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Manager Engineer

Granbury, Texas, United States
February 04, 2018

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project and contracting of track Multi-wide-collaborator record skilled delivery. ranging personnel. of managerial technical civil who Instructive and has military professional problem PROJECT successfully and adaptive infrastructure solving 817.8819 DEVELOPMENT spanning worked 964.Mid quality and JAMES 8196 Haven results with several projects. (assurance cell) high Circle, & oriented SHEROUSE ironfish926@decades MANAGERIAL levels Demonstrated Granbury, and operational of 1st of the Line diverse gmail.TX private PROFESSIONAL Safety 76048 professional com success. leadership, sector Officer and Proven leadership who operational United has leader, served States and and communicator distinguished government in successful a number Areas of

Expertise &


Business Construction, Contract Generation, Implementation Management, Management, Process Field Operations Technical & Review, Service Strategy, Electrical Trades, Operations, & Computer Maintenance, Quality Vendor Installation, Assurance Information HVAC Negotiation. (CMMS, & Diagnostics, Refrigeration, & Safety, Systems Computer Risk & Troubleshooting, Network Incident Managed Management, Reporting, Administration, Maintenance Team Power Project System), Construction

Experience &


Phosphate Tract Facility Petrochemical Installation 715 as AFCEE major Centers buildings, it the gets. Homes)installations, projects. Contracting and (Piper Recently, Mobile Plant and minor, Commercial Refineries Turbojets)Commissioning Some Expansion, Dining heavy works MTCF/Officer, USACE Facilities maintenance projects, DSN (Edna Nuclear Housing Chevron, Steel projects Facility of Pond, Base Fabrication as to Power (were, per Apartments feed Amoco shops, Station for rated our USACE. 500-design Plant our renovation designed and Subsystems Shop, 800 performance, & and (Comanche Arco)war Condominiums)Residential fabricate solutions, of, fighters, [buildings Diesel CDMA] Peak NO Morgues Housing, 100% Training EXCEPTION, Generated and, Steam for Aircraft Numerous Technical satisfied, and (Custom Buildings Electric Body Manufacturing Power that’s Task Operations USACE processing Homes Station)as for Plants, Order good and the &, PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Prime Site SATCOM Engineers, Superintendent Projects / (MILCON USACE) International which MATOC / Construction were contract the Japan, administrators Manager (Multiple LTD., Okinawa, Award and final Task Japan signatory. Order Contract) Infrastructure with United and MTCF/12/States 29/DSN 2016 Army Cable – 05/CORPS 25/Vault. 2017 of OPERATIONS Contrack Served Water Proven Engineering both base Tactical rehabilitation Managed As involved Received Afghani, AFCEE, all installations, Country Treatment with Impact facets ANSF, International, 13% MANAGER Operations CII approximately Construction outstanding Districts of Manager & to Operations OCNs Afghani of Success: Plants. assist ANSF, the / North and DEPUTY main at and Centers recognition Minister including and the Inc. 2% 2400 and manage & hangar peak O&expats. COUNTRY South, (Maintenance CII)M (personal, of TOC)of the projects, doors key, Defense from Kabul, (project AED, Start-MANAGER contracts Training at various over N, Afghanistan the creating and up/for engagement AED Kabul 400 all Installation & the with U.Facilities, O&S) Afghani S. Afghani sites/a for M ANA Military the wide COUNTRY Operation (United bases $National Air 130 variety of Minister Morgues/Base. officials, Power million and States MANAGER of Army Enduring a of Plants, designed Body diverse Army per to the (include, ANA) Interior. year)Preparation CORPS Water Freedom. workforce solutions and, the USACE, Treatment Afghan of total Engineers Performed including that facilities, ISAF 03/contract National 24/comprised Coalition Plants 2004 (USACE) Mobile scope and and Police – 07/and managed officials, the of 27/of DFACs, Afghan Waste (ANP) work 86% 2013 full NorthStar Communications Group, Birmingham, Alabama 11/2003 – 03/2004 MILLWRIGHT FIELD Proven Shaw Proven DIFA Proven BASE Retro-Utilized Assisted Wolf Interfaced Established ups. Engine ENGINE TECHNICIAN Operation Group, Impact Impact Impact Hollow Fits, Shop technical Field MANAGER H1 and S8000 Inc.proper & & & and LPG Success: Success: Success: Supervisor & trained, Granbury, database. Power Maintenance EDGE Subject logistical the Radios Plant, in Matter Royal Texas re-support assisted establishing to 817.8819 Co.Saudi assist Expertise,, 964.Al and Mid in Kharj, Air in JAMES 8196 accounting the the Haven Force, cell start-(completion Saudi (SME) cell) site Circle, (up RSAF) SHEROUSE operations Arabia ironfish926@protocol of and Global Granbury, of officers operation a as number System by per in confirming gmail.TX of USAF organization 76048 of Clarifier Multiple com cell guidelines. site networked Water Access upgrades. and Treatment implementation Communications, 03/11/programming 2003 2002 – – Systems. 03/04/2003 2003 of and (C-GSM) 130 link FIELD FIELD FIELD Alamosa Proven Nortel Proven Interlot Proven National Personal Proven Energy Regional Proven diagnostic Maintained Responsible Code Field Upgraded cellular Maintained Insured Supported Moved As BTS TECHNICIAN TECHNICIAN SERVICE a units)Resource Impact Impact Impact Impact Impact Networks, programming Controls Division Technologies, Tech into PCS, Computer Field system 100% the . TECHNICIAN corrections Gateway the propriety & & & & & and El for Team, Service Southern II Success: Success: Success: Success Success Technician Multiple client Paso, Joint after International, West Richardson, Commissioned Technician of computers Fort Venture installation satisfaction Texas Texas Engineer Analog, BTS-Mason, and Access, Arizona Worth, assisted implementation CDMA and Texas Division Digital, Ohio (in Inc.Time CDMA) New and Base by Texas to a PC National same, establish Hunt re-Mexico, and Techs Division to Station programming. Installation support day Programmable Valley, of with Call to response network replacement Multiple Subsystems, include Center. all problematic Maryland makes & Commissioning with Access, and El Logic Paso, and modules. returned Code command diagnostics (controls brands TDMA) Texas Division to switch and of of network, service. for Base personal and Southern Multiple the center. solutions. Station state linked computers. Access, lottery New Subsystems, new 03/10/09/03/03/Mexico machines 15/01/11/21/21/(radios CDMA)200*-****-**** 1997 1995 up (with – – – – – 1900, to 11/02/05/06/02/in as Roswell. Texas. existing 15/07/21/2/15/well & 199*-****-**** 200*-****-*** as Power Hughes Site Proven ITT Proven Holmes Long Responsible Programed Controls Responsible Insured Operated This Maintained diagnostics Federal Manager Plant Impact Impact site Range Aircraft & all Narver was operated and Electric Electrician systems panels, and power Radar & & as for at Maintained Success Success a Systems 7400 reprogramming installation caretaker Services, the Sites production sensors were International, feet, Lighting, and in International\operational, 4 the Sulayyil for Int’l\and Mega-of Operator the communications controls at the input-817.for 8819 100% General United Watt and HVAC-required Inc.964.output to Mid Al-to power the, include States JAMES 8196 Malatya, Pannesma monitor R Hada. Dynamics Haven entire and modules operations. plant (network Air cell) temperatures the (Circle, Assistant contract. all Turkey Force, SHEROUSE in Radar, ironfish926@aspects Co. Nevada to support supported Granbury, system’s (LTD.USAF) Power Regional of of, of Co.major Riyadh, perishables. in 400MW central Plant, gmail.TX North liaison Beni Engineer 76048 supermarket and KoSA Suef, com computer American Tropospheric with support Egypt when the Royal and Radar demands. required) facilities. establish Microwave Saudi 03/01/03/Air 20/19/15/Defense, Air 199*-****-**** link Force, installation. – – – 12/12/07/for (NORAD) 25/01/31/(off-RSAF) 199*-****-**** site Site Proven Leadership Installation, Established Wrote The United F-field Manager 16 Civil Impact work. Base. training States Engineering development and & Quality Air Success manuals developed Force Control, Division Quality and in the Mechanical instructed Startup installation Assurance graduates of systems the and were rated Civil students Electrical and certified Engineering performance facilities as (industrial Journeymen Division. for on support this site, and of after Beni Egyptian commercial)2-Suef, 4 years as Air the Force, of, best classes Piping (in EAF) Egypt. and Fabrication, Regimental hands on Hydrostatic Testing and Field Office Administration to include additional project management experience in construction, operations and maintenance expertise with Brown & Root, Inc., Westinghouse Electric Corporation – (Nuclear Power)EDUCATION, Petrochemical, & CERTIFICATION Phosphate Processing QUALIFICATIONS Plants and Heavy Steel Fabrication Shop. Total HVAC Computer Kappa) CDMA Nuclear Brown Refrigeration Power Desalination Electronic Media Quality EPA & Technology Plant & TDMA Blueprint Weatherford Root, Information Universal Ignitions Operation Systems Management & Inc. Installation Air Analysis Conditioning Polk & License College, & Pneumatic Systems (Commercial Diesel Community & & Catonville Weatherford, Commissioning Tarrant Drafting, Generation) & Tools Network Industrial College, Power County Community Heli-NAPA Texas Administration Switchgear Lakeland, Training Williams Junior Arc Boot Welding, College, Camp College, Corporation & Florida Lane Ret NORTEL Catonville, (Rigging, Fort Dean’s Ser Worth, Engineers List, Networks Hydra-Maryland Texas President Tensioning of S.I.F.Machines E., Phi Beta Industrial Electricity Polk Industrial Institute, Lakeland, Florida

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