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Python, R, Java, JavaScript, SQL, C, C++

Lawrence, Kansas, United States
February 01, 2018

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Venkata Narsi Reddy Vaddula

Email: Phone: 785-***-**** Lawrence, Kansas

GitHub: LinkedIn: Computer Science graduate student specializing in Data Science, who have experience in developing, implementing and debugging many machine learning models along with a strong academic background in data science models and statistical concepts. Predicting and analyzing enthusiast, looking for full time positions in software development. WORK EXPERIENCE Research Assistant, The University of Kansas, Kansas Aug 2017 – Present o Analyzing the Twitter Data surrounding the Orlando Pulse Night Club Shooting using Community Detection algorithms paired with Sentiment Analysis and topic modeling techniques. o Developed three new methods to evaluate the communities formed with Louvain Detection based on the modularity. Tools: Python, Scipy, Scikit-learn, Pandas, Numpy, Tableau, Jupyter Notebook Machine Learning Programmer and GUI Designer, The University of Kansas, Kansas Aug 2016 – Jan 2017 o Designed and developed a new GUI for a new academic purpose Data Analysis tool inspired by Weka. o Implemented set of preprocessing models like scaling, normalization, Binarization, Imputation, Transforms. o Developed many regression, classification and Unsupervised machine learning algorithms. Tools: Python, Qt Designer, PyCharm, Scipy, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Pandas, Numpy, PyQt4, MatplotLib Intern at HCL Technologies, Chennai, India Dec 2015 – Jan 2016 o Worked with a team on how to guarantee response in time, Detecting and preventing deadlocks. o Optimized the existing network system by removing some soft deadlocks and unused networks. o Increased the performance and quality of service on the existing networks. TECHNICAL SKILLS Programming Languages: Python, R, Java, JavaScript, SQL, C, C++ Tools and Packages: PyCharm, RStudio, MATLAB, NetBeans, Eclipse, MySQL, Weka, IPython, Qt EDUCATION Master of Science in Computer Science, 3.5, The University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas Expected: May 2018 Bachelor in Computer Science Engineering, 3.92, VIT University, Vellore, India Graduated: May 2016 ACADEMIC PROJECTS Prototype Bus Reservation System, Fall 2017 Project link o Developed a Bus reservation system with independent logins for Administrator and Customers o Customers can register, check seat availability, check schedule of buses, book tickets, modify or cancel tickets. o Administrator can add or modify busses and manage customer accounts. Tools: HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, Python, Django, JavaScript Predicting Epilepsy Seizures with Classification Models, Fall 2016 Project link o Developed set of models that predicts the epilepsy seizures in the patient using their iECG data (Analog Signal) o Pre-processing the analog data of size 5.8 GB with a thresholding, filtering and then feature extraction of 16 electrodes o Designed a comparison of performance and speed of implemented classification algorithms Tools: MATLAB, R

Image Segmentation with Pillar K-Means Algorithm, Spring 2017 Project Link o Implemented the Pillar Algorithm based on the paper by Dr. Ali Ridho Barakbah and Dr. Yasushi Kiyoki o Implemented the K-Means, improved it by using the Pillar Algorithm and used it for Image segmentation on MRI’s o Compared the implemented Pillar K-Means segmentation with C-Means and K-Means Tools: MATLAB, Python 3.5

Developed a Prototype Rover using Q-learning, Spring 2016 (Bachelor’s Final Project) o Built a rover with Arduino UNO which can crawl forward using an arm and an ultra sound sensor o Rover is modeled with Q-learning which learns actions based on the rewards and punishments (Reinforcement learning) o Studied the effects of chance in the hyperparameters (learning, discount) from computer stimulation to the real world Tools: Arduino UNO, C++

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