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Mechanical Engineering

Peoria, Illinois, United States
February 02, 2018

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• In depth knowledge of Mechanical Design, Control, Structural, Thermal, Fluid Flow systems, Fatigue analysis

• Dealt with Diesel Engines, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration systems, Automobile systems

• Had working knowledge of combustion principles, emission techniques, calibration and engine control modules

• Proficient in 3-D Modelling, Sheet metal design, BOM, can review and read drawings, blueprints

• Familiar with ASME Y 14.5 GD&T, Team center; had working knowledge of APQP, DFMEA processes

• Performed analysis of laminar and turbulent flow between flat plates, pipes extensively using ANSYS-Fluent

• Developed FEA methods using ABAQUS and ANSYS: Linear Static and Dynamic analysis SKILLS

Computer skills

• Software Packages: ABAQUS, ANSYS-Structural, ANSYS-Fluent, Nastran, Patran, CREO PARAMETRIC 3.0, SOLIDWORKS, CATIA V5, AUTOCAD, ASME Y14.5 GD&T, Revit MEP, CAD/CAM, FEA, Team center, MS Word, Excel, Office, PowerPoint, Windows, SPSS

• Languages/Tools: MATLAB & Simulink, C


• Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certified by MSI

Additional skills

Problem Solving, Self-Starter, Analytical Skills, Good written and verbal Communication, Self Confidence, Optimistic, Team Player, Working independently, Working with theories RELATED EXPERIENCE

Research Assistant Bradley University [Feb 2016- May 2017] Fabrication and Testing of carbon-based polymeric Nano-composites

• Examined the combination of polymers such as Thermoplastics with Carbon-nanotube, Graphene, Nano-diamond

• Investigated various fabrication methods like Solution Casting, Melt Intercalation and In-situ Polymerization techniques and solved problems like dispersion, agglomeration

• Prepared various solutions of polymers and nanomaterials using Nitric acid and Tetrahydrofuran reagents

• Filtered the solutions using a centrifuge to separate the dirt particles and dried the final products in oven

• Characterized the materials using Scanning Electron Microscopy and studied the morphology for any agglomeration and good dispersion

• Tested the Polymeric Nano composites using Atomic Force Microscopy and obtained the Mechanical properties such as Tensile strength and Young’s Modulus Teaching Assistant Bradley University [Jan 2016 – May 2017] Computational Methods in Mechanical Engineering

• Handled finite-divided difference approximations, areas using Newton-cotes Integration, programming the Scripts and functions in MATLAB

• Dealt with the basics in plotting, roots of polynomial functions, linear and Non-linear functions, curve fitting techniques using in-line functions

• Designed and Simulated Various Mechanical Control systems in Simulink by building the Integrator block diagrams

• Analyzed the models and suggested major changes which eliminated various manufacturing defects Intern Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. [May – Aug 2014] Manufacturing of Heat Exchangers

• Investigated the effect of High Pressure heaters, steam ejectors, deaerators and condensers

• Explored the Metal Fabrication, Manufacturing of shells and understood the cutting, bending, assembly and testing processes by interacting with the technicians

• Enhanced the Rankine cycle efficiency of the plant to 56% using high pressure feed water heaters

• Familiar with Boiler feed pump, Condensate extraction pump, Cooling water pump, Booster pump

• Dealt with different types of pumps in the part level, assembly level and understood the testing procedures PROJECTS

Performance analysis of a Catalytic Converter in a four-stroke Diesel Engine [Mar - April 2017]

• Designed and optimized converter model with high performance reducing the emissions NOx and CO

• Modelled a Divergent-Convergent converter design and analyzed for the turbulent flow by CFD analysis

• Analyzed and Maintained thermal fluid flow to be uniform at different inlet cone angles of converter model

• Investigated the effect of back pressure on the inlet cone angle of the converter using ANSYS-Fluent Modelling and Simulation of a Ross-Stirling Engine in CREO [Mar - April 2016]

• Modelled and Simulated a 7-bar Ross-Stirling Engine using CREO PARAMETRIC, CREO Simulate

• Created 3D rigid body parts and assembled them from raw sketches in part and assembly modes of CREO

• Analyzed and obtained the velocity and reaction forces at various points on the rigid body parts Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of Osseo integrated dental implants [Oct - Dec 2016]

• Modified and enhanced different dental implant shapes and dimensions using ABAQUS

• Optimized dimensions for the implant are determined based on Vonmises Stress distribution

• Compared the Optimized dental implant with various other dental implant shapes in terms of effective Stress Performance test on a single cylinder four-stroke Diesel Engines [June - Dec 2013]

• Tested various single cylinder four stroke diesel engines for brake power, air and fuel consumption rates

• Calculated the air flow rates based on Universal gas law knowing the values of temperature and pressure

• Investigated the effect of total fuel consumption rate on the performance on the engine in terms of Brake power, Brake thermal efficiency, Indicated power, coolant losses, exhaust losses

• Prepared heat balance sheets and valve timing diagrams at constant speed by varying the compression ratios

• Validated the analytical calculations like Torque, Speed, AFR, Volumetric efficiencies with Computer-aided ones Performance analysis of different Air-Conditioning(AC) systems [June - Dec 2013]

• Found the Co-efficient of performance (COP) of Window type Air-conditioner and Air-conditioning tutor

• Investigated the effect of valve opening of an inlet air duct on the COP by monitoring the values of gauge pressure and thermostat in the compressor and expansion valve

• Calculated the capacity of Window type AC based on the room volume, number of people and other factors

• Examined the refrigeration effect from pyschrometric chart by evaluating the temperatures and specific humidities at inlets and outlets

Fabrication of an On-road vehicle (FSAE SUPRA) [June 2013- July 2014]

• Designed a Hydraulic Disc Braking system with two independent hydraulic units, one for the Front brakes and the other for rear brakes

• Modelled and analyzed the brake pedal and rotor of the Braking system for stress analysis

• Installed the hoses and Tandem Master Cylinder with two separate pistons and reservoirs, one actuating front brakes and the other rear brakes

• Configured a diagonal split system where one brake line is run to rear brakes and the other for front brakes

• Tested the braking system at different speeds dynamically and achieved good stopping distances

• Documented and reviewed the Design Validation Plan (DVP) for the Braking system and the entire vehicle EDUCATION

Bradley University

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering 3.7 (GPA) [May 2017] Relevant Courses: Intermediate Fluid Mechanics, Advanced Design of Machine Elements, Finite Element Methods, Fluid Power Control Systems, Advanced Vibrations, Advanced Dynamics Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Science (KITS) Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering 3.7 (GPA) [April 2015] Relevant Courses: Mechatronics, Dynamics of Machinery, Heat transfer, Thermodynamics, CAD/CAM, Measurement of Metrology, Mechanics of solids, Machine Drawing AWARDS

• Awarded a full-time and part-time graduate assistantship for the Spring and Fall semesters in Mechanical Engineering from Bradley University

• Earned academic excellence award in a semester for securing first rank in Kakatiya University examinations in Mechanical Engineering

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