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Mechanical Engineering Microsoft Office

Yorktown Heights, New York, 10598, United States
February 03, 2018

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Resume: ALLISON EDWARD***-****


Four years at Karunya University(India) studying Bachelors of Technology in Aerospace Engineering conducting research in the field of propulsion specifically the characterization of heat transfer properties of refined kerosene and applications of the shock tube in the efforts to develop a more efficient fuel for aircraft and spacecraft propulsion.

Two years at Rochester Institute of Technology studying Masters in Mechanical Engineering and conducted an Independent study in Pool Boiling of Refrigerants for cooling of electronic industries to determine the most efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerant for use.


Seeking a full time employment


Bachelors of Technology majored in aerospace engineering in Karunya University(India): 8.12 cumulative grade point average(rated on a scale of 10).

Masters in Mechanical Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology: 3.0 GPA

Software Skills:

●Programming in C, C++

●Expertise in Microsoft Office

●AutoCAD, Solidworks, Gambit and Fluent, Matlab, Ansys, COMSOL, CREO, ADP

Area of interest:

●Aircraft and Space craft Propulsion


●Computational Fluid Dynamics ● Shock tube.


●Attended a seminar on ‘The Latest Trends in Airspace and Air Traffic Management’ by Mr .K. Jebaraj, Director-Trichy International Airport, Tamil Nadu, India

●Attended a seminar on ‘Orbital Mechanics’ by Dr. R.K.Sharma, Former Scientist-ISRO ● Attended a workshop on ‘Aero modelling” conducted by Avian Aerospace, Chennai, India.

●Attended a 2 day workshop on ‘Cansat’ conducted by Antariksha Lab, Bangalore in association with Indian Space Station and Arde Labs, Bangalore.

●Publication: Convective heat transfer in refined kerosene-alumina under laminar and turbulent regimes


Mini Project: Aim was to design a two-seater, twin engine supersonic multirole combat fighter aircraft. The main motivation for developing multirole aircraft is cost reduction in using a common airframe keeping in mind the growing need of Multirole aircrafts in the area of defence today. Designed the aircraft for the following specifications;

1.The aircraft should have a maximum speed between the Mach no. 2 – 2.5

2.The aircraft should specify with 2 power plants with maximum thrust availability of 107Kn.

3.The MRCA should avail a weapon capability of around 4000kg which should provide a facility of:

Air to Ground attacks

Air to Air attack And Air to Air Cannons.

Through computational analysis found the various parameters for the design and created the 3-D view using AutoCAD.

Full Semester project for 8th semester:

Heat Transfer Characterization of refined Kerosene for laminar flow with and without the addition of nanoparticles like aluminium oxide. Designed and fabricated the apparatus consisting of the tank with a capacity of holding three liters of liquid kerosene, a pump, a flow meter, and a conducting wire wound around a pipe which is the example of

“transient hot wire technique”, the best method of analyzing and studying the thermal conductivity of an object. An analysis of how the change in mass flow rate of the refined kerosene which changes the velocity of the liquid in turn affects the parameters like Nusselt’s number, coefficient of thermal conductivity, temperature of the wall, convective heat transfer coefficient and Prandtl’s number. This procedure is repeated for different mass flow rates and the corresponding parameters are calculated.

Working on Shock Tube: To study the ignition time delay of LPG-O2 mixture with different Driver gases such as Nitrogen and Helium. Studied the ignition time delay of LPG-oxygen gaseous mixture diluted with 20% argon. The driver gas used was nitrogen. The total ratio till which the gases LPG-oxygen and argon was pumped was 0.273. The blast pressure noted were consistent in a range from 25bar to 29bar. A series of graphs were plotted and the ignition time delay was decided from the graphs. Performed regression analysis to compare which is the more efficient fuel mixture.

Graduate Project: Pool boiling of refrigerants over enhanced surfaces for cooling of electronics in electronic industries.

Activities and Interests:

Organized technical events for symposiums and non-technical events. Helped out in orphanages and old-age homes for fund raising events. Interests include community service, development of temperature sensors for the shock tube using nanotechnology, literature and music.

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