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C Nd

Milpitas, California, 95035, United States
February 03, 2018

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Michael K etcham

Sr. S oftware E ngineer

San F rancisco B ay A rea

Computer S oftware

Current KLA-Tencor

Previous Cobham S ATCOM / S eaTel,

Volcano C orporation,

Intel C orporation

Education Control D ata I nstitute, S an


Michael K etcham


● C/C++/C#

● Embedded/Application/Services

● Software D evelopment

● .NET

● Task A synchronous P attern ( TAP)

● Test A utomation

● Medical D evices


● Web S ervices


● Communications

● Internal W eb D esign

● Certified S crum M aster

● Cross p latform d evelopment

● Microsoft S QL S erver




Embedded S oftware E ngineer

January 2 017 – P resent ( 9 m onths)

As p art o f a w orld-class t eam o f e ngineers I w rote m any o f t he p hysical d evice h ardware l evel d rivers, logical d evices a nd U I e ngineering W PF l ocal a nd r emote U I. F ull s tack. E nvironments i ncluded L inux a nd Windows. P hysical d evices a re c ontrollers f or m icron-level p iezo m otors, x -ray d etection, b eam s teering, optics s tability f or u se i n n ano-electonics.M etrology n ano-electronic t ools

• V isual s tudio 2 015

• . Net f ramework 4 .6.2

• W PF / W INForms

• I nter p rocess s ervice f ramework

• I nter p rocess E vent f ramework: Z eroMQ

• G oogle P rotobuf

• M ongo N o-SQL

• D ectris X -Ray

• P hysik I nstrumente ( PI) p recision m otion s ystems

• A erotech c ontrols

• G oogle P rotobuf / Z MQ

Cobham S ATCOM / S eaTel

Sr S oftware E ngineer - C lient/Server & E mbedded October 2 014 – September 2 016 (2 y ears)

At S ea T el I w as a m ember o f t he s oftware d evelopment t eam o perating a n a gile/scrum/kanban environment. T he t ask a t h and w as t o p rovide e mbedded f irmware t o c ontrol a f ully a rticulated M arine antenna.Development w as d one i n t he I IAR I E c ross c ompiled i nto C o n t he S MX R TOS. E mbedded debugging w as d one u sing J TAG/jLink. C ommunications f irmware i ncluded E thernet, S erial, W i-Fi. I n addition I w as p rimarily p rincipally r esponsible f or t he d evelopment o f a t est f ixture s uch t hat t est c ases could b e w ritten a nd d eveloped o n a P C w ith C ommunications t o t he e mbedded d evices w hich w ere distributed b etween v arious a reas o f t he T arget l ocations. F irmware i s C a nd C t est c ases w ere developed i n C # a nd C

• D istributed a rchitecture R TOS C /C++ - E mbedded f irmware d evelopment. ( ARM9 A M1808-Satira, S MX, IAR I DE, J TAG).

• C I b uild, t est f ramework. W indows-based a utomated a nd o ne-off t est p lanning a nd d evelopment.

• T errestrial a nd M arine S atellite s ystems.

• R eal-time o rbit s cheduling a nd e phemeris g eneration.

• A lgorithm o ptimization a nd i mplementation.

• T est f ixture a nd t est p lan d evelopment.

• W eb-based t esting u sing C # a nd S elenium


o S oftware t est f ramework.

o S oftware s ystem t o p rovide u niform a ccess a nd c ontrol o f m ultiple e mbedded d evices a t d ifferent locations.

o M ock o r e mulation o f b oth 3 rd p arty d evices ( sensors & c ontrollers) a nd o f S eaTel “ to b e m anufactured” devices. T his a llowed u s t o c ontinue d evelopment w ithout h aving a ctual h ardware. o S ignal a nd c ontrol d evice ( software) f or s atellite s ignal, e phemeris, t racking a nd p ositioning. o I mage p rocessing a nd e diting f or i nclusion i n d eliverable ( read b inary, g en a C RC, r eformat a nd c reated packaged s oftware

o I ntegrate 3 rd p arty s oftware ( Hudson, s vn, M S b uild) w ith c ustom c ontrol a nd r eport g eneration. Volcano C orporation

Sr S oftware E ngineer

August 2 012 – September 2 014 (2 y ears 2 m onths) Volcano C orporation i s t he g lobal l eader i n i ntravascular i maging f or c oronary a nd p eripheral a pplications, and p hysiology. I p articipated a s a s crum t eam m ember s pecifically w ith s oftware d evelopment g roup T he group's t ask w as t o c reate a d ata f low f rom t he I maging s canner t o t he T omographic d isplay i ncluding patient m aintenance a nd r ecording t he d ata f rom u ltrasonic c atheter t o m easure b lood f low p ressure a nd other o bjects s uch a s c alcium d eposits. t he p roduct w as c ompletely w ritten i n C u sing t he B oost libraries. I a ctively p articipate i n t he c onfiguration a nd d eployment g roup t o e nsure a s mooth a nd transparent i nstallation o f t he p roduct.

• C C – D evelopment, M edical g rade s oftware a nd r elated i nstruments.

• I ntravascular U ltrasound ( IVUS)

• D evelopment w ork i s i n C Windows f or a n a dvanced u ltrasound m edical d evice, i ncluding a f ormal software d evelopment l ife c ycle.

• B OOST s upport l ibraries


o S oftware f or i nstallation a nd c onfiguration o I nter-device m onitoring s oftware ( sniffed w ire t o d ecode p ackets) o O S m igration u pgrade t ool ( migrated f irmware / b usiness l ogic) f rom p rior O S. Intel C orporation

Sr S oftware E ngineer

April 2 012 – July 2 012 (4 m onths)

• D esign a nd d evelopment o f p ossessor d ebug p erformance f oundation s ystem. General E lectric C orp. – E nergy

Sr S oftware E ngineer

April 2 010 – April 2 012 (2 y ears 1 m onth),• O ver 5 000 n Unit/MS t est

• R esources m ocking. I t ook p ride i n a chieving a p erformance i mprovement o f o ver 5 0%

• M entored o ther e ngineers i n t est s tructure a nd i mplementation.


o I nfrastructure t o a llow p arallel t esting Microsoft

Sr S oftware ( SDE/SDET) E ngineer

August 2 009 – July 2 010 (1 y ear)

• D esign, d evelopment a nd t est o f P erformance a nd S tress d rivers f or P HP t o S QL S erver d river. T his consisted o f c reating C # j ig d rivers t o m easure s tress/perf, P HP c ode t o p erform s erver l evel f ramework to c ompare S QLSRV d river w ith P DO, O DBC, m ssql a nd M ySQL.

• D evelopment o f P HP - S QL s erver d river a dapters t o e nhance a n umber o f O pen s ource a pplications t o use M icrosoft S QL S erver. A pplications i ncluded a re Z enCart, o sCommerce, M oodle, P EAR:MDB2. T his work i nvolved d evelopment o f d river a dapters f or M SFT S QL S erver. C ode w as P HP a nd S QL t o e ither directly d rive t he s erver i n s uch a pps a s o sCommerce a nd Z enCart o r w ork i n a n a bstract i nterface s uch as P EAR:MDB2 o r M oodle.

Datacastle C orporation

Sr S oftware E ngineer

August 2 008 – May 2 009 (10 m onths)Greater S eattle A rea Datacastle R ED i s a h ybrid c loud s ervice t o b ring o rder a nd g overnance t o t he f rontier o f y our e nterprise by m itigating d ata l oss a nd d ata b reach w hile m aximizing n etwork a nd e nd u ser p erformance. I a ctively p articipated i n w eb s ervices c ommunications d eployment. P roduct w as c ompletely w ritten i n C++

• W orked i n a n A gile D evelopment S CRUM t eam w ith w orld c lass p rofessional e ngineers.

• C # D evelopment i n a W indows e nvironment p roviding e nterprise S ingle I nstance S torage ( SIS) d ata reduction o n s ecure n etworks.

• C ross d omain N ET R emoting, W eb S ervices S OAP a nd B ackground I ntelligent T ransport s ystem


• E nterprise d evelopment i n a S ervice O riented A rchitecture / S oftware a s a S ervice.

• C loud a nd d istributed c omputing ( Amazon E C2)

• S prints t asks: p roduct t ransport, m emory f ootprint r eduction, p erformance i mprovements, p roduct feature a dditions, a nomaly c orrections ( fix b ugs)

• C ross p latform d evelopment u sing H yper-V, W indows S erver n ative v irtualization.

• U nit t est p lan d evelopment a nd e xecution. Microsoft(Excel)


September 2 007 – April 2 008 (8 m onths)

Maintain/document S harepoint b ackend



2007 – 2008 (1 y ear)

>C#/C++ D evelopment f or a n a udio a nd f ilm d istribution s ystem i ncluding m edia i ngestion, f ormatting, licensing, s ignature, f ingerprinting u sing . NET R emoting

>Tools i ncluded L LBL P ro, . NET T eam.

>Development o f a pplications o f W in F orms U I

>MSFT M icrosoft E nterprise S ystems A rchitecture Rfcode

Sr S oftware E ngineer

July 2 002 – August 2 005 (3 y ears 2 m onths) At R F c ode w as h onored b y w orking w ith a t eam o f w orld-class E ngineers d edicated t o t ransmitting, directing, p arsing a nd c ontrolling t he f low o f R FID d ata f rom s ource t o d estination ( RFID t ags t o destinations s uch a s r eal-time d isplay, d atabases a nd w ebsite m onitoring). C lients i ncluded w ere U S Army m unitions, U nited S tates N avy i nventory c ontrol, W almart a nd o ther d istribution c ompanies, recreational a nd e ntertainment c ompanies a nd p roduction f low.

• C #/C/C++ d evelopment & p rogramming i n w indows a nd L inux.

• A dditional c ross p latform d evelopment u sing W indows S ervices f or U NIX ( WSFU)

• D rivers f or c ommunications h ardware m odules.

• S ystem d rivers a nd a pplications s ervices i n a W indows C E e nvironment.

• S QL S tored P rocedure d evelopment f or a h igh v olume, r eal-time d ata a cquisition.

• A SP.NET a pplications i ncluded a sset t racking, c ustomer t racking, p roject a nd t ime m anagement, a nd measurement a nd a nalysis m odules, i ndustrial a nd m ilitary c ustomers.

• L ead S oftware T est E ngineer, c reation o f t est p lans, t est e nvironments, a utomated t ests, a nd a utomated unit t est.

• W inCVS, T ortoise, S S

• A pache / P HP 4 .0 / M YSQL f or E -Commerce/Bug t racking/ I nventory t racking. Mozart C orp., S EEC I nc


April 1 991 – August 2 001 (10 y ears 5 m onths) At S eec I nc M ozart S ystems I w as p rinciple e ngineer r esponsible f or a nd i nvolved w ith a ll p hases o f development f or t he W eb S ervices F ramework i ncluding c ommunications a nd s ystems s oftware. SEEC's W eb s ervices f ramework l ets a llows t he c ustomer-facing W eb a pplications t o l ink t o b ack-end

'systems o f r ecord' w hile m aking c ore b usiness f unctions a vailable t o b usiness p artners i n a s eamless, extended e nterprise.

The W eb S ervices F ramework s upports h ighly d istributed a pplications t hat u se X ML t echnologies t o create c ollaborative b usiness p rocesses t hat s pan p reviously u nconnected s ystems a nd o rganizations. The B usiness C omponents i ncorporate c lient’s m ission-critical b usiness r ules, p roviding c ore b usiness functions i n h ighly f lexible a pplication a rchitecture. T he I ntegration C omponents a llow a ccess t o a nd integrate w ith m ultiple b ack-end a pplications i n n ew W eb-based s ystems. T he W eb S ervices l ayer o n t op of t he b usiness o r i ntegration c omponents, m aking t hese c omponents a vailable a s s ervices o n t he Internet u sing i ndustry s tandard m essaging t echnologies - S OAP ( Simple O bject A ccess P rotocol), U DDI

(Universal D escription, D iscovery a nd I ntegration), a nd W SDL ( Web S ervices D escription L anguage). The S EEC p roducts e volved f rom t he M ozart S ystems’ t wo p rincipal p roducts: M ozWin a nd M ozNet. MozWin i s a r apid d evelopment l egacy t ransformation s ystem d eployed o nto m ultiple p latforms G UI. I ts architecture c onsists o f a t hin p latform m odule o n w hich a p latform i ndependent l ayer w as e xposed t o t he end u ser. M ozWin u tilized a t echnology t o d irectly i nterface w ith t he c ustomer e ntry s ystem. I t u sed a n array o f i nterface t echniques r anging f rom E HLLAPI t o T CP/IP. M ozWin w as c reated i n M icrosoft V isual C v ersion 4 . I t w as m igrated t o V isual C /C++ a nd M FC i n 1 995. I n 1 997, H TML “ front e nd” w as developed t o c reate t he “ MozNet” p roduct. E ventually t his w as e xtended t o i nclude J SP, A SP, COM/DCOM, S OAP, X ML a nd V B f ront e nds. D ata t ransmission w as c onverted f rom t he p roprietary formats t o X ML. M ozNet b ecame M ozart S ystems f lagship p roduct.

• A rchitect f or t he M ozNet h ost c ommunications m odule a nd s ubsequently t he M osaic C omponent builder, w hich i ncorporated t he h ost c ommunications f unction.

• L ead e ngineer a nd p roject m anager a nd f or w eb s ystems d evelopment, o riginated a nd p roduced t he MozNet p roduct p roviding c ustomer-facing W eb a pplications t o b ack-end ' systems o f r ecord'. T he company w as a cquired i n 1 999 a s a p remier e -business w eb-services p rovider.

• S trategic p lanning i n c ommercializing t he M ozart/Seec h ybrid 3 -tier/MVC t echnology, w hich r esulted i n MozNet b eing r ecognized a s a l eading p roduct i n t he i ndustry b y G artner G roup.

• C omplete S ystem D evelopment L ife C ycle ( SDLC) i ncluding s trategic p lanning, p roduct d esign, development, q uality a ssurance a nd m aintenance.

• H igh-speed c onnectivity f or B erkeley a nd W indows s ockets f or T CP s ystems.

• S ystems t roubleshooting, s ite p roblem r esolution.

• L ead S oftware T est E ngineer, t est e nvironments, a utomated t esting

• A gile d evelopment

• D rivers f or S NA c onnectivity a nd s erial d evices.

• C ompiler, L inker, R un-time d eveloped i n C /C++ W in32, M FC, W eb s ervices

• P latform G UI p orted t o O S/2, U nix(X.11), M ac, D os, S GI a nd w indows ( 3.1 a nd N T)

• L ead e ngineer i n p roduct r eadiness f or M SFT P D1

• M anaged a t eam o f f ive e ngineers t hrough a ll p hases o f r esearch, d evelopment, d elivery a nd s upport

• E mbedded C ommunications D evice D rivers, s uch a s 3 270, S erial a nd T CP/IP, C OMS, S DLC, E HLLAPI, PC-Serial a nd T CP/IP c ommunications s ub-systems c onnectivity s oftware.

• P raised f or p roven s kill a nd f orward t hinking i n a ll a reas o f t echnical d evelopment a nd p roblem s olving i n addition t o e xhibiting a n o utstanding c ommitment t o c ustomer s atisfaction, o vercoming o bstacles i n diverse a nd h ostile e nvironments t hrough p atience a nd p ersistence.

• I nterviewed, t rained a nd m anaged n umerous e ngineering a nd s upport p ersonnel t o e nsure c ohesive teamwork i n c ompleting p rojects a nd p roviding e xcellent t echnical s upport t o c ustomers. Education

● Control D ata I nstitute, S an F rancisco

Computer T echnologies & S ciences, C omputer H ardware E ngineering 1971 – 1974

● College o f S an M ateo • I ndustrial A rts & B usiness A dministration Languages

● English


● Certified S crumMaster

Scrum A lliance

March 2 016 – P resent


● American A ssociation f or A rtificial I ntelligence Member

January 1 976 – January 1 978

● California E lectronics A ssociation


January 1 974 – January 1 979

● American D efense P reparedness A ssociation


January 1 975 – January 1 979

● Advanced C omputing E nvironments: T CP/IP


January 1 991 – January 1 999

● Interoperability C ommittee U NIX U sr/Group ( founders g roup) Member

January 1 980 – January 1 985


A p review o f w hat L inkedIn m embers h ave t o s ay a bout M ichael:

● Mike i s o ne o f t hose d evelopers t hat h as v ery g ood t est s ense. H e a lso w orks w ell w ith t est, a nd was a b ig h elp t o m e e xplaining t he d esign a nd i mplementation o f a p roduct w e w orked o n.

● Although w e w orked i n d ifferent d epartments o ver t he l ast f ew y ears, I 've h ad t he o pportunity to w ork w ith M ichael o n s everal p rojects. I f ound h im v ery k nowledgeable, c learly e xperienced, and a p leasure t o w ork w ith.

● Michael i s e asy t o w ork w ith, h e h ave a g reat w ork e thics a nd n ot a fraid t o l earn a nd a pply n ew tools

● Michael i s e asy t o w ork w ith, h e h ave a g reat w ork e thics a nd n ot a fraid t o l earn a nd a pply n ew tools.

● Michael i s a n e xcellent s oftware e ngineer w ith a g reat a ttitude. H e h as w orked o n s everal projects h ere a t V olcano, i ncluding a c ouple I h ave w orked o n w ith h im. H e g ets u p t o s peed quickly i n n ew c odebases a nd d omains, a pplying h is e xtensive k nowledge a nd i ntuition. H e g ets the j ob d one w ell a nd q uickly.

● Michael i s a h ard w orking, d etail-oriented s oftware e ngineer w ho w e h ired t o o ffer a mazing value t o o ur c lient, V olcano C orporation. H e h as b een l auded b y h is c olleagues a s a n i ntegral and c ritical p art o f t he t eam. W e a re p leased h e i s o n t he j ob!

● Michael i s a g reat h elp t o m e a nd e veryone e lse. M ike i s v ery s upportive o f t he t est t eam, a nd many t esters s eek h im w hen t hey a re l ooking f or g uidance i n r egards t o c ertain f unctions f or a given S ystem. H e h as d eep u nderstanding o f t he c ode a nd t he f unctionality o f t he d evice.

● Michael w orks l ong h ours a nd h e i s v ery p roductive. H e i s v ery f riendly, a nd h e i s v ery approachable, a nd h e a lways g oes o ut o f h is w ay t o h elp a nyone w ho h as q uestions.

● It i s a lways a j oy t o w ork w ith h im.

● Michael h as b ecome a n i nvaluable p art o f t he t eam v alidating a nd r eleasing o ur l atest p roduct. He l earned t he w orkings o f a c omplex s oftware e nvironment q uickly a nd h as b een e ssential i n both f inding a nd f ixing p roblems i n t he n ew f eature s et.

● I h ave k nown M ike w hen I w as i n s chool. W e w ould e nd u p h aving d iscussions o n s everal t opics. He c ame o ut a s s omebody w ho i s v ery c lear t hinker a nd h as r efined t hought p rocess. Discussions w ith h im o n v arious t opics w ere a lways r efreshing. H e w ould g enerally b roaden my p erspective o n t hings a nd g ive g ood a dvice.

● Mike i s a n o utstanding c onsultant w ho c ontinuously e xceeds t he e xpectations s et f or h is position. M ike w illingly a ccepts c hallenging a ssignments a nd o ffers t o c ontribute w herever h e can. M ike h as d emonstrated e xcellent s oftware e ngineering a nd a nalytical s kills w hich a re v ery essential t o a ddress t he c onstantly e volving b usiness r equirements. T he b est t hing I n oticed i n him i s h is i nsatiable z eal t o l earn l atest t echnical s kills, t echnology s tacks a nd t ools a nd o ffer better s olutions.

● Mike h as e xcellent r esearch s kills, i s a n a rticulate c ommunicator, t hinks l ogically, d evelops creative s olutions t o c omplex p roblems a nd w orks w ell o n a t eam. H e i s d etail o riented a nd passionate a bout c oding. H is e ngineering i s a lways t op q uality w ith f ew f laws. H e u nderstands the v alue o f t esting a nd t akes t he t ime t o t est a nd r etest b efore r eleasing a s oftware p rogram.

● Mike w as a g reat d ev t o w ork w ith, a s a lways t ook t he t ime t o e xplain f ixes, a nd h elp m e understand t he d esign b etter.

● Michael w as a t op n otch S oftware E ngineer. W e w orked t ogether o n a r emote p roject a t G .E. Energy. H e w as v ery h elpful a nd h elped m e u nderstand t he i ntricacies o f U nit t esting o n a n Advanced D ata A cquisition s ystem i nstalled o n W ind T urbines. H e w ould b e a v aluable a sset t o any s oftware p roject.

● Very d edicated a nd v ery g ood C p rogrammer. A lso w ill h elp w ith d ocuments a s r equired b y the p roject

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