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Biomedical Technician

Oakland, California, United States
February 02, 2018

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**** * *** * **** C ircle, S tockton, C A 9 5219


OBJECTIVE: T o s upport y our o rganization w ith m y e xtensive e xperience i n t he m edical a nd

b iomedical f ield s ervicing a nd m aintaining m edical e quipment. PROFESSIONAL:

● Specialist i n c alibration, t rouble s hooting a nd e quipment r epair.

● Recommend s olutions t o t echnical p roblems: T est, C alibration, F inal T est, R ework, B oard Test, S urface m ount s oldering. C alibration: S ingle c hannel p ipette c alibration, F ailure analysis.

● Knowledge o f v arious t est e quipment w ith D VD m eter.

● Comfortable w orking w ith H igh V oltage 2 20 V AC a nd 1 20 V AC.

● Work w ith h ydraulic p umps, d igital a nd a nalog e lectronics-testing f or r ework.

● Sap a nd M aximo t raining f or I nventory T raining, W indows 2 000, X P, M icrosoft O ffice.

● Knowledge o f e lectronics, p rocess c ontrol, e lectrical w iring d iagrams, m echanical d rawings, piping a nd i nstrumentation d iagrams a nd s chematics.

● Ability t o s et u p a nd o perate s pecialized a nd h ighly t echnical d epartmental e quipment a nd machinery.

● Adhere t o t he c alibration a nd p reventive m aintenance s chedules, p erforming t he w ork w ithin manufacturing o r p roduction s chedules.

● Oral & w ritten c ommunication s kills; S afety t raining f or G MP a nd I SO; C PR t rained o r B LS. EXPERIENCE:

Adecco T EST T ECHNICIAN 11/08-Present

● Contact f or K aiser a nd S utter H ealth, w orking a s a c alibrating a nd t est t echnician.

● Product o r e quipment i nstallations o f m edical d evices, I V p umps a nd a ir p urifiers.

● Test a nd c alibrate t o h ospital s pecs, d ocument a ll w ork; B asic t emperature c alibrations.

● Set u p n etworks f or w ireless, a nd u pgrade s oftware.

● Order s pare p arts f ollowing h ospital s tandards. CACI I nternational ( Tracy A rmy D epot) B IOMEDICAL T ECHNICIAN 2 05/15-05/16

● Tested a nd c alibrated m edical d evices, d id P Ms o n e quipment b efore g oing t o c ustomers.

● Safety c hecked b y m ilitary s tandard a ll d evices. VWR G LASS W ASHER ( Volt C ontractor) 06/14-05/15

● Washed o r s anitized g lassware a nd s tored a way i n p roper l ab a reas.

● Kept w ash a rea v ery c lean a nd s anitary. Travis A irforce B ase B IOMEDICAL T ECHNICIAN 05/13-12/13

● Worked o n m edical e quipment i n a h ospital s etting.

● Tested a nd c alibrated e quipment i n t he h ospital o n a p reventive m aintenance r outine. Walter A lexander, J r. Page 2

Benchmark T echnology Q UALITY A SSURANCE/INSPECTION T ECH 11/10-03/11

● Inspection o f C MM m achines a nd d ocumentation o f a ll w ork d one. Renal A dvantage I nc. B IOMEDICAL T ECHNICIAN 01/08-12/08

● Documented a ll p reventive m aintenance a nd o ngoing p roblems f or m edical p roducts.

● Used w orking k nowledge o f w ater s ystems a nd p roducts.

● Repaired f acility i nstruments-air p urifiers, I V p umps, d ialysis m achines, e tc.

● RO w ater s ystem p urification u sing u ltra-filtration e xperience.

● Tested l ab c ultures o f w ater s imulated b lood s amples u sing c onductivity m eters.

● U tilized P PE a s p er C lean R oom s tandards.

● Worked w ith h and t ools t o r egulate h ydraulics v ia p ressure v alve s ystem.

● Maintained a nd c leaned p roduction m aterials f or e tching u sing H Cl. Fresenius M edical C are S ENIOR T ECHNICIAN 1995-2007

● Tested a nd t roubleshot e quipment t o m eet c omponent s tandards.

● Calibrated a v ariety o f e lectrical e quipment u sing B asic E lectronics B ench C alibration.

● Processed w ork o rders f or p arts t hat n eeded r epair, r eworked a nd S MT o r s urface m ount solder.

● Worked o n i n-circuit t esting.

● Actively p articipated o n p rojects w ith e ngineers.

● Utilized s afety t raining f or G MP a nd I SO.

● Analyzed e quipment p erformance a nd r ecommended s olutions f or t echnical p roblems.

● Adhered t o t he c alibration a nd p reventive m aintenance s chedules, p erformed w ithin a ll s hifts of o peration/production s chedules i ncluding g raveyard. EDUCATION:

Associate i n A rt D egree – E lectronic T echnology, r eceived 1 992 Solano C ommunity C ollege, F airfield, C A

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