserve booking on SEC, production performance analysis and reservoir management(RTA and OFM), geo-mechanics modeling and stress analysis, fracturing simulation, economic and risk uncertainty evaluation, well test PTA, horizontal wells, flow assurance and integration, workover AFE, well stimulation, sand and hydrate prevention, EOR/IOR new technology development, technical assurance and GATE review, project AFE and decision support, operation program and onsite supervise, coach and mentor junior RE.

Strong and healthy, honesty, team coordinative and cooperative, hardworking and productive.


Strong analysis ability, focus on trouble shooting and fixing problems on site with experience and technology. Such as well bore water conning flooding with gas lifting and swabbing, wax and asphaltite deposition with coil-tubing acidizing cleaning, loose sand production with gravel pack, sand pack, and screen prevention, gas hydrate prevention, well completion QC and multi-cycle stimulation, ESP pump frequency and load performance, etc.

Design and QC Fluid PVT and phase behavior test, core routine and SCAL lab test, slim tube and core flooding test. Match result with EOS software such as Winprop, PVTsim, PVTi.

Book oil and gas reserve on SEC/SPE PRMS criteria with volumetric, type curve, MBAL, simulation methods.

Build 3D static and dynamic model with integrated geological and production data, and geo-statistics result, model calibration with history matching of oil, gas rate, GOR/OGR, water cut, static and flowing pressure with Petrel G&G and RE, Eclipse, GoCAD and VIP, CMG BUILDER, IMEX, GEM, and STARS.

Enhance water flooding and miscible flooding sweeping efficiency through optimizing RFT/LPT test, injection and production profile, well drilling and completion pattern, chemical ASP/AP FDP, and WAG injection, etc.; Development and onsite pilot of tertiary EOR technology (SAGD, CSS, TCP, HPAI, ASP, CO2 miscible, cold EOR, and Microbial EOR).

Enhance condense oil retrograde with gas cycling; Make industrial standard for analyzing, optimizing, and managing performance of gas reservoirs.

Field Development plan (FDP) scenario optimization with re-completion and infill well design. Well drilling, completion and testing program, on-site supervise.

Onsite production performance surveillance, classic RE type curve analysis (RTA), predict EUR/recovery efficiency with OFM/Fekete Harmony/ Value Navigator, GeoScout/AccuMap.

DST, MDT/RFT, RST/ PLT test program, in-site supervise and PTA interpretation with Saphir/Fekete Welltest.

Geo-mechanic modeling and plastic stress analysis, carbonate and shale wellbore stability analysis.

Mini-fracturing and multi-stage fracturing simulation of horizontal well and directional well with MFRAC.

Stimulation and workover AFE, Coil-Tubing cleaning and acidizing, sand control and water shut-off.

Network setup and flow assurance calculation, reservoir and facility coupling and integrated optimization with Eclipse, PipeSim/IPM Prosper and GAP, OLGA, ForGas/WellFlo, and Unix Cluster parallel computer.

Economic and risk uncertainty analysis, investment decision optimization and RIR evaluation with Crystal Ball, Merak PEEP, PHP-WIN.

Seismic structure, depositional facies, log and well test PTA interpretation, property calculation, 2D map.

Reservoir data QC and database management, query, classification with OFM, MS Excel and Access, SQL, PVR, AccuMap and GeoScout.

Computer skills: Skilled in reservoir modeling and simulation software, data analysis and management software, MS Windows and UNIX system, MS Office suit, and computer language FORTRAN 77, C, C++, etc.


Senior Reservoir Technology Specialist, Husky Energy Ltd, Calgary, AB 2013.2- 2015.2

Technical GATE review and assurance on Husky key projects such as FDP gas deliverability and flow assurance simulation of Liwan offshore deepwater gas reservoir; pad review and steam injection optimization on Sunrise and Athabasca heavy oil SAGD; McMullen NE Bitumen sand CSS FDP operation optimization and risk analysis; exploration and development feasibility of Bakken unconventional shale oil on South AB and SK. Finished project audit, technical and risk assessment, improvement and simulation optimization.

Developed and applied EOR technologies such as CO2 miscible and immiscible flooding, CO2 cold EOR, microbial EOR, TCP, and HPAI; Coordinated Husky CCN technical network on EOR technology.

Rock stress and geo-mechanics analysis, well bore stability analysis, geo-modeling; mini-frac and multi-stage fracturing simulation of Wilrich shale and shelly sand gas project.

Simulation and risk analysis of Aster offshore exploration in East Atlantic Canada; production and investment risk appraisals of New White heaven exploration; and flow assurance plus productivity evaluation of Sierra BC carbonate sour gas project.

Audited the Regulation of CO2 CCS/EOR in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada.

Mentored 3 EITs (Engineer in training) on classic MBAL and type curve production performance analysis, dual porosity modeling, fracturing simulation, well test PTA and flow assurance analysis, Lower Shaunavon tighten carbonate reservoir EOR simulation, Etzikom water flooding and chemical AP flooding simulation, and Tucker heavy oil SAGD simulation and drilling program ( wells pads and legs, re-completion design).

Senior Reservoir Engineer, Knowledge-Reservoir LLC, Houston, TX 2007.10 – 2013.1

AS senior technical consultant, worked with clients’ team together and finished all following simulation projects successfully. Reduced operation cost and risk uncertainty, added reserve and resource, and optimized FDP/EOR strategy with analyzing and QC data of seismic structure, core and well log, pressure survey, fluid PVT and phase EOS analysis, well test PTA interpretation, well drilling and completion; reserve calculation and booking; 3D modeling and integrated simulation(include statistics probability model), history match(oil and gas rate, GOR and water cut, well pressure (BHP) and reservoir pressure) through model calibration; FDP plans sensitivity and prediction; scenarios design and optimization(well pattern and trajectory design); well and reservoir performance analysis and prediction; network nodal points analysis; reservoir integrated optimization of subsurface and surface facility capacity; flow assurance and deliverability, well injection and production profile, well interference and lateral communication, tight-sand and shale multistage fracturing modeling and design, EOR feasibility and strategy plan, economic and risk evaluation.

GOM Tule Lake ultra-tight condensate gas project for EOG resource.

GOM Deep Water Bullwinkle J Sand EOR and Optimization Project for Dynamic Offshore.

GOM Clipper deepwater offshore oil rim and gas condensate project for Davis Offshore.

Turquoise offshore deep-water oil development project in Congo, West Africa for Murphy Oil.

OML137 deepwater offshore oil and gas cap project for Addax Petroleum.

EOR/IOR pre-study for fields in Block 2 and 3 for Sonangol P&P, West Africa offshore.

ELK carbonate Condensate and oil rim offshore project for InterOil.

ZCBV and CSCL water flooding simulation and EOR FDP projects for REPSOL.

Endicott heavy oil SAGD and thermal recovery project for BP Alaska.

Mangala hot water flooding Project for Cairn Energy India.

Faregh EOR and integrated optimization project for ConocoPhillips.

Etanco tight shelly sandstone oil field IOR (WAG immiscible) Project for Petrobras Peru.

Poza Rica water flooding EOR project for NetBrain Energy.

Quality Candidate for Microbial EOR on Post Water Flooding Reservoirs, Glori Energy.

Senior Reservoir Engineer, Schlumberger Technical Service Ltd 2006.10 – 2007.10

As senior technical Advisor, worked with Sonangol P&P together and finished all of projects successfully.

Made and simulation optimized exploration and production operation strategies for Block 2.

Booked oil and gas reserve, analyzed potential and economic, made development strategy.

Made FDP for Morsa West and Espadarte. History match and production performance prediction.

Made IOR operation strategy and well workover AFE for dolomite Bagre, LOE, and Chopa.

Supported Morsa West well drilling program, coil tube stimulation, and ESP pump test, increased MOW-6 well rate from 0 to 700 bbl/d.

Programed and supervised well test (DST/MDT) and fluid sampling operation on the rig 185 site.

Mentored and coached local junior reservoir engineers on well test, data and performance analysis, reserve booking step by step.

Senior Reservoir Engineer and Project Manager, Quest Oil Corporation, 2005.6 – 2006.10

Manage of North Acadia gas project, East Alberta, Canada. Daily exploitation operation management, EUB application, waste water process and disposal, gas reserve evaluation and booking, performance monitoring and optimization, water swabbing, shut-off, and gas rate enhancement in well bore.

Longleaf Barnett shale gas horizontal drilling and multi-stage lateral fracturing project in Harrison County, Texas, USA. Simulation and forecast production performance on concept geological model, flow assurance and multistage fracturing engineering design, wellbore stability, and well deliverability.

Oil and Gas reserves booking, and production forecast based on SEC criteria.

Senior Reservoir Engineer RIPED, CNPC(PetroChina), Beijing 1992.7 – 2001.6

Make the industrial standard for analyzing and optimizing production performance, enhancing management of gas reservoir. Coordinate OTC as technical specialist.

Simulation and strategy optimization on Horizontal wells exploitation plan, Hetianhe foothills deep sour gas carbonate reservoirs.

Simulation on CBM Well Test and development pilot production in JinCheng, Dacheng, Wupu Area( 4 exploration appraisal wells and 5 point pilot production group).

Reserve booking and depletion plan simulation of Sebei-1 shallow sweet gas reservoir.

Simulation on gas cycling FDP, Hekeya and Yaha high yield near critical point gas condensate reservoirs.

Simulation FDP on Gas Storage design and operation, Banqiao, Huabei and Jianghan gas storages in depleted gas, condense gas reservoirs, and salty cavern.

Reservoir Engineer Tuha Petroleum Corporation, PetroChina 1989.11 – 1992.6

Reserve calculation, PVT phase EOS equilibrium, MMP and MMC evaluation. WAG miscible flooding procedure and mechanism simulation of Qiuling Miscible project and Shansan waterflooding project.

The first-grade scientific award for designing WAG miscible flooding, Qiuling oil field.

Reservoir Engineer Daqing Petroleum Corporation, PetroChina 1985.7 – 1989.8

Simulation and strategy optimization on water flooding and chemical polymer injection pilot in Sanan field. Increase RF 12% by controlling water cut and enhancing sweep efficiency.


M. SC. Petroleum Engineering, Research Institute of Exploration & Development, Beijing 1992

B. Sc. Petroleum Geology Prospecting, Jianghan Petroleum Institute, China 1985

Note: All Degrees are same levels as in US and Canada, evaluated and certificated by IQAS on April 17, 2008.


Advanced training on Geomechanics; Air Combustion EOR(TCP); CO2 Miscible flooding at CMG, 2014;

Graduate courses study of Advanced Reservoir Engineering (SAGD), Advanced Topic in Production (CO2 miscible flooding), Thermal Recovery, University of Calgary, 2003.9-2005.4;

English language and work experience training in Bow Valley College, 2001.9-2003.6;

CMG Software Suite training at CMG, SCAL and fluid PVT test training at Core Lab/Hycal, Calgary, 1999.

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