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Kissimmee, Florida, United States
February 02, 2018

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Lisandro M elendez



Bilingual E xpert S ecurity/Law i mplementation o fficer o ffering 2 6 y ears o f c ustomer s ervice, quality a ssurance, a nd r isk m anagement s ervices i n t he g overnmental a nd p ublic s ectors. Supervised a nd t rained 1 50 p ersonnel i n r isk a ssessment, l aw i mplementation t echniques, a nd operational p rocedures. M anaged r isk a long m ultiple l ines t o p rotect i nfrastructures o perations within a nd e quipment v alued a t $ 120M w hile m eeting t he v ision o f s enior l eadership. M anaged a nd assessed r isk a long m ultiple l ines t o e nsure q uality o perations a nd e quipment v alued a t $ 200M w hile meeting t he v ision o f b oth c lientele a nd o rganizational l eaderships. P ossess a c omprehensive background i n l eadership, t raining a nd q uality a ssurance d erived f rom t wenty-five y ears o f experience i n t he N ew Y ork P olice D epartment. F luent i n S panish & E nglish w riting a nd speaking l anguages. P roven a bility t o b e a c orporate a mbassador c ollaborating a nd a ssisting multiple l evels o f e xecutive m anagement, p ublic o fficials, d epartmental a gencies a nd d iverse c ultural audiences i n v isibly h igh – r isk e nvironments. P assionate a bout t he r ole o f l arge s cale e nvironmental, municipal d isaster r esponses, o perational a ssurance a nd o perational s ecurity f or a n o rganization while a ssisting i n t he m eeting a nd e xceeding o f c urrent g oals. C areer s upported b y a n A ssociate’s o f Science i n C omputer I nformation M anagement T echnology. AREAS O F E XPERTISE

● Quality A ssurance/Security a nalysis

● Operational P rocedures

● Resource M anagement

● Personnel / P roject M anagement

● Large S cale W ater D isaster R esponses

● Oral / W ritten C ommunications

● Environmental P rotection/ S ecurity

W ORK E XPERIENCE Allied B arton S ecurity S ervices, O rlando, F L 2 005-Current Security o fficer/ S ite S upervisor

Performed n umerous a ssignments a ll t hrough m ovements; t hese e rrands m ay i ncorporate watching t he o ffice b y w alking o r i n a v ehicle, w orking a t t he p assage t o t he o ffice a nd noting t elephones, w elcoming v isitors a nd r epresentatives a nd c hecking s hut c ircuit T V frameworks, a lerts a nd o ther v ital o ffice f rameworks. P erformed n oticeable o bstacle t o wrongdoing a nd c ustomer g uideline i nfractions; i dentified s uspicious e xercises a nd l ook f or criminal a cts o r c ustomer s tandard i nfractions a t o r c lose d oled o ut p ost w hich m ay b e a risk t o t he p roperty, c ustomers, v isitors o r r epresentatives a t t he s ite. P erformed n umerous assignments a ll t hrough m ovements; t hese e rrands m ay i ncorporate w atching t he o ffice b y walking o r i n a v ehicle, w orking a t t he p assage t o t he o ffice a nd n oting t elephones, welcoming v isitors a nd r epresentatives a nd c hecking s hut c ircuit T V f rameworks, a lerts a nd other v ital o ffice f rameworks. G uarantee o fficers g et f itting p reparing, c reating t hem i n both s pecialized a nd e xpert a ptitudes; l ikewise i ncorporates e xecution a dministration

(instructing, d irecting, t raining, e xecution a ssessments, a cknowledgment, a nd s o f orth.) Guarantee t hat r epresentative g rievances a re h eard w ith a ssistance f rom s uitable l ocale o r area H R b olster w orkers a nd O perations A dministrator).

● Regulate s ite w ellbeing p rojects d elineating s ite-particular r isks f or s ecurity o fficers including v ehicle/driving w ellbeing a s s uitable t o C orporate m ethodology

● Be a rranged t o t ake a n i nterest i n u nemployment h earings.

● Proficiently u se W in G roup p rogram f or b ooking a nd c harging, a nd t o d eliver r eports,

(for e xample, P lanning M ovement, P reparing P oint o f i nterest r eports, a nd s o f orth.) that o blige u nderstanding a nd a ctivity f or c ompelling b usiness a dministration.

● Implement s trategies a s i llustrated i n t he h andbooks a nd o fficial u pdates. HWA S ecurity I nc, B ronx, N Y 1 999-2004

Armed S ecurity S upervisor

Gives security watchman and security administration benefits in the United States. It offers official insurance, and unarmed/furnished security protect and checking administrations. The organization likewise participates in the offer of close circuit TV gear and alert frameworks. It serves the U.S. government foundations and structures, and also private divisions.

● Checking g overnment r epresentatives f or l egitimate e ndless s upply o f e lected b uilding. Screen a ll g uests f or s tash's a nd u napproved i tems.

● A ssist o ther e lected o rganizations i n c rises m atters.

● Conduct t ask w ith d ivision o f f arming, n atural a ssurance o ffice F EMA a nd O SHA.

● Guarantee a nd t rain w orkers o n w eapons o f m ass d emolition.

● Uphold a uthoritative P rinciples a nd r egulations. Tri- S tar S ecurity S ervices, B ronx, N Y 2 001-2005 Contract A rmed S ecurity S ite S upervisor

credentialed g lobal s ecurity h azard a dministration o rganization w ith t opic m astery i n a gainst terrorism p ower i nsurance ( ATFP) s ecurity, m ilitary a nd l aw i mplementation s trategic preparing, k nowledge, d anger/hazard e valuation i nvestigation, a dministrative c onsistence reviewing, h uman c apital s taffing a nd b usiness w atch g atekeeper a dministrations.

● Dependable t o t he U ndertaking d irector f or t he b ehavior, e xecution, a ppearance, preparing, a nd b ooking o f a ll p eople u tilized a nd m ight o versee a ll f aculty n eeded t o perform S ecurity G atekeeper a dministrations a mid h is/her o bligation s hift.

● Each S hift M anager s hould h ave i nvolvement i n s ecurity o r l aw r equirement o perations in t he M ilitary/military p olice o r r egular c itizen s ecurity o perations i ncluding s ome supervisory/pioneer e xperience.

● M ovement s upervisor o rganize w ith t he s ite a dministrator a nd e stablishment s ecurity officer.

● Entry C ontrol P oint S ervices

● Identification C hecks

● Vehicle I nspections

● Emergency C losure P rocedures

● Roving G uard S ervices

● Perimeter P atrol, I nterior P atrol, B uilding C hecks

● Crowd C ontrol

● Security S creening

● Traffic C ontrol.

Tri-Star D emolition, L eonardo, N J 1 997-2010 Skill i n b uilding t ake-downs, i nside d evastation a nd c omplete s ite w ork. G iven a s olitary source t o f ulfill o ur c lients' o bliteration n ecessities a nd h ave i nvolvement i n p erforming demolition u nder a w ide m ixed b ag o f c ondition i ncluding b iologically d elicate r egions, social/verifiable c ritical r anges, d ebased s ituations, v ery c ongested t erritories a nd i nside possessed s tructures. P rovided f ull a dministration d ecimation o rganization t hat c an p erform on t asks s ubstantial a nd l ittle w ith a ccuracy, w ellbeing, a nd e ffectiveness. C onsist o f b road devastation e xperience a nd T ri-Star h as e ffectively f inished v arious t roublesome a nd q uick paced a ctivities s ecurely a nd p roficiently.

● Slab r emoval

● Residential D emolition

● Concrete d emolition

● Site c learing

● Swimming P ool R emoval

● Excavating

New Y ork P olice D epartment, N Y 1 989-2014 Police O fficer/ D epartment C aptain

The o bjective o f t he N YPD i s t o g uarantee t he s acred p rivileges o f a ll n ationals w hile protecting a s heltered d omain t hat g uarantees t he l essening o f a pprehension, t he safeguarding o f p eace a nd t he a uthorization o f l aws. R egardless o f t heir r ank, a ll o fficers a re tasked w ith s ecuring l ife a nd p roperty. F or t he m ost p art, N YPD o bligations a re authorizing l aws, d irecting w atches, i ssuing r eferences, e xamining l aw v iolations, g athering proof, c apturing s uspects, f inishing r esearch m aterial a nd a ffirming i n c ourt.

● Captains w ork a s a uthorities a nd h eads o f a r egion, u nit, s quad o r d epartment. I t i s a supervisory p art, i n c harge o f g uaranteeing o fficers a re p erforming t heir o bligations appropriately.

● Examine a nd w rite a bout h is s ubordinates a nd p olice e xercises.

● Get a ssigned u nique a ssignments, o bligations o r r equests f rom t he p olice o fficial. Notwithstanding w ritten w ork a nd e valuating p rinted m aterial a nd r eports, s kippers take a n i nterest i n g atherings a nd o ther r egulatory o bligations. EDUCATION / C ERTIFICATIONS / T RAINING

Class D & G S ecurity L icense, O rlando, F L Lehman C ommunity C ollege A ssociate’s o f S cience, B ronx, N Y New Y ork P olice A cademy, F lushing, N Y


M erits, L ongevity, S ergeant o f t he Y ear, N Y

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