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Manager Oracle

Alexandria, Virginia, United States
February 03, 2018

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-Over 5 years of strong experience in Oracle Database administration, Performance Tuning, Backup and Recovery, Dataguard, Golden Gates, RAC, database security and Optimization, Data Migration of Oracle Instances.

-Install and configure Oracle 9i,10g, 11g, 12c on Sun Solaris AIX, UNIX/LINUX, HP-UX and Windows Environment.

-Experience in the Upgrade of Oracle Databases in patch set Level and also in version Level (9i to 10g),(10g to 11g) and (11g to 12c) and applying patches like Critical Patch Updates (CPU)and Patch Set Updates (PSU).

-Experience in taking Full and Partial backups, Incremental and Cumulative backups using RMAN (Recovery Manager).

-Design and implement backup and recovery including disaster recovery structures.

-Worked on export/import, data pump and SQL Loader.

-Extensive experience in installation and implementing OEM and TOAD and setup of Oracle Grid Control.

-Worked actively in configuring and maintaining Oracle Physical Standby/Active Data Guard Database oracle 11g..

-Remote administration and support of Oracle production and development Databases on major operating system with size up to 11TB.

-Experienced in Golden Gate Installation and Configuration and maintenance for database replication purpose.

-Experience in installation and configuration of Oracle Cluster ware and Automatic Storage Management (ASM) in RAC environment.

-Experience in conversion of Single Node Instance to Multimode RAC with ASM, and adding instance to existing RAC.

-Experience in Migration of Oracle Databases from non-RAC to RAC and non-ASM to ASM instances.

-Experience in Real Application Clusters (RAC) setup with 4 nodes, configuration and cluster interconnection with Automatic Storage Management (ASM).

-Experienced in different RAC related issues (split brain, RAC recovery, ASM, loss of OCR corruption,Voting Disk loss)

-Resolved /diagnosed Node Eviction

-Troubleshoot Performance issue for the RAC instances.

-Experience in maintaining Data Guard to provide high availability by implementing physical standby database and snapshot standby database and worked with Oracle 11g features, 11g Grid control.

-Performance tuning of the Database (memory Allocation tuning, I/O Tuning, Tuning contentions) using Oracle 11g tools like AWR, ASH,ADDM, TKPROF, SQL TRACE, EXPLAIN PLAN for better performance.


Operating Systems:

Red Hat Linux RHEL 5.x and Windows XP


SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX shell Scripting


DBCA, DBUA, Recovery Manager (RMAN), Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), OEM Grid Control, Oracle Data Guard, Oracle Management Service (OMS), Real Application Clusters (RAC), ASM, TOAD, Data Pump (expdp/impdp) SRVCTL, SQL*Plus

Tuning Tools:


Web Tools:



Americash – Costa Mesa, CA Jun ’15 – Present

Oracle Database Administrator


Involved in 24x7 Oracle Production Database Administration.

Performing all the Database Administration activities like installation, configuration, cloning, patching, upgrade, performance tuning, backup & recovery, space management in database, user and roles administration, schema management.

Installation, Configuration, Upgrade, patching of Oracle RDBMS and applications.

Implemented backup and recovery procedures (Cold/Hot backups, RMAN Incremental backups & Import/Export).

Applied database patches using Opatch utility & building Clone instances for Development and Test teams.

Provided Production & test environment support while coordinating with Unix Team and storage team to configure the OS infrastructure for Oracle Databases.

Installed and configured 2 node oracle 11gR2 RAC for production environment.

Installed 12c Databases and responsible for upgrading Oracle 10g RAC to Oracle 11g RAC.

Involved in Oracle Golden Gate installation, configuration, troubleshooting Golden Gate EXTRACT and REPLICATE issues.

Implemented Data Pump, Export and Import on day to day basis as per development and test servers.

Responsible for Performance Monitoring and analysis of 11gRAC (Real Application Clusters) with AWR (Automatic Workload Repository) reports and ASH (Active Session History).

Monitoring database performance and database operation to prevent downtime and slowness of the services.

Maintained DATA GUARD to provide high availability by implementing physical stand-by database and snapshot-standby and worked with Oracle 11g features 11g Grid Control and Automatic Storage Management (ASM).

ASM storage management. Prepare /Add/remove ASM disk. Tuning of I/O on ASM Database. Troubleshoot ASM crashes &memory problem. ASM migration

GRID – Oracle Cloud Control 12c installation, agent configuration and maintenance.

Applying upgrade patch, maintenance and interim (Opatch) patches on all the databases.

Refreshing DEV and TEST instances with data from PRODUCTION on a regular basis.

Address developers/testers requests to clone production databases for the purposes of testing using RMAN.

Extensively use Data pump, conventional export/import utilities for loading data to & from databases, logical backups and migration of databases.

Monitoring and optimizing the performance of the database/application using OEM.

Capacity planning: Allocate system storage and plan future storage requirements.

Worked on SQL tuning using SQL Tuning Advisor, Access Advisor, SQL Profiler and SQL Optimizer.

Involved in the installation, configuration and extended support to Oracle 11g, 10g two Node RAC (Real Application Cluster) with ASM file system on AIX platform.

Setup and maintenance of physical standby Database using Data Guard Broker and active Data Guard for faster Disaster Recovery.

Install and configure OEM Grid Control for maintenance administering databases.

Daily health Checkup of all the databases using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.

Use Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA), Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA) for upgrading Oracle 10gR2 to the latest Oracle 11g R2 and applied patches as required.

Performing full and incremental backups using RMAN for Development and Production Databases.

Database cloning from Production to Test and Development environments.

Schema refreshing of databases using normal copy method and exp/imp utility.

Cloning database and schema using data pump for 10g and 11g versions.

Cloning 10g and 11g databases using RMAN duplication (with and without backup).

ASM Disk storage and User Management

Performance Tuning for optimized results using tolls like EXPLAIN PLAN, SQL*Trace, TKPROF, STATSPACK, AWR, ADDM.

Troubleshooting of various databases performances by proper diagnosis at all levels like SQL, database design, database tables, instance, memory, operating system and javcalls.

Use RMAN Duplicate and HOT/COLD backups to migrate the data from to

Refresh/clone databases using RMAN utility.

Experience in writing UNIX/SHELL scripts for providing the reports.

Installed and configured Oracle 11g database on a test server using Oracle standard procedures, for performance testing and future 10g production implementation.

Environment: Oracle 11g/12c RAC/10g, VMS, Sun Solaris, Windows Server 2003, Red Hat Linux, TOAD, RMAN, SQL server, OEM

Capital One – Dallas, TX March 2012-May 2015

Oracle Database Administrator


Successfully installed and configured Oracle, Oracle databases on AIX platforms.

Monitored different databases and application servers using Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 10g Grid control.

Automated the processes like moving files, managing alert log, efficient backup by developing UNIX scripts.

Involved in the installation, configuration and extended support to Oracle 11g, 10g two Node RAC (Real Application Cluster) with ASM file system on AIX platform.

Involved in converting a single instance database to Oracle 11g,10g RAC databases.

Installed ASM environment and migrated databases from NON-ASM to ASM.

Used TOAD for database management.

Installed, configured Oracle 12c Repository database, OEM 12c Agent and Golden gate plugin Installations.

Performed SQL and PL/SQL tuning, Oracle contention and monitored production database using Automatic Workload Repository(AWR), Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor(ADDM) and Active Session History (ASH).

Database refreshes using expd, impdp, RMAN Duplicate and Coning.

Experience in cloning the databases using HOT and COLD backups.

Used RMAN Duplicate and HOT/COLD backups to migrate the data from to

Made optional use of Oracle Support in resolving the SRs.

24 x 7 Production & development database support and administration.

Extensively used AWR, ADDM,TKPROF,STACKPACK,ASH SQL TRACE, EXPLAIN PLAN for periodic performance tuning.

Implementing Data pump, conventional export/import utility of Oracle 11g,10g for re-organizing Databases/schemas/Tables to improve the performance.

Database monitoring/maintenance, replication process and performance tuning are done using OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager).

Experience in implementation of enterprise databases on enterprise Storage Solutions using Storage Area Networks (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS).

Documented the standard Processes for peers to follow.

Applying upgrade patch, maintenance and interim (Opatch) patches on all he databases.

Implemented Flashback Technology of the Oracle 11g,10g along with for a faster recovery of the database and database objects.

Performed full and incremental backup (cumulative and differential) using RMAN and implemented recovery strategies.

Refreshed/cloned databases using RMAN utility.

Performed database upgrade from Oracle 9i ( to Oracle 10g ( and to Oracle 11g( RAC database.

Successful in applying RDBMS patches, security patches for improving the security and functionality of the databases.

Achieved optimized performance for the databases by rebuilding indexes, on tables and indexes.

Environment: Oracle,, IBM AIX V6.1, Suse Linux, RAC, ASM RMAN, AWR, ADDM, SQL*Plus, SQL Loader, OEM,TOAD 10.0.


Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)

Bachelor Degree in Computer Sciences

Bachelor Degree in Banking and Finance

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