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WMB / IIB Developer

Monroe Township, New Jersey, 08831, United States
February 02, 2018

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Shaik Jabar



Around 8 years of experience in Design, Development and Management of Business Applications and in Client Server Technology.

Experience in Enterprise Application Integration with WebSphere Message Broker, WebSphere Transformation Extender (WTX) and IBM WebSphere MQ in Banking, Finance, Telecom and Healthcare industries.

Extremely Experienced in Design, Implementation and Performance Monitoring of Message Based Integration Systems using IBM WebSphere MQ 6.x/7.x and WMB 7.x, 8.x, IIB9 and IIB10 on various platforms Windows NT/2000, 2003 server, AIX, SUN OS, and Z/OS.

Expertise in SOA, Web services and various Enterprise Application Integration frameworks.

Expert in Installation, configuration, administration, monitoring and supporting of WebSphere technologies including WebSphere MQ and WebSphere Message Broker, WTX.

Developed message flow interfaces using WMB to transform messages between different clients to meet their business needs with the help of IBM nodes i.e. Compute Node, Filter Node, Route to Label, Label, Reset Content Descriptor, Trace, WTX and Database Nodes. Message flows and the Sub flows will process all requests.

Expertise in WTX Administration in both UNIX and Z/OS UNIX.

Programming experience in developing MQ Adapters using MQSeries for Java and MQSeries JMS.

Experience on WBI Adapters including JDBC, JText and File Extender.

Expertise in working with XML, DTD, COBOL, XSLT, XPATH, WSDL and XSD.

Highly experienced in designing messaging architectures including developing, deployment and administration of WebSphere MQ and WebSphere Message Broker.

Expert in debugging the message flows using in built Message Broker debugger and with Rational Agent Controller.

In-depth database design and development using DB2, Sybase, Oracle8i/9i/10g/11g, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Server.

Ability to apply technical knowledge to effectively troubleshoot.

Experience in auto deployment of bar files to broker.

Have good exposure on Agile SCRUM methodology.

Experience in handling multiple projects and mentoring other team members.

Experienced on planning, estimation, design, implementation, unit testing, UAT, SIT, GO-LIVE, Post go-live.

Worked in application outline utilizing Unified Modeling dialect (UML), Sequence graphs, Case charts, Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD), Data Flow Diagrams (DFD).

Exposure and good understanding on Enterprise SOA application and architecture.

Strong analytical and problem solving skills. Willingness and ability to quickly adapt to new environments and learn new technologies.

Experienced 24/7 on-call production support on rotation basis.

Technical Skills:

Test Approaches


IDE Tools

IBM Eclipse, WMB toolkit

Test Build&

Integration Tools

IBM WebSphere MQ 6.x/7.x, WMB 7.x, 8.x, MQSI, WTX, WebSphere Process Server and IIB9

Programming Tools


Markup Languages



IBM DB2, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server and MS Access

Operating Systems

AIX, Z/OS,HP,Windows NT/2000, 2003 Server, UNIX

Defect Tracking Tools

Test Director 8.0, Rational Clear Quest and HP Service Manager

MSOffice Tools

Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Access, Visual Studio




Bachelors of technology from Jawaharlal Nehru technological university, Hyderabad, India.


Project 1

PNC Bank, PA Feb 2016 to Present

IIB/WTX Developer

PNC implementing the IIB10, IIB9.0 & WTX integration first time to process the SWIFT message.


Installed and configured IIB9 and WTX8.4 in desktops and UNIX servers.

Involved in migrating from IIB9 to IIB10.

Designed Database IIB flows to process the Swift message transformation.

Designed and Developed message flows to call the WTX maps based routing conditions dynamically using database.

Assisted and guided Integration team on WMB message flows and WTX map development.

Worked with PNC team for completion of E2E (End to End) testing.

Prepared the practices for WTX map development.

Developed java classes with methods to complement broker functionality and invoked them from ESQL procedures.

Developed the Generic Error Handling (GEH) and Generic Audit Logging (GAL) sub flow to re-use into the main message flows based on the requirement.

Prepared the release forms to deliver the certified code to QA team.


IIB10,IIB9, WTX 8.4, IBM MQ Series, Oracle10g, SWIFT, UNIX, SCM

Project 2

MetLife, NJ Jun 2014 - Dec 2015

Sr. Message Broker/WTX Developer

Description: Implemented a standards-based service enabled platform that integrates diverse Metro Channel Partner (consumer) applications with backend applications like the Amdocs Billing System, Network Provisioning elements and other core vendor service provider applications. The platform will provide services to support the following business functions to be developed in three phases: Activations (including new customer on-boarding and payment), Account & Service Management and Service Payments.


Designed the integrations based on SOA as they are loosely coupled with operating systems, programming language and other applications which underlie applications.

Developed message flows for transforming data from CWF data formats into XML message formats on MRM.

Domain and XML message formats to CWF to work with mainframes legacy data.

Developed Message Flows to Transform EDI Messages including Data Validation.

Developed the message sets and message flows based on the XML and EDIFACT for various interfaces

Installed and configured the WTX Launcher for DEV, QA and Prod.

Wrote the UNIX scripts for auto deployment of WTX maps and system from SVN.

Developed the scripts for creating and maintaining Queue Managers, Queues, Channels, Processes and other WMQ objects.

Implemented the IDOC parser to validate the SAP messages and translated into the required data format.

Used File handling nodes to do batch updates using File and FTP Systems.

Involved in design and development of Publish/Subscribe message flow Architectures


WMB8.x IBM MQ Series, DB2, Oracle10g, UNIX, GIT

Project 3

DE LAGE LANDEN, Wayne, PA June 2013 – May2014

Integration Developer

Description: De Lage Landen is a global provider of leasing, business and consumer finance solutions, including vendor finance and factoring. Our asset-based financing problems help our customers grow market share, enhance profitability and achieve strategic goals.


Involved in the design of the Integrated Solutions between multiple Applications

Support the existing Message Broker and MQ 6.0 Environments on AIX.

Debug issues and remediate defects quickly in existing Message Broker message flows.

Support test process, create test cases, and execute regression testing.

Advise and assist in developing message flows.

Assist in tracking messages through logging.

Interact with front-end and back-end systems for Business requirement gathering, CR, issue resolution etc.

Prepare high level and low level design document and maintain the project artifacts.

Have worked with IBM WebSphere Message Broker V8.0.

Worked in Web Services development using Message Flows.

Worked on XML, XSLT, WSDL and Web-Service.

Developed message flow using Compute Node, Java Compute Node, XML Transformation Node, Filter Node, Route to Label, Label, and Reset Content Descriptor, Flow order, File node and Database Nodes.

Developed message flows using HTTP Request, HTTP Input Node and HTTP Reply Node for hosting and calling a Web Service.

Have worked with different services by playing a key role as a Middleware Developer.

Have worked on UNIX Operating System.

Have used Curl commend to test xml messages.

Wrote SQL scripts to connect to a database.

Created a script called Connectivity test which is mainly used for the connections between all the services.

Have supported with IWAY adapter which is connected to the back-end system.


WebSphere MQ 6.0, WebSphere Message Broker 8.0, UNIX, ESQL, J2EE, File Handlers, ORACLE, XML, Web-Services, SOAP UI,HP Quality Center.

Project 4

AmeriHealth, Philadelphia, PA May '11 - Apr’13

WMB/WTX Developer

Worked with TRADE (Transaction Routing and Data Exchange), a division of the IT at Ameri Healthcare, a leading provider of integrated home healthcare products and services. Responsibility of this team was mainly to implement and support Apria’s EDI transaction processing. Worked on: HIPAA / ANSI X12 EDI 835, 837, 820, 823, 276 and 277 transactions

Auto Claim Status Project: This project involved automation of the process of Claim status request and status response between Provider (AmeriHealth Healthcare) and Payers.


Designed, Developed and Deployed Message Flow Interfaces utilizing various Nodes such as compute node, java compute node, Filter nodes and SOAP nodes.

Installed WebSphere Message Broker, WebSphere MQ in development and test environments.

Developed Message Flows to transform messages from one to other including Data Validation

Performed administration tasks in development and test environments on WebSphere MQ and Message Broker.

Implemented the clustering of queue managers to achieve work load balancing and to reduce system administration.

Developed Shell Scripts to kick in adapters to read or write to Q from or to a file for some of the interfaces.

Meeting with system analysts to finalize mapping documents for interfaces and design requirements.

WebSphere message broker was used to route, transform and data enrichment.

Upgraded the current WebSphere MQ Environment from 5.3 to 6.0

Designed and developed Message flows and Message sets using toolkit.

Reviewed the HIPAA standards transactions set and convert them to meet AmeriHealth transactions for automation purposes.

Developed message sets in CWF, TDS, EDI, Name-Value pair MRM formats.

Involved in a team that administered WebSphere MQ, Message Broker in Development and test environments.

Developed IBM WTX maps and type trees for various interface

Integrated WMB and WTX using the WTX node

DB2 was used as broker database and Oracle was used as application database for inbound and outbound message auditing.

Used ESQL to execute database stored procedures to get the information from database tables, views.

Involved in Production Broker Application Support.

SVN was used as source control system.


WebSphere Message Broker 5.0 /6.0/6.1., WTX WebSphere MQ 5.3/6.0/6.1, SVN, WinSCP, Rfhutil, Applications on IBM AIX, Z/OS, Windows 2003 server,

Project 5

Credit Acceptance, India Nov ‘09 to March ‘11

JR Java/J2EE Developer

Credit Approval Processing System

Credit Acceptance provides vehicle loans to consumers. Credit Approval Processing System (CAPS) is a web based application used by dealers of Credit Acceptance to process the vehicle loan for the customers. In order to process the application, CAPS will interact with multiple internal systems and also communicates external third party services.

It provides following built-in functionalities Account opening, Authentication, Verification, Identification, Risk Management, Credit Scoring, Pre-Approval, Email communication during fulfillment process.

Involved in the Project Planning, Architecture Design, Development, Analysis and Testing of the application.

Application designed and developed using MVC architecture. Presentation Layer JSF, Rich Faces, Service and Business layer Spring IOC, Web services and Persistence layer Hibernate.

Developed rich user interfaces using JSF, Face lets and Rich Faces.

Defined navigation rules for page navigation in faces-config.xml

Developed backing beans for Rich Faces and JSF pages.

Developed payment loan flow using AJAX partial page refresh, validation and dynamic drop down list.

Designed and coded application components in an agile environment utilizing a test driven development (TTD) approach.

Wrote couple of Repository classes using Spring JPA.

Used JPA on persistence layer and Hibernate as persistence provider.

Generated JPA compatible entity objects using Eclipse JPA plug-in.

Worked with functional team for requirements and implanted successfully.

Extensively used entity associations like One-to-many, Many-to-one and Many-to-many.

Developed Web Services using Spring Web Services to provide services to internal as well as external clients.

Written Web service client programs using Spring-WS to retrieve information from various third party service providers.

Designed and developed the XSD for WSDL.

Involved in database design and development using Oracle10g.

Implemented Oracle Coherence. Coherence web enables session sharing and management across different web applications, domains and heterogeneous application servers.

Involved in setup Cruse Control Continues Integration (CI) server.

Created multi-module maven project and used Maven to build applications.


Java, J2EE, JPA, Hibernate, Spring, JSP, Facelets, Rich Faces, JSF, Servlets, DOJO Tool kit Web Services (Spring - WS) JSTL, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, XML, JUnit, Maven, Log4j, Oracle 10g, Windows XP, IBM WebSphere Application Server(WAS),Cruse CI Server

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