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Arcadia, California, United States
February 02, 2018

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Felipe Cariño Jr.

* **** ******* ****** *******, California 91006 Mobile: 626-***-**** Email:

CTO/CIO/Computer Scientist/Innovator (Founded new R&D Labs MySpace & Teradata within Enterprises)

Over 25 years of hands-on technical management, innovation, legacy maintenance and new product development for companies that range from start-ups to turnaround companies to multi-billion dollar international corporations.

An excellent track record with turnaround trouble startups, early stage startups and establishing R&D innovation centers at (I) Teradata Advanced Concepts Laboratory; and (II) MySpace R&D Group.

Very strong track record (with patents) in database, storage, data ware house, e-commerce and advertising.

Managed and led on-shore, offshore and matrix teams of employees that developed 5 new products and new services in the last 10 years.

Positions since 1987 have yielded 20+ patents (8 to me).


Cariño Consulting – Interim / Permanent (CTO, CEO) Positions August 2001 - Present

Permanent and interim Executive positions, for high-risk enterprise turnaround, company restart and re-inventing themselves and early stage companies that had no product until I led development of their new product(s).

NetLok – Pasadena, California 2016-Present

Chief Technical Officer (CTO) – [1099] Cybersecurity for vault and block chain.

CTO for a Cybersecurity company developed, NetLok™, a pioneering dropbox-like vault where NO messaging email leaves the secure system. Started and led the effort to complete, greatly enhance and complete product development.

The new NetLok™ system - for which I led development and new implementation - resulted in Cybersecurity Breakthrough Award for "Authentication 2017 Product of the Year.” – chosen over 200 entries.

Led the effort to rewrite the code in JAVA, C++ on RESTFUL / SPRING Framework from Cold Fusion and Xojo. The new system is responsive – meaning adopts to mobile, tablet and/or server/PC.

Invented and coded a new security method (better than encryption) for sending stenographic messages and the encoding is based on Unicode and key core picture whereby the message is transparently embedded in any file (like JPEG, PDF files).

One implementation uses 3rd party web site images and creates map that can be decoded without the same original image.

The secure messaging vault has options for Mission Impossible-like single message use – which can also be applied to an entire user repository of messages and files.

Finally – the system is hosted on Amazon (AWS, S3) and AWS Cloudfront will be added to for performance reasons soon.

CollectOne – Simi Valley, California 2015-2016

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Chief Technical Officer (CTO) – [1099] turnaround for a 40-year old company in a $55-Billion-dollar market.

Started as CTO – but also promoted to CEO with 2 months. Developed and managed a new generation, named ULTRA™, to complete migration of legacy product to modern Web 3.0 product (ASP.NET, JavaScript, SQL Server, Oracle and Sybase).

Legacy migration product had not been completed in 10 years. New ULTRA™ beta was completed with 6 months.

Developed the SaaS and Replication/DR product roadmap – wanted by most M&A potential acquirers.

Wrote M&A sell company documents – and marketed company to equity funds and strategic acquirers;

Led and kicked off the effort – document preparation and negotiation with auditing firms – to recoup Federal and State R&D Tax credit funds – which I told the accounting firm would result in millions of dollars in rebate and value for M&A acquisition potential company buyers.

MPPWare California 2013-2015

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) – [1099] pioneering new company in stealth mode to revolutionize commercial SQL and NoSQL database system with new massively-parallel processing (MPP) capabilities for performance and scalability.

Database execution independence technology provides SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and DB2 Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) scalability and reliability without replication or virtual machine mirroring required by VMware or Hyper-V or XEN.

The new technology revolutionizes:

I.Bare-metal database virtualization – migrate database execution without overhead or cost of Virtual Systems, like VMWARE.

II.Autonomic Database execution migration – on virtual systems or our bare metal database virtualization:

oEliminates 50% over-provisioned database system, software and infrastructure.

oProvides real High-Availability (HA), Fault-Tolerance (FT) and performance/scalability to any SQL database system.

III.MPPWare: provides Teradata-like MPP massively parallel processing to SQL databases – without any data movement.

IV.Database-aware Caching Appliance – exploits RAM, Flash and SAN storage– based on Berkeley DB and Memcache.

Winnol Corporation – Glendale, California 2011 - 2012

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) – [1099] Ground floor new startup in new advertising, ecommerce and monetization paradigm to compete with Google AD Sense and Groupon.

Company had no product – but a CEO vision – I took the fuzzy vision concept, designed and architected system and recruited in-house/outside team to develop the new web monetization product. Recruited a development team, setup 3rd party development relationships that developed the first product in 5 months.

Company received offers to be acquired within 6 months for $60 million after developed the Beta product version.

Concerning infrastructure - we deployed the new product onto Amazon Cloud and Amazon CDN for video streaming.

Designed and developed a custom video player – for TV network customers (like

Conceived and developed a new web toolbar concept for AD monetization whereby we can monetization any web site users’ visit – without having to make deals or share revenue with the 3rd party site owner.

Design a special ecommerce fulfillment whereby could place orders on large retailers and design a pioneering fulfillment for local companies that have no POS or fulfillment. The new solution gave our (local) customers a system we controlled for dispensing (boxes) of products directly to the consumer (of our ecommerce system).

2014 Patent awarded for 100+ claims covering: (i) on-line advertising; (ii) E-commerce; (ii) custom video players; and (iv) a new toolbar/side-bar concept for monetizing 3rd party sites (without their permission).

XAP Corporation – Culver City, California 2010-2011

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) – [W2] modernized a high-volume education site used for career planning and submitting college application.

Led team of 50+ people in the US, Canada and India that developed 5 major new releases and modernized the infrastructure with an aggressive 5 minute SLA for 100s of colleges that use XAP services. Managed team that maintained and modernized 35 different products that XAP hosted and customizes for hundreds of customers.

The application portion serviced 5 million student applications for 100s of colleges throughout the US and Canada.

Rewrote selective portions of XAP Transition product and added more intelligent caching (eliminated billions of database calls) whereby eliminated customer complaints about performance.

Modernize the US based data center and virtualized and cloned most web sites for scalability and performance.

Security - greatly improved web sites security and obtained PCI compliance.

Recruited elite developers from personal network to handle rewriting – horrible code and still add new features.

MYSPACE, Beverly Hills California


Executive Director Research & Development [W2]

I founded a new MySpace Research and Development Group to handle new research and innovation for MySpace web site and operations (10+ billion page views a day).

My first task was to learn, reverse-engineer and write a comprehensive document, titled “Exegesis of MySpace”, that provides an in-depth architecture and functional analysis of MySpace software systems and operations (includes 10 data centers). This was the first complete and comprehensive document about MySpace internal systems and software design and world-wide operations.

Led innovative research and development projects that solved major operational pain at MySpace, like:

1.HoTMaN – (bare metal database virtualization) - a LUN storage and database management tool used to manage 350 SQL Server databases and each SQL Server handle 10 million users. HoTMaN migrates a failed SQL Server database server to another server on the 3PAR SAN. It reduced major operational human intensive process when failures occur to a solution that has just 2-Clicks (i.e. no more human fire-fighting). Over time – saved million(s) in potential revenue loss – due to database server failures.

2.Gemini - Custom main-memory heuristic cache database for 1000+ object servers that will eliminate the need for 75% of support servers and increase Berkeley DB (BDB) measureable response time performance by 250%. Gemini also improves operations by eliminating major redundant replication currently used in the system.

3.MyNET – a new massively scalable software infrastructure for social networking – modeled after Teradata ByNET™. MyNET would reduce the growth need for 13,000 servers and 2 petabyte SAN (Storage Area Network) – by using reliable parallelism and autonomic self-healing algorithms.

4Medica, Culver City, California 2004 – 2006

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) – [W2] Led US and Offshore (Russia and India) modernization and evolution of an electronic medical record (EMR) ASP for laboratory tests ORDERS and RESULTS.

Led 4Medica development an Electronic Medical System (EMR) hosted in our data centers for 1000s of clients that integrated into hospital information systems.

Recruited a US based that resulted in reducing a 2-year backlog of customer medical web implementations which doubled the number of customers supported and associated revenue. Developed CMS like tool to develop customer custom frontend to our proprietary EMR system.

Modernized Data center operation from a single data center to two fully replicated data centers, which run 24 x 7 and passed major security and audit of operations for major national laboratory that outsourced operations to 4Medica.

Created new data mining, data warehouse and reporting for internal and customer usage.

StorageSQL, El Segundo, California 2001-2002

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) – co-founded a company to develop a database system that that could store its data HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management) – Tape Farm Libraries and Optical Jukeboxes.

StorageSQL was self-funded company to develop a next generation SQL system that ran queries on top of Tape Farm Libraries (i.e. removable Tape media). The product was an effort to exploit an IBM DB2 relationship dropped by FileTek when the closed our division (I founded) down.

FILETEK, INC., El Segundo, California 1998 - 2001

Director, Strategic New Business Development - Launched and managed a West Coast facility to enhance FileTek’s StorHouse relational database and active data warehouse archival products for hierarchical (i.e., tape, optical, disk) storage systems.

Recruited and led a team that developed 3 new products in 2.5 years. Wrote and conducted sales presentations to all prospects interested in new products, as well as created white papers given to customers.

Negotiated and signed a new strategic alliance with IBM for DB2 Data Joiner (now UDB), which resulted in a new product. A joint press release was issued after signing the deal.

NCR/TERADATA, Los Ángeles, California


Chief Architect, Multimedia Object/Relational Databases (1991-1998) – led a team of area experts and architects designed and developed a pioneering multimedia database system which I originally conceived before the merger.

Conceived and personally prototyped (in C++) a new multimedia object-relational database system (MoonBase) between 1991 and 1993. This was years before SQL3 became a standard in 1999. Personally assisted and advised major customers such as 3M Products on Web program integrating MoonBase into their enterprise data warehouse.

MoonBase related innovations accounted for 50% of NCR Southern California invention disclosures in 1996. By 2003, I have been personally awarded 8 U.S. patents (of a 16 total for the whole project) that included secure multimedia over networks and Internet IP, which NCR used to make claims against large Internet players.

Led an elite 3-site (Teradata, NCR, and Bell Labs) cross-functional team that utilized the NCR Program Realization Process (PRP), which developed new object/relational database, tools, and services products.

Intrapreneurial Laboratory Head / Advisor to Chief Scientist/CEO (1987-1991)

Founded Teradata’s advanced concepts Intrapreneurial laboratory to incubate, enhance, and exploit Teradata’s existing and emerging intellectual assets as well as safely explore new high-risk projects. Oversaw product development, business planning, project planning, new product marketing, sales, research and development, and competitive analysis for high-risk projects.

Published 15 conference papers and two IEEE Book Chapters on technology and product plus presented at six NCR/Teradata Customer Partners conferences.

Pioneering (Patented/Patent-Pending) Innovations


Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) Database-Aware Virtualization (VMWare evolution to MPP-DB)


Platform as a Service (PaaS) – emphasis very large database and intelligent caching for performance


Pioneering multimedia – Database technology (20 Teradata Multimedia Patents)


Intelligent Multi-Level MPP Caching (Berkeley DB, MEMCACHE) – Flash/RAM/SAN Global Appliance


Patented and Pioneering e-commerce, advertising and monetization (monetize any 3rd party site)

DB Optimizers

Patented Multimedia Object MPP SQL Optimizer (run-time Plan-per-Tuple)

NoSQL – Parallel STEPs – to provide MPP Map Reduce scalability to Hadoop (with replicating data)

Domain Expertise Managed

Very Large (Petabyte+) Databases & Big Data

Data Warehousing and Data Mining

Storage & Infrastructure Systems

Social Networking

High-Traffic (Custom) Web Sites

E-Commerce, Advertising and Monetization;

Autonomic / Self-Healing

Electronic Medical Records;

Education (College; K-12 and On-Line)

Visual Reporting (now R is part of

Team Sizes Managed

Teams managed range/span (using Agile / SCRUM Master) – 24 hour development (Offshore-Onshore)

200+ US based people multiple locations;

30+ US based plus 30-50 offshore (India and Russia);

Key Technologies


Some key technologies used and managed

Agile/SCRUM – Daily monitoring (continuous development) and weekly design adjustments

UNIX/Linux – LAMP Stack. SOLR/Lucene Search (Also R&D Project for very large systems)

CMS: Drupal, Joomla, Umbraco Project Management: ProjectLibre, MS Project

Languages: C/C++/C#, JAVA, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript,

JavaScript, AJAX, JSON, XML, HTML5, Restful

Automated Testing: Jenkins & Selenium (unit & multi-user), Clover (Java)

Teradata, DB2, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Hadoop (to add MPP STEPs)

Colocations Datacenters (SAVVIS, CenturyLink)

Cloud: VPLS, Rackspace, Azure, AWS, S3, CDN (Akamai, Cloudfront) developed Cloud Amazon S3 Like in the year 2000

Security: PCI, HIPAA Compliance


Executive M.B.A. - University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California

M.S. - Computer Science New York University, New York, New York

B.A. - Computer Science and Mathematics New York University, New York, New York


US Patents - Awarded 8 U.S. patents, 2 patent pending + 3 provisional patents

Wrote and presented more than 20 refereed international conference papers

Area editor Databases/Data Warehousing for Information System Journal

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