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Reservoir Engineer

Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran
February 03, 2018

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Personal Profile

Title, Name & Surname: Mrs. Leila Javanbakht

Date of Birth: Dec.28th 1978 Nationality: Iran

Marital Status: Married with 1 child

Residential Address: No 2, 3rd Alleys, Zartosht-Gharbi St., Valiasr St. Tehran, Iran

Post Code: 141******* Cell phone: 0098 912-***-****

Home Phone: 0098 21 88963347 Office Phone: 0098 21 88392043

E-mail: &


Having about 10 years of experience as a reservoir engineer, working mainly from basic reservoir studies to dynamic modeling. Experience is more related to FDP/MDP preparation, validation, and execution which were involved in oil/gas field studies and development planning/implementation (in Sandstone and Carbonate reservoirs). My ultimate objective with respect to my precise upstream work experience and educational background is to find engineer position to contribute positively and updated my knowledge.

Key Professional Skills

Professional Skills

oBasic reservoir studies including PVT and Conventional and Special Core Analyses (CCAL&SCAL).

oReservoir estimation by volumetric calculation, Material Balance, Decline Curve Analysis & Mont Carlo Calculation.

oField pressure analysis by Saphir Well Testing software.

oWell performance analysis by Prosper.

oDynamic reservoir simulation including model initialization, history match, prediction scenarios and simulation running by Petrel and Eclips.

Laboratory Skills

oMeasurement of Tree-phase relative permeability and capillary pressure.

Software Skills

oPetret-RE; Eclips-100; Saphire (KAPPA, Ecrin v4.121) and Petroleum Experts IPM 8.1 (Perosper, MBal).

Programming Skill


Language Skills

oUpper intermediate English speaker (IELTS band 6.5), basic conversation in German language, and also native at Persian.

Education & Qualifications

1.Title of Degree: Master of Science in Chemical Engineering in field of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

Name of School: Sharif University of Technology; Tehran, Iran.

Date Commenced: September 2007 Date Completed: July 2010

2.Title of Degree: Bachelor of Science in Geology

Name of School: Isfahan University; Esfahan, Iran.

Date Commenced: September 1997 Date Completed: July 2001

Short Courses

Independent Coursework

Training course on “Fracture Intensity Modeling; DFN Modeling”, Tehran, IRAN; September 2016 (18 hrs.)

Training course on “Preliminary & Advance of Petrophysical Interpretation of well logs utilizing GEPLOG software”; Tehran, IRAN; August 2016 (24 hrs.)

Training course on “Seismic Data Structural Interpretation & Reservoir Characterization Using Petrel”; Tehran, IRAN; February 2013 (24 hrs.).

Training course on “Professional reservoir simulation course by using FloGrid & Eclips 100”; Tehran, IRAN; February 2011(24 hrs.).

Training course on “Primary 3D Geological modeling Using Petrel”; Tehran, IRAN; October 2010 (24 hrs.).

North Drilling Company

Training course on “Management project, primavera P6”; Tehran, IRAN; July 2012 (24 hrs.).

Evaluation of investment opportunities in the upstream industry, January 2012, Tehran, Iran (24hrs.)

Sharif University of Technology

Training course on “Petroleum exploration through Geophysics course” which was instructed by P.BOT (TOTAL); Tehran, IRAN; June 2009 (24 hrs.).

Publications & Conferences

“Experimental Investigation and Evaluation of Three-Phase Relative Permeability Models”, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, AUG.2011. doi:10.1016/ j.petrol.2011.08.017 M .

“An Experimental Investigation of Three-Phase Flow through Water” presented at the 72st EAGE Conference and Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC; Barcelona, Spain; 14-17 June, 2010).

A New Generalized Model for Prediction of Two-Phase Relative Permeability: Water-Oil Experimental Results for Berea Sandstone, Presented at the 6th International Chemical Engineering Congress and Exhibition, Kish Island, Iran, 16-20 November 2009.


M.Sc. Thesis:

oAn experimental investigation of three-phase flow through water-wet Berea sand-stone

B.Sc. Thesis:

oEvaluating the Outcrop of range of Zagros and Alborz Mountains based on Geological Structure, Sedimentary Structure and Stratigraphy.

Work Experience History







Reservoir Engineer/Geoscientist

Computer Aided Process & Petroleum Engineering (CAPE Group), Tehran, IRAN


June 2013– Now


Petroleum Engineer

North Drilling Company (NDCO), Tehran, IRAN


July 2011–June 2013


Reservoir Engineer

ABAN, Darya & Energy (ADECO), Tehran, IRAN


April 2008- July 2011



Fanavaran Sangestan Company (FSCO), Tehran, IRAN


Feb.2003- Jan. 2006

Project involving

1.Fast Track Studies of Azadegan Field; North & South sections (March-2017- December 2017):

oContributing in field pressure analysis to estimate reservoir properties such as permeability, skin and pressure in which the summery were:

Pressure transient analysis to obtain wellbore, well and reservoir properties

Static and flowing analysis to gain fluid gradient and extrapolated pressures at datum depth

Summarizing interpretation results in order to predict initial reservoir pressure, compartments, interfacing of nearby wells and if possible to predict fluids contact level in reservoir

Studying pressure changes over time for each well and the field.

oContributing in prepared the well plan of appraisal wells.

2.Management Consulting (MC) of North Azadegan Field (2013-2015):

oConsultant in QC and updating dynamic model.

oWorked with multidisciplinary professionals to evaluate the commercial viability of the well and monitor progress during drilling, prepared well data sheets and checked and approved final well report in section of basic reservoir studies.

3.Master Development Plan (MDP) of Sirri A&E Fields (2013- 2017):

oFast track studies which were included preparing well summary, completion data, well schematic, summarized of gradient survey summary( static & flowing), production test data.

oContributing field pressure analysis of Sirri-A with workflow of pressure transient analysis, static and flowing analysis, predicting initial reservoir pressure. compartments, interfacing of nearby wells and if possible to predict fluids contact level in reservoir and studying pressure changes over time for each well and the field.

oContributing in dynamic modeling of Sirri-A including model initialization, history match, prediction scenarios and simulation running.

4.Management Consulting (MC) of natural gas storage in different structures for Natural Gas Storage Company (NGSC) (from March 206 to now)

To advise and provide technical supports in application of petroleum geoscience skills in all active projects of the NGSC (Client). The various involving projects are listed:

Pre-feasibility studies for Natural Gas Storage in undeveloped reservoirs ( Emam-Hassan, Bankol& Babaghir structures); March 2016 – now:

oProvide technical support in reservoir characteristic studies (CCAL & SCAL) and Dynamic model.

Feasibility studies for natural gas storage in NasrAbad-e--Kashan Salt Structure; March 2016 – now:

oProvide technical support in core selection of exploration well (NSC01/NSC01-L1) based on the geological parameters and geomechanical requests in salt storage caverns.

Feasibility studies for natural gas storage in undeveloped reservoir (Qezel-Tappeh structure); March 2016 – now:

oQC of previous dynamic model and contributing in preparing geological forecast for an appraisal and developed wells in sections of test and coring plans.

5.Drilling of 19 Development Wells in Khangiran Field with the Objective of Product/Inject Gas from/to Shurijeh-D Formation for the sake of Gas Storage in Shurijeh-D Reservoir, 2011-2013:

oPrepared geological forecast.

oStudied and analyzed drilling mud program.

oCollaborated and liaised with drilling engineers to control well trajectory and detect the drilling problems such as stuck-pipe and mud-loses with determining the solutions.

oChecking the results of acidizing and testing operations and prepared weekly, monthly and final well reports.

oRecorded and tracked non-productive time of work crews (NPT) and repair time.

6.MDP of Lavan Gas Field, 2008-2010:

oWell test analysis

oCCAL & SCAL analysis

Research Interests

oTwo- and three-phase relative permeabilities studies

oEnhanced oil recovery processes

oReservoir characterization

oPressure analysis

oStatic and Dynamic modeling


Member of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)

Personal Strengths

Strong Management Skills

Team Building/Playing Skills

Strong public relations and flexibility in cross-cultural environment.

Self-motivated and flexible functionally in diverse and dispersed team

Initiative and I have a sense of humor as well

References available upon request

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