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Quality Analyst Assurance Business Analyst manual automated testing we

Austin, Texas, United States
February 02, 2018

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To work in an environment that provides ample opportunities to utilize my skills and experience, to expand my knowledge and to be an asset to the organization by constantly adding value to it.


11 years experience as Quality Analyst in Information Technology telecom software testing, Web Testing and Public sector and federal government projects, testing how to place an order, provision the order and completion through billing .

Experienced in Quality Assurance Analyst role, system analyst and business analyst .

Since couple of years working as QA lead of AT&T products in L1, L2, L3 network like Switched Ethernet, Optical WAN services ( OPT-E-WAN), Cloud Big Data Hadoop softlayer, Virtual Private Machines (AVPN), E-Commerce, BvoIP, MIS (Management Information System),

Experience performing manual and Automation End -to-end Functional testing, Integration Testing, Load testing, stress testing, black box testing, white box testing, Performance testing, regression testing, Customer Acceptance Testing, Market Release Testing, API testing and service testing .

Has worked in RF optimization of GSM, GPRS, 3G and 4G-LTE protocols/products, routers, switches and GUIs of different Web Applications .

Hands-on experience in Optical lab equipments, Anritsu Simulator, mobile device flashing, logging tools, Microsoft package like word, excel, powerpoint, HP tools like winrunner, loadrunner .

Proficient in analyzing requirement specifications, test strategy,test case planning, test case writing, traceability matrix, risk assessment, effort estimation, review of test cases, identifying data for end to end functional, integration testing.

Highly proficient in bug reporting and defect tracking tools like ALM Quality Center, Bugzilla, automation testing (scripting in TCL), Oracle database, SDLC, STLC, Software Testing Concepts .

Experienced in iSeries, AS/400, DB2, Mainframe, SILK test for faster automation, regression, manual, functional testing and JIRA for defect tracking and project management tool and CISCO routers and switches, RALLY .

Involved in regular client meeting, Stakeholder management, Team management, task allocation,weekly status report generation & knowledge sharing sessions, stand-up meetings and project sign-off .

Has worked in Cisco labs on routers and switches for HTTP and SIP protocol firewall testing networking, running automated scripts .

Won the Aricent Team Award in 2011& 2012

Received several AT&T appreciation between 2014-2017.


Products :Web softwares, billing applications, AT&T Switched Ethernet, AT&T Dedicated Ethernet, OPT-E-WAN, AVPN, MIS, Federal government MIS and OPT-E-WAN, mobile devices, bank softwares.

Operating System : MS DOS, WINDOWS 9X/2000/XP, UNIX (Sun Solaris), DB2, IBM i Series

Languages : Java, C, C++, TCL.

Database : Oracle 8i/9i

Protocols : GSM, GPRS, UMTS, CDMA, LTE (NAS, GTPv1, GTPv2, Diameter, SCTP)

Tools : ROME, Pricer-D,ASAP, Adopt-Hosting,GCSM,TDR,CANOPI,AERS,EFMS,GIOM,EXACT,BBNMS,Eclipse, Visual Source Safe Wire shark, flashing and logging Tools, DMS, SVN, CVS, Mercury Quality Center, SILK, JIRA, RALLY .


Company : AT&T and Federal government and Public Sector . Nov 2013 – Till Date

Project Name : AT&T Software products testing of Sales ordering and provisioning.

Tools : ROME, ADOPT-Hosting, ASAP, PC Globes, Pricer-D, GIOM, EFMS, Sales and Service Delivery Tools, QC, JIRA, SILK, RALLY

Technology : Ethernet

Role : Project Test Lead, Quality Analyst

Description: Have tested various AT&T software products like ASE over Lightspeed (Broadband) project which delivers services to 22 states of the USA also expanded to out of region states.. OPT-E-WAN is another product which provides bandwidth of 1G to 10G for domestic and MOW sites .AT&T also has Cloud Computing, Netbond and Softlayer billing services and broadband subscription television services. For testing these products worked on QC, JIRA, SILK for application testing and project management .AT&T uses several IBM technology and machines for testing its products .

Apart from the above products have installed various other products and services like BVOIP services, AVPN Legacy, MIS with HALO and BIB IPFLEX.

Worked on Management Information System that is MIS over Broadband light speed installation and Public sector and federal government contracting for OPT-E-WAN .

Wrote test plans, test cases and trained new resources on government projects . Has written functional, system and regression, smoke test cases, did testing of software, completed the provisioning and billing . wrote test scripts for automation suites and test cases for manual testing . Raised defects and explained them to developed team, worked closely with development team to resolve defects and do regression . As per public sector and federal government completed 24 and 36 months time period of contract billings .


●Managed the team throughout planning, testing and sign-off in production end-to-end testing.

●Working closely with Business Project Engineers / SMEs in preparing, reviewing and baselining Project Test Scenarios, desk level procedures or job aids and LOE for SQA test activities .

●Attending BST demo sessions and status calls and helping Lead BSM prepare PTST and desk level procedures or job-aids review and baseline them, uploading them to quality center, using JIRA for project management and SILK for functional testing.

●Maintaining query register as part of baseline PTST for End to end test scenarios, prepare Requirement Traceability matrix, send BTA form so that ATT is no billed for records only orders, preparing detailed test cases, gather test data, identify work-center test resources who would help with live orders access circuit turn-up, equipment procurement, delivery, staging, schedule TTU( test and turn up meetings).

●Providing training to the team before test execution, assigning responsibilities to the testers and defect managers.

●Hosting status call with the business team and coordinating with the BST team to be aware of the BST test progress and defects so as to streamline PVT.

●Upload test cases to ALM QC, update of QC as per progress of test cases, raising defects L1 generation and sending EOD emails.

●Prior to production validation start, send access request for the testers, setup of web applications accounts account, Master consumer numbers, retail, fed-gov and whole profile creation.

●Managed defect triage sessions, provide clarification to the application team and coordinate with BSM, test managers towards fast issue closure.

●Preparing and test User Certification test cases.

●Guide other project teams and help them based on my prior product knowledge.

●Testing the live and records only orders through sales, service delivery, billing and hand over to the service assurance team.

●Performs Inventory clean-up post test phase completion, if applicable

●Send project sign-off request.

●Ensures compliance to Test Planning and Execution processes as defined by the Operational Test Plan/ Service level agreements.

●Identify Lessons Learnt and areas of improvement in the project and share with testing team, defect lead and Business team as required.

Company : Aricent June 2010 – Nov 2012

Project Name : LTE protocol testing using client server machines .

Tools : Web application, Aricent STATE tool,Wireshark Core Java, JavaScript, HTML, JSP

Technology : LTE (4G)

Role : Quality Analyst

Description: EMS (Element Management System) is a web tool application developed by Aricent to login

and connect to different network nodes of 4G LTE core network like SGW, MME, PGW, PCRF, HSS, eNodeB,

UE and test them. After logging in to the Element management system web application with administrator user-id and password, user needs

to configure the network setup the software newly released code through graphical user interfaces .

Testing of the whole web page application by clicking on each hyperlink which opens a new page or pop-ups.

After adding the respective nodes the user needs to login to respective nodes with administrator credentials

and configure the nodes for the call to setup .EMS is tested for IPv4,IPv6 and Ipv4v6 .In load and soak testing

Scripts are written to connect 1000Ues in the network and establish the call setup. User can configure the whole UMTS network from the web page.

LTE core network has the nodes MME,SGW,PGW,PCRF,HSS.UE and eNodeB are used as

Stubs and simulated through Aricent STATE tool to test Aricent core network products MME, SGW, PGW,



●Understanding 3GPP Specifications related to all the interfaces and protocols of LTE such as NAS, S1AP, GTv1, GTPv2 and Diameter.

●Preparation of road-map for the project, effort estimation and risk liability.

●Preparation of test strategy and explaining it to team.

●Test case planning according to requirements received from developement team and allocation of work to team members.

●Reviewing of test cases of team-members both onsite and offshore, preparing inspection logs and giving review comments.

●Preparation of test set-up,configuration of the different machines or web tools to be used in testing.

●Actively involved in SRS Analysis, Effort Estimation, review of Test Plan, Generating Inspection Logs, Document Control, CSR tracking, setup of test framework, writing scripts in TCL, Issue Disposition

●Responsible for writing test plan and execution which has scope of Functional, Config, Alarm, HAF (Redundancy), Installation, Use Cases, Exploratory cases, Rate Control, Lawful Intercept, Subscriber Tracing, Data path and Data-Ping test cases.

●Driving test automation strategy and implementation of automation scripts and test suites for wire shark platform.

●Testing of end to end message and call flows across interfaces S1AP, S11, Gx, Gy, Gz and testing IEs and AVPs.

●Used SGW-MME-PGW framework developed with STATE automation tool for message tracing.

●Automation of level-4 TCL scripts

●Responsible for preparing setup of functional test cases and multiple data path cases of Redundancy. (IPv4 and IPv6) on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

●Tested LTE MME Movik simulators and wrote scope and took part in setup of LTE EPC Element Management System, Built Test automation suites for performance testing.

●Preparation of setup for load and performance testing of EMS web application tool .

●Responsible for testing the web based tool and reporting bugs.

●Reviewing of the bugs raised by other team members to take care of rejection count, duplicates and slippage ratio.

●Track and communicate project status, issues, risks to senior management, update daily and weekly test report.

●Interact with Development team for the issues raised and provide clarification.

●Responsible for checking release notes, updating test report of team members and test closure formalities.

Company : Dynamic Digital Technology July 2009 - June 2010

Project Name : 4G MME Functional Tester

Tools : MME Functional Tester software,SVN,Virtual Machines

Technology : 4G, LTE

Role : Quality Analyst

Description: MME Functional Tester is an automated test tool that is used to test MME for VoLTE . The Tool is GUI based, allows user to run test scripts in-built in the s/w.It also has in-build Protocol Decoder which enables user to decode messages. The MME Functional Tester runs on Windows® XP and Windows® Vista™, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.


●Effort Estimation,Requirement Analysis,Test Planning, Review and Execution.

●Setup of Virtual Machine for testing on different platforms.

●Involved in Release, Regression, Acceptance,Load and Performance Testing.

●Preparation of automation scripts for testing MME .

●Accepting build from Developer and in-time release to Client.

●Responsible for generating licenses, preparing Release notes, Quality Analysis Results,pre and post release activities.

●Handling Change requests, Interaction with Design and Development Teams.

Company : Wipro Technologies June 2008 - June 2009

Project Name : Banking and Insurance software web testing

Tools : HP Quality Center, Winrunner, Loadrunner, Oracle data base queries

Technology : Web software testing

Role : Quality Analyst

Description: Web testing of American Bureau of Shipping banking and insurance software


●Involved in Test strategy, requirement Analysis, Test case planning, Traceability matrix preparation, writing test cases, review of test plan and test cases, risk assessment, effort estimation training new team members .

●Responsible for smoke testing, Pilot testing of the new web software, login in the application and test various hyperlink and functional testing of the various features present in home page .

●Tested how to create new logins, Add, Edit, Delete customers and profiles, check credit history, funds allocation to the accounts.

●Test transfers between same or different accounts, scanning of customer authentication, loan approvals, running batch reports and query on ‘N; number of transactions .

●Updating test results and defects in quality center and following them through closure .

Company : Wipro Technologies May 2007 - May 2008

Project Name : Quality Analysis of mobile handsets

Tools : Flash Gordon, EMMA, CSST, Quality Center, Debugmux, Spaille 2, flashing and logging tools, Bugzilla, Anritsu simulator, CVN

Technology : GSM ( 2G_-GPRS

Role : Quality Analyst

Description: The mobile devices has to be upgraded with new software and application testing, call setup test has to be, logs needs to be collected, defects raised in logging tools along with logs, quality center needs to be updated with test case progress..


●Involved in Test strategy, requirement Analysis, Test case planning, Traceability matrix preparation, writing test cases, review of test plan and test cases, roadmap of testing, risk assessment, effort estimation .

●Responsible for release testing,downloading the software,collection and analysis of logs and defects .

●Tested different mobile applications, features,Radio, Call,GPRS,MMS,Email, FTP, WAP Reload,Dial-up services,MMS,SMS,Bluetooth,Streaming in mobility as well as static condition. Execution of Network related test cases, sanity test cases, localisation test cases.

●Took part in drive test route planning which included areas for handover,congested network,low network,,roaming scenarios.

●Reporting Status and planning for the regression testing to client

●Daily and weekly update of reports in Quality center.

Company : Wipro Technologies June 2006- April 2007

Project Name : CISCO Firewall testing of routers and switches

Tools : Cisco routers and switches

Technology :HTTP and Session Initiation Protocol, TCL/TL scripts

Role : Quality Analyst

Description: The mobile devices has to be upgraded with new software and application testing, call setup test has to be, logs needs to be collected, defects raised in logging tools along with logs, quality center needs to be updated with test case progress..


●Involved in Test strategy, requirement Analysis, Test case planning, Traceability matrix preparation, writing test cases, review of test plan and test cases, systems requirements, risk assessment, effort estimation .

●Configuration of CISCO routers and switches using unix shell commands, downloading the HTTP and SIP software release and do smoke testing.

●Involved in running individual automated scripts and suits of cyber attack prevention, reporting the defects and analysing the logs, reporting them in logging tools and provide the log report to development team .

●Testing regression test cases after the defects have been resolved .

●Took part in client meetings and provided weekly and daily updates of the project or test case allocated .


●MASTER OF COMPUTER APPLICATIONS (MCA), SILICON, Bhubaneswar (Orissa) under Biju Patnaik University of Technology .

●Physics Hons from Govt. College, Rourkela (Orissa) under Sambalpur University


●1 week in QTP, QC, HP tools winrunner and Loadrunner training (Wipro Technologies)

●2 weeks CISCO networking training

●AT&T web testing Tools and Telecom Software.


Won Aricent Team Award for the month of April, 2011 and 2012 as a token of appreciation for quality work.

Got appreciation for handling redundancy cases successfully

AT&T Client appreciation for streamlining several high risk products, User Certification Testing for quarterly releases .

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