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Data Time

Westland, Michigan, United States
$60k per year
February 03, 2018

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Livonia, MI

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Dearborn, MI


Dearborn, MI, United States



I am a graduate student at Industrial Engineering Department in University of Michigan-Dearborn. I am going to get my master degree in April 2018. Since I have only one course left in my next semester, I am able to work full-time from January 2018.


Proficient in Excel VBA query.

Proficient in statistical tool R to do data


Proficient in advanced data analytics software


Strong scientific programming skills (C, SQL,


Good at building relationships and working

efficiency with multiple and diverse teams.

Enjoy challenges.

Fundamentals of high throughput


Fundamentals of multivariate statistics.

Fundamentals of design and analysis of


Fundamentals of database system.

Fundamentals of operations research and


Fundamentals of supply chain management

and quality control theory.


Simulation Engineer

Ford Motor Company

I have been doing an internship at a system throughput simulation team in Ford Motor Company from April 2017 to December 2017. My main work is to acquire global manufacturing data from Factory Information System of Ford and analyze the potential patterns in cycling time, down time and availability data from Ford global plants.In addition, another main project I am working on is to build a new cycle time tool based on Alteryx software with some other teammates instead of our current cycle time tool. Compared with current one, this tool will decrease the consumed time for operators to retrieve cycle time data from the huge production line significantly with great accuracy. The output of new tool will be visualized by Tableau which integrates all desired assets into a coherent whole and makes it much easier for operators to compare all the assets.

Global manufacturing data acquisition and analysis from Factory Information System of Ford. Mining and analyzing the potential patterns in cycling time, down time and the availability data from Ford global plants.

Building cycle time data retrieving tool based on Alteryx. Learning how to use AutoMod Simulation to design operations systems. Research Assistant

University of Michigan- Dearborn

Building a data-driven driving recognition model to detect aggressive drivers and simulating different drivers' behaviors in NetLogo. Aggressive drivers can be identified among multiple drivers based on some aggressive driving behaviors such as high speed and frequent lane-changing in visualization. Building an effective model to detect the change-points in time series data based on R software. It determines the number of changes and estimates the time of each change. It further provides confidence levels for each change and confidence intervals for the time of each change. Education and Training

Mater of Science and Engineering: Industrial Engineering University of Michigan-Dearborn

Optimization: A Plus

Design and analysis of experiment: A Plus

Databases systems: A

Total quality management and six sigma: A

Production and Operation Engineering: A

C: 313-***-****

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